Round 2 Review

Written by Thommo on April 2 2018

Most of Round 2 has been run and won – or lost in the case of 8 teams – with the exception of the Geelong versus Hawthorn match this afternoon. And the big story so far is how the Saints appear to have really lost their way. New season, same old St Kilda!

And same old Collingwood?

And same old Carlton?

The Dogs were also terrible but we’ll give them a pass considering they have won a premiership this millennium.

Still it’s only Round 2 so plenty of time remains for any team to turn it around.

So what does Round 2 mean for we Supercoaches? Yep, it’s trading season!

If you missed a rookie, a fallen premium or you simply selected a team of potatoes, it is time to use a trade or two to sort out your most glaring problems. And if you don’t need to make any trades, then pat yourself on the back: You have nailed your team!

For Thommo’s Tribe it is time to part ways with Michael Hibberd. It appears that his role has changed such that he is no longer taking the kick-ins and racking up loose ball in the backline so he makes way for Heath Shaw, Kade Simpson or Stephen Coniglio via dpp. At least they will be worth spending $400k on!

We had fun in 2017 Hibbo but our relationship is over. Don’t let the door hit you on your lazy, non-tackling arse as you depart.


Last week I gave recognition to the surprise high scorers but I have decided I was being too harsh on the gun players. Just because a premium is a premium, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a pat on the back for premium scores.

So our top 10 scorers for Round 10 were:

Guess who’s number 1?
  1. Tom Lynch (GC) 189 – If Lynch continues with this form he will be able to add another zero to his 2019 contract (to the end not the start). 8 goals from 21 possessions but amazingly only 5 marks, showing he is not a one trick pony as many thought he was.
  2. Dustin Martin (Ric) 160 – Martin doesn’t play well against Adelaide at Adelaide Oval! Yeah, right! 25 possessions and 5 goals straight and he didn’t really look to even be playing that well. I’m not sad I downgraded Dangerfield to him… yet.
  3. Jarryd Garlett (Mel) 152 – Small forwards will do this now and then! 4 goals, 2 goals assists including kicking goals when the Dees needed them the most. Still, this feels like meh!
  4. Jarrod Lyons (GC) 152 – When the Roos tagged him last week I raised an eyebrow but maybe they were on to something. On Saturday 26 of his 36 possessions were contested, he managed a crazy 14 clearances, 6 tackles, 1 goal and 3 goal assists. Massive!
  5. Ed Curnow (Car) 148 – This got many Supercoaches excited, until they realized it was Ed and not Charlie Curnow! It was also very disrespectful how the commentators kept saying that Carlton didn’t want the ball in his hands when he racked up 38 possessions at 76% DE and laid 10 tackles. An underrated player so back off!
  6. Ollie Wines (Por) 148 – Has Ollie finally worked out how to push that average over 100ppg? 35 possessions, 19 contested, but only 3 clangers in a hot second half at the SCG.
  7. Clayton Oliver (Mel) 146 – After a limited preseason, Oliver looked a risky option but we needed have worried as he lead his match for disposals, contested possessions, clearances and inside 50s. Gun!
  8. Jesse Hogan (Mel) 145 – Yet another key forward killing it this week with 22 disposals, 9 marks and 5 goals. He and Garlett dragged the Dees across the line this week.
  9. Jack Macrae (WB) 142 – A few Supercoaches discussed Macrae as a left field option but most chickened out. That was unfortunate as Macrae is a ball magnet and, for mine, the Dogs’ best player. Get this: 31 possessions at 90% DE and 3 goals in a poor side. He had better win the Dogs’ B&F this year!
  10. Rory Sloane (Ade) 141 – No tagger for Rory makes him a happy boy! Few players rack up the Supercoach points like he does with 15 contested possessions and 2 goals this week.


While the top 10 uber-studs from Round 2 were listed and their egos stroked, we should still pay homage to a few unexpected performances.

Josh Jenkins (Ade) 115 – He may not be Supercoach relevant but he made Alex Rance look like a well-groomed spud on Thursday night. 5 goals in a week dedicated to tall forwards.

Shaun Higgins (Nor) 120 – Imagine you have a tiny angel on one shoulder and a tiny devil on the other. Right now the devil is twirling his moustache and whispering in your ear: “Tempted? Higgins is cheap…” 25 possessions, 2 marks, 5 tackles and 2 behinds. Imagine if he’d kicked straight! Imagine if anyone had kicked straight on Good Friday. Sheesh, what a debacle that first half of footy was!

