Round 11 Review

Written by Thommo on June 4 2018


With the completion of Round 11, we are pretty much half-way through the season. That means that  we have a pretty good idea who the top players are in each position and where we went wrong with our initial Supercoach squads. And in rare cases, we know where we went right.

It doesn’t always have to be negative!

Personally, I made some errors common to most Supercoach squads, but I did enough right that I am at least competitive in my league match-ups.

In the comments below, feel free to have a rant about the good and the bad from your initial teams and what stupid trades you have made. I am looking at you, Tom Rockliff!

To get us started, I’ll come clean:

BAD: Starting many popular but bad picks in Billings, Hibberd, Goldstein, Parker, Petracca and Buddy. How am I ranked inside the top 50,000?

GOOD: I started some of the popular but good picks in Fyfe, Cripps, Laird, Heeney and Gawn. I ditched Hibberd for Coniglio, Billings for McLean and Goldstein for Grundy in Rounds 2-4 at little cost. A small win was not starting Dangerfield.

SYDNEY 13.13 (91) def CARLTON 9.7 (61)


Sam Kerridge (Car) 134 – So who picked the Kedge for their Perfect 9 team? No one? In a match when few players racked up a great number of possessions, Kerridge gathered 29 possessions, 11 contested, 8 marks, 4 tackles and 5 frees for.


Patrick Cripps (Car) 54 – Even though I am an owner, I am not too concerned with this score. Cripps is obviously struggling with his corked thigh so it was difficult for him to work through the part-time Hewitt tag. Considering he was on 8 at half-time and he recorded 8 clangers, this score wasn’t horrible! He’ll be fine after a week off for his bye!


Callum Sinclair (Syd) 132 – Sinclair played a brilliant match and would have recorded a higher SC score if not for 7 clangers.. He gathered 22 possessions, 12 contested, 7 marks with an impressive 4 contested marks, won 26 hit-outs and kicked 2 goals.

MELBOURNE 15.10 (100) def WESTERN BULLDOGS 7.9 (51)


Tom McDonald (Mel) 164 – We need to have a talk about McDonald. He swings back and forward as needed by the Dees, racking up possessions, marks and goals seemingly at will. This week he not only gathered 24 possessions and 11 marks, he also kicked 4 goals and grabbed 6 contested marks. That, my friends, is called Supercoach Gold!

In 6 matches, McDonald’s lowest 3 scores are all in the 80s and he’s scored over 100 points 3 times. Pretty handy!


Toby McLean (WB) 63 – McLean never fails to rack up the possessions but unfortunately his disposal efficiency causes the odd dodgy score. Under fierce pressure by the Dees, he gathered 24 possessions but he only managed a disposal efficiency of 58% and committed 6 clangers.


Bayley Fritsch (Mel) 111 – Fritsch gets a special mention for his 26 possessions at 88% DE, 14 marks and 1 goal. His new role on the wing is brilliant for fantasy football especially while the Dees are dominating matches. Don’t you just hate it when you trade a player out early only for him to outscore the premium you trade in?

HAWTHORN 9.10 (64) def PORT ADELAIDE 9.7 (61)


Tom Mitchell (Haw) 135 – Apologies folks. I didn’t rate Mitchell a good captain option as I expected him to be tagged from the start but he was allowed to run free in the first half and was on 88 SC points at half time care of 2 goals in a massive second quarter. Rockliff tagged him after half time to limit his impact but this was still a handy captain score.


Tom Rockliff (Por) 41 – Ouch! To Rocky or not to Rocky was a popular question during the week and the early answer appears to be a resounding NO! It is bad enough copping poor scores in the forward line, let alone in our important midfield slots, but a 41 from 10 possessions just plain sucks!


James Sicily (Haw) 109 – After a couple of poor weeks, Sic was back doing his intercept marking thing, grabbing 10 marks, most of them intercepts and 26 possessions. 5 clangers hurt his score, one of them his obligatory 50m penalty!

GEELONG 17.19 (121) def GOLD COAST 4.12 (36)


Mitch Duncan (Gee) 136 – One of the polls this week asked which POD midfielder should we trade in on the run home. Mitch Duncan was not overly popular but he is a massive POD at less than 2% ownership and as we saw on Saturday twilight he’s an elite scorer going at 84% DE for his 32 possessions.


