Round 14 Review

Written by Thommo on June 26 2017


Despite owning Dayne Beams, Stephen’s Wognuts continued to hold top spot in the race for the Blundstone Group Prize. Again the top 5 spots are held by the same 5 teams as they continue to jostle for position.

So where will the next big challenge come from?

1 Wognuts@SCT Stephen 29665 334
2 WeDoNotForgive@SCT Jeremy 29595 478
3 Baby Bombers@SCT Dilan 29584 501
4 Mumma’s bois@SCT Huttabito 29574 522
5 Jobe robbed@SCT Jataal 29503 726

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


Last week, we Supercoaches voted for:

5 – Sam Docherty – When did a defender last get 5 votes for 2 straight weeks?

4 – Patrick Dangerfield – Paddy is on fire. If you don’t now own him, RIP.

3 – Bryce Gibbs – Gibbsy joined the 200 point club and deserved the 5 votes.

2 – Dayne Zorko – the quiet achiever who amazingly only just received his first votes for 2017!

1 – Matthew Kreuzer – First vote for arguable the form ruckman in the AFL right now.

The top 10 are:

Player Total Votes
1 Patrick Dangerfield 26
2 Sam Docherty 15
3 Rory Sloane 13
4 Adam Treloar 12
5 Tom Rockliff 11
6 Joel Selwood 10
7 Rory Laird 9
8 Dustin Martin 9
9 Scott Pendlebury 9
10 Gary Ablett 7

So who did you like in Round 14?

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The players signed a new pay deal with the AFL during the week and then they promptly disappeared in Round 14, also know as bye Round 5. We were all so happy to see the end of the scheduled byes and then Gaz, Fyfe and Kelly were withdrawn. Beams followed by breaking his collar bone or something in his shoulder care of a Mummy bump and then Selwood was also knocked out early in his match.

Can you imagine if your team included Gaz, Fyfe, Beams, Selwood and Kelly?

Oh, the pain…

HAWTHORN 14.12 (96) def ADELAIDE 12.10 (82)


As an accumulator, Matthew Crouch (Ade) 131 was expected to break out to uber-premium status this season. After a disappointing start to the season with just 3 tonnes from 9 rounds, Crouch is heating up with four straight tonnes. If you’re short on cash, he could be a smart selection for the final rounds after a 35 possession (16 contested) at 80% effort against the Hawks.

Hugh Greenwood (Ade) 127 could also be a god-send for our teams on the run home. At 6 feet, 4 inches, he’s a big-bodied mid-forward who knows how to use the ball, tackle and kick a goal. Not bad for a basketballer who got lost on his way to the stadium.

Shaun Burgoyne (Haw) 123 is nicknamed Silk for a reason. Can you believe he turns 35 in October and yet he is on a 96 game streak and can still play like that in the midfield? 26 possessions, 17 contested, at 76% DE and 2 goals.

In game 100, Ricky Henderson (Haw) 113 reminded the Crows that he can play with 30 possessions and 2 goals. Given the Crows are in the top 4, I don’t think they are losing any sleep over his departure.

Liam Shiels (Haw) 109 played close to his best game for the season. Despite only gathering 21 possessions, he seemed to be in the play all the time, gave 2 goal assists and only committed 1 clanger.


All right, let’s think positive here.

Luke Breust (Haw) 24 was around the ball a hell of a lot and he hit the target often with his 8 possessions at 87% DE. Breeeeuuust.

Daniel Howe (Haw) 56 probably shouldn’t appear on the villains’ list as his tagging role on Sloane was a key reason for the Hawks’ victory but if you shut down Schwarzwalder’s VC, you go on the list. I still love you, Howey!

Just for old time’s sake, Brodie Smith (Ade) 60 is on the list but he wasn’t too bad with 20 possessions at 80% DE and only the 2 clangers.

This was a tough score for Rory Laird (Ade) 72 who gathered 28 possessions at 85% DE and only committed 3 clangers. He only had 5 contested possessions but still he was one of the better Crows on a tough night.

Poor old Rory Sloane (Ade) 80! If you look deep into your crystal ball as I have looked into mine you’ll see a long line of taggers waiting to scrag, hold and niggle him. He worked his way to 23 possessions against the Hawks, most of them contested, yet 8 clangers prevented a tonne. Hopefully his teammates start to block and protect him in the coming weeks.

SYDNEY 11.20 (86) def ESSENDON 12.13 (85)


So far in 2017 Zach Merrett (Ess) 141 has mostly played an outside mid role, so despite a high possession count each week his scoring has been hampered slightly. Against the Swans he really got his mitts dirty with 14 of his 33 possessions contested at an elite 81% DE, 8 clearances and 2 goal assists. If that trend continues he could pump out some monster scores to end the season.

