Round 22 Review

Written by Thommo on August 22 2016


Please lower your heads and say a prayer for the Demons’ fans out there who had their hopes dashed (again) by their team. While you’re thinking of those less fortunate, just think how lucky you are that you’re not a Tiger’s member either!

The suffering!

So finally we are 100% settled. The final 8 that has not changed for about 17 rounds is now truly complete. The Swans are where they belong on top and the Hawks are now clinging to the top 4.

How quickly things change inside the top 8.

This will be one of the best finals series in years!


This was the first year of Round Reviews and to be fair, they’ve been a bit all over the place as the year has progressed.

To help make them more “reader friendly” for 2017 (or to completely axe them for the greater good), can you please all complete the below surveys to advise what changes need to be made.

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With new signings the Pies list looked ready to fire (not sure when Treloar was last a mid/forward)…

Eddie face slap

But instead they crashed and burned!


port adelaide army

Don’t ask me, what you know is true,

Despite early expectations…

port v Haw

The Port Power had precious little heart.


West Coast 13.14 (92) def Hawthorn 10.7 (67)

Na na na na

Na na na na

Hey Hey Hey


Yes, the Hawks copped such a pasting from the Eagles that it is hard to see them coming back and winning a grand final.

The Eagles won contested possessions by 45 and clearances by 12 but that was not what really showed the Hawks’ problem and West Coast’s dominance. The damning statistic was the Eagles’ 18 contested marks to Hawthorn’s 2.

Players over 190cm are cursed at Hawthorn and it led to the Eagles big men dominating both up forward and down back. If the Eagles can bring that level of performance to the finals, they stand a chance but the Hawthorn era of dominance appears over (unfortunately).

Let’s play it again…

Na na na na

Na na na na

Hey Hey Hey


Supercoach Heroes

  1. Andrew Gaff (WC) 123 – With the Eagles running rampant, Gaff was free to do as he pleased, gathering 38 possessions at 71% DE.
  2. Scott Lycett (WC) 118 – 2 Supercoach points one week, 118 the next. That is standard deviation for you. Deviant! Amazingly he only played 73% TOG for that score.
  3. Luke Hodge (Haw) 117 – This score surprised me a little but Hodgy can rack up the disposals when he runs through the midfield with 28 possessions (14 contested) at 67% DE, 4 clearances, 7 marks and 2 goal assists.
  4. Matt Priddis (WC) 113 – Watching this match, the Perm deserved a higher score than Hodge as he dominated the midfield early in the contest. In total he had 29 possessions (14 contested) at 79% DE, 8 clearances, 9 tackles and 1 goal assist. I’m starting to think Supercoach penalizes players too heavily for handpassing more than kicking.
  5. Chris Masten (WC) 111 – West Coast is a far better team when Masten is back winning the ball and running hard. 30 possessions (11 contested) at 73% DE, 4 clearances, 6 inside 50s and 6 marks.

Supercoach Villains

  1. Josh Gibson (Haw) 43 – Teams are waking up to how damaging Gibbo is when he’s running free. No 191 Supercoach points this time, just the 13 possessions!
  2. Cyril Rioli (Haw) 67 – Again the Eagles seemed to have learned from their mistakes, holding Cyril to just 13 possessions and 1 goal assist (and 8 tackles).
  3. Sam Mitchell (Haw) 77 – Take a bow Adam Simpson for shutting down the Hawks’ most damaging players, with Sammy held to 22 possessions (9 contested) at 68% DE.

Sydney 12.13 (85) def North Melbourne 10.16 (76)

I’ve used the famous quote from Albert Einstein before: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over againbut expecting different results.” He later indicated that he didn’t actually say that, but the point is still valid and Brad Scott should pay attention.

Anyone who watched this match will have wondered why North Melbourne just kept kicking the ball high and long into the forward 50 in the last quarter, allowing Sydney to defend grimly and hold onto their slender lead.

The Roos did enough to win this match, winning the inside 50s for the final quarter 16-8 but they kicked just the 1 goal.

They would have been relieved that the Demons lost!

