Rookie Review – Round 6

Written by Huttabito on May 2 2017

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*  Denotes Bubble Boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd6AvgBE
OttenAdel$370.0k (+$25.7k)6185.255
NewmanSyd$261.4k (+$54.7k)5979.315
McGrath (MID)Ess$350.7k (+$37.5k)8978.235
HamptonAdel$298.2k (+$12.5k)4165.731
WilliamsonCarl$219.2k (+$41.8k)7268.8-24
StewartGeel$225.9k (+$35.2k)6855-5

Otten’s hot streak has finally ended. After 4 solid rounds of scoring 98-108 he comes out with a 61. Now don’t get me wrong, 61 is a passable score for someone who cost $123k at the start of the season, it’s just a little underwhelming of what we have become accustomed to. Reality was he was never going to maintain such a high average and was going to take a hit at some time. He collected 14 disposals (10 kicks, 4 handballs), 6 marks (2 contested), 11 hitouts, 3 tackles (2 free kicks awarded), 1 goal, 1 behind and 1 goal assist in his 79% TOG. His SC score has been higher than his DT one every week this season and scoring 88 DT points I would have expected (hoping?) the trend continued for another amazing score however his DE was pretty poor this week (50%) which no doubt had an impact. A lot of the points were also awarded to the other Crow players who were much more impactful (Sloane, Laird, Lynch etc…). His BE is now up to 55 and should start to hover around this mark for weeks to come unless he returns to scoring triple figure score. He’s been an amazing cash cow (+$246.1K) already and still has more to make!

Newman was bought straight back into the side after being dropped after his third game much to everyone’s revilement however 59 points was far from welcome given his average leading into the game. Majority of his points came in bursts but he collected 19 disposals (11 kicks, 8 handballs) to go with 4 marks and 2 tackles. Despite a DE of 84%, majority of his possessions were uncontested which limited his scoring this week. Although his score this week was a little disappointing, he has just had two price rises and has already made a lot more money than other rookies who have played 6 games.

McGrath has been a really solid rookie of late and has found his home in Essendons backline scoring 89 points this week to have a 3 round average of 89.3 points – living up to his draft pick position! He had 23 disposals (16 kicks, 7 handballs) at 78% DE this week to go with 6 marks, 3 tackles, 5 inside 50s and a goal from outside the 50m arc (just on video confirmation)! His lowest score for the season is 56 and with a BE of 35, he still has a good 2-3 weeks of solid cash growth left before starting to taper off, unless of course he pushes through the triple figure barrier. I’ve said this once already, but where was this form in pre-season?

Hampton is probably one of the only ones that could go from their highest score one round to their lowest the next being a 62 point turn around. He had 14 disposals (8 kicks, 6 handballs) to go with 2 marks, 4 clearances, 2 tackles and a behind however a DE of 57.1% and 3 clangers really hurt his score this week. Thankfully he still has the 103 in his price cycle keeping his BE down however could very well stagnate as of next week without another good score coming through. Is two good scores in a row to get a really nice individual price rise to much to ask for? Apparently so.

Williamson has been a handy rookie for less than 7% of all coaches backing up last weeks game with 72 points. Had he not had his down game right before his third game he would probably be in more however he had 18 disposals (11 kicks, 7 handballs) at 78% DE to go with 4 marks, 3 tackles and 5 1%ers this week. Slipping right into Carlton’s backline, he will continue to make solid money with a BE still in the negatives.

Melican played his second game this weekend with Allir not getting the call up from the reserves. Down on last weeks performance, he had 54 points from 11 disposals (6 kicks, 5 handballs) at 82% DE to go with 3 marks, 2 tackles (2 frees against) and 6 1%ers. With rookies in the near future looking rather bleak, coaches are weighing up whether or not to double downgrade this week and if Melican may be in the mix pending other options however his JS most likely relies on how Allir’s performing.

Stewart has come along with the goods yet again scoring 68 points this week from 16 disposals (8 kicks, 8 handballs). He also had 5 marks, 5 rebound 50s, 5 1%ers, 2 inside 50s and 1 goal assist which rounded out his scoring but he was the only person for the entire match to go at 100% DE, which helped him to a nice little score. His BE is still in the negatives so has 2-3 more rounds of good cash growth scoring 60s – and to think we thought his days were numbered when he pumped out 22 in Rd3 playing a full lock down!

McNeice played his second game for the Bombers coming off the short break to score 48 points playing the role on the small forward, so will probably spend some time on Walters this week if given another shot. He had 14 disposals (6 kicks, 8 handballs) for the game to go with a lot of 2s (2 marks, 2 tackles, 2 free kicks for, 2 rebound 50s and 2 1%ers) with the only other stat being 1 clanger. His DE was a little down (64%) but it seemed to be the general trend across everyone coming off such a short break so it probably had much lesser effect than had he been an outlier in the game. Given he is basement price, he won’t have to score a lot to get the quick initial cash going and may get a decent run at it given he is a mature aged recruit (less time to make it or break it).