Josh P Kennedy (Syd) 127 wasn’t far behind Merrett with 36 possessions, 16 contested, 7 clearances and 1 goal assist. JPK also seems likely to finish yet another season strongly but he appears to be a bit on the nose at Champion Data HQ this year.

When did tall defenders start racking up stats like midfielders? Heath Grundy (Syd) 117 gathered 26 possessions at 88% DE, took 8 marks, 3 of them contested, and gave 1 goal assist while Michael Hurley (Ess) 112 collected a ridiculous 30 possessions and 8 marks.

I miss Zac Dawson.

David Zaharakis (Ess) 105. Meh!


It is a great sign for the Dons that they should have won the game despite Dyson Heppell (Ess) 54 not really being involved in the play much with 18 possessions.

What could have been for Lance Franklin (Syd) 83? 17 possessions, 5 marks (2 contested) and 6 behinds gave him 83 SC points. This could have been the monster we all hoped Buddy would produce every now and then.

Considering we mostly tipped Sydney this week, we should all thank Brendan Goddard (Ess) 73 for his final clanger that put the ball out of bounds near the Sydney goals. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke!

PORT ADELAIDE 13.15 (93) def COLLINGWOOD 9.8 (62)


He’s all but guaranteed forward eligibility next season, with Robbie Gray (Por) 146 earning another 3 Brownlow votes for his 5 goals and 3 goal assists. Pretty impressive given the Pies only kicked 9 goals!

Jeremy Howe (Col) 125 is close enough to a top 6 defender with 27 classy possessions and yet another 11 marks to add to the collection, naturally 3 of them contested!

Steele Sidebottom (Col) 125 has become the forgotten man of the Pies midfield. He can still rack up the possessions with 36 this week (and 8 marks) but he hasn’t been consistent enough to select this season. Conversely, Mr Reliable, Scott Pendlebury (Col) 109, had yet another 30+ possession match but he seems to be getting less love from Champion Data than he normally does. His 6 clangers were not helpful.

I was hoping Tom Langdon (Col) 100 would keep his powder dry until next season so this score is irritating. He’s going to be a premium defender if he can stay fit.


There weren’t a lot of SC relevant players this week but a few Supercoaches do have Chad Wingard (Por) 64. Unfortunately for them, Wingard wasn’t involved in the play much and didn’t spend much time in the midfield.

I know this score wasn’t terrible and he did gather 35 possessions but Adam Treloar (Col) 91 returned to his old ways of butchering the ball. Still, he’s had a good last month and he should finish the season strongly.

GWS 22.14 (146) def BRISBANE 12.14 (86)


 With 24 more inside 50s, the Giants’ forward 50 was the Place To Be, with Jonathan Patton (GWS) 156, Jeremy Cameron (GWS) 133 and Toby Greene (GWS) 127 each kicking 4 goals. Patton’s 6 contested marks gave him the edge over his team mates for SC scoring.

In the absence of Kelly, Dylan Shiel (GWS) 143 went nuts in game 100 with 38 possessions, 8 clearances and 1 goal. Remember for preseason 2018: Opportunity is key. If Kelly departs the Giants for a Victorian Club as speculated, surely Shiel is the benefactor?

Archie who? Even facing Hot Dog King, Shane Mumford, Stefan Martin (Bri) 128 still had plenty of impact with 17 possessions, 27 hitouts and 1 goal.


Who saw this coming? Dayne Zorko (Bri) 51 appeared to have Reid running with him and only collected 5 possessions. FIVE! Thankfully he had 100% DE and he laid 9 tackles to prevent him churning out a 20-something.

What is going on with Zach Williams (GWS) 49? As a midfielder he was explosive and damaging but Leon Cameron obviously doesn’t like such impressive midfielders. He only gathered 16, mostly uncontested, possessions this week, kicked 1 goal and committed 4 clangers. Those of us who missed the boat on Williams are thanking our lucky stars right now.

Congratulations on game 250 Heath Shaw (GWS) 60. Congratulations, too, on dodging the ball so effectively for an entire match. How you only rack up 9 possessions from 84% TOG will remain one of life’s great mysteries.

WESTERN BULLDOGS 15.17 (107) def NORTH MELBOURNE 16.10 (106)


Thousands of Supercoaches breathed a sigh of relief as Marcus Bontempelli (WB) 139 finally returned to form. The Bont gathered 28 possessions, kicked 1 goal and laid 10 tackles but most importantly, he only committed 1 clanger.

Ben Cunnington (Nor) 126 tried everything to lift his boys over the line and almost succeeded. He left the building with 28 possessions, 20 contested, 2 goals and 2 goal assists. Amazingly he committed 6 clangers so this score could have been huge.

Jackson Macrae (WB) 122 seems to score really big or pretty average at the moment. Thankfully this was an up week involving 32 possessions and 10 tackles. Given he’s averaging 103 points per week this season, we can hardly complain!