Kade Simpson (Car) 115 – Few coaches wanted to select Simpson in the preseason but this was a case of overthinking things. He’s durable, consistent and taking the kick-outs. Good ole’ 20-20 hindsight!

So much disrespect for the great man in 2018!

Dayne Zorko (Bri) 105 – Coaches, I know this is not quite what you are paying for but he was tagged by Vince and tackled his way to a tonne (11 tackles). If he can continue to work his way into matches when tagged he could be worth holding.

Travis Boak (Por) 111 – He stepped it up in the third quarter with 2 goals and helped his boys defeat the Swans at the SCG. A smart forward option after his bye perhaps?

Toby McLean (WB) 125  – 31 possessions, 12 contested at 74% DE and 5 tackles in a losing side is a fair effort. I didn’t select McLean as there were too many midfielders stealing time at the Kennel but with Libba going down McLean looks a steal at his price.


Enough of the pleasantries, the players who really screwed the pooch this week were:

Missing: Presumed crap.
  1. Kane Lambert (Ric) 49 – About as impressive as Christopher Lambert’s acting. After a fast start, Lambert fell in to a parallel dimension reserved for preseason teasers. On a side note, they are discussing a Highlander re-boot.
  2. Brandon Ellis (Ric) 52 – Sometimes we need to ignore the preseason but sometimes we need to bloody well pay heed. Brandon Ellis is the latter. He hasn’t looked vaguely decent even once in 2018.
  3. Jack Billings (StK) 79 – I’m not sure if we should be annoyed with the score or happy with the 40 point final quarter that salvaged a 79!
  4. Marc Murphy (Car) 73 – This was a Treloar style of match where 30 possessions was worth nothing due to a 56% disposal efficiency and 8 clangers.
  5. Rory Lobb (GWS) 58 – A down match was probably on the cards after a limited preseason with his 15 possessions and 20 hit-outs cut down by an impressive 11 clangers this week. Signs indicate that he will probably be a good selection in the long term.
  6. Taylor Adams (Col) 77 – Going by the stats, Adams looked like he could be a good POD after losing defensive eligibility but he appears to be playing all around the ground this season. Just leave him in the guts, Bucks!
  7. Michael Hibberd (Mel) 72 – Only 20 possessions, 7 contested, at 65% disposal efficiency means Hibbo just isn’t doing enough. I’m sad to say Hibbo is on his way out of many teams this week. Who’s holding?
  8. Dane Beams (Bri) 59 – Just the 16 possessions at 50% DE and only 3 contested possessions. We all know Beamer will be back at some stage, let’s just hope he fires up soon.
  9. Luke Dahlhaus (WB) 51 – All I can say is, I hope you didn’t start with him.
  10. Luke Shuey (WB) 63 – It’s great the Eagles won without him dominating… unless he’s in your SC team.
  11. Tom Rockliff (Por) 17 – Just wow! This is not the Rocky we know! 9 possessions and 2 tackles would have to be the poorest return he has ever had barring injury. Until he returns to a midfield role move him as far away from your team as you can physically manage.


Another Supercoach favourite went down on Friday night with Crouch pulling a hamstring. Otherwise there was no further Supercoach carnage, only general carnage at the Collingwood versus Giants match. Please note that the replay of that match is now R rated!

Get well soon, Tim!
  1. Matt Crouch (Ade) 51 – I feel for the coaches who selected Crouch and Merrett as they are generally durable and reliable. Sometimes Supercoach just slaps you right in the face for no reason.
  2. Tim Broomhead (Col) – I didn’t even bother including a SC score as his injury was just plain ugly. It was so bad the radio commentators informed us that they sent the paramedics on field. Poor bastard! Let’s hope he gets back to footy after breaking both lower leg bones.
  3. Tom Scully (GWS) – What a way to return from injury, going down a again early in the match with a broken ankle!
  4. Darcy Moore (Col) – Moore’s injury was nothing compared to Broomhead and Scully but losing him will really stretch the Pies with so many players missing already.

Are you trading this week or stockpiling those trades for winter?

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49 thoughts on “Round 2 Review”

  1. Crouch my only must trade…still look like getting 2350 with Titch and T Kelly to come. No other panic trades needed but kicking myself for taking on a key poss rookie…Naughton, although he looked better this week. Tossing up whether to trade him for dont know who ( got finlayson, doedee, murray, all on field), or Giles-Langdon to Ryan (WCE). Will decide after future $ movements show after end of round.

    Heater, Simmo, D Smith, COGS, and McLean (as a fwd) best choices. Now, if only that flog Robinson currently at f4, stops punching people !!