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Brent Harvey (Nor) 150 – Look, I’ll be honest: I can’t stand Brent Harvey! But like him or hate him, you’ve got to give credit to this response to a week of negative publicity and calls for him to retire. 32 possessions and 3 goals against the Swans says he should play on.
  2. Jamie Macmillan (Nor) 139 – He’s finishing the season strongly to build a case for Supercoaches next season. 31 possessions at 80% DE and 11 marks makes him very tempting.
  3. Daniel Wells (Nor) 132 – What a gun! How good would he have been if he had avoided injury in his late 20s? Amazingly his 34 possessions (11 contested) went at 90% DE against Sydney.
  4. Nick Dal Santo (Nor) 127 – Why the hell didn’t the Kangaroos win with Wells, Dal Santo and Harvey tearing the match up? 31 possessions at 77% DE and 2 goals for Dal.
  5. Luke Parker (Syd) 118 – He was looking to go HUGE with 16 first quarter possessions but slowed to just 31 (I know, first world problems!), 16 contested, at 74% DE and 9 clearances.

Supercoach Villains

  1. Lance Franklin (Syd) 34 – He spent some time off the ground after a knock to the hip but still still played 85% TOG. He must have been hampered as he only managed 9 possessions. I hope Supercoaches competing in finals weren’t relying on Buddy this week!
  2. Drew Petrie (Nor) 57 – While Harvey should play-on, Petrie needs to retire or push higher up the ground. With the game in the balance he and Ben Brown just got in each other’s way!

St Kilda 7.13 (55) def Richmond 6.10 (46)

Weeks ago I spoke about the Twilight Zone and watching Richmond reminds me of one of the more famous episodes, The Hitchiker.

This episode shows a woman driving cross-country who repeatedly encounters the same ominous man hitch-hiking along the road. Does that remind anyone of the Tigers’ last few years when each year ends with the same sinking feeling? The Hitch-hiker named disappointment!

This game never amounted to much and only 2 late goals to Richmond avoided a truly hideous score!

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Sebastian Ross (StK) 138 – I’m torn on Ross. His best is fantastic but he can struggle in other weeks. This was a good week with 34 possessions (11 contested) at 67% DE, 7 marks and 6 tackles.
  2. Leigh Montagna (StK) 134 – I love when his opponents just don’t bother to man him up, with only 6 of his 33 possessions contested so he went at 84% DE (and 9 marks).
  3. Jack Billings (StK) 122 – Selecting him this season was an epic fail but he can score on his day with 25 possessions and 1 goal against the Tigers so perhaps we can consider him again next year?
  4. Blake Acres (StK) 109 – He’s putting consistent good performances in to end this season, winning heaps of the ball on the wing: another 26 possessions, 8 marks and 7 tackles on Saturday.
  5. Sean Dempster (StK) 106 – Here’s two great examples of what Supercoach is all about: quality. Dempster had 18 possessions at 100% DE and 7 marks (2 contested).
  6. Daniel Rioli (Ric) 106 – while Rioli had 18 possessions at 87% DE (9 contested) and 2 goals.

Supercoach Villains

  1. Jack Riewoldt (Ric) 52 – In case you needed a reminder not to select key position forwards, Jack won only 9 possessions and kicked 1 goal.
  2. David Armitage (StK) 56 – He is no longer a premium, is he Weendog?
  3. Jack Steven (StK) 77 – His owners are running out of patience with several poor scores to finish the season. This poor score was mostly due to his 23 possessions at only 60% DE.

GWS 19.15 (129) def Fremantle 5.7 (37)

In Aesop’s fable, the Sick Lion, a dying, feeble Lion is insulted and hurt by the animals that once feared him. The moral of the story is: Only cowards insult dying majesty.

Does that make the Giants cowards for pummelling the once great but now helpless, hapless and suffering Dockers?



Supercoach Heroes

  1. Lachie Neale (Fre) 154 – He is officially the ball-magnet of the season! Another 40 possessions (15 contested) at 74% DE, 9 clearances, 12 tackles and 1 goal.
  2. Ryan Griffen (GWS) 141 – As impressive as 30 possessions and 10 marks is, don’t let him fool you; he will let you down. You can count on it!
  3. Lachie Whitfield (GWS) 114 – 26 possessions at 92% DE but he mostly wins uncontested ball. Maybe grab him in AFL fantasy or Dreamteam if you play!
  4. Lachie Weller (Fre) 114 – Hopefully Ross Lyon sticks Weller in the midfield next season. He can find the ball, racking up 28 possessions at 78% DE.
  5. Heath Shaw (GWS) 103 – Welcome back Heater, we haven’t seen you here much of late. 25 possessions at 84% DE and 11 marks. So do we start with him next season or is he not worth the starting cost?