This is completely irrelevant but kudos to big Tom Campbell (WB) 120 facing off with the Todd and winning an outstanding 49 hit-outs compared to Goldy’s 25.

Like the Bont, Jake Stringer (WB) 118 was back in form this week, crashing packs and kicking, well mostly behinds. And ladies, apparently he’s single!


It is just so sad when a gun like Tom Liberatore (WB) 40 loses form after serious injury. The kid’s a star so hopefully we see him back in form sooner rather than later.

Trent Dumont (Nor) 45 was expected to flourish this season but he just highlights how hard it is to accurately predict break-out contenders. I still think Dumont could be a star if left to play an inside mid role.

The theory that Mitch Wallis (WB) 76 and Macrae are stealing points from each other is yet to be disproved as they rarely tonne up in the same week. They are both averaging highly enough that they are both currently safe forward options even if they fluctuate wildly.

MELBOURNE 15.9 (99) def WEST COAST 14.12 (96)


Tom McDonald (Mel) 139 really stood up in the absence of Watts and Hogan, kicking 5 goals including the winning snap. Amazing performance!

Jack Viney (Mel) 127 also stood up in the absence of Jones with 38 possessions, 26 contested, 9 clearances and 1 goal. 5 clangers hurt him somewhat but you’ve got to respect his aggro!

West Coast need 2 or maybe 3 of him as Jeremy McGovern (WC) 119 is a gun forward and defender. This week he kicked 3 goals and took 5 contested marks but he won’t be able to stop thinking about the poor tackle he laid on McDonald as the winning goal was kicked!

Max Gawn (Mel) 113 showed great touch after such a long break but he did slow down as the match progressed. When he regains full fitness, watch the monster scores roll in.

Clayton Oliver (Mel) 113 was unbelievable given he was tagged by Hutchings this week and still pumped out 28 possessions, 8 clearance, 7 tackles and 2 goal assists. Even Joel Selwood couldn’t manage that last week!

Surely this was his best game in years? Drew Petrie (WC) 113 kicked 4 goals, gathered 19 possessions and took 8 marks (3 contested).


Jeff Garlett (Mel) 14 averaged 1 possession per quarter. Maybe he should focus on playing rather than chirping?

Shannon Hurn (WC) 24 has never been a huge ball winner, but 5 possessions in 82% TOG is bad even for him.

Is Matt Priddis (WC) 64 injured or has Sam Mitchell disrupted the team harmony? Only 17 possessions on Saturday night.

GEELONG 10.14 (74) def FREMANTLE 11.6 (72)


Patrick Dangerfield (Gee) 145 again finished the game strongly with a 50 point final quarter. Of his 31 possessions, 24 were contested, he had 12 clearances and he could have scored even higher if not for his 3 behinds.

Is this guy still around? Mark Blicavs (Gee) 135 was back in the ruck again with Zac Smith out and reminded us all why he used to be SC relevant.

Brad Hill (Fre) 130 racked up 27 possessions, kicked 1 goal and gave a goal assist. A decent draft option only.

Sam Menegola (Gee) 123 revelled in the absence of Selwood, laying 9 tackles to go with 22 possessions, 8 marks and 1 goal.

Joel Hamling (Fre) 119 only won 14 possessions but 13 one percenters and intercept marks added up surprisingly well!


Joel Selwood (Gee) 3 was no villain given he was knocked out in the first minute but we all shared his pain.

Stephen Hill (Fre) 48 only gathered 17 possessions at 58% DE and 5 of those were clangers. He’s no Brad! Well, this week anyway.

RICHMOND 11.18 (84) def CARLTON 8.10 (58)


Matthew Kreuzer (Car) 135 is number 1 ruck with a bullet at the moment. It will be a fascinating fight between Kreuz and the returning Gawn as they wrestle for the #1 big man mantle.

Is Patrick Cripps (Car) 134 finally fully fit? This week he gathered 27 possessions at 81% DE, 17 contested possessions, 10 clearances, 8 tackles, 5 marks (2 contested) and 1 goal. Imagine how big this score would have been if he’d not committed 6 clangers.

Dustin Martin (Ric) 121 fought off the Curnow tag to gather 30 possessions, 16 contested and 6 clearances. You’ve got to rate a player who can fight through a tag!

There’s no point talking about him any more: Own him or hate life. Or pray that Sam Docherty (Car) 120 has a calf injury as it was strapped during the match.

Brandon Ellis (Ric) 119 has finally found some form so he may be worth a look in draft leagues only.

Bachar Houli (Ric) 119 is continuing his great run of form with another 28 possessions at 92% DE. He may be facing a holiday after getting his hands on Lamb the day after Ramadan ended.


What haven’t I said about Dion Prestia (Ric) 58 already this season? At least he’ll be cheap next year!

