Rookie Review – Round 7

Written by Huttabito on May 9 2017

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*  Denotes Bubble Boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd7AvgBE
OttenAdel$376.4k (+$6.4k)6982.990
NewmanSyd$261.4k -79.314
McGrath (MID)Ess$350.7k -78.234
WilliamsonCarl$251.7k (+$32.5k)4864.627
HamptonAdel$305.5k (+$7.3k)476391
MelicanSyd$175.9k (+$52.0k)6763-18
Vickers-WillisNM$155.8k (+$31.9k)3548-2
Berry (MID)Bris$170.0k (+$22.1k)6039.4-23

Otten is currently suffering from Jenkinsyndrome. For those who have never heard of it before, it is where your SuperCoach score is hindered when someone called ‘Jenkins’ is playing in the same side. Scoring 69 points this week he had 16 disposals (7 kicks) at 75% DE to go with 6 marks (3 contested) and 3 tackles. He has now scored two scores in a row in the 60s which, given his Rd1 score with Jenkins in the side at 45 points, is probably now the norm of what to expect. The soldier he has been, has risen over $250k since Rd3 and with a BE of 90, it is not a bad time to part ways. He has played the Demons twice in his history and has scored 82 and 130 for an average of 106 so anything is possible! He did only score 1 point in the first quarter too (complete write off for Adelaide in general) so 68 points in 3 quarters puts him in the range of a points per minute where he could well meet his BE this week. I’m holding, but this is a coaches call now – check out your bye structure and decide.

Williamson had a down week this week and only scored the 48 points which is his second lowest of the season. He collected 11 disposals (6 kicks) at 64% DE to go with 4 marks and 2 tackles but struggled to impact the stat card which held his score back. Still tracking nicely, his BE is 27 so still has ~$40k to be made up until his bye but is still projected to go up another ~$70k before he plateaus.

Hampton has finally had two low scores back to back which has stunted all cash growth for the foreseeable future as he has pushed his BE up to 91 points. He had 14 disposals (5 kicks) but his DE of 57% and 2 clangers didn’t help him put up a case for a better score. He had 3 tackles, 3 1%ers and 4 inside 50s otherwise didn’t register anything else. Scoring only twice above 65 points this season there is a high chance he will start bleeding money as of next week. If only there decent rookies to trade him to…

Melican held his spot in the team with Allir returning to the seniors, who was a late out anyway, but playing the rebounder defender for Sydney this week, he had a game high 7 rebound 50s to go with his 16 disposals (10 kicks) but his 63% DE and 2 clangers held his score down also to 67 points. Taking 5 marks (1 contested), laying 3 tackles and putting in 4 1%ers he still has a negative BE and has plenty of cash to make.

Vickers-Willis was the rookie downgrade option of choice amongst coaches this week (despite 31.5k coaches starting with him) however he failed to impress with 35 points. He only had 12 disposals but kicking 33% of them, hitting the target with 75% of them and having 4 clangers (3 free kicks against) for the game was never going to help him score well despite spending 93% TOG.

Berry is back baby! After averaging 25 (and losing cash) over the first 3 games he played Brisbane continued to have faith in the kid and he seems to have finally found his feet at AFL level with 62 and 60 in the last two weeks. Jumping up $30k from his initial starting price, he has now dropped his BE into the negatives which puts him at his best cash generation position of the season. A playing MID/DEF is very handy and if he can maintain consistent 60s it would probably be considered a pass but the question is whether he can maintain it or revert to his old ways? Pending team selections, he might just be the best downgrade option we have on offer.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd7AvgBE
Petrevski-SetonCarl$337.2k (+$38.5k)13476.6-15
Powell-PepperPort$285.7k (+$27.0k)6067.410
BarrettBris$208.2k (+$37.6k)6057.5-12

Alright, put your hands up if you traded out Petrevski-Seton two weeks ago? *puts hand up* ….. Mind you it did get me the one and only Buddy Franklin who has outscored him the last two weeks but the cash would have been oh so lovely this time of year. SPS was the highest score on the ground with a whopping 134 points which takes the cake as the highest rookie score for the year. No one loves the wet as much as he does and he collected 21 disposals (16 kicks) at 71% DE to go with 4 marks, 3 clearances, 3 tackles and 2 goals. Dropping his BE back down into the negatives from 76 two weeks ago, he will reward his faithful owners with some serious cash over the next two weeks and yes, I am really jealous.

