Round 20 Review

Written by Thommo on August 7 2017


Again Stephen holds on for another week, his lead a slender 70 points from Michael and his ScrambledLegs. I don’t know about anyone else, but I reckon this will come down to luck with injuries and how many trades everyone has!

The top 5 teams are:

1 Wognuts@SCT Stephen 43573 456
2 ScrambledLegs@SCT Michael 43503 598
3 Mumma’s bois@SCT Huttabito 43454 707
4 BabyBombers@SCT Dilan 43432 766
5 No Worries@SCT Timothy 43417 805

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


Last week, we Supercoaches voted for:

5 – Taylor Adams – He’s winning heaps of ball with Pendles out.

4 – Dustin Martin – Finishing strong to bring Charlie home.

3 – Luke Ryan – Unlucky not to earn the 5 votes.

2 – Nat Fyfe – He’s charging home… finally.

1 – Clayton Oliver – He deserves more for such a spectacular second season.

The overall leaderboard stands as follows:

Player Total Votes
1 Patrick Dangerfield 51
2 Sam Docherty 19
3 Dustin Martin 17
4 Rory Sloane 16
5 Adam Treloar 12
6 Tom Rockliff 11
7 Nat Fyfe 10
8 Tom Mitchell 10
9 Joel Selwood 10
10 Gary Ablett 9
11 Marcus Bontempelli 9
12 Rory Laird 9
13 Scott Pendlebury 9

So who did you like in Round 20?

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After a tough week 1 of the Supercoach Finals, there was so much pain and frustration I decided to let it set the tone for this week’s review.

Let’s focus on the negative and give the useless Muppets the attention they deserve!

‘It’s time to play the music
It’s time to light the lights
It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight’

SYDNEY 16.11 (107) def GEELONG 8.13 (61)

Without Dangerfield, the Cats were not expected to fire a shot and early on that prediction appeared accurate as they resembled the cast of the Muppet Show in the first quarter. Yet after a slow start Geelong appeared to lift and were edging their way back into the contest. That all finished with Selwood succumbing to his ankle injury sustained in the second quarter and failing to play after 3 quarter time and the Cats giving away stupid free kicks to start the fourth quarter. Unfortunately for Cats’ fans, Tom Hawkins and Mitch Duncan now face the MRP and who knows when Joel Selwood will play again.

And for Supercoach, the Muppet of the match had to be Buddy. In a winning side he spend most of his time hanging around the periphery of packs and not presenting strongly with Lonergan on his hammer.

Buddy in Bondi…
Buddy in Geelong.


Luke Parker (Syd) 134 – Parks is back after an interrupted preseason limited his early season form, getting good value for his 23 possessions, 13 contested, 8 clearances, 12 tackles and 1 goal. It just goes to show you can never hold a good player down.

Mitch Duncan (Gee) 132 – It’s hard to pat Duncan on the back when he gave away such a stupid free kick in the fourth quarter (and a possible suspension)! As expected, he lifted in the absence of Danger with 32 possessions, 9 marks, 2 goal assists and 1 punch to Papley.

Zac Smith (Gee) 119 – Smith won the battle of the ruckmen, almost out-tapping Sinclair and Tippett on his own. 32 hit-outs, 16 possessions, 7 clearances and 1 goal.


Lance Franklin (Syd) 42 – 8 possessions, 1 mark and 1 goal for the match. Muppet!

Jake Lloyd (Syd) 59 – Lloyd gathered 20 possessions but due to his few contested possessions (5) and 3 clangers he was penalised, perhaps a bit harshly.

GWS 14.13 (97) def MELBOURNE 10.2 (62)

Kicking in to the wind, the Dees started the match on fire… and then they stopped. From chocolates to a steaming pile of shit, they piled on the first 3 goals at windy Manuka before the Giant’s giant onslaught began. With the aid of the wind, the Giants piled on 8 goals and were never really troubled again, even when the Dees had the breeze in the second quarter.