Supercoach Villains

  1. Toby Greene (GWS) 66 – Mr All-or-Nothing was at it again, with his 15 possessions running at just 60% DE. Given he kicked 2 goals and gave 2 goal assists he should have scored higher but he managed an impressive 6 clangers.
  2. Callan Ward (GWS) 70 – So 23 possessions (10 contested) at 78% DE, 5 clearances, 5 tackles and 0 clangers = 70! Maybe Champion Data should be the villains!
  3. David Mundy (Fre) 66 – Only 15 possessions but 8 clangers. Ouch! I bet Mundy wishes he was never made captain this year.

Collingwood 16.22 (118) def Gold Coast 6.11 (47)

In 2011 the Philadelphia Eagles brought in so many high profile players that they were then dubbed the “Dream Team”. The acquisitions were expected to help the Eagles get over the hump and back to the Super Bowl, but that never happened. They lost eight of their first 12 games of the NFL season and although they won their final four, their 8-8 record left them out of the playoff picture for the first time since 2007. Four years later, none of the Eagles big name free agent signings from 2011 were remaining with the team.

Sound familiar Collingwood?

Let’s just hope the Pies sort out their issues because as they showed against the (admittedly under-manned) Suns, their best is good enough!

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Scott Pendlebury (Col) 165 –God he’s damaging when he gets going! 32 possessions (12 contested) at 90% DE, 7 inside 50s, 9 marks, 8 tackles and 1 goal. I reckon the ankle is going ok!
  2. Adam Treloar (Col) 131 – Treloar enjoyed game 100 gathering 38 possessions, 6 tackles and 1 goal, 4 behinds. Imagine if he’d kicked straight.
  3. Jeremy Howe (Col) 130 – I can’t believe he didn’t score more highly with 29 possessions at 89% DE, 18 marks and 5 contested marks. It was a great weekend for Howe with the Pies winning well and Melbourne losing!
  4. Josh Smith (Col) 128 – Did Gold Coast actually turn up? Smith also had 35 possessions, 9 marks and 1 goal. I wish I still owned him!
  5. Jesse White (Col) 123 – I reckon he’s playing well out of fear of being dropped for Cloke who’s waiting in the wings. 3 goals, 4 behinds – he’s got the Cloke goal-kicking downpat! Also 9 hitouts, 10 marks (3 contested).

Supercoach Villains

  1. Kade Kolodjashnij (GC) 36 – Can someone please tell me if they will ever select KK again? With 11 possessions on Saturday night, I reckon he’ll be as popular as the KKK in 2017.
  2. Matt Rosa (GC) 57 – Without the inside mids, Rosa struggled to get into the match with 16 possessions at 81% DE.

Adelaide 15.19 (109) def Port Adelaide 14.10 (94)

The Fibonacci Sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 etc) denotes a sequence of numbers where the sum of each 2 numbers adds up to the next number (0+1 = 1, 1+1 = 2, 1+2 = 3 and so on). This sequence doesn’t appear very exciting until you realise that all spiral shapes in nature and the body proportions of many animals also follow this sequence like hurricanes, flowers, shells, galaxies, even the length of ours limbs.

It is often considered the sign of perfection in nature and Leonardo Da Vinci even used it to frame the Mona Lisa. So where am I going with this?

Simply put: Eddie Betts. If he is not football’s version of perfection, I don’t know who is. Eddie had a night out in game 250, kicking 5 goals, including several more for the highlight reel.

If Eddie had not playing such a great game, Port would have stolen this match and to be fair, only a lack of polish cost them a win.

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Robbie Gray (Por) 137 – Finally Robbie is rewarding his poor owners. 27 possessions (15 contested) at 66% DE, 7 tackles, 2 goals and 2 goal assists is much more like what we expect from Robbie!
  2. Ollie Wines (Por) 127 – Ollie is starting to improve his Supercoach scoring and use the ball better with 27 possessions (16 contested) at 71% DE, 10 clearances, 7 inside 50s and 6 tackles although he still recorded 4 clangers. Can he take the next step in 2017?
  3. Matt Crouch (Ade) 126 – If Brad doesn’t get you, Matt will! 33 possessions (11 contested) at 78% DE and tackles.
  4. Jarryd Lyons (Ade) 104 – 21 possessions (14 contested) at 66% DE, 6 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal assist somehow added up to 104. Hmmmm…
  5. Travis Boak (Por) 98 – Should we really have scores under 100 here? With 26 possessions (14 contested) at 73% DE, 7 clearances, 4 tackles, 1 goal and 1 goal assist, Boak was unlucky not to break the tonne!