Powell-Pepper is lucky he managed to drag his score to 55 points being on 8 at quarter time and me shouting at the TV to do something out there. Thankfully his BE was 0 this game which meant he was still able to make a decent amount of cash from 10 disposals (4 kicks) at 80% DE, 3 marks and 6 tackles. Heading off to China this week, he will play his last game before Port Adelaide check out for a weeks rest which is probably the perfect time to part ways with him. Knowing him though, he’ll pump out 100 this week to make it an extremely difficult decision this time next week as I already know who he’s gone for!

Barrett finally got the call back up into the senior squad this week even if it took Beams to be out injured. Timely inclusion as many people were facing multiple donuts if he wasn’t named and he managed to put up a tidy 60 points and going up $37.6k for those owners who held onto him for the last 4 weeks… I was not of them! He only collected 13 disposals (7 kicks) at 69% DE but much like his game style prior to being dropped, he had a fair chunk of his score being made up from tackles (6) and a goal (1). Word on the street is that Mitch Robinson has a broken foot and will be out for up to 10 weeks, which could well throw Barrett a lifeline with his attack on the ball in the forward half.

Myers finally made it back into the seniors list since 2015 after coming off pre-season injury and dominating the VFL the last two weeks with Essendon making 8 changes to head over to Perth – travelling that far once a year must be tough! Getting peoples hopes up early he was on 28 points at quarter time before going MIA for much of the remainder of the game to end up on 46 at full time. He will take some time to get back to his best but his last ‘full’ season (2014, 17 games) he averaged 85.6 so certainly has the potential. Given his injury history, the risks grabbing him early would out way the reward, especially in a year where every dollar counts.

Scheer was told during the week that he was set for his AFL debut against Geelong and he came out and scored 45 points off 8 disposals (4 kicks) at 75% DE. He laid 5 tackles for the game so if he can find a little more of the ball he could score well, and if he gets another gig this week he might be an option when Gold Coast come off their bye. He was locked into my team in the very early stages of team developments so he would be welcomed with opened arms into ‘Mumma’s Bois’ if he can knock up a 60 in China but is a wait and see prospect.

Mutimer played his second game in the win over Port Adelaide at the Portress and scored 58 points from 10 disposals (6 kicks) at 80% DE which was an improvement on last weeks 23 points given he took 3 marks, laid 2 tackles and kicked a goal as well. Heading into Rd8 as one of the few bubble boys his BE is -9 although should drop if he can put up another half decent score as his game 1 will drop from his cycle. He will be a week by week proposition in the West Coast Eagles team this year so there is no guarantee how many senior games he will get this year. Proceed with caution.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd7AvgBE
PreussNM$262.7k -75.57

Soldo was promoted from the rookie list just so Richmond could have a ruckman for the game, which just goes to show how cooked Ivan Maric is and that he is probably of little threat to Nankervis for those who were worried about it at the start of the season. To plays devils adovcate though, Maric’s cousin Soldo is now promoted and can play at any stage 😉 He started well and collected 42 hitouts in his debut game although Western Bulldogs did have midfielders, such as Jong, going up for the centre bounce so he was always going to rack them up, the Dogs just trusted their midfield group to shark the ball off him. He was able to tap his way to a respectable 62 points though given he only managed 9 disposals (4 kicks) at 78% DE, 3 clangers, 3 marks and 2 tackles. He may, or may not be seen for the rest of the season (hopefully the later as a NankDaddy owner myself) but you never know, they may want to pump games into him to strengthen their depth.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd7AvgBE
BlackGeel$198.7k (+$61.6k)6972.7-1
Ainsworth* (MID)GC$198.3k-71.5-27
HardwickHaw$237.6k (+$46.6k)7469.8-12
ButlerRich$285.0k (+$4.9k)5768.456
HoustonPort$288.9k (+$6.7k)566762
BroomheadColl$294.2k (+$3.0k)3063.881
Taranto (MID)GWS$295.7k (+$23.6k)6663.321
McCarthy Frem$329.7k (+$18.2k)7362.942
KnightAdel$288.9k (+$0.6k)3062.569
Turner NM$262.4k (+$20.8k)8659.97
Balic (MID)Frem$215.5k (+$39.8k)4157.57
HaywardSyd$200.6k (+$3.4k)5552.715
Bowes (MID)GC$243.9k -51.839
HannanMelb$199.7k (+$13.9k)3449.830
Eddy Port$141.9k-49.7-35
ParsonsGeel$152.3k (+$35.0k)19492
Simpkin NM$228.1k-4832
Pickett (MID)Carl$164.2k-35.219
J.Dawson (MID)Syd$123.9k-32-

Black, or Parsons, Black or Parsons… Who should I pick this week? I know, Parsons! Well, that backfired. Black now leads the charge 1-0 after one week. Only 6% of teams traded in Black this week compared to 16% for Parsons so it will be interesting to see how this pans out in weeks to come. He had 15 disposals (8 kicks) for his 69 points despite going at 53% DE courtesy of 5 marks, 2 tackles and the 2 goals he kicked to keep him as the highest averaging forward rookie. BE still in the negative (just) but is projected to increase another $30k this week with 64 points.