    1. Not entirely convinced of trading out Naughton, but I think Ryan is very close to being a ‘must have’ in your FWD line, so a trade from Giles-Langdon (or someone weaker) wouldn’t be a bad idea.


  2. Hey guys,
    My only trade concern is L.Davies Uniacke who I selected after the Thursday night lockout in round 1 in panic as there didn’t seem to be any other mid rookies that had job security (the decision was between LDU, C.Constable – who didn’t manage to play anyway and L.Fogarty – both Cat players due to the imminent return of P.Dangerfield and even S.Selwood down the track).
    So, I was wondering whether I should trade LDU to L.Fogarty?
    LDU did look wayyyyyyy better this weekend and look much more comfortable at the level scoring a 77 which was nice (after scoring 25 in Rd. 1).

    Please feel free to share your opinions!
    Thanks guys,


    1. LDU is just a slow starter. Appears to be improving each week. As a Geelong supporter I can tell you that with Cockatoo, S.Selwood; and even Henderson (as far as structure is concerned), coming back in the next 1-2 weeks these rookies will start being omitted.


      1. Thanks Alex. So, obviously you’re on the keep LDU train. Do u think that LDU will turn out as a decent rookie or just don’t trade cos L.Fogarty has no Job security? Basically how do we think LDU will score from here on in and would u field him over Brayshaw?


        1. Keep LDU. He’ll come good. Did some good things on Friday and his JS is through the roof barring a Brad Scott brain malfunction.


    2. The only cats rookie I can see holding his spot will be Zac Guthrie. A little pricey but consider Scott persisted with him as a runt through finals last season and he’s since bulked up to a respectable size.

      This aside, his skills and decision making have been impressive.


      1. My concern with Hibberd is his role. He doesn’t seem to be taking many kick-outs and his teammates aren’t looking for him. To be fair though, I haven’t watched Melbourne games right through so maybe I’m misreading the situation and he’s just out of form.


        1. I watched him very closely in the Geelong game and everything you say is right. He’s playing more lock down on the third tall/resting midfielder which is leaving him as the last defender at times. I can’t see it changing until TMac comes back in, and that’s only if TMac plays def. There’s a lot of similarity between his role this year and his last year at the Dons where he averaged 80 for the season. I remember it well because he was in my side the whole year.


      2. Fewer possessions in both round 1 and 2 than in any game he had last year. For someone who doesn’t tackle this is a critical change and he wont be what we thought we were picking


  3. Still debating what to do with Hibberd. Everyone is aware of the statistics in this day and age……..does nobody have a word in his ear at some stage? ‘Don’t be afraid to lay a tackle, son……we practice it at training quite a bit, you know?’
    And for some reason, I don’t have T.Kelly (GEE) in my side. Remember those Coaches who were arguing that ‘multiple teams is cheating’…….let me tell you……..I’ve got my side, the Tech League & the TEAM to manage (I can’t win prizes, I’m overseas) and I messed up because there’s just so much to take care of.
    Loving your work as always, Thommo! Thanks for taking the time over Easter! Enjoy the game today……..


    1. No worries mate. This new format is quick to write. Hopefully I’ll catch the game today, somehow rostered myself on to work today. D’oh!


  4. Reckon I’ll be corrective trade free. Not cause I’m dominating the world but because the correctional trades wouldn’t gain enough to make it worth it.

    Looks like I’ve got all the must have rookies plus everyone’s scoring nicely (excluding Hibberd). Once the round is done and Nath’s stats are up I’ll know more though.


  5. Who to put the C on today?
    T U Tommy Mitchell
    T U Dangerfield
    Thinking danger more chance to go big if he can kick a couple when resting foward


    1. Same question for mine.

      The way I see it, risking danger when 99% of people already have Martin locked in might not be worth it. Whereas Titch is a pretty sure thing for at least 120.

      Danger does love embarrassing the Hawks though…. Really tough call.


  6. A bit off topic does anyone know what the break even formula is ?, would like to work out what Rayners will be this week.


    1. Rayner priced at 202k, priced to average a tick under 37.

      BE are based on 3 week average. Therefore with his 38 last week and 25 this week = 63 which equals an average 31.5 over the first 2 rounds. He needs to score 48 in r3 too to average 37 and hold his price. Therefore his BE this week will be around 48.