Toby Nankervis (Ric) 62 is fast wearing out his welcome with another poor score from 9 possessions, 1 goal and 23 hit-outs.

Marc Murphy (Car) 77 was scored harshly with his 26 possessions running at 81% DE. He only had 3 clangers so I’m not sure why he was awarded such a poor score.

ST KILDA 14.19 (103) def GOLD COAST 10.12 (72)


Jack Billings (StK) 130 is still killing it for his very few owners with yet another 30 possessions, 3 goal assists and 1 goal. Man do I wish he was playing for the Tribe rather than Tom Lynch.

Jarrod Harbrow (GC) 119 finally rewarded the SC talk team with 29 possessions and 11 marks.

In case you don’t recall, I said a few weeks ago that we will not be celebrating anyone who scores less than 100 in this section. Lift you game lads!


Tom Lynch (GC) 39 is in a deep, deep form slump that is ugly to watch. Ignore his price tag and just don’t bring him in if you don’t own him. If you do own him, hopefully you have a spare trade up your sleeves!

David Swallow (GC) 58: Don’t pick injury prone players, do not select injury prone players…


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27 thoughts on “Round 14 Review”

    1. I don’t think so. I was keeping it simple and relatively serious this week.

      What are you referring to Joestar?


  1. Zorko’s score is my fault. Every time I bring a player in, they tank that weekend. Good news is they usually bounce back the following week!


    1. Did you watch the game Arzi? You must have been tearing your hair out with 0 possessions in the second half.


      1. Yep. Watched with utter bemusement. What is going on this year? I won both my league games but the form consistency of premo’s, rookies and injuries this year has left me baffled.


  2. Can you imagine if you had Fyfe , Gaz and then you put the C on Selwood.
    To make matters worse three so called premos , Lynch , Nank and Z.Williams
    were duds and Laird ,Simmo , Buddy and Treloar were all down a bit, sorry to
    go on so long, I had a shocker , I am having a whinge and now I am moving on.


      1. It is unusual to see him go down like that . You can only hope He , Lamb and Stewart pull up ok. Does there seem to be more impact injuries these days?


  3. Cheers Thommo, just about lost it on Houli and his Lamb.

    How Shaw scored 60 is beyond me. Out of the 222 games he’s played where SC points have been awarded, it’s his 3rd time ever having a SC:DT ratio over 2. The other 2 were in 2008/09. He had 9 disposals (7 kicks, 78% DE), 1 mark, 3 1%ers with 2 clangers for 60 points and in the past a 19 disposal (15 kicks, 74% DE), 7 marks, 4 1%ers and 3 clanger game for 62 points. Something smells like a couple of milestone points were awarded.

    Made some ground and only 92 points behind top SCT spot! All top 4 had one of Beams/J.Selwood so can’t complain there but looks like I was the only one who snookered my way into having Greenwood on the bench, extra 60 points would have been handy this week.


    1. Humming along nicely Hutta. You have traded so much better than me this season. I’ve taken notes for next year!

      I don’t mind Heater getting a 250 game bonus, he’s great value.


      1. I shall be doing a season in review with all my trades and reasoning. Even if it just helps me spot mistakes to make sure they don’t happen in the future.


  4. SILK Thommo. Great win by the Hawks. Was at work so missed it, checked scores on my break about 4 AM and got a nice surprise.


    1. It was amazing to watch. Ryan Burton is a star.

      I’m a bit scared of life after Burgoyne though. I hope Gibbo retires this season and Hodge and Burgoyne play one more season.


      1. Yes, watching our aging stars retire is going to be difficult. TMitch has been a great recruit, just hoping O’Meara works out, I am sure the Hawks wouldn’t have sold the farm for him if they didn’t think they could get him right.


  5. I missed the Syd/Ess game but caught the last couple of minutes on replay. Amazing how they still haven’t worked out a way to slow down the game when 2-3 goals ahead in the dying minutes.

    Agree – couldn’t have happened to a nice bloke – wonder if they confiscated the lollies this time.


    1. So many Supercoaches question how many points are awarded late in matches but many teams are scoring multiple late goals. You are right that teams are terrible at icing the clock this season.

      Still it makes for exciting, but hard to tip, footy!


  6. Thommo, what’s the deal with Schoenmakers this year? Any danger in him holding his spot now? Or is he out again quickly?


    1. It’s only my gut-feel, but I reckon Clarko has almost given up on Shoey. Only our lack of talls and injuries have allowed him to get back in the side.

      He was ok this week without being great but I’ll be surprised if anyone is dropped after the Hawks’ big win away from home. Beyond that though, I’ll be surprised if Shoey play enough games to be useful.

      If I was Clarko, I’d play him every week to build his currency and then trade him for anything to get us back in the draft.



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