Hardwick wins the battle of rookie of choice from 2 weeks ago taking out the most points and rising in price the most between him, Balic and Fisher yet was the least selected of the 3 (seems to be the trend this year, not lack of rookies, but just the wrong ones being picked up). Notching up 74 points this week, he had 18 disposals (12 kicks) at 89% DE to go with 7 marks. He was the least picked of the 3 given questions about his JS with inclusions of Birchall/Duryea to come but with Duryea still missing and now Birchall injured again and set to be sidelined for 4-5 weeks, he will most likely take home the bacon of those 3 by a fair margin.

Butler has been reducing his average ever so slowly since Rd1 not once scoring more than it. He was flying at 43 points at half time but somehow fell off the face of the earth and only registered another 14 points for the game. Scoring 57 points this week, he had 13 disposals (6 kicks) at 69% DE to go with 4 tackles, 3 clangers and a goal. I still think he his good for 60 points against Freo this week at the MCG and with a BE of 56 there’s a few more thousand to extract from him but if the trend continues he won’t score more than 68 points this week. Many will be turning to Butler this week to upgrade but for others, a playing rookie is a good rookie!

Houston fell victim yet again to the entire Port Adelaide’s senior backline being available for selection with 56 points this week (second score in the 50s in a row). Just the 12 disposals (5 kicks) this week to go with 5 marks and 3 tackles. His BE is now up to 62 points so is predicted to drop a few thousand dollars this week so not an urgent trade out if you require warm bodies on the field this week although it will be time to say goodbye for good this time next week after his trip to China.

Broomhead was omitted/managed this week but with Wells doing Wells things and being injured, he was late inclusion and dropped his average by 7 points with a 30 this week. Guess he got out of the mental playing stage after team announcements were named and forgot to get back into it. Only the 11 disposals this week but extremely handball happy (10) and struggled slightly to his the target (64% DE) and combined with 3 clangers, his scores were limited. His BE will be high for the next two games he plays however it will drop right back down for owners once the 30 rolls out of his cycle, if he gets game time in the coming weeks.

Taranto seems to be finding his feet and has been raising his average the last 3 games he’s played with a 66 point game this week. He collected 12 disposals (5 kicks) at 67% DE to go with 2 marks, 6 tackles and a goal although 2 clangers dropped his score under 70 for the game. Averaging 70 from his last 3 outings and 74 from 3 games in NSW this season where his next 2 games are, he should increase the next 2 weeks before his price begins to stagnate if he continues to score 70s.

McCarthy is coming of age and is averaging 81 points over the last 4 weeks with his 3rd consecutive game in the 70s, which is the scores coaches would have been expecting since the start! Struggling with his DE yet again, he had 12 disposals (9 kicks) at 42% efficiency to go with 3 clangers. It’s kinda scary to think what he could be going at if he went at 1oo% with none. He took 7 marks (1 contested, 4 inside 50), laid 3 tackles, kicked 2 goals, 1 behind and had 1 goal assist. Averaging 100 at the MCG (number of games aside), he could well be set to go large again!

Knight only just beat his BE this week to rise $600 and struggled to get into the action with only 8 disposals (3 kicks) at 63% DE. His BE is up for the next two weeks (69 and ~77 next week) but will drop again once this weeks score rolls out of his price cycle so will (should?) come out the other side with a net profit. If you have him, he looks like a hold until the byes given his consistent scores prior to this week and his JS.

Turner came out with his best score for the season, much to Father Dougal’s disgust I imagine after ridding him this week only for his direct opponent in his league to loophole Turner against him! Scoring 86 points, he had 18 disposals (10 kicks) at 72% DE to go with 2 marks (1 contested), 3 clearances, 5 tackles, 6 insides 50s and a goal. Dropping his BE to 7, he will now rise nicely up until his bye, which is favourable for upgrades being week 2 straight after NRoos, Dahls, Macraes, Buddy’s and Heeneys bye, nice!