  7. Looking at making 2 trades this week. Beams is a certain out after 2 weeks of 59 and 69. I feel it is not worth waiting for him. I have 60k in the bank so I have considered 2 main options. Downgrade Beams to Coniglio and use that 160k to upgrade a non scoring rookie in the Backline to bonner.
    Or downgrade dow to Giles Langdon via dpp and use that money to bring in dusty so I have Danger dusty and Titch all in the mid from round 3.
    I can always upgrade my Backline rookie the week after to on o’shea or Richards as I never felt confident with Murphy and Im sticking to it.
    So TU Beams>Coniglio
    TD Beams>Dusty
    Comment any other suggestions


  8. Which rookie should I field next week?
    T/U: LDU

    T/D: Brayshaw

    please comment your opinions below as well!
    All contributions are appreciated!


  9. Is it worth bringing in WCE Ryan as a corrective rookie trade?

    I only need to make one trade as I held Kreuzer this week but won’t hold him when the competition starts. English’s score will not provide cover as evidenced this week.


  10. Will be cashing in Hibberd for Bonner and a wait and watch on Danger over the next few weeks. Will then put the cue in the rack untli some of the rookies are ripe.


  11. What are people’s thoughts on Tim Taranto? He has looked awesome to start this year and could be one of the top forwards


    1. I’m really liking the look of him playing midfield + his significant increase in ToG from last year (14% increase)


  12. I had to trade Ryder last wk, this wk I’m only looking at one which would be T. BELL (I know, I know) to Z.Fisher…….thouoghts
    TU Yep
    TD Nope


  13. I have Rayner should i trade him to Barry or Veneables or Waterman via DPP?

    This is my only trade I have keep Kreuzer so took a donut this week as English was not worth the trade. I also started with Danger so hoping for a big captain score today.

    I think I will keep Hibberd, if you start trading premos you just get behind the 8 ball if Frost comes in next week I can see his scoring improving. Also melbs draw does not look to bad so I can see him improving.


    1. I’m not sure Barry, Venables or Waterman are good enough to justify that trade. Maybe Venables for role and job security?

      You don’t want to go nuts with trades now but sometimes it’s worth pulling the pin early. Last season I could have traded O’meara and treloar for Oliver and Kelly but decided to wait and regretted it.


  14. Happy with my Trade #1 Libba to Kade Simpson.

    Trade #2 this week looking like Naughton to Bonner at D5 with Doedee D6 and i have Finlayson on field in the Mids. I usually have very little cash in the bank after Round 1 , but this year having 190k was handy.


  15. Worth trading Naughton to Bonner this week?

    TU: Yes
    TD: No

    I have 114k in the bank but was hoping to create a bit of a war chest for Dangerfield, so feel a bit torn.


  16. Got a few decisions to make this round.

    Fat stack worth 347.9 ready to go and can spend it a few ways.

    The mid price method – Rayner out for Taranto, Naughton for Bonner. 94.6k left over. Very tasty.

    I’ve still got my eye on Sicily pending today though. Simmo is also begging to be picked, Cripps too.

    Could even shift Hibberd to bring in any combination besides Cripps and Simmo. Sicily/Cripps, Simmo/Taranto etc..



  17. Thanks Tommo.

    Great review as always.

    I do have to question why none of the Freo boys got a mention this week?

    Fyfe was back to his old ways. Mundy showed why he was the first picked for me in a difficult year for forwards.

    Walters and Wilson also showed signs of being solid picks this year.

    I’ve only really got Rayner to deal with this week.

    Cant wait to see how Danger goes with Ablett and Selwood in the side.


    1. That was really bad by me, wasn’t it. Mundy should have got a mention for his great game, very similar role and performance to Boak and forward eligible.

      Fyfe just did what he should, he needs to pump a top 10 score to impress me!


  18. I don’t know who or if I should trade DOW and H.CLARKE!
    Both looked less than impressive and both could even be dropped this week.
    I have Holman, Brayshaw, Banfield as well in my midfield.
    Thinking UDL as one trade but I am stumped on the other.
    Barry has been ok, Fogarty I think will be dropped once everyone is back for the catters. Could use DPP with Garlett and get Ryan in forward. Argggghhhhhhh
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    1. It’s very unlikely that Bolton will drop Dow. Like North and LDU, the Blues want to pump as many games into him as possible, so he’ll have to put in a long string of bad games before he gets sent to the VFL.


  19. “And same old Carlton?

    The Dogs were also terrible but we’ll give them a pass considering they have won a premiership this millennium.”,

    Carlton won more premierships than anybody in the last millennium – setting a record that still has not been broken – so maybe we should get a pass, too? 🙂



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