Round 19 Review

Written by Thommo on July 31 2017


After a brief drop from the number 1 spot, Stephen and his Wognuts is again leading the way. Not long now, Stephen! Can you hold on for the last 4 weeks?

1 Wognuts@SCT Stephen 41198 411
2 ScrambledLegs@SCT Michael 41152 502
3 No Worries@SCT Timothy 41131 539
4 Mumma’s bois@SCT Huttabito 41058 700
5 WeDoNotForgive@SCT Jeremy 41031 772

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


In Round 18, it will shock everyone to learn that we’ve voted for Dangerfield again! The votes were:

5 votes – Patrick Dangerfield is still feeling the SC Love.

4 votes – Dustin Martin should get used to finishing second behind Danger!

3 votes – Rory Sloane ventures into the top 5 for the first time in a few weeks.

2 votes – Michael Hibberd is rewarded for his Docherty like score.

1 votes – Dayne Zorko gets 1 vote for 1 week.

And so, like last week, the ladder stands with a clear #1:

Player Total Votes
1 Patrick Dangerfield 51
2 Sam Docherty 19
3 Rory Sloane 16
4 Dustin Martin 13
5 Adam Treloar 12
6 Tom Rockliff 11
7 Tom Mitchell 10
8 Joel Selwood 10
9 Gary Ablett 9
10 Marcus Bontempelli 9
11 Rory Laird 9
12 Scott Pendlebury 9

So who did you like this week?

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Sorry folks, but this is going to be short and sharp again this week! Well, as short and sharp as I can make it: say approximately half of War and Peace?

It’s a pity I didn’t have more time to look over this round as it was filled with nail-biters. From the Hawks holding off Sydney on Friday night to North upsetting the Dees into a fourth quarter gale in Hobart on Saturday. After GWS held off a valiant Fremantle it seemed like the footy couldn’t get any better but then Port snagged an unlikely victory by overhauling the Saint’s 10 point lead with only a minute and a half remaining. If you haven’t seen the finish, take a gander at the Ryder tap to Robbie Gray… and the lack of defensive pressure by the Saints with 15 10-15 seconds remaining!

Not to be outdone, Adelaide fought back from a 50 point deficit to draw with the resurgent Pies care of a big Mitch McGovern mark on the siren on Sunday.

And the drama is not done with Patrick Dangerfield to be looked at by the MRP tonight.

On the Supercoach front, finals are upon us. I hope your team has shaped up nicely and that you actually made the Supercoach finals in all your leagues!

Just as a sidenote, mainly because I’m curious, who do you think will win the AFl Premiership in 2017?

Who will win the 2017 Premiership?

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HAWTHORN 10.12 (72) def SYDNEY 9.12 (66)


Jarryd Roughead (Haw) 130 – Many coaches selected him in the preseason knowing he could score like this but unfortunately this was too little, too late. After a bit of friendly fire split his cheek open early, he helped himself to 24 possessions at 83% DE, 8 marks and 2 goals including the sealer.

Ben McEvoy (Haw) 113 – An amazing job linking up though the midfield for Big Boy with 5 contested marks, 16 possessions and 23 hitouts.

Isaac Smith (Haw) 111 – A bit of a sneaky performance from Smith, gathering 26 possessions and 12 marks without anyone really noticing.


Josh Kennedy (Syd) 50 – Kennedy seemed to be struggling with a hamstring after half-time but he wasn’t really in the play that much early either.

Lance Franklin (Syd) 65 – Buddy hates losing to his old teammates and had taken the angry pills (the red one?)for this match, giving away free kicks for poor discipline early. He recovered late to give a couple of goal assists, 3 total for the match, but in general he sucked badly and 6 clangers did NOT help.

NORTH MELBOURNE 11.10 (76) def MELBOURNE 10.12 (72)


Clayton Oliver (Mel) 170 – Can we afford to not have him next season? A crazy 26 contested possessions from 33 total but he maintained an 81% DE. Add 12 tackles and 1 goal and Oliver was the ultimate Power Rang-er.

Andrew Swallow (Nor) 131 – Spitter has been so bad this season most coaches don’t even own him in Draft league but this week he showed some of his old self. 27 possessions, 15 contested, at 81% DE, 7 tackles and 1 goal.

