Round 13 Review

Written by Thommo on June 19 2017


Thank goodness the byes are over! Was I the only person to immediately chuck my guns all back on the field when lockout was over?

For the leaders of our Supercoach group who are eligible for the Group Prize, the byes have really just involved a fair amount of shuffling back and forth. While Stephen’s Wognuts again holds top spot, the top 5 teams are all within striking range of each other and the prize remains wide open.

1 Wognuts@SCT Stephen 27449 244
2 Baby Bombers@SCT Dilan 27333 449
3 WeDoNotForgive@SCT Jeremy 27331 455
4 Mumma’s bois@SCT Huttabito 27310 518
5 Jobe robbed@SCT Jataal 27291 570

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


Last week, we Supercoaches voted for:

5 – Sam Docherty – finally gets some recognition!

4 – Rory Laird – Like Doc, he doesn’t get enough votes.

3 – Dayne Beams – When was the last time he received votes?

2 – Gary Ablett Jnr – His low ownership cost him this week!

1 – Isaac Heeney – This won’t be his last votes in his career!

The top 10 on the overall leaderboard stands as:

1 Patrick Dangerfield 22
2 Rory Sloane 13
3 Adam Treloar 12
4 Tom Rockliff 11
5 Sam Docherty 10
6 Joel Selwood 10
7 Rory Laird 9
8 Dustin Martin 9
9 Scott Pendlebury 9
10 Marcus Bontempelli 6

So who did you like in Round 13?

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With the passing of Adam West, the actor who played Batman in the 1960s TV show, my nostalgia rating went through the roof. Even though only 3 seasons were made (a total of 120 episodes) of the Batman television series, it was rerun for so long it seemed to run for a decade.

The comic book version of Batman is far older and angst-filled than the television version but in my mind, Adam West is Batman!

So, in honour of the great man who was never afraid to poke fun at himself in his recent roles in such shows as The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy and 30 Rock, I’ve had a look at the brief forays of Superheroes onto the small screen.

Holy Jumpin’ Jiminy, Batman!

WEST COAST 11.17 (83) def GEELONG 10.10 (70)

The Incredible Hulk (1977)

Hulk hates Mondays.

In 1977, the 2-hour pilot of The Incredible Hulk aired. Starring Bill Bixby as Dr David Banner and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, as his alter ego the Hulk, the pilot was a smash hit that resulted in a series that ran from 1978 until 1982. For 5 seasons (82 episodes) poor old Banner searched for the cure to his self-induced mutation that turned him into the uncontrollable and super-strong, but super-dopey, Hulk whenever he was angry. And each week he helped solve the problems of people he ran into along the way! Aw shucks, wasn’t that nice of him?

The final episode was a cliffhanger that did not explain the fate of Dr Banner until 3 telemovies were released from 1988.

Originally the 7ft 1 inch Richard Kiel, who played Jaws in two Bond movies, was hired as the Hulk ahead of Arnie but he was too skinny and was soon replaced by Ferrigno.

More than most Superheroes, Hulk was a bit of an angry bully. When you are inhumanly strong and mostly impervious to harm, it’s not hard fight crime. Similarly Geelong have found life easy to win at home in Geelong but on the road in the West, not so much. A late flurry by Geelong made the final score-line more flattering but they never really challenged West Coast at home.

Super Heroes

Patrick Dangerfield (Gee) 141 – Don’t tag me. You wouldn’t like me when you tag me! Yep, Danger got angry with the early Yeo tag, racking up 15 first quarter possessions and even though he slowed he still finished with 34 possessions, 21 contested, 8 clearances and 1 goal.

Dom Sheed (WC) 125 – Only the 22 possessions for Sheed but he kicked 2 goals and only had the 1 clanger. Is a break-out looming for Sheed?

Sam Mitchell (WC) 122 When he wasn’t wrestling with Selwood he was racking up the numbers like usual, 29 possessions and 8 tackles.

Andrew Gaff (WC) 120 – Gaff did a great impression of the Invisible Man for 3 quarters but he was everywhere late, gathering 32 possessions, 1 goal and 1 goal assist for the match.

Mitch Duncan (Gee) 118 – He gets no plaudits but Duncan led all comers with 11 clearances from his 32 possessions. He is certainly getting his hands far dirtier than ever before.

Super Villains

Sam Menegola (Gee) 42 – He gave away one of the more stupid 50m penalties you’ll see and otherwise did little with 13 possessions at 46% DE.

Scott Selwood (Gee) 44 – We all knew a soft tissue injury was coming for Scooter. It arrived in the third quarter after he had already ruined his score with 4 clangers from 10 possessions and 8 tackles. Did he make enough cash for a useful upgrade?