Vickers-Willis will head into this weekend being the third defender rookie on the bubble after scoring his second back to back score in the 50s, with 58 this week. This seems to be the score we can expect from him without a change in game plan as he had 14 disposals at 79% DE but only the 2 kicks held back his score. He took 3 marks, laid 2 tackles and put in 3 1%ers and will be one to consider if he is worth bringing in this week if named. Can we really afford another North Melbourne rookie when all the others have failed to really deliver this season? Not my cup of tea.

Goodbye for now: Macreadie, Cox, Long and Hibberd.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd6AvgBE
Powell-PepperPort$258.7k (+$24.9k)9768.70
Petrevski-SetonCarl$298.7k (+$0.3k)786748
FisherCarl$157.9k (+$40.6k)3553.37

Powell-Pepper was the 5th most traded out player as coaches were chasing some quick cash this week or he was a popular bench option given his recent form only for him to punch his highest score of the season, 97. Getting in on the action of the feast of the Lions, he had 25 disposals (10 kicks, 15 handballs) at 80% DE along with 2 marks, 4 clearances (3 centre), 1 tackles, 6 inside 50s and 2 goals. His BE has now dropped again to 0 which should see him through with good growth until Port have their bye in 3 weeks and once it drops out of his price cycle, you can pick up a nice premium fallen mid – what a champ!

Petrevski-Seton’s ownership dropped by 20% this week given 1 of his previous 5 scores exceeded his BE and was up against the Swans, who were supposedly meant to get their season back on track and thus, was expected to be a tough match up. However, he managed to score 78 points which was just over his BE to increase in price a little while also dropping it down again. He had 20 disposals (9 kicks, 11 handballs) at 75% to go with 6 marks and a goal. With another decent score like this week, he will continue to make money once the last 49 is gone from his cycle.

Fisher got sent to play the role Pickett has been attempting to do the last 5 weeks and much like him, failed to make an impact with his lowest score of his season, 35. Over 30,000 coaches traded him in this week for his 11 disposals at 46% DE, 2 tackles and very little stats elsewhere. This will hurt his cash growth short term but hopefully he is given an extended run and can push back up onto the wing/middle in the coming weeks like his debut game where he showed some flashy skills. Note that he did get pulled off with with an injury which has come out to be “hamstring tightness” yesterday so I wouldn’t be surprised if he is rested this week as a precaution. Alarm bells won’t be going off unless he misses 2-3 weeks.

Mutimer debuted this weekend which is pretty uncommon for the West Coast Eagles so straight away his JS is questionable given he came in due to injuries. Secondly, just putting up the 23 points from 7 disposals at 57% DE (including 3 clangers) he doesn’t scream as a must have rookie. Give one more week to see how he goes before jumping on.

Goodbye for now: Foote and Mountford.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd6AvgBE
PreussNM$262.7k -75.57

Still no games for big Preussy. Those with Nankervis in the ruck will be sweating on him being given a call up this week….


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd6AvgBE
Ainsworth* (MID)GC$198.3k-71.5-27
BroomheadColl$291.2k (+$19.8k)6170.624
ButlerRich$280.1k (+$10.5k)5470.347
HoustonPort$282.2k (+$15.9k)5168.842
HardwickHaw$191.1k (+$56.1k)7767.3-30
Balic (MID)Frem$175.7k (+$51.8k)7863-48
Taranto (MID)GWS$272.1k (+$21.3k)8662.814
McCarthy Frem$311.5k (+$40.5k)7861.233
Turner NM$241.6k (+$5.5k)6155.540
Parfitt (MID)Geel$243.5k (+$0.6k)4153.851
HannanMelb$185.8k (+$17.5k)53533
HaywardSyd$197.2k (+$8.0k)4752.248
Bowes (MID)GC$243.9k (+$21.0k)5551.839
Eddy Port$141.9k-49.7-35
Simpkin NM$228.1k (+14.6k)284833
Pickett (MID)Carl$164.2k-35.220
Miles* (MID)Haw$123.9k-345
J.Dawson (MID)Syd$123.9k-32-

Black was traded in by…. wait for it… 13,000 coaches before Rd6 kicked off which is remarkable given there were 3 rookies on the bubble plus upgrades around the ground – guess some where point chasing the 101 from last round! Wasn’t to be though as he only managed 48 points this week from 12 disposals (8 kicks, 4 handballs) at 58% DE to go with 5 marks, 2 tackles (2 free kicks against), 3 inside 50s and a behind. While a BE of -68 is enticing, a 60 point game will see it jump to a single positive figure, although with his potential (101) he could shift it back down very quickly. This week, every point above BE is worth about ~$448 so 60 points will see him increase by ~$57k and scoring at his current average, 74.5, will see him increase by ~$64k.

