Round