Joel Selwood (Gee) 73 – Selwood tried to Hulk Smash Sam Mitchell after he was frustrated by the Mark Hutchings tag.

Zach Tuohy (Gee) 78 – Yet another Cats player who struggled with the Eagles’ pressure, committing 4 clangers from 25 possessions. Maybe he could attempt to lay a single tackle?

ST KILDA 12.17 (89) def NORTH MELBOURNE 10.12 (72)

The Flash (1990)

I never knew the Flash was so buff!

Much like this match of footy, the Flash TV series from 1990 was not particularly memorable. Lasting 1 season (22 episodes), it was the pretty classic story of forensic scientist, Barry Allen getting doused with chemicals and struck by lightning – as you do – resulting in him developing super speed.

As you have probably guessed, it was caned by its direct opposition, the Cosby Show, and soon disappeared before it had repaid the $100,000 cost of the original costumes. That’s the thing about super speed, it makes it easy to run out without paying your bill!

Similarly, the Saints ran away with this match early. Despite Jack Steven copping a tag by Mountford, the Saints were 6 goals up at half time and only a 6 goal to 3 goal final quarter by North gave the scoreline respectability.

Super Heroes

Todd Goldstein (Nor) 128 – Hot Toddy is probably the ruckman we want for the run home. Maybe. With the rucks, who the hell knows? He certainly destroyed Billy Longer around the ground.

Seb Ross (StK) 120 – Don’t you hate these mid-year break-outs after you’ve already dumped them from your team? Ross pumped out another stellar 32 possession performance and will grace many more SC teams next season.

Dylan Roberton (StK) 119 – The unexpected break-out season continues for Roberton. He only gathered 22 possessions but North seemed intent on kicking directly to him and he helped himself to an early goal.

Tim Membrey (StK) 114 – And here is another “forward special” with just 13 possessions at 92% DE, 6 marks and 2 goals somehow adding up to 114 points. The weird and wonderful world of Champion Data continues!

Sam Gibson (Nor) 113 – He’s a ball magnet when he’s not tagging. 30 possessions this week.

Super Villains

Ben Brown (12) and Jared Waite (38) – With this dynamic duo only gathering 16 possessions and 2 goals between them, it is not surprising North lost.

Billy Longer (StK) 21 – Geez, you give the guy a wrap and he goes on to score 21 points!

Jack Steven (StK) 84 – An early tag from Mountford hurt Steven’s scoring and he never really improved after the tag was removed late in the match. Only 2 goals in the second quarter saved his score.

SYDNEY 12.8 (80) def RICHMOND 10.11 (71)

The Adventures of Superman (1953)

Some looks never go out of fashion…

The story-line of the Man of Steel is known to all. From comics in 1938, to radio in 1940, to cartoons from 1941 to 1943, to 15 movie serials in 1948 and 1950, he finally lodged on the big screen in 1951 as Superman and the Mole Men with George Reeves in the lead. It was a smash which led to the first television series, The Adventures of Superman,that ran for 6 seasons in the 1950s. George Reeves reprised his role wearing the blue spandex, red cape and really, really big red undies.

While for Gen X, Christopher Reeve is our Superman, the Baby Boomers out there will forever see George Reeves as their Superman.

Unfortunately, George Reeves is thought to have committed suicide after he was unable to find other acting work due to the infamous Superhero typecasting which started the “Superman curse” where misfortune fell upon those actors who portrayed the Man of Steel.

Against Sydney, Alex Rance tried to do his own Superman impersonation: Well, he certainly looks the part. Buddy gave him some grief early when Richmond was right on top of Sydney, but as the Swans rallied from a 36 point deficit, he donned his cape and went work. Time and again he thwarted the Swans and repelled attack after attack but in the end he had too few friends.

Unfortunately we have all discovered Rance’s Kryptonite: He plays for Richmond!

Super Heroes

Bachar Houli (Ric) 129 – He’s officially back! Like a bearded Flash, he never stopped running and used it beautifully with 28 possessions at 82% DE. Now if only he could move fast enough to travel through time and undo the ills that have befallen the Tigers in the last few months, years and decades.

Tom Papley (Syd) 118 – Last week, I said he was more important to the Swans than Buddy and at a fraction of the cost and I stand by that! Only one goal and 19 possessions for Papley but he did so much more than that!

Brandon Ellis (Ric) 110 – Apart from Tigers’ fans and draft coaches, does anyone actually care what Ellis does?