Supercoach Villains

  1. Matthew Lobbe (Por) 50 – Does Lobbe really want to play next season. 5 possessions in 87% TOG just won’t cut it!
  2. Brad Crouch (Ade) 54 – Finally Brad pumped out a bad score and made me feel better about life. Only 17 possessions at 64% DE and 4 clangers.

Carlton 11.12 (78) def Melbourne 7.16 (58)

We expected great things from the Demons this week!

And like a drunk who has just stumbled home and is fumbling for the keys, they fell over at the last hurdle and knocked themselves out on the front door.

Why are we not surprised?

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Patrick Cripps (Car) 153 – He continues his dress rehearsal for our 2017 Supercoach teams. 30 possessions (19 contested) at 70% DE, 12 clearances, 13 tackles, 1 goal and 1 goal assist.
  2. Bryce Gibbs (Car) 124 – He’s no super premium but Gibbs has shown he’s a far better player when Mick is not around. 33 possessions and 8 clearances in a starring role in ruining the Dees’ year!
  3. Jack Viney (Mel) 117 – Viney tried hard with 27 possessions (16 contested) at 70% DE, 8 clearances and 11 tackles but he had few mates.
  4. Nathan Jones (Mel) 116 – Jones tried to lift his team in the second quarter but it wasn’t enough. 27 possessions at 82% DE.
  5. Max Gawn (Mel) 111 – Maxy took a while to get going but surprisingly finished the game hard in the wet after only 38 points to half-time. 16 possessions, 6 marks (3 contested), 33 hitouts and 1 goal.
  6. Sam Docherty (Car) 110 – This one’s for Motts with his boy finishing the year strong with another 26 possessions at 80% DE.

Supercoach Villains

  1. Dale Thomas (Car) 54 – I wonder what Bolton’s long term plans are for Daisy after a ho-hum season yet again.
  2. Bernie Vince (Mel) 54 – Only 4 contested possessions but he still only managed a 54% DE from 22 possessions.

Geelong 19.15 (129) def Brisbane 10.9 (69)

In 1589, Galileo proved that objects fall at the same speed (supposedly dropping things from the Tower of Pisa) but he obviously didn’t watch AFL. Brisbane fell faster and for longer than Geelong who spent just the one year out of the 8 compared with the Lions’ long sojourn in the wilderness.

Ah, it’s nice to be a Victorian footy side!

Winning the inside 50 count by 21 and the contested ball by 23, Geelong were never going to lose this game but they seem to lack the killer instinct of Adelaide and Sydney.

Maybe even the footballers are feeling the drag of these later rounds?

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Sam Menegola (Gee) 134 – Why couldn’t they hold Menegola back until next season? What a gun rookie or maybe just a gun! 33 possessions (15 contested) at 75% DE, 8 inside 50s and 8 clearances.
  2. Patrick Dangerfield (Gee) 131 – Not quite as big as we all hoped but if he’d nailed a couple of those shots on goal (2 goals, 4 behinds) he would have gone over 150.
  3. Joel Selwood (Gee) 116 – Only 23 possessions and 9 tackles for Selwood with Mathieson bugging him and Robbo tenderizing his ribs but his 87% DE netted a strong score anyway.
  4. Mitch Robinson (Bri) 116 – Robbo only won 22 possessions (14 contested) at 72% DE, 5 clearances and kicked 1 goal but that snared him 116 SC points.
  5. Steven Motlop (Gee) 114 – And somehow Motlop’s 5 goals and 23 possessions at 82% DE only add up to 114. Go figure!

Supercoach Villains

  1. Dayne Zorko (Bri) 54 – Very un-Zorko like! 16 possessions and 2 behinds.
  2. Zac Smith (Gee) 48 – Like Zorko he is saving some of his best for last with 11 possessions and 14 hitouts.

Western Bulldogs 14.9 (93) def Essendon 7.11 (53)

Cue: I’m Walking on Sunshine. (Katrina and the Waves)

Isn’t it amazing how a simple signing can create such an upbeat feel? With Hurley’s re-signing, the Bombers’ fans were absolutely ecstatic coming in to this match and they didn’t much care what happened, even if this was the Coon-dog’s last match.