Tom Lynch (GC) 53 – I traded Lynch in at this time last season after he had recovered from injury but I won’t make that mistake again this season! He’ll have the odd blinder, especially as he returns to full fitness, but too often they will be mixed with matches like this: 11 possessions, 6 marks and 1 goal.


Tim Kelly (Gee) 130 – Don’t you hate it when you trade a player out and then they score 130? Does anyone else have a sense of déjà vu? Kelly was amazing against the Gold Coast, looking like a 100 game player as he ducked weaved through traffic, snagging 2 goals and gathering 24 possessions. If West Coast or Freo want him, they will have to part with a high draft pick for him!

RICHMOND 17.12 (114) def ESSENDON 6.7 (43)


Tom Bellchambers (Ess) 154 – If Sam Kerridge didn’t ruin your Perfect 9 chances on Friday night, Bellchambers would have ruined them on Saturday night! He put on a ruck clinic with 10 hit-outs to advantage in the first half alone, gathered 17 possessions for the match and took two strong contested marks.


Devon Smith (Ess) 77 – A score of 77 points is certainly not terrible but it was the nature of the 77 points that was worthy of mention. Smith struggled with the Tigers’ pressure as he somehow turned 26 possessions, 9 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal into 129 fantasy points and 77 SC points. 6 clangers and hitting the target only half the time probably didn’t help!


Shane Edwards (Ric) 142 – Normally I would give Brandon Ellis a mention here for his return to form but being Indigenous round I couldn’t go past Edwards for his best on ground effort that won him the Yiooken Award. At the Dreamtime match he had the ball on the proverbial string, amassing 31 possessions, kicking 2 goals, gaining 681 metres and giving away a further 3 goals.

WEST COAST 16.5 (101) def ST KILDA 14.4 (88)

It’s amazing the difference it makes to a match when both teams kick well! It was nice to see the Saints play this one out.


Nic Naitanui (WC) 129 – The Saints are giving up plenty of points to ruckmen, with NicNat helping himself to 17 disposals (a lot for him), 14 contested possessions, 2 contested marks, 2 goals and 18 hit-outs in 61% game time. Given he had 3 clangers, this figure appears a little flattering but imagine what it could be if he played over 70% of game time?


Jack Darling (WC) 14 – Commiserations to any coaches who brought Darling in over the past few weeks. He was surely going to have a huge game with an early goal assist but unfortunately rolled his ankle in the first quarter. He’ll be cheap when he returns from injury!


Josh J Kennedy (WC) 122 – If Darling is out for a few weeks, Kennedy could be a bargain for our forward lines. He is less than $400k and will now be the focal point for the Eagles’ forward line, with 6 goals on Saturday night. He knows how to take a contested mark and can kick quick goals as seen by his 3 goals in 6 minutes late in the third quarter against the Saints.

NORTH MELBOURNE 21.15 (141) def BRISBANE 12.15 (87)


Luke McDonald (NM) 132 – Remember when he was a hot topic in the preseason? He certainly showed us why with his 34 possessions, 2 goals and 1 goal assist on Sunday. What’s the bet he puts in just enough good scores to get us interested in the 2019 preseason?


Alex Witherden (Bri) 78 – To be honest, this match was surprisingly free-scoring in terms of both goals and Supercoach totals. A 78 point effort is really not that bad from 22 possessions and 5 marks, but I had to put someone here! I was amazed that Zorko and Beams were not affected by a Jacobs tag!


Harris Andrews (Bri) 102 – This is his third tonne in four weeks and his fifth for the season. Do we need to consider him for our SC sides at a price of $480,200? This week he only had 18 possessions but half were contested and he didn’t record a single clanger. He also added ten 1%ers.

COLLINGWOOD 21.12 (138) def FREMANTLE 12.5 (77)


Brodie Grundy (Col) 134 – As expected, with the Dockers missing Sandilands, Grundy had a good day, with 18 possessions, 8 tackles and 48 hit-outs. He is pretty much keeping pace with Max Gawn for SC scoring and should comfortably finish as a top 2 ruckman. If you don’t have him, plan to get him!