Alex Rance (Ric) 109 – Superman looked so impressive in scragging, holding and niggling Buddy and generally keeping him goalless but Champion Data wasn’t convinced at half-time with just 11 points. His coaches will be thankful that he went nuts with intercept marks and possessions late in the second half to reach a miracle tonne.

Dustin Martin (Ric) 106 – Martin was actually pretty quiet with 23 possessions at just 60% DE but 2 goals helped him scrape a tonne.

Isaac Heeney (Syd) 106 – Like Martin, Heeney didn’t use the ball overly well but a high contested ball count (14 from 22 possessions) and 1 goal got him over the line. So who selected Buddy ahead of Heeney?

Super Villains

Lance Franklin (Syd) 48 – Buddy is currently Supervillain number 1 for many coaches after his 16 possessions and 1 goal offset by 8 clangers, 5 of these frees against. In this analogy this makes him Lex Luther as he can never seem to defeat Rance! I reckon he’s look good bald!

Dan Hannebery (Syd) 66 – Hannes was pretty prolific with 25 possessions but his disposal efficiency was only 48% DE and he committed 5 clangers.

Toby Nankervis (Ric) 72 – The Tank is struggling big time. This week he wasted 2 shots on goal from easy position and had 4 clangers. To be honest, he scored amazingly well given his 9 possessions and 22 hit-outs!

PORT ADELAIDE 18.13 (121) def BRISBANE 12.9 (81)

Wonder woman (1975)

Maybe she can give Superman fashion advice?

While young men were pumping out comic books about male Superheroes, a 48 year old psychologist decided the world needed a female Superhero, creating Wonder Woman in 1941. William Marston was an advocate of women’s rights, worked on the creation of the Polygraph and yet had time to have both a wife and mistress. He had some weird sexual preferences which was why he included a lot of bondage imagery in the Wonder Woman comics. Amazingly his wife was cool with the whole mistress thing and they even adopted the two children he had with his mistress!

Now that is a secure relationship!

It was not until 1975 that Diana Prince, played by Linda Carter, found her place on television for 5 years and 60 episodes. Until the recent release of the new Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot, Linda Carter was the face of Wonder Woman.

Although Wonder Woman has endured for longer than any comic book Super Hero but Superman and Batman, she has always struggled to keep up with the big boys in popularity. Likewise Brisbane can’t quite keep up with the big boys of the AFL. On Saturday the Lions showed definite improvement but again they struggled valiantly to keep pace with Port.

All afternoon Port powered away only to be pegged back by the plucky young Lions, showing more fight than they have in years. But, as usual, the Lions were just off the pace and Port ground out a comfortable victory.

Super Heroes

Dayne Zorko (Bri) 143 – While Rockliff and Beams struggled, the Magician racked up the possessions and tackles and kicked goals. Even with 6 clangers he still did enough to lead all comers. Whenever Rockliff or Beams go missing, he cleans up!

Robbie Gray (Por) 129 – The peaks and troughs of the Robbie Gray rollercoaster season continue. Robbie only kicked 2 goals, 4 behinds but he gave away 4 goal assists and took 2 contested marks.

Ryan Lester (Bri) 127 So if he was in a Police line-up, would you recognize him? I don’t think this is overly SC relevant.

Ryan Bastinac (Bri) 122 – His best game since crossing from North but again, does anyone even own him or care?

Patrick Ryder (Por) 129 – Ryder must have enjoyed the view from on top of Martin’s head! 40 hit-outs, 2 goals and 2 contested marks for Ryder.

Super Villains

Tom Rockliff (Bri) 59 – There were whispers that Rocky was sick. I certainly hope he was because 15 possessions and 1 goal was horrible to watch.

Dayne Beams (Bri) 66 – He wasn’t much better with 5 clangers from his 20 possessions. Well, I did ask for him to stop pumping out tonnes! Thanks, Beamer!

Stefan Martin (Bri) 72 – To be fair, Martin copped a knock to the throat early and only scored 4 points in the first quarter. He wasn’t bad over the next 3 quarters so we won’t blame Archie Smith for this let-down!

CARLTON 12.11 (83) def GOLD COAST 11.7 (73)

The Six Million Dollar Man (1973)

I know, it had no comic book origins (actually based on a novel, Cyborg in 1972) and he was certainly no Super Hero, but I loved this show. Leigh Majors as ex-astronaut Steve Austin was just the right amount of grumpy to be interesting and the sound and slow motion effects when Steve Austin used his bionic abilities remain iconic even today.

For those who don’t know, the opening sequence contains the phrase: “We can rebuild him; we have the technology,” and doesn’t that remind you of Carlton? Brendon Bolton appears to be the man for the job and the young backline is turning out to be a tough nut to crack. Again Jones did his job, blanketing Tom Lynch, while Simpson and Docherty smuggled their own footy into the match yet again.