Jordan Lewis (Mel) 119 – Just like Swallow, the Jordan Lewis of old showed up with 33 possessions, 16 contested, at 72% DE. Let me know if any of you Supercoaches own him so I can pity you.


Majak Daw (Nor) and Braydon Preuss (Nor) 68 and 39 – Yes, because Daw’s 4 possessions at 50% DE and 18 hitouts and Preuss’s 4 possessions at 25% DE and 23 hitouts are worth more than Goldstein going solo! Or maybe Brad Scott should be here for dropping big Goldy even if North did win!

GWS 13.20 (98) def FREMANTLE 13.8 (86)


Luke Ryan (Fre) 136 – Maybe Jake Lloyd should also be listed as a hero this week for getting injured so Ryan was on field for many coaches. He had the ball on the proverbial string, gathering 25 mostly uncontested possessions at 88% DE, 14 marks and 6 tackles. Always back in a player after they have returned from an indiscretion, coaches!

Nat Fyfe (Fre) 132 – I believe that is 3 tonnes and 1 score over 90 points from 4 matches. Fyfe is back! 31 possessions, a crazy 5 contested marks and 2 goals. #Fyfeislife.

Lachie Neale (Fre) 117 – Well, he’s no Fyfe but 30 possessions, 16 contested, at 86% DE and 8 clearances will do this season with so many premiums stinking up our midfields.


Heath Shaw (GWS) 55 – Only 16 touches at 50% DE for Heater and methinks he is on the never again list for many coaches!

David Mundy (Fre) 53 – Another premium who has found himself in a different role this season. Only 12 possessions and 1 goal this week. Is retirement nigh?

PORT ADELAIDE 9.9 (63) def ST KILDA 8.13 (61)


Luke Dunstan (StK) 140 – I’ve been waiting for Luke Dunstan to break-out for a while now and it looks like 2018 may be the year. 27 possessions at 77% DE, 1 goal and 1 goal assist in tough conditions shows why Lenny gave him the number 7!

Seb Ross (StK) 132 – After a brief drop-off in form, Ross was back accumulating with another 31 possessions, 14 contested, at 74% DE and 6 clearances.

Patrick Ryder (Por) 130 – Only a poor disposal efficiency prevented this from turning into a true monster score. 45 hitouts, including the sweet tap to Robbie Gray that ended up in the winning goal, 15 possessions, 11 contested, at 40% DE and 8 clearances. Who predicted Ryder and Kreuzer (when not concussed) to be the #1 and #2 ruckmen this season?


Justin Westhoff (Por) 42 – I have read a few posts from coaches looking to bring Westhoff in for F7: I would suggest checking the weather forecast before making that call. He obviously doesn’t like the wet!

Travis Boak (Por) 49 – He’s having a “Box of Chocolates” kind of year. Sadly after showing promise earlier in his career, he will never be SC relevant again.

RICHMOND 14.14 (98) def GOLD COAST 10.5 (65)


Dustin Martin (Ric) 142 – I think we have to accept that Dusty will commit 5 clangers every week… and he’ll still go large! 34 possessions, 16 contested, 7 clearances, 5 marks (3 contested) and 1 goal mean he’s probably collected another 3 Brownlow votes.

Aaron Hall (GC) 134 – A massive 40 possessions at 62% DE, 8 marks, 6 tackles and 10 inside 50s but like Martin, he suffered from Clangeritis (not to be confused with Canaliculitis) committing 7 on Saturday night.

Daniel Rioli (Ric) 131 – One of his best games to date with 3 goals, 1 goal assist and an attractive 16 possessions at 87% DE. Still he’s a small forward, so who really cares?


Touk Miller (GC) 61 – I really should have put Rocket in here: Touk is a future Captain of the club so stick him in the guts and leave him there!

Toby Nankervis (Ric) 66 – Again, it’s hard to criticize the player after kicking a career high 3 goals but we really need to get Nank the Tank off our grounds if he’s spending a lot of time forward.