Nat Fyfe (Fre) 78 – His beast mode is over! Fyfe wasn’t bad gathering 24 possessions, 5 clearances, 5 marks (2 contested) and giving 2 goal assists but he committed 4 clangers and just didn’t win enough contested ball to amass a big score. In addition he may have some tribunal issues depending on the mood of Michael Christian…


Adam Treloar (Col) 107 – Like him or hate him, Treloar is playing the football we all hoped for last year with a season-low of 73 points and only 2 sub-100 scores so far. This week he enjoyed the romp at the MCG with 34 disposals, 7 clearances and his usual 4 clangers and seems to be flying under the Supercoach radar.

GWS 14.13 (97) def ADELAIDE 11.15 (81)


Bryce Gibbs (Ade) 116 – Gibbs finally returned to form with 36 disposals, 9 tackles and 9 clearances as he tried to lift his side over the line, especially with 10 possessions and 3 tackles in the third quarter alone. He’s not consistent enough to own but kudos all the same!


Zach Langdon (GWS) 88 – Screw you Langdon! Or Giles-Langdon. Whatever you want to all yourself! All bloody season he stank up my forward line and only played a decent half of footy now and then when he felt like it. Until I dropped him from my  team and then he kicked 3 goals and placed 8 tackles.


Rory Laird (Ade) 111 – I decided it was time for some appreciation for Laird. He pumps out centuries just for fun and we all take him for granted because we all own him. This week he racked up another 30 disposals, with a surprisingly high 14 contested. Well done, sir, well done!


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43 thoughts on “Round 11 Review”

    1. I reckon he was sore from a couple of early knocks and we expected too much from a third gamer. I’m sure he get a mention in the rookie review…


  1. Bad – Starting dahlhaus

    Really bad – Keeping dahlhaus for 11 weeks and still expecting him to come good ☹️

    Special mention to Hibberd who looked like he turned a corner a few weeks ago, only to show us all what a pig he really is (full pun intended)


    1. Will be interesting to see how the Melbourne defence restructures now with Lever out.
      Hibberd may pick up his scoring.


    2. Hibberd rewarding those who kept him by getting his price to a season low in time for his bye, when we could trade him. Jerk.


  2. Watching D Smith going forward with the footy, to be faced time and again with the Tigers defensive structure (awesome) he had nowhere to go.
    Encouraging to see him getting this much of the footy consistently. He’ll come good against lesser teams and remains on my radar for F6 post his bye.

    Fu9k you T Kelly!

    Awesome review mate. Thanks!


    1. Cheers mate. Devon Smith has been ok but his efficiency is preventing him being a really good forward selection.


  3. GOOD
    Rookies – Like many of us this year I mostly nailed the key rookie spots. The three musketeers down back plus Naughton and Richards, T Kelly and Holman in the guts, etc..
    Trading – Deliberate strategy to go harder on the trades to try and upgrade to fullish premo earlier. Getting the rookies right has helped with this.
    Ranking – hovering just outside the top 5000. Reasonably happy after a poor 2017 season.

    Break out candidates – Billings, Charlie Curnow, Petracca
    Mistimed upgrades – Doedee and T Kelly spring to mind. Both scored tons the week i punted them.
    Never again- Bloody Tom Rockliff better do something as a warm body over the byes.
    Riding the down wave- Didn’t start with Cogs. Brought him in belatedly as a side swap from Josh Kelly. Coincided with his drop in form.
    Missed premos – Can’t have em all but of the top 10 scorers I’m without Grundy, Macrae, Oliver, Treloar and Gaff. Throw Danger in that group as well.


    1. It’s going to be hard to cover not having Macrae, Oliver, Grundy, etc. Especially with Rocky stinking up your midfield. I did have an evil chuckle when I saw your comments during the Port match about him.


    2. “GOOD
      Trading – Deliberate strategy to go harder on the trades to try and upgrade to fullish premo earlier. Getting the rookies right has helped with this.”