For those who didn’t watch this match, I’m not sure there has ever been such a comprehensive 10 point victory. With Ablett held by Curnow and Gibbs, Cripps and Murphy running amok in the midfield only one thing held them back: goal-kicking.

If the Blues can ever find another goal-kicking forward, or teach Casboult how to kick somewhat straight, the Blues will finally push for finals.

Super Heroes

Bryce Gibbs (Car) 208 – Don’t adjust your monitors, this is not error! 43 possessions but only 1 clanger, 10 tackles, 8 marks, 7 clearances, 2 goals and 2 goal assists. Massive. If the Crows watched this performance they may have wished they had given up 2 first round selections!

Sam Docherty (Car) 153 – My love for this man grows each week! 30 possessions at 96% DE and 9 marks is just ridiculous.

Matthew Kreuzer (Car) 144 – Many coaches, including myself, were caught short and couldn’t afford Kreuz this week. In the long term we may not lose out but the short term pain is immense.

 Kade Simpson (Car) 142 – Simmo is no top 6 defender this season but the few coaches stuck with him will enjoy the odd monster like this. 33 possessions and 15 marks. What a slut!

Jarryd Lyons (GC) 117 – Lyons is one of the few Suns flying the flag every week, this time with 24 possessions, 2 goals and 2 goal assists.

Super Villains

Tom Lynch (GS) 37 – There were few brilliant Suns but Lynch certainly shone as the suckiest star. A team captain can’t afford 4 effective possessions for an entire match!

Brandon Matera (GC) – 8 possessions and 1 goal mean Matera may find himself back in the NEAFL soon. Maybe with Lynch!

MELBOURNE 17.11 (113) def WESTERN BULLDOGS 8.8 (56)

Batman (1966)

Amazing CGI.

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939, Batman has remained the most popular and enduring comic book Super Hero of them all.

Lovers of the Batman comics probably won’t appreciate the 1960s television show but (as I mentioned above) for many Gen X’ers, Adam West has remained our Batman ever since. Michael Keaton wasn’t bad as the Caped Crusader, George Clooney and his codpiece were uncomfortable, Christian Bale was decent and Ben Affleck… well, let’s not talk about it.

The 60’s show was campy, it was hilarious and Batman actually smiled once or twice!

Perhaps Adam West can talk to the Western Bulldogs about enduring success after yet another embarrassing defeat. Last week we assumed that the Swans were just hot, but this week after Melbourne handed the Doggies a flogging, it’s time to question the Dogs’ performances.

Finals stars like Bontempelli, Johannisen, Boyd and Dahlhaus are struggling to have the impact they did in September last season and time is fast running out. Holy hangover, Batman!

While the Bulldogs are struggling, the Dees have quietly snuck into 5th spot on the ladder and will soon regain their heart and soul in big Maxy.

Super Heroes

Mitch Wallis (WB) 114 – Wallis only gathered 23 possessions but he got his hands dirty with 16 of them contested and 9 tackles.

Oscar McDonald (Mel) 111 – How often do we get 2 brothers, both defenders, on this list? Oscar had 23 possessions at 87% DE and 12 tackles.

Cam Pedersen (Mel) 108 – He only had 6 hit-outs but racked up 24 possessions at a ridiculous 91% DE, he took 2 contested marks and also gave 3 goal assists. I wonder what will happen to him when Gawn returns.

Jordan Roughead (WB) 105 – Playing second fiddle to Boyd in the ruck, Roughie still managed 24 hit-outs to go with 19 possessions, 9 tackles and 1 goal.

Tom McDonald (Mel) 103 – Although he is listed as a defender, McDonald rucked for a time and even got forward to kick 2 goals. A pity for his Supercoaches that Gawn is returning soon!

Jack Watts (Mel) 103 – Even off the field for much of the final quarter, Watts kicked 3 goals from 16 possessions. He is finally looking like a top 5 draft pick.

Super Villains

Jason Johannisen (WB) 58 – Holy Here we go again, Batman. After 2 bad weeks, JJ has started to look about as threatening as the Pengiun. I reckon he’d look good in a monocle and top hat!

Bernie Vince (Mel) 60 – Vince is more of a Riddler style of villain.  He looks good on the screen but eminently never gets the job done. 21 possessions but 6 clangers this week. Holy Sudden incapacitation, Batman!

Jake Stringer (WB) 31 – Stringer is the AFL’s version of the Clock King. He looked kind of stupid and disappears for weeks at a time. 13 possessions at just 38% DE! Holy Disappearing act, Batman.

Just a weird, weird dude.