GEELONG 18.15 (123) def CARLTON 8.10 (58)


Tom Hawkins (Gee) 192 – Big Tomahawk enjoyed the belting of the Blues with 27 possessions, 12 marks, 6 goals and 3 goal assists. A huge score and it could decide a couple of Draft League matches.

Zac Smith (Gee) 133 – Like Tom, Zac also enjoyed beating up on the Blues, especially once Kreuzer left the ground with concussion, collecting 23 possessions, 33 hitouts, a team high 7 clearances and 2 goals.

Sam Menegola (Gee) 124 – We all really wanted to see Danger’s name here! Menegola has struggled with his disposal efficiency lately but not this week. 30 possessions, 11 contested, at 83% DE and 2 goal assists.


Joel Selwood (Haw) 65 – We all beat up on Sloane for being unable to cope with a tag but Joel Selwood also struggled with the attentions of the Kedge. He worked his way to 23 possessions but committed 6 clangers (4 frees against).

Bryce Gibbs (Car) 58 – Speaking of players who can’t cope with a tag, Gibbs can probably expect to find a tagger in bed with him every night from now on. Like Selwood, he still gathered 24 possessions but 9 clangers ruined any chance of a decent score.

Wasn’t this season going to be a tagger-free season?

WESTERN BULLDOGS 19.13 (127) def ESSENDON 13.19 (97)


Jordan Roughead (WB) 127 – It was a good Round for the Roughead family with Jordan collecting 19 possessions, 22 hitouts and 1 goal.

Marcus Bontempelli (WB) 123 – Let’s keep our appendages crossed that the Bont is back for the Supercoach finals. In a flashback to the first few rounds of the season, the Bont gathered 23 possessions, 15 contested, at 69% DE, 6 clearances, 7 marks (2 contested), 2 goals and 4 goal assists.

Michael Hurley (Ess) 118 – What happened to our key defenders putting in 10 possession games Zac Dawson style? Hurley racked up another 30 possessions (only 6 contested) at 80% DE and 13 marks (1 contested).


Zach Merrett (Ess) 67 – Well done to all those coaches who played the averages, bringing Merrett in and captaining him after Danger failed to fire this week. 23 possessions at 56% DE.

Luke Dahlhaus (WB) 74 – After one good week, Dahl returned to his insipid form of the past 2 months. To think he was a ‘must have’.

COLLINGWOOD 15.13 (103) drew ADELAIDE 16.7 (103)


Taylor Adams (Col) 144 – After 3 early goals, this was always going to be a handy score. Early clangers slowed his scoring through the first half (5 for the match) but he kept racking the possessions up late in the match, gathering 34 in total, 15 contested, 8 clearances, 7 marks and 6 tackles.

Jeremy Howe (Col) 131 – I was too lazy to look up his stats for the season but I feel like this was his biggest possession count in 2017 with 31. He had his usual 8 marks, 2 contested, and 1 goal assist. Nice to see Adams and Howe both racking them up at the same time – possibly Pendles being out has boosted Adams’ scoring?

Daniel Wells (Col) 130 – Yes, the Pies are better when he’s in the team, but even a 34 possession, 3 goal and 2 goal assist match wasn’t enough to get them over the line. Am I the only person waiting for a soft tissue to go twang when I watch Wellsy play? Or am I just an A-hole?


Rory Sloane (Ade) 36 – He gets this space all to himself this week for his 36 point effort with the Greenwood tag. 16 possessions and 5 clangers was ugly. He only has too speeds, <80 points or > 150 points! Which one will we get next week?

WEST COAST 17.11 (113) def BRISBANE 6.9 (45)


Daniel Rich (Bri) 124 – Don’t you just hate how your premiums spud it up while players like Rich flourish for their 5 or so owners! 32 possessions at 87% DE this week. Whatever, dude!

Luke Shuey (WC) 121 – Like Rich, those coaches who took the risk on Shuey cut and ran long ago. I hope they all enjoyed this slap in the face: 27 possessions, 6 clearances and 3 goal assists.

Dayne Beams (Bri) 121 – It is rumoured that Beams is not even training at the moment due to his body being made of paper mache so he’s a super-risky selection but certainly he has rewarded his coaches for keeping the faith in the last 2 weeks. 41 possessions and 9 clearances this week in the absence of Zorko.


