Round 3 Review

Written by Thommo on April 10 2017


It just shows how close the rankings are this season that JimmyDee who was leading the group last week has dropped to fifth overall and Dilan has jumped in to the lead. It’s wide open!!

1 Baby bombers@SCT Dilan 6926 119
2 Winterblues@SCT Ross 6867 415
3 Jobe robbed@SCT Jataal 6824 928
4 No Worries@SCT Timothy 6818 1029
5 JJ’s Circus@SCT James 6757 2687

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


In week 2, Danger received his first 5 votes for the season, followed by Robbie Gray (4), Rory Sloane (3), Marcus Bontempelli (2) and finally Toby Nankervis (1).

Danger hasn’t gone massive yet but we all appreciate a reliable captain option! Almost as much as we appreciate a high-scoring mid-pricer like Toby the Nank-Tank!

Supercoach talk standings after Round 2:

Patrick Dangerfield 5
Rory Laird 5
Robbie Gray 4
Dustin Martin 4
Josh Kennedy (WC) 3
Rory Sloane 3
Marcus Bontempelli 2
Scott Pendlebury 2
Dyson Heppell 1
Toby Nankervis 1

So who did you like in Round 3?

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COLLINGWOOD 11.14 (80) DEF SYDNEY 11.13 (79)


Everybody laughed when Champion Data claimed the Pies have the best midfield during the 2017 preseason. Who’s laughing now with Scott Pendlebury (125), Taylor Adams (122), Steele Sidebottom (112) and Adam Treloar (108) all featuring in the top 5 players on ground against Sydney?

For those who kept Dan Hannebery (112) he repaid the faith with 31 possessions (14 contested), 9 tackles and 1 goal and then sprayed the media for telling him to get on the Terps!

How un-Australian!

Dan Hannebery pre-match. Except that wasn’t spinach…


In game 250, you’ve got to mention Buddy (74)! Many teams made him Vice Captain expecting a monster score, and while he looked good at times, he didn’t kick a goal. Not what we were expecting!

Callum Mills (83) hasn’t exploded early in 2017 as many coaches hoped but that is more due to his role than his form. He just isn’t in the midfield enough yet.

GWS 15.19 (109) DEF NORTH MELBOURNE 10.7 (67)


Shane Mumford (137) wound back the clock with a vintage Mummy display of 33 hitouts, 19 possessions at 100% DE (despite having 16 contested possessions), 11 clearances and of course 5 frees against!

For North, Jack Ziebell (124) led from the front with 28 possessions, 9 clearances and 1 goal in game 150 and Aaron Mullett (118) stunned everyone with 28 possessions at 85% DE.

Once again Jeremy Cameron (112) showed how key position forwards are great selections in winning teams as he kicked 3 goals and gave 2 away and finally Tom Scully (111) rounded out the best with 25 possessions at 85% DE.


While heroes were a little hard to find, the villains were rife. Todd Goldstein (52) could get dropped after Preuss (87) showed him up (joking). Maybe Brad Scott should be listed for pushing Goldy into the forward line! Andrew Swallow (52) reminded us all that he is not actually a real premium and Shaun Higgins (58) only managed the 18 possessions at 55% DE.

I won’t even pretend to be unhappy about the Higgins result!

For GWS, Dylan Shiel (86) and Heath Shaw (89) weren’t terrible but didn’t post scores that will make their owners happy.

RICHMOND 11.10 (76) DEF WEST COAST 8.17 (65)


The lid’s off!

If anyone thought Dustin Martin’s (155) Round 1 form was a fluke, he repeated the dose in the wet on Saturday afternoon with 40 possessions and 2 goals. He only ran at 42% DE but scored well due to 15 clearances and 21 contested possessions. Trent Cotchin (120) continued his form revival while Alex Rance (121) won his battle with Josh Kennedy (see below).

For West Coast, Andrew Gaff (123) played surprisingly well in the wet with 17 of his 33 possessions contested and Luke Shuey (109) played well away from home with 30 possessions and 10 clearances.


An encouraging sign for Richmond was their ability to win with Josh Caddy (35) and Dion Prestia (52) having little or no impact. I doubt that will make their Supercoaches any happier!

For West Coast, Sam Mitchell (65) copped his first tag for the year after quarter time and struggled to have his usual impact while Josh Kennedy (66) burned anyone who brought him after his huge Round 1 performance. To be fair, the weather did not suit tall forwards!