They are all talking up 2017 and the new dawn.

In case you care, the Doggies jumped to an early 5 goal lead and then coasted.

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Liam Picken (WB) 144 – Please, please make him a defender again in 2017! 33 possessions, 8 tackles and 1 goal shows what he’s capable of! (I know it won’t happen).
  2. Zach Merrett (Ess) 132 – I am seriously running out of things to say about Zerrett after yet another 35 possessions, 8 tackles and 1 goal. It will be interesting to see his role for the Bombers next year.
  3. Caleb Daniel (WB) 130 – What chance does he have of winning the Rising Star award? 23 possessions and 2 goals won’t hurt his causes.
  4. Jason Johannisen (WB) 130 – McVeigh or Johannisen? Just another bad call by Thommo’s Tribe after JJ racked up 31 possessions and 12 marks.
  5. Matthew Boyd (WB) 119 – We all expected a rest this week or next but with all the injuries, they can’t afford to rest him!

Supercoach Villains

  1. Matthew Leuenberger (Ess) 57 – Imagine the battle next season of Bellchambers versus Leuey for the number 1 ruck spot. It will be epic!
  2. Luke Dahlhaus (WB) 74 – Did he realize they were playing Essendon? Just the 23 possessions at 65% DE.


The Beard has gone back-to-back Best in Show and has retaken the lead from Dangerfield. Can Maxy hold on for 2 more weeks?

Round 21 voting:

3 Votes – Max Gawn is coming home strong

2 Votes – Dayne Zorko

1 Vote – Tom Rockliff

So far the Ladder stands as:

Max Gawn 21
Patrick Dangerfield 20
Scott Pendlebury 9
Heath Shaw 9
Luke Parker 7
Tom Rockliff 6
Gary Abett 5
Nat Fyfe 5
Dustin Martin 5
Stefan Martin 4
Dan Hannebery 4
Matt Priddis 4
Marcus Adams 3
Matthew Barlow 3
Todd Goldstein 3
Sam Collins 2
Sam Docherty 2
Rory Laird 2
Sam Mitchell 2
Daniel Wells 2
Dayne Zorko 2
Corey Enright 1
Josh Gibson 1
Pearce Hanley 1
Sam Kerridge 1
Tom Liberatore 1
Tom Mitchell 1
Kade Simpson 1
Rory Sloane 1

Who were your SC heroes this week? Pick your top 5 for round.

Supercoach Talk Champion for Round 22 (5 votes).

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11 thoughts on “Round 22 Review”

  1. Saw Juddy in the South Melbourne market on Sunday morning. The love I felt was replicated later in the day watching Patty Cripps get around the ‘G.


    1. It’s hard not to love how Cripps goes about it. Imagine how unstoppable he’ll be in a couple of years!

      If only we can find a way to get him into the Brown and Gold…


  2. Thanks again Thommo!

    Wouldn’t change a thing, one of my favourite reads of the week and a perfect start to a Mondays morning at work.

    With the emergence of Williams, coupled with Wilson taking a lot more of the kick ins, I think Shaw’s days are numbered and I can’t see myself starting with him. Think next year will out with the old, in with the new. I reckon you will be able to put together a cracking team with players born from 1990 onwards.


    1. I was thinking the same thing, end of a Supercoach era and all that. I too will be looking at durable, young guns next season.


  3. I think our man Thommo is clearly in need of a rest…Apparently the “Roos” did enough to win thier match, but then probably should’ve also “won” this match 🙂

    Anyway, for what it’s worth I like the mix comedy and stats thrown into these review.
    Hope its back next year.


    1. I tortured the English language like a mad scientist torturing a small furry animal.

      Thanks for the heads up BB, it’s a little less painful to read now. I completely missed that crap on proofread last night.


  4. Thanks for the plug Thommo….was pleasantly surprised even though you did not forget to remind me of my woeful trading this year….did I mention I also traded in Murphy before he got injured? Yeah…

    FWIW – I was able to loophole Arma using Trengove after he spudded it up and Menegola responded quite nicely. Still couldn’t crack 2400 though…here’s to 2017 and out with the old…


    1. Nice job keeping enough trades to grab Menegola. Sorry about bringing up Armitage again.

      My secret shame was Gray (Sam), Zaharakis and Brodie Smith all on field at the same time. The stench was smellable from outer space.



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