Balic was the least impactful Docker this week with just the 41 points to his name from 10 disposals (4 kicks). He took 2 marks, earned 3 free kicks, laid a tackle and kicked a goal for the game but unfortunately had very little stats elsewhere. Down from his last two weeks, coaches are hoping he can get back to his 70+ scoring ways and he only needs to average 60 from here to the byes to get his price up to $280k.

Hayward started well kicking a goal in the opening quarter and headed into the major break on 38 points before a 17 point final half which included a goal. He only had the 9 disposals (6 kicks) but a DE of 33% and 3 clangers next to his name didn’t bode well for his score despite kicking the 2 goals and 2 behinds. He’s been on the improve the last few weeks but is not an onfield option averaging only 37 over the last 5 weeks, once you take his first game out of his scores. Sound familiar?

Well it should, because Hannan also seems to be a 1 game wonder. He clearly forgot to put his contact lens in before the game as he only hit the target with 33% of his 9 disposals (6 kicks). He laid 6 tackles which made up 67% of his 36 points so at least he had that going for him. He looks very unlikely to push his price up to $250k as he is still over $50k shy and with a BE of 30, can most likely be moved on in the weeks to come and join the failed rookies like, which is not particularly an exclusive club this season mind you. He looks a completely different player of late than the one who scored 96 points in Rd1 with a current 5 game average now of 40.6.

Parsons was an onfield option this week given the lack of forward line depth available and he scored an unwelcome 19 points. You know what… I’m not wasting any more words on him this week….

Wagner got injured in the first quarter and came off for the remainder of the game, hence the 9 points. With a price north of $200k, he looks unlikely to be relevant this year but as always, anything can happen and wait another week. Update: “Bad luck for Corey Wagner with scans revealing his ankle injury is fairly serious (syndesmosis: 6-8 weeks)”

Goodbye for now: Miles (4-6 weeks injury) and Kennedy-Harris

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18 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 7”

  1. Great write up! I am disappointed I missed Hardwick, picked Fisher instead.

    I like the look of Berry this week but what are your thoughts on McNiece and his JS?


    1. Houston, Hardwick and Black over Eddy, Fisher and Parsons would have made a world of difference since the start of the season. So much more cash generated and points gained. Lesson for next season, pick the god damn highest scoring rookies because you know what? They are scoring high because the are playing well and shouldn’t be dropped. /Rant

      McNeice should come back in. They will do another massive change this week and rest another batch of players who did the 3 games in 12 days. Berry is more likely to score more and probably has better JS of the two, just given his role and teams confidence to push him through 3 lackluster weeks.


    1. Sorry I went there Father. Have to keep the readers interested and I can’t always talk about my own misfortunes 😛


      1. No worries. You did me a favor really, now I don’t have to write about it myself for Cow Talk tomorrow.


  2. We have been spoilt in recent years with rookies from GWS, Suns & the Bombers Top-Ups. This is the toughest year in a long time for rookie selections. You’re doing a great job, Hutta! Week in, week out………(both thumbs up here) 😉


    1. Cheers. Yes the rookies are a complete barren wasteland this year. By the time I have a full premium side I will most likely have 0 bench rookies earning money, ain’t gonna be good fun!


    1. I just laugh Tebs, It’s all I can really do! Was a rough week for rookies but it’s certainly become the norm more often than not.


  3. Preuss got a massive 71 hitouts in the reserves as well as Eddy bagging 5 back to back so if they dont get a call up now I feel it might never happen.


    1. With Waite suspended, it may open the door for another tall. Will need to see the injury list for Brown as well given he was crunched in the shoulder pretty hard, he did play out the game though.

      Newman named best on ground in the NEAFL this week too. Although T.Mitchell never made it back until he had a 64 disposal, 4 goal, 250+ AF points game. His 50+ disposal game wasn’t even good enough a few weeks prior. Again, if it’s not this week hopes will slim fast. Chances they make many changes to a side that won it’s first game for the season is pretty slim, unfortunately.


      1. Well said, I think I might cut my losses (or $$$ wins) with Newman when I need money at the bye rounds.


  4. Had a look at my screen shot of my 2013 starting team.

    Onfield rookies for round 1 were: O. Wines 125, B. Goodes 113, Viney 109, O’Meara 78, Kommer 70

    Simpler times!


  5. Nice work again Hutta.

    Sometimes we are too smart for our own good -I watched Hardwick and liked what I saw but I selected Fisher anyway. Job security and all that…


    1. Throw Ryan Burton in there too, Thommo. I thought he was too expensive, but look at his output!
      The Hawks have uncovered a couple of useful players there I reckon.


      1. I liked Burton and had him in the preseason because I thought Clarko LOVES him but he wasn’t named Round 1.



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