      Sounds like the old Salamander gameplan is starting to catch on 😉


  4. Great write up Thommo – you’ve got me thinking about Kennedy as my F5 after his bye (or F6 if I bring in Westhoff or Gray). My season (so far):

    – Most rookies did their job (whether scoring or cash-gen)- Kelly, Finlayson, Murray, Doedee, Brayshaw, Banfield, Naughton, Henry, Holman.
    – My new rule for this year was: don’t keep guys I don’t trust (injury, form, etc.). This helped me dump Kreuzer in round 4 (for Grundy), Billings in round 5 (for McLean), Franklin in round 6 (for Guelfi – upgraded to Heeney the week after), and Petracca in round 8 (for Spargo – other trade was upgrade to Crouch).
    – Decent to good trades (including those above).
    – More aggressive with trading (probably nowhere near some of you blokes though, still have 16 left heading into this round).
    – Bit of luck (so far – touch wood) with injuries for the most part (you will always cop a few but I have had a pretty good run to date).

    – Starting with the putzes listed above (Billings and Petracca).
    – Starting with Danger (I thought he’d drop but not by 150k).
    – Trading out rookies too soon (just before they have their biggest round in a month or two) – looking at you TKelly, ZGL, and Doedee.

    – Round 14. I have six premos out that round and need to get my trades just right over the next fortnight to maintain my ranking (which is probably my highest to this point of any season I’ve played).


      1. Many of us missed Ronke. Apart from that one crazy game he hasn’t been a huge miss.

        I like the early trades like the Grundy and McLean pick ups. How are you ranked?


        1. Fair enough, but would have been nice to have that fast money.

          I just slid into the top 1,000 last round and have been climbing fairly steadily – just need to keep it going through the byes!


  5. BAD
    B.Ellis instead of Simpson, Jacobs instead of Grundy, Buddy instead of Heeney, Zorko instead of Oliver….how many times I swapped these players back and forth …eventually selecting the wrong option >..<

    As Roo Bloke said – nailing early rookie picks…getting them right has helped me upgrade and downgrade perfectly…so far
    Correcting my above mentioned duds with the above mentioned studs early…
    Starting with: Laird,Hurn,Fyfe,Cripps,Titch,Dusty,Cogs,Danger,Maxy,McLean,R.Gray, Devon,Hogan….some will disagree that starting with Gray and Danger was shrewd, overall I'm happy to have began with them
    Forward planning for bye rounds
    1 more Def upgrade 1 more Fwd upgrade to full premo
    Just outside top 2000 and plenty of trades left for late season injuries or " player management"


  6. I’m still considering bringing in Rockliffe for bye cover, and hopefully an M9 that i can loophole.

    TU You’re mad Mutts
    TD You’re a genius


      1. I hit the thumbs down. If you’re stupid enough to not learn from my mistake you’re stupid enough to jump aboard the Rocky bus on the M9 to Nowhereville.


  7. My last 2 weeks of trading have had terrible outcomes.
    Last week I brought in and had him on field instead of ed richards who scored 101.
    This week rocky in for t kelly for 90 less points plus smith on field for 27 vs guelfi on my bench scoring 77.


  8. Rocky , actually did a good job quelling mitchell in the second half after a slow start, didnt help his scoring but think he is very close to pumping out something decent from here on end.


  9. Good……

    Nailing the right rookies
    Always looking at bye rounds when trading/long term strategy
    Mid pricers all came off…..D Smith, Cogs, Robinson, Heater (?)
    Tmac after his second game and able to swing with Sicily
    Having two captain loop players..Olango and O’connor
    Simmo…again !!
    Always having 250k in bank…allows painless trading…see Tmac
    thought about Rocky…for ten seconds !!


    Started with Zerrett and M Crouch
    Went Zerrett over Macrae for last starting mid prem
    Went Kelly to danger three weeks ago so despite this week, thats a win….not sure its a “bad”
    Little else although did the T Smith trade this week..for Fritsch to keep byes intact…still confident that will be ok..worst case is quick cash

    In top 4k and rose again this week. Expect that to continue over byes…expect to only do 2-3 trades including Nank to Grundy R14…got Gawn.


      1. Not having Macrae as c the main reason, or Grundy at all. Macrae coming back to the field (FD averages theory works again), and 2533 round 10 has given me a huge boost. I reckon Macrae drop off has meant the leading scorers tightened as a bunch.