GEELONG 20.6 (126) DEF MELBOURNE 13.19 (97)


Commiserations to anyone who tipped Melbourne in this match and then had to watch them butcher every shot on goal for the afternoon!

Perma-captain Patrick Dangerfield (138) did it again with 30 possessions and 3 goals with usual suspects Joel Selwood (121) and Mitch Duncan (120) again carrying the load.

Zach Smith (127) enjoyed a strong finish to the match with Max Gawn on the pine with a hamstring injury.

Max Gaaawn?

For the Dees, surprise packet Alex Neal-Bullen (127) kicked and tackled (25 kicks, 10 tackles) his way to a huge score and Nathan Jones (123) racked up a lazy 36 possessions.


Zach Tuohy (66) scored surprisingly poorly from 21 possessions at 76% DE and only 1 clanger but not as badly as Harry Taylor (24) who might as well not play in his current role.

Bernie Vince (53) couldn’t back up his round 1 performance and Dom Tyson (43) also put in a poor match with just the 15 possessions. Finally, Tom McDonald (73) is only averaging 80 points per match and hasn’t quite achieved the scores his Supercoaches wanted.

ADELAIDE 15.10 (100) DEF PORT ADELAIDE 12.11 (83)


Rory Sloane (168) if you don’t mind! 31 possessions (24 contested), 8 clearances, 9 tackles and 1 goal.

Rory won the BOG for his efforts.

It was no 168 points, but Ollie Wines (122) continues to have the season we all expected last year with 30 possessions and only 3 clangers. Brett Ebert (107) also continued a great start to the season and is averaging 118 points per match to start the season.

Taylor Walker (111) had a captain’s match with 4 goals and 2 goal assists with late goals when it really counted. Tom Lynch (110) was also fantastic late in the match, finishing with 22 possessions, 2 goals and 2 goal assists.


Chad Wingard (73) is another of those PODs that is just not quite scoring enough to be worth selecting with 9 possessions and 2 goals this week. He’s averaging 87 points per week which places him squarely in no-man’s land.

Sharing that annoying mid-price territory with Wingard are Travis Boak (82), Patrick Ryder (87), Matthew Crouch (88) and finally Rory Laird (86) although Rory is still averaging a premium 103 points per week. The concern with Rory is that his contested ball numbers have dropped, really affecting his SC output despite gathering so much of the ball.



We Supercoaches complain about the players that Champion Data hate, the Treloars of the world that tend to miss their target too often to score well.

Marcus Bontempelli (133) is the opposite, a player that is seemingly awarded points for sneezing (2 points), spitting (5 points) or scratching his balls (10 points).

Do yourself a favour and jump on Champion Data’s darling as soon as you can!

For the surprise victors, Fremantle, who have inflicted the Dogs’ last 2 losses, David Mundy (143) was best with 30 possessions and 2 goals and Nat Fyfe (113) wasn’t far behind with 33 possessions and 7 clearances.

Tom Liberatore (131) and Luke Dahlhaus (124) were also good, even if they were both a little handpass happy.


Cam McCarthy (53) kicked 2 goals and gave another away and yet couldn’t score enough to be worth having. I imagine his ownership numbers are plummeting as I type.

Speaking of plummeting ownership, I can’t see many coaches holding Lachie Neale (84) for much longer with his 30 possessions hurt by 4 clangers, only 1 tackle and too many handpasses (22). Not to mention being pushed out of the centre-bounces by FURL!

For the Dogs, Robert Murphy (71) and Matthew Boyd (86) are certainly not scoring at the same rate as 2016.

ST KILDA 14.23 (107) DEF BRISBANE 11.10 (76)


After injury woes to Leigh Montagna (164) in the preseason he was avoided by most coaches but on Sunday he reminded us why he was so popular pre-calf injury. Likewise Nick Reiwoldt (161) was traded out by silly coaches who listened too closely to the media last week (me!) and punished us with 28 possessions, 12 marks (3 contested) and 3 goals.

Don’t write off ageing champions!

Stefan Martin (125) defeated Tom Hickey (112) in the ruck and has returned to his 2015 form but solo ruckman seem to score well whether they win the ruck battle or not!

And finally, Daniel Rich (118) put on an irrelevant clinic at Etihad with 32 possessions and 1 goal but who really cares except Draft League coaches.


For a welcome change, most premiums performed in this match with only Jack Billings (53) and Jack Newnes (71) failing to score well. Billings in particular has been disappointing with a 3 match average of 65 points in what was expected to be his break-out season.