Butler was always going to struggle this week at the Fortress with Richmond pencilled in for their first loss for the season before even getting there. Going for his lowest score of the season for him, he still put up a reasonable 54 given it wasn’t much below many of the premiums scored this week! He only had the 9 disposals for the game and his score was mostly made of the 5 tackles he managed to lay and the solitary goal he kicked. He BE is starting to creep up however it’s still lower than his lowest score and 23 under his average so he can be kept a little longer.

Broomhead continues to do his thing and scored solidly with 61 points this week. He collected 14 disposals (6 kicks, 8 handballs) and went at a near game high 86% DE to go with 5 marks, 2 clearances, 2 tackles and a goal. Still averaging a tick over 70, he should still have another 60-70K to make by his bye, which would be a perfect time to offload him.

Houston, we have a problem. Only the 51 points this week as his influence was hindered with Pittard, Hombsh and Hartlett all playing in the same team together for the first time this season sending him down the pecking order. Remaining in the team shows good signs but his scoring certainly took a hit, despite Port Adelaide controlling the ball most of the day. He had 14 disposals (8 kicks, 6 handballs) at his usual impeccable DE of 93% to go with 2 marks and 1 tackle. His BE is starting to creep up and cash growth has started to slow but worth holding a little longer given other options may need to go first and he has his bye very shortly.

Hardwick was the 4th most popular rookie trade in this week with coaches slightly put off given questionable JS (Birchall/Duryea to come back still) and lack of DPP however those who took the punt on him were rewarded with a handy 77 points. He had 20 disposals (11 kicks, 9 handballs) at an impressive 95% DE to go with 8 marks and 5 1%ers. All but 1 of his 20 possessions were uncontested which held back his score from what it could have been however he will be a decent forward cash cow now with a 77 in his rolling average if he continues to get games.

Balic came straight back into the Dockers team after a minor hip injury kept him from popping his bubble last week and was the most popular trade in target with just under 32,000 coaches bringing him in this week. He was one of the few shining lights for the Dockers in the derby collecting 19 disposals (11 kicks, 8 handballs) at 74% DE, 6 marks, 4 tackles and a goal for his 78 points. Many have hated FURL for not giving the kids a go in previous years so this might well be a gem we’ve been given.

Taranto has been slashed from 20,000 sides the last two weeks after being managed last week however he too bounced back with his best score for the season. Knocking out 86 points from 20 disposals (5 kicks, 15 handballs) at 75% DE, he took 4 marks and laid a team high 7 tackles to help him boost his score. He only spent 65% TOG (lowest of anyone) so has plenty of room for improvement when he builds his tank. This weeks score should see his price rise nicely for the next few weeks for those patient coaches who held onto him.

McCarthy be rolling and trolling with a 3 round average of 83 after his 78 points this week. He was on 57 points at half time but faded with the rest of the team and he got his points from 11 disposals (7 kicks, 4 handballs), 3 marks and 3 goals. His BE is up to 33 but should still continue to make money for a few weeks longer.

Turner bounced back from his couple of scores in the 40s with a 60 this week. He had 16 disposals (8 kicks, 8 handballs) but his DE of 56% and 3 clangers really hurt his output. He had 8 marks (3 inside 50) to go with 4 tackles and 1 goal/2 behinds for the game. His BE has dropped to 40 this week with the 49 removed and should drop again if he can put up at least 45 points this week so still has a few more weeks of slow cash growth left.

Parfitt’s time has come. Pinging his hamstring 3 weeks after his rising star nomination will put a dampener on his debut season as he is now expected to spend an extended period of time watching from the sidelines. Notching up 41 points, 2 more than his BE, saw him make a little coin in his last outing but he will be required to be moved on and with the current forward line MRP carnage (Greene and Nankervis), and many will have to make the move this week to avoid a big fat ZERO. Rest up kid, you’ve got so much potential and will be good to see you out there again!

Hannan came back into the team due to injuries this week and clawed his way to score right on his average this week (53) even if it took him 3 goals to get there! Not his finest performance though as 50% of his 14 disposals (5 kicks, 5 handballs) hit the target to go with 6 clangers – Ouch! He had 5 marks and laid 3 tackles to help get him to the score but should have done enough to stay in which would be a welcome stay with the current forward line situation.

Hayward had a very quiet week with only 7 touches (3 kicks, 4 handballs) but he did manage to kick 2 goals and lay 6 tackles which helped him get to 47 points this week. His BE has jumped up however once the 21 rolls out next week it should drop again and he should make a little more coin before he’s required to be moved on.