After so much criticism, the Giants are getting their groove on… with no thanks to a certain Muppet. Every week appears to be a ‘Line in the Sand’ match for Mummy when nobody else even knew they were on the beach.

Mummy is looking forward to finals…
but there’s no place for Animals in September.


Max Gawn (Mel) 162 – He’s back doing it all! What a match by Maxy! 19 possessions, 15 contested, 7 clearances, 6 marks with 5 of them contested, 1 goal, 1 goal assist and 53 hit-outs. Nice to see the big fella back doing his thing!

Shane Mumford (GWS) 128 – Not to be completely outdone, Mummy recorded 45 hit-outs, 11 possessions, 12 tackles, 1 goal and 2 goal assists. He’s no Maxy but he’s been handy in 2017.

Josh Kelly (GWS) 126 – A star in the making, no matter who he’s playing for in 2018. 27 possessions and 3 goals in tough conditions for clean ball movement.


Shane Mumford (GWS) 128 – Yep, he’s here too, the first player to be both a Hero and Villain. Ya muppet! Imagine his score if not for 9 clangers. Nine!

Jeff Garlett (Mel) 7 – Get this: 3 possessions, 3 tackles and 3 frees against (4 clangers). He would have been more productive if he hadn’t played!

ESSENDON 11.18 (84) def CARLTON 11.10 (76)

Can I repeat the same old chestnut without annoying you: “Bad kicking is bad football”?

No? Well, too late!

It’s true though as proven by the Bombers on Saturday (and the Doggies later in the day, Fremantle that night and Adelaide for a quarter on Sunday). After jumping out to handy 28 point quarter-time lead, the Bombers choked in front of goal to the tune of 11 straight behinds compared to 6 goals from the Blues through the second and third quarter.

After working back in to the match, the Blues fought it out, leading by as much as 11 points in the final quarter but the forward combination of Hooker and AMT saved the Bombers from an embarrassing defeat.

Speaking of embarrassing, Zach Merrett has let himself, the Bombers and most importantly, his Supercoaches, down. A stupid little gut punch and he can say “Hello” to the MRP on Monday.

Do these players even want to play finals? Seriously, this week’s review writes itself.

There are bloody Muppets everywhere in Round 20!

He seems to have a brain…
or does he?


Anthony McDonald-Tipungwati (Ess) 144 – AMT “Cyriled” it this week, turning 16 possessions and 3 goals into a massive 144 points.

Dyson Heppell (Ess) 134 – HepD went missing for a few weeks there but he has turned around his form in the run home. This week he racked up a massive 34 possessions, 15 contested, 10 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal.

Matthew Kreuzer (Car) 131 – Kreuz showed no signs of last week’s concussion collecting 15 disposals, 12 contested, 8 clearances, 7 tackles, 38 hit-outs and 1 goal: ie: He did it all!


Jobe Watson (Ess) 35 – He is no longer SC relevant with 11 possessions and 1 goal assist in 73% TOG.

Sam Docherty (Car) 75 – Yes, he’s a champion who has rarely failed but many Supercoaches VC’d him this week so for the first time this season Doc has Muppeted up.

WESTERN BULLDOGS 14.19 (103) def BRISBANE 13.11 (89)

As with the Bombers, the Doggies almost kicked themselves out of the match. After jumping out to a 28 point lead, the Lions charged back through the second and third quarters, seemingly kicking goals every time the ball went inside their forward 50. The Dogs had more of the ball but they only kicked 2 goals and 10 behind allowing Brisbane to hit the front.

Unfortunately for the Lions, they couldn’t hold their 11 points three quarter time lead but they certainly scared the Dogs.

I hear you then ask: Who can you call a Muppet in this match? Well the answer is simple: After everybody traded him out this week, Rockliff scored a solid 99 points just to stick it up his ex-coaches.

Rocky: Pre-bye

Now that, my friends, is the action of a true Muppet!

Rocky: Post-bye.