Shannon Hurn (WC) 61 – A few Supercoaches thought Hurn might be a great late-season smokey but he only managed 16 possessions at 87% DE.

Tom Rockliff (Bri) 66 – It’s a great sign that he’s now tackling again with 9 this week but Rocky’s still not in-and-under the packs racking up the contested ball. This week only 5 of his 18 possessions were contested but he doesn’t use the ball well enough on the outside to score well in Supercoach.


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16 thoughts on “Round 19 Review”

  1. Another pearler write up.

    If Buddy took the red pill, then Langford clearly had the blue one as he was behaving very amorous towards McVeigh!


    1. Thanks Brad. I don’t know what Langford was thinking; the way he kept going for McVeigh got a bit weird. He needs to learn that no means no.


  2. Thanks Thommo. Here are my assorted thoughts from the weekend:

    * Crows/Pies was the game of the round and one of the best of the year. I don’t support either side, but that was great to watch.

    * Everyone has Danger in their team so from a Supercoach perspective it doesn’t matter much, but I can’t believe people are talking suspension here. There’s no sling motion, he doesn’t put Kreuzer in a dangerous position. What’s the charge going to be, making a textbook tackle?

    * Watching Connor Blakely’s game on the weekend was seven minutes of pure agony. Full points for bravery, I guess.

    * Clayton Oliver is an absolute beast and if I don’t start him next year, slap me.


    1. I should have mentioned Blakely as I hate the lack of player care the way they put them back on the field.

      Re: Danger, I’m not sure. There was no sling but he pinned Kreuzer’s arms. Tougb call and I’m glad I don’t have to make it.


  3. Even the abridged reviews are fantastic Thommo!

    Thought young Witherden would have been mentioned somewhere! The kid has virtually locked up D6.


    1. Cheers Mottsy.

      I like to leave the rooks for Hutta. I only mentioned Ryan because he was the top SC scorer for the match.


  4. Thanks Thommo, short and sweet.
    What a win by the Hawks!
    Brad I enjoyed the fact that Langers got under McVeigh’s skin.
    It is hard cheering for players when also waiting for the inevitable injury to happen. For me it is Rioli, could watch him play all day but you know he could be injured at any time.


    1. How good was the win Brian? I love watching Buddy’s mind explode every time the Swans lose to the Hawks yet again!


  5. The Dick Dastardly award for services to villainy goes to:
    Not Josh Kennedy although whilst he had a putrid score he bravely came back on the field to soldier on….
    Not Zach Merrett although god knows he deserved it (and made me feel like Richmond by finishing 9th twice in leagues)…..
    It goes to bloody Jackson Merrett for impersonating his brother on Sunday and doing an absolutely crap crap crap job (I had Merret as Captain if you couldn’t tell).

    Great write as always Thommo. Loved the Power-Range reference and he will be in my side next year.


    1. Cheers Shaggi. I reckon every premium I have brought in has gone backwards this season. It’s just one of those years!


    1. Just checking you were paying attention BB. If I had a choice I put Kelly in the Brown and Gold rather than Selwood.


  6. Nice one Thommo.

    I wonder what would have gone down at Magpie land this week if they had in fact managed to lose the game instead of choking away a 50 point lead for a draw. Not taking anything away from the Crows, but how much of it (if anything) would you attribute to the Coach/players?

    Also love the call on Westhoff, but gee that was an epic game to watch – if only Saint Nick played (or if the Saints could have kicked straight), surely he would have found a way to conjure up some wizardry like he did against Freo and hold off the resurgent Power?

    Did anyone else notice Fagan writing notes on his notebook during the game? Every coach to their own devices I suppose and there’s others that probably do it as well, but I found it a bit odd in this day and age.


    1. Pie Park will certainly be an interesting place in the post-season. It seems unlikely that Bucks will walk voluntarily.

      Let’s hope Riewoldt plays one more epic match between now and Round 23.

      I’m not surprised Fagan is old school. I’m guessing he’s a 2 finger typer and writing is just quicker. I write a lot when I’m not reviewing and I have an exercise book full of ideas for that next Pulitzer. Sometimes the old ways work.



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