Bowes had arguably one of his best stat card games with 21 disposals (7 kicks, 14 handballs), 5 marks and a goal this week but was only awarded with 55 points. Having the resurrection of GAJ this week didn’t help as he did steal a large slice of the pie but his BE has now jumped up to 39. Averaging  just under 52, his days are numbered but you could almost get away with holding him until their bye and get all the cash you can as see him tick over $250k.

Simpkin has been increasing his score each week until this round, when he turned it around drastically with his lowest for the season with 28 points as he only managed 8 disposals at 50% DE with 3 marks, 2 tackles and a goal. Up against Adelaide this weekend so options to score may be limited and if so, the 73 will no longer be in his cycle next week and his days as a cash cow will be just about over. Start thinking ahead coaches.

Kennedy-Harris played his second game for the season this week and heads into Rd7 on the bubble if named. He scored 42 points this week and with 2 scores in the 40s at his $151k price tag, his BE is -1 and can be passed on given the other options that seem to be available this week.

Jack played his first game for Sydney in 2017 on the weekend for 42 points. Not on the bubble until next week but his highest season average of 47.9 came in 2015 and given his price tag, he will need a blinder next week to be considered. Hold off for now.

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18 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 6”

  1. This Review has girth. Massive girth. Well done, Hutta!

    Two words: David. Myers.

    26 disposals, six tackles and five marks in the VFL on the weekend.

    Two more words: Brett. Eddy.

    155 SuperCoach points in the SANFL.


    1. An Eddy return for this round would be very timely and welcome – however how likely is it with Wants frees (Monfries), Krakeour and possibly Boak (if fit) all pushing for selection? Boak is their only injured player right now!


      1. Unfortunately Eddy is in footy limbo at the moment – far too good for the SANFL, but not able to find a spot in the AFL.
        Myers should play though, he was best 22 at the start of the year.


        1. Agree, the Port Adelaide forward line is functioning well at the moment so will be mighty hard to squeeze in, regardless how many sausage rolls he kicks in the twos. He’s coming across more of a depth player.


        2. Only player that might get dropped from the port forward line is Aaron Young. Has struggled to be as impactful as last year even in strong wins.

          Not sure swapping him for Eddy makes sense from a structural point of view however, we’ll just have to hold out hope.


  2. Preuess (Nth) and Cameron (Syd) had good VFL rounds on weekend. For those like me with Nank in the ruck we need one of these ruck rookies to get picked this week. Don’t want a donut !


    1. Hope so, Parsons is highly rated internally and fingers crossed the club feels like he learnt his lesson.


        1. I’m not touching Black, have bad vibes about him.

          He wasn’t entirely impressive this week. The ins will be something along the lines of: Stanley, Menzel and Parsons. Think he may get the squeeze this week, especially if they keep playing Taylor up front.

          EDIT: I had the same vibes about Houston too Thommo, so take from that what you will 😛


          1. I agree on Black. If Parsons is in then they obviously rate him and I trust him more. That said, I said the same thing about Houston!


  3. Every says you’re doing great work Hutta, but I disagree.

    You are the harbinger of rookie doom.

    Bring back Juddlow. He knew how to find rookies for us!

    Or maybe I am being petty because your SC team beat mine!


    1. Im just making this interesting! Everyone had the same team in the end last year, this year is forcing people down other avenues, it’s great! So many PODs in match ups at the moment.

      Was just my week I think. I pipped Motts in draft and then edged over the line against Harbour Heroes, Chillo and yourself in the leagues.


      1. My leagues have run pretty true to overall form but that is my bogey league. Schwarzy pumped out a 2300 when he played me, I’m pretty sure his biggest score of the season to date!


      2. Yeah. Wasn’t happy about that but captaincy is a big responsibility.

        Pendles grants me another option this week, sadly too late.


    2. I love these write-ups, because I can refer people back to them when i get asked non-numbers questions in the Cow Talk comments. 🙂


  4. These articles are doing an amazeballs job of highlighting -exactly- where i’ve gone wrong for the last few rounds.

    Exhibit A: Last week, traded out Swallow for Fisher. PING! hammy. Balic was the correct choice. Doh. I did, however, use the cash to upgrade a rookie mid to Bont (which wasn’t a mistake), but instead of upgrading Bowes, I upgraded SPP. Double doh. Worst part? I put the VC on Dahl instead of Bont. Triple doh.

    Exhibit B: after the rookie non-selection catastrophe of round 5, i flipped the table and decided not to trade in any bubble boys. Missed out on Williamson. Super doh.

    Nank’s errant elbow and the non-selection of a handful of rookies just waiting to burst their bubble on my bench has me about one long-term injury away from not logging in to SC for the rest of the season.



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