CARLTON 7.15 (57) DEF ESSENDON 6.6 (42)


In the preseason I was all over Marc Murphy (158) but when Motts gave me that earnest look with his big brown eyes and said “don’t do it”, I changed my plans and dumped his crappy arse. With a 3 match average of 142 points, I am regretting swapping him out for O’meara.

His arse is certainly not crappy!

To be fair to Motts and myself and everybody else who decided against selecting Murphy, who the hell saw this form coming? Another 32 possessions, 10 tackles and 2 goals means Murphy really is feeling like a 22 year old again.

Brendan Goddard (133) was the only Bomber to clear the tonne compared to half the Blues, with Bryce Gibbs (119), Ed Curnow (117) and Matthew Kreuzer (117) rounding out the top 5.

Kudos to Sam Petrevski-Seton (116) who finally put together a full, four quarter match and scored remarkably well from 17 possessions (12 contested), 8 tackles and 1 goal. He’s going to be a star!


Daisy Thomas (47) obviously doesn’t like getting wet with just the 16 possessions at 53% DE while Kade Simpson (73) also stank it up with only 11 of his 21 possessions hitting a target.

Although the Bombers mostly failed to tonne-up, only Brent Stanton (82) and David Zaharakis (43) really stank it up, with Zaha playing game 150. Probably Orazia Fantasia (30) deserves a special mention for 3 effective possessions despite him not really being a premium forward.

GOLD COAST 21.13 (159) DEF HAWTHORN 7.11 (53)


Jack Martin (133) showed another glimpse of his talent with 23 possessions at 83% DE, 3 goals and 3 goal assists. David Swallow (117) is also rewarding the coaches who kept him after he missed round 1 with 34 possessions and 9 clearances while Jarrod Witts (114) is proving a smarter option than many of us thought, dominating McEvoy in the ruck with 40 hit-outs.

Due to Rodney Eade’s erratic coaching, Touk Miller (114) wasn’t widely selected but he is definitely receiving plenty of midfield time and was a smart selection. Gary Ablett Jnr (114) wasn’t such a smart selection but he put in a vintage Gazza performance against the Hawks (again) with 36 possessions, 10 clearances and 2 goals.


So I’m guessing someone at the AFL has made an error and posted the ladder upside down. Right?

They haven’t?

We’re last?

That’s ok, at least we’ll get a high draft pick!

What? We traded that away? Well, surely we must have gotten someone good for that draft pick?

Jaegar O’meara? The guy who just scored 44 SC points?


At least O’meara wasn’t alone. Jack Gunston (60), Cyril Rioli (65), Isaac Smith (62), Liam Shiels (68), Ben McEvoy (68), hell why not list the whole side.

The Hawks were bad!


Rightly or wrongly, the week following Round 2 is seen as “Correction Week” when you switch out failed rookies or premiums. For the first time in years I decided to just let it roll without a correction trade.

Sure, it was tempting to trade out Taranto or any number of premiums who just weren’t quite performing but I stayed strong.

How about you? Who did you trade in this week and did they perform as you hoped?

More importantly, who did you trade out and did they perform?


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27 thoughts on “Round 3 Review”

  1. The best damn Supercoach Review on the net!! Week in, week out…….

    I traded Riewoldt last week after he told us 2-6 weeks, that was alarm bells for me……who’d have thought he’d be back after a week? Guess he just didn’t wanna board the plane to Perth?


    1. Yeah, the Riewoldt thing was frustrating as it stopped me scoring close to 2300 this week. I figured that even if he returned in 1-2 weeks the Saints would manage him carefully but they just threw caution to the wind and played him for over 90% game time!

      Still, it’s good to see him out there rather than injured.


    2. As I tweeted yesterday, that will go down as my worst trade in history I reckon.

      NRoo -> Tuohy via DPP. He’s stunk it up the last two weeks but it also pushed Otten to the bench so I’ve missed his 108 and 98. Now NRoo back and punching out a 161.

      You always look back at a season defining moment and that trade there was it for me.



      1. Ouch!
        I traded out Riewoldt as well and made a huge blunder. With his injury it provided the opportunity to bring in Goldstein in RD 2 thus forcing Witts to the bench. The next day Goldstein was a late withdrawal and then he followed it with a 52 with Witts 114 on the bench. The trade involved Riewoldt to Hannan and Strandica to Goldstein both currently disastrous picks contributing to my awful start and a ranking just inside the top 78,000. By not holding Riewoldt it has cost me approximately 240 points in the past 2 rounds.