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38 thoughts on “Round 13 Review”

  1. Another brilliantly themed write-up, mate. Forgive me for questioning you, Thommo, but I think you’ll find 120 episodes of the 1960’s Batman TV series were filmed.


    1. Thanks Motts, you’re spot on. I thought that figure seemed low! There were 60 episodes in season 2 alone!


  2. Great write up as always.

    I worked with Martin Caidin, the bloke who write “Cyborg,” on a project once, back in the distant past. My boss described him as a “force of nature.” He was doing something, writing something, flying something, building something, etc, pretty much all the time for decades. We only talked by phone, and I was junior at the time and so was the one to make all the calls – because it was impossible to have a call with him that lasted less than an hour, and usually more. Which wasn’t so good for me getting work done, but was amazing as far as hearing story after story, or did you knows, all of which were more than worth my time. I wish I had been able to record them.

    He also wrote a book that was turned into the movie “Marooned.” He asked me if I had seen it, and I told him I had. I didn’t mention it was on MST3K…..


      1. I hadn’t, before I met him I had no idea he was responsible. Today I suppose I would if I could find a copy. Back then it was used bookstores or nothing. I had read some of his military aviation books, and liked them.

        Oh, and I am planning to steal your idea for the week again, in some form. 🙂


  3. So much nostalgia Thommo.
    Earths kitt as cat woman in the batman series was purrrrfectly casted.
    I was a wee young lad but Linda Carter…… phwoar!


      1. Have to stretch it a bit for the superhero thing but Diana Rigg’s Emma Peel from the spy show “The Avengers” was definitely another tv hero highlight.


  4. I’ve seen reports that Rocky was going the big vom on the boundary line on the weekend, probably should not have played, and spent most of his time at full forward. So I suppose he can be forgiven this time – but you owe us next week, Tom!

    As someone who has seen the latest Wonder Woman movie (not my idea, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), I can confirm that Lynda Carter is the original and still the best.

    And as for the footy…the Dogs were absolutely woeful yesterday and were fortunate not to lose by an even greater margin. I’ve never seen a team with so many players out of form all at the same time.


    1. I read the same about Rocky but I couldn’t find official confirmation.

      Agreed on the Dogs. Gee they were ordinary.


    2. I believe there was footage going around of him sick in the second half, explains his very limited TOG. Filthy Adelaide water, Zorko was sick a year or two ago.

      From what I gather, Rocky, Beams and Barrett had Gastro.


  5. “Perhaps Adam West can talk to the Western Bulldogs about enduring success after yet another embarrassing defeat.”

    Unfortunately Adam West just passed away ten days ago.



    1. Read the opening dude. A bit of humour hopefully in the dry style of Adam West who never took anything too seriously.


  6. Can we give a special mention to Shai ‘ the invisible man’ Bolton who scored something like 80 in the first half and literally vanished in the 2nd half while still managing to effect his score by adding a -17 !! Finished with 63points, how is that possible!!


    1. Scaling. Game was won in the second half so they would have taken points off players in the first half.


  7. Another great write-up Thommo, seamless transitions! Shame it was a bye round as it was one of my favourites yet!


  8. I tried to give my 5-4-3-2 and 1 to Gibbs but it wouldn’t allow me too.

    Big shout out to Doc.

    Roo Bloke “I’ll wait for Doc to have a bad game before i pounce”
    Doc “I’ll show you, you faceless keyboard warrior”


  9. Was thinking of giving Paddy’s 119 a vote for saving me from total disaster but could not find him on the list?


  10. I’m a huge Hulk fan – not the CGI and special effects dude but Banner and his alter ego, Lou Ferrigno. I’m not sure why, maybe I’ve been scarred as a child but watching some of the old flicks of Banner turning into the green eyed Goliath still tends to strike in me a degree of fear and excitement.

    As an aside, despite the Cats loss, enjoyed watching Danger’s aggro levels and tackling intensity go up a notch with the attention he copped from Yeo at the start. Watching him dash away from traffic with power is a sight to behold (i.e Danger not Hulk)


    1. I read somewhere that the green contact lenses were so uncomfortable that Ferrigno had to remove them ever 30 minutes during shooting.

      My spidey senses tell me Dangerfield will pump out a score close to 200 soon!


      1. Yes I think I saw a doco about it or perhaps it was the green paint that they had to keep reapplying constantly as well. It was amazing how they made him look so hulk-like without any special effects simply by adding a bit of paint, a prosthetic nose and that awful wig/eyebrows. Also credit to Bill Bixby (RIP) who was amazing.

        I’m tipping Gaz to go bang this week in his 300th but have the VC on Danger.



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