  10. BAD:
    Starting Brandon Ellis (although he could be on his way back in as a D7… watch this space) instead of Simpson.
    Starting Sam Jacobs instead of Gru… well, pretty much anyone else. Nic Nat would have been good from a $ per point standpoint.
    Billings. Even more so given that I seriously considered both Gunston (started at $475K, averaging 91) and Mitch Robinson (started at $406K, averaging 102) for his spot.
    Expecting Lobb to come out firing with no pre-season.
    Zorko. “An absolute beast when Rockliff is not around” – Me in my team reveal earlier in the year. Ha!
    Missing out on the SCT Cup.

    Starting with McLean, Devon Smith, Heeney, Gawn, Fyfe, Cripps, Laird, Sicily, and Tom Mitchell.
    Not starting with Dangerfield (although he would have been an improvement on Zorko!).
    I more or less got the rookies right.
    Bringing in Jack Crisp a few weeks back for around $430K. Scores since then: 119, 112, 97, 115.
    Also bringing in Zach Tuohy a few weeks back, for the bargain price of around $360K. Scores since then: 122, 89, 92.
    Holding Fritsch.
    Getting to the byes and still having 13 trades left (that’s a lot for me :P). Given that I only have one or two spots left to upgrade (plus Sam Jacobs), I feel like that’s actually a pretty decent number.
    My bye balance looks quite good, and round 14 – which looms as a tough week for most – looks like one of my better ones.

    Starting Parker. He’s had a slow start to the year, but he looks like he might have turned the corner in the last 4 weeks. And we all know what he did in the second half of last year.
    Charlie Curnow. An average of 86 for a player that cost $408K isn’t bad, but it’s not quite what some of us were hoping for. Still, his scoring was much better post-bye last year, so I’m hopeful he can repeat that feat this year. Worst case scenario, he gets pushed to F7.


  11. The Bad:
    – Lambert, Billings and Petracca in the forward line.
    – Hibberd
    – Kreuzer
    – Still having Billings/Petracca
    – Trading in Zerrett for an average of 92

    The Good:
    – Grundy Rd5
    – Gawn/Titch/Cripps/Laird/Fyfe

    My forward line is abysmal. Fritsch is currently my F3 behind Heeney and Smith – I have no idea how I’m ~6.7k overall.


  12. where can you find your trade history on the SC app (or PC)? I’m sure it used to be easy to find … but i can’t seem to locate it now. doh!


  13. On PC it is still under My Team Tracker (bottom right hand side)

    Just gotta click on More (next to RD 12 Fixture & My Scores-RD 11) & up comes Watchlist History Notepad

    Click History & your trade history appears


  14. My good:
    Starting with: Cogs, especially when the other choice was Parker.

    Not starting with Danger.

    Pretty good rookie selection, especially during season. Went hard on bubble upgrades, but with some thought into long term future.

    Corrective trades. I went hard on corrective trades and am in the top 2%.
    Best corrective trades: Hibberd to Simpson R3. Marchbank to Ryan R4, Zorko to Hogan R5, Greene to Sicily R7

    My Bad:
    Starting with Hibberd, Zorko, Kelly, Greene, Buddy, Marchbank.

    Particularly the Greene and Hibberd over Sicily and Simpson thing still burns.

    Whole lot of spuds there… some just bad luck and injury, some “danger” players I should not have taken but had spare cash without Danger. I went with some very poor decisions in particular Hibberd Zorko Kelly and Greene once I had cash spare… every single one a massive failure

    Picking the wrong starting rookies in Brayshaw, ZGL, Garlett, Barry.

    Choosing Spargo over Ronke, even though it made sense to us all.

    Trading Lycett to English.
    Holding Fisher hoping he’d come good.
    Not starting with Cripps.

    My ugly:
    Trading in Tim Smith and putting him on field this week. Like so many others, first week in blues. Ouch.


    1. Forgot another good. Starting McLean.

      Obviously there are certain things pretty much everyone did because they were so blatantly obvious: Starting with Gawn, Laird and Fyfe fit that bill.

      I think starting with Finlayson, Murray, Tim Kelly and Fritsch fitted that bill too.

      Obvious or not, I guess I should include them in the win column cos it is looking pretty bare.



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