          1. Add to that Newman not being selected Round 1 who was locked in my team for the whole preseason forcing M Hibberd (NM) to be selected Round 1.

            L Montagna one of the most durable players in the competition missing round 1 and the whole JLT series then comes out and scores 166. Was also locked in my team due to their favourable Etihad draw yet picked S Burgoyne instead.

            R Sloane’s pre season injury and the effects it had to his scoring several years ago swayed my decision and selected M Priddis instead.

            D Swallow had a permanent spot in my side all preseason then is a late withdrawal Round 1 and decided to bring in J O’Meara instead who I wanted to avoid.

            Just the typical luck I endure as luck is the cornerstone to Supercoach success.


  2. Since I’d rather not talk about my SC side, my highlight was Fyfe stopping the play when Picken was concussed, fantastic sportsmanship.


    1. That’s what I initially thought but Fyfe looked confused after he stopped play and annoyed at the umpire for taking the ball off him. Not sure what he was stopping play for but l’m not certain he even saw that Picken was knocked out. Give him benefit of the doubt I suppose!


      1. I think he was confused why the umps didn’t stop the play (so was I). I suppose he could’ve thought he would stop play and get a free kick, but I seriously doubt anyone would be able to make that sort of decision in a split second, especially when he had time to kick it anyway.


  3. Agreed – to get this out Monday a.m first thing is an amazing effort.

    I commented on Twitter earlier that there must be more to ‘those’ trades than we are aware of. I mean Clarko ain’t stupid. Is he??


    1. Cheers Weendog.

      I’ve got some thoughts on the Hawks trades (obviously) and I do wonder if Clarko has been up so long that he can’t cope with falling out of the top 8 and is making some poor decisions. I agree he is planning something this season, hence clearing so much salary cap space, but I think he has overrated our lower end talent. Even if he lands a Fyfe this year, I don’t think we have the backline or midfield depth to challenge the best sides.

      Teams like GWS have second and third tier talent filled with first round draft picks. The Hawks need to take their medicine and pick up 2-3 years of first and second round draft picks to rebuild our list.

      As a Hawks man, I’m happy to suck if we are restocking with kids but if we are wasting early draft picks on high paid, injury prone players like O’meara I’ll become pretty critical if we don’t perform. In my books, the Tom Mitchell trade was value for money but the O’meara and Vickery trades were unwise.

      Time will tell!


    1. Can’t go wrong with Newman but I’m not sure I’d bring Riewoldt in if I didn’t have him. I don’t have big Maxy but I would probably swap him for Stef Martin if I did.

      Just my opinion but I worry about using a trade on a 34 year old, even if it is Roo!


  4. I’ve decided to avoid any sort of trade analysis this week, as it clearly isn’t working. I’m turning to ritual sacrifice instead.

    TU Pigs
    TD Cows (real cows, not the cash variety)


      1. The forward role is concerning, but the knee is always taped up so I wouldn’t worry about that. If he wasn’t right, they simply wouldn’t play him.

        Geez JOM to Swallow is tempting…


  5. David ‘Halestorm’ Hale has been getting stuck into me for my Murphy advice as well. Surely Rodney will tag him this week to make me look a hell of a lot wiser than I actually am.


    1. To be honest, his dosgy JLT form didn’t inspire confidence but it’s easier to blame you than take responsibility!


  6. Great write-up. Great content and some of the one liners! So funny. I look forward to this Monday morning read.

    Used 1 trade to get in Hoskin-Elliot. Didn’t like his game on Friday. Only his match winner saved him from scrutiny over some very half- hearted efforts ( one in particular).


    1. He was only a premium for 1 year… and without Fyfe.

      I’m sure he’ll knock out his share of 100s, but the points difference between the other 2 could be very big by the end of year.

      If you haven’t used many trades, go for it!


  7. I made two trades last week:

    # Cripps –> Bontempelli. Although I have no doubt Cripps will be fine in a couple of months, his pre-season back injury is visibly holding him back. So far, this is looking like a good trade.

    # Roughead –> Franklin. The jury is still out on this one. Barring long-term injury, Buddy will definitely be a top-6 forward this year; whether or not Roughead will be remains to be seen. If he is, then this will prove to be a stupid trade, but if he doesn’t, then the early upgrade should serve me well.



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