Jack Macrae (WB) 162 – I’ll put my hand up and admit I was uncertain about the Macrae pick in the preseason despite recommending him to the Supercoaches on the site. Man was I wrong! 32 possessions, 15 contested, at 84% DE, 11 marks (2 contested), 6 clearances, 8 inside 50s, 4 tackles and 3 goal assists. Who would have thought Macrae would be the safest forward line selection of the year?

Daniel Rich (Bri) 133 – Sadly, with the recent carnage, I am considering trading Rich in for all my injured premiums! 24 possessions at 83% DE, 7 marks and 2 goals.

Toby McLean (WB) 129 – You could do a hell of a lot worse than McLean in your forward lines right now. 28 possessions at 82% DE, 6 marks and 1 goal this week.


Jason Johannisen (WB) DNP – I smell a rat! I couldn’t work out why Bob Murphy travelled to the GABBA and suspected a late change. And suddenly JJ’s back is sore. What a shock!

Alex Witherden (Bri) 69 – I know I am now meant to pot the rookies but Witherden sets us up with his brilliant form and then when we need him to cover for Dangerfield he has a down week before suffering a hamstring injury. Disappointing!

COLLINGWOOD 16.15 (111) def NORTH MELBOURNE 7.15 (57)

This was an error-riddled game of kick-to-kick in which the Pies were far too strong for the Roos and scored far easier. But pretty footy it was not!

So let’s not talk about the match.

Let’s talk about the AFL, the Rules of the Game Committee and the MRP. Can they not see the mess they are making of our game? They change a rule without modelling it and all of a sudden there are unexpected consequences. Case in the point the sling (or dangerous) tackle rule.

They tell us that if you sling or tackle a player to the ground with two actions, you are in trouble. Fair enough; those things are obvious and easy to police. But then tackles that pin arms and/or bang heads into the turf are also reportable. So we lose our likely Brownlow medallist for an act that was not malicious.

Days later we have another non-sling tackle which will surely end in another suspension for a player who is trying to fairly do his job. Yes, the Grundy case is different because Ben Brown had the ball in hand but there can now be only one outcome.

So we could easily have a finals series minus several stars and a Brownlow count like this:

Patrick Dangerfield* 42 votes

Dustin Martin* 40 votes

Zach Merrett* 29 votes

Outstanding AFL, outstanding!

The Rules Committee
MRP: 2 weeks down to 1, Grundy!

And don’t even get me started on the sudden change in interpretation of the play-on call for players who have a free-kick or mark this week!

Leave the bloody game alone!


Taylor Adams (Col) 127 – I am calling it: Adams loves playing #1 Banana in the midfield with three straight big games now. This week he kicked another 2 goals to go with 30 possessions, 8 clearances and 9 tackles. Only his usual big clanger count (8) prevented another monster.

Adam Treloar (Col) 116 – Few players can stuff up a big score as well as Treloar. 34 possessions, 3 goal assists and 1 goal should equal a bigger score than 116 points but his obligatory 6 clangers cost him. Again.

Brodie Grundy (Col) 114 – This was a bittersweet score for his owners. They will happy to receive back-to-back decent scores but he is guaranteed to be suspended this week for his tackle on Ben Brown. Hopefully you all finished in the top 4 and won this week so you don’t need him next week!


Daniel Wells (Col) 20 – This is Wells to a tee. One week he is best on ground, the next he barely touches the ball and then cops a soft tissue injury. Why, Pies, why?

Andrew Swallow (Nor) 56 – Another player to fail to back up his Round 19 score. Only 19 possessions at 84% DE and he looked a tad slow.

FREMANTLE 12.18 (90) def GOLD COAST 10.7 (67)

With the late withdrawal of Swallow and the early hamstring injury to Hall, the Suns were always up against it at Domain Stadium. To their credit they won the contested ball count but unfortunately not the scoreboard count. With Fyfe and Neale dominant, the Dockers found scoring easier (you don’t hear that very often) and comfortably controlled the game after a slow start.

The Suns seem to blame their injuries for their lack of development but why do they keep suffering so many injuries and where is the development of their kids?

Now I could Muppetize the Suns’ coaching and fitness staff, or even Jarrod Harbrow, but instead I’m giving it to the little Master. Controversial, I know, given his service to Supercoach, but for all those Supercoaches that traded him in, his injury-effected end to the season had been a killer. He finally played this week and turned 33 possessions into 91 points.

Gazza in the good old days…
Gazza in 2017.


Lachie Neale (Fre) 156 – Lachie hasn’t gone beast-mode for a while but he certainly did on Saturday night. 32 possessions, 11 clearances, 10 tackles, 1 goal and 1 goal assist. Nice work to any coaches who brought him in this week.

Nat Fyfe (Fre) 140 – Yep, he is most assuredly back, hitting the packs at speed and dragging down contested marks. 29 possessions, 15 contested, 10 marks with 4 of those contested and 6 tackles.

Luke Ryan (Fre) 116 – Was I the only person who didn’t trust Ryan and again ended up with him stuck on the bench? 28 possessions at an elite 85% DE and a ridiculous 16 marks, 9 of them intercepts.


Jarrod Harbrow (GC) 51 – Harbrow is really stinking it up in the last few weeks. Just 15 possessions at 66% DE.

Hayden Ballantyne (Fre) 54 – Just retire Balla! 8 possessions and 1 goal in a winning side. I just don’t know why Ross has these odd crushes on random players.

ST KILDA 15.13 (103) def WEST COAST 14.11 (95)

As they have done so often this season, the Eagles challenged throughout the match, twice breaking clear of the Saints and leading EVERY quarter break by 3 points. However, showing a maturity that was sadly lacking last week, the Saints fought back each time, most impressively in the final quarter after the Eagles opened up a 14 point lead. St Kilda have kept their season alive with the close win while the Josh Kennedy kept his Coleman hopes alive with another 5 goals.

For this match, I’m giving the Muppet award to Simpson. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s simple really. After Matthew Priddis missed a match last week, I can’t believe they didn’t bring him back in this week. Priddis is a retiring champion of the Eagles and deserves better Simmo, you Muppet!

Once you could feel the love…
Where’s the love now Simmo?


Jack Steele (StK) 137 – Finally Steele is getting some decent time on ground and in the midfield and look what happens! It’s not rocket science, Richo! 26 possessions, 20 contested, 10 clearances, 12 tackles and 2 goals.

Jack Billings (StK) 130 – Billings rediscovered some of that killer form from a few weeks ago with 25 possessions, 2 goals and a ridiculous 5 goal assists. Most importantly he kicked two goals in the final quarter and the sealer that killed off the Eagles for good.

Billy Longer (StK) 123 – It’s nice rucking against a ‘no-name brand’ ruck squad. 13 possessions and 51 hit-outs (compared to 15 for Petrie).


Nick Riewoldt (StK) 49 – We all wished for a miracle but it wasn’t to be. Roo looks like he will probably struggle to impact the final few weeks. 13 possessions, 6 marks and 1 goal although he missed a lot of the final quarter after a head clash.

Chris Masten (WC) 46 – We all forget that Masten was a high draft pick; number 3 in fact. How’s that working out for the Eagles now?

RICHMOND 13.15 (93) def HAWTHORN 9.10 (64)

The Hawks were in good form coming in to this match and they were celebrating Roughie’s 250th match. With Jack Riewoldt also out with his torn eyeball, Richmond had good reason to be worried.

But they needn’t have!

Their pressure across the ground was too much for the Hawks and their forward mosquito fleet had a party, consistently running into open goal.

And instead of giving a Muppet nomination, instead I’ve found an image of Jack Riewoldt’s injury, just in case you were wondering where he was this week…

Don’t fish and drink, Jack!


Josh Caddy (Ric) 137 – Surely this was his best match of the season with 28 possessions, 9 marks, 4 goals and 1 goal assist. Does anybody still own him?

James Sicily (Haw) 130 – Gee he reads the ball well in the air. He has taken intercept marks at will since moving to the backline. This week he gathered 28 possessions, 10 marks (3 of them contested) and gave 1 goal assist.

Tom Mitchell (Haw) 128 – He was busy under the packs with 9 kicks and 26 handpasses at 80% DE, 17 contested, 9 clearances and 1 goal.


Shaun Burgoyne (Haw) 68 – I rated Silk as a good option for the run home but he looked a bit disinterested this week with his mate Hodgey out.

Ben McEvoy (Haw) 72 – A few coaches brought him in but Big Boy couldn’t snag as many marks though the midfield with the brilliant midfield pressure of the Tigers. Only 8 possessions, 4 marks and 30 hitouts.

ADELAIDE 18.22 (130) def PORT ADELAIDE 7.4 (46)

We expected a tight, hard contest for Showdown 43. Instead we got the biggest winning margin in the history of the two clubs. The only statistic you need to know is the inside 50 count of 81-31, Adelaide’s way.


Therefore I give you the Muppet Team of the week.

Port Adelaide on Sunday evening.


Rory Sloane (Ade) 151 – I said it last week: Sloane doesn’t believe in being average. Over 150 points or under 50 points, he has nothing else in his kit bag. 30 possessions, 17 contested, 9 clearances, 10 inside 50s, 7 tackles, 1 goal and 2 goal assists.

Brad Crouch (Ade) 149 – Do you dare dice with the devil and trade him in? 29 possessions at 86% DE, 9 clearances, 1 goal and 1 goal assist for the ‘more talented’ Crouch.

Taylor Walker (Ade) 140 – Amazing game for a tall forward in slippery conditions: 8 marks, 5 of those contested, 23 possessions and 3 goals.


Angus Monfries (Por) 7 – Is this too harsh after a long time off? 8 possessions in 70% TOG for 7 SC points means Gus may not get another match!

Hamish Hartlett (Por) 64 – He used to be deadly with his kicking but somewhere along the line things went wrong. I know he gets to play finals with Port, but should he have left last season?

So that is me done for 2017 folks. Unfortunately I have been forced to fly to Sicily for a wedding next week so you will be in the capable hands of Chillo, Father Dougal and Huttabito. Thanks for covering me guys!

I can hear your sighs of relief already.

Thanks for reading my long-winded ramblings and good luck for the rest of the Supercoach finals.

An even bigger thanks to the other writers of SCT who give their time to the site in Schwarzy, Motts, Huttabito, Father Dougal, Chillo, MJ, Nath, Chips and Adam and also our other regulars like Roo Bloke who brought in the fantastic SC Cup. Apologies if I missed anyone out!


If anyone needs me I’ll be here!

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34 thoughts on “Round 20 Review”

  1. Still the best damn SC-Review going around, you’ve earned a spell, Thommo! Thanks for the great write-ups every Monday, won’t be the same without them. Enjoy your trip!


  2. They’ve all been good, but that was one of the best to finish off with.
    Loved the muppet comparisons. GOLD!


  3. Great stuff Thommo. “Muppet” would arguably be in my top 3 favourite words, so what a fantastic way to sign off 2017 in my books. Enjoy your well earned holiday.


  4. Great right up as always but I think you placed Sloane in the wrong category? The muppet only scores big when I get rid of him!!


  5. as Scrambled Legs Owner I’m pretty sure Wognuts@SCT may have it, unless i can hold on which is doubtful.

    0 trades left, luckily have beams as m9 so he will cover selwood out. have no ruck cover for witts tho, so i have at least a donut. hopefully witts is back before next finals round. luckily i have a week off in most leagues this week.


    1. I only need 40 points per week to make up the 120 difference, Loopholing Ryan with Lloyd would have got my 57 points closer but it is what it is. Not letting him get away with the $500 that easily!


      1. as long as i beat my brother that’s all that matters, he is sitting 300th or so overall. but is yet to beat me in any league matches.


    2. Yeah selwood sucks. Not sure what I’m doing with him yet. I’m kicking myself for bringing Ryder in instead of Gawn this week. Best of luck for the rest of the year boys!


  6. Thank you for all your reviews and efforts this season thommo. Monday mornings wont be the same.
    Love the muppet show, and glad to see one of my favourites Beaker in there.
    Not so glad to see the fish hook in the eye. I didnt hear about reiwoldt’s injury and had to google to see if that was actually him. Ouchy!
    Have a great trip!


    1. Thanks mate. While that photo is not Jack, I believe he did tear his conjunctiva and possibly suffer retinal bleeding. Nasty!

      If you haven’t seen it before, google Beaker doing Ode to joy.


  7. Another great year of write ups with your Round Reviews Thommo.

    I might meet in you in 2 prelims if i win this week in SCT3 and beat the Good Father in Looney Mooney. So might be hoping the Time difference in Sicily buggers up your loopholing. By the way you were lucky with 2 and 8pts wins in Qualifying finals in those Leagues.


    1. That TDA. Yes I laughed when I saw the 2 point win. Harsh! Despite my mediocre score I won 8 from 9 games! Go figure!


  8. Well Thommo, I must say you raise a number of interesting points in this review.

    Selwood & Geelong – I had a feeling that Geelong’s top 4 chances were looking a bit shaky before the game notwithstanding Selwood’s injury but gee whiz, the MRP appear to have completely derailed any hope we had. The game next week against the Tigers will be huge.

    The current situation with the Rules Committee, Ump interpretations & MRP reminds me of some of our “work-place policy updates”. They also get updated every other week, get communicated via email and there are very few staff who manage to navigate through the links, invest the time, comprehend all of it and stay up to date with the latest rules and interpretations.

    West Coast muppet award – agree – not only did Simmo not play Priddis, this is the 2nd game they have blown after having a comfortable lead at the end of the third quarter (I realise it was only 14 points this time)

    Hawks game – I would have considered giving a muppet award to the ump that paid Cotchin a soft free in front of goal in the opening quarter. If that’s not soft, I’m not sure what is.

    Re your forced hiatus, well that is just tough. Hopefully you are back in time for finals Thommo and manage to catch a few games while over there – I highly recommend the overseas AFL app if you have a bit of time on your hands (and generous wi-fi). If you do get it, make sure you cancel the subscription (recurring) when back.

    Have a great trip and thanks for the entertainment and absolutely cracking write-ups this season.


    1. Gee Weendog, your reply is practically a review itself. In short the Cats are gone, the MRP a joke, West Coast not much better and the Hawks were well beaten even if there were a few dubious calls against them early.

      I actually abbreviated my holiday. The wedding is in Sicily but we’re passing through Rome, Paris, Disneyland, London, Manchester and Bath. I want to catch some matches but worst case I will be back for the Prelims. Thanks, I will give the App a crack.

      Thanks for reading; I wouldn’t write the reviews if no one read them.


  9. Really love your reviews mate. We’re gonna have our hands full trying to fill your shoes…..Feet full…..something like that….not a good sign this bit!


    1. Thanks Father Dougal, I appreciate that. The punters love your work so anything you can do will be great. Don’t kill yourself though, short and sweet for your sanity!


  10. pls halp.

    My defence:
    Docherty, Adams, Laird, Roberton, Shaw, Lloyd

    Young Luke coming up against red hot swans. Is he good enough to fire again? I’m guessing he will have plenty of i50s to intercept. Should I play him or Shaw?


  11. What don’t they have internet in Sicily?
    Thommo thanks for the review each week, it has been essential reading.
    Enjoy the trip away, escaping our Antipideon winter.


    1. Thanks Brian. Even if I managed to find a decent WIFI connection, my wife would kill me!

      Let’s hope the Hawks finish strongly and win their final 3 matches.


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    the answer is ‘no’, whereas others are simply as emphatic that the answer
    is ‘sure’ . Each station is about 12 minutes in length with a couple of minutes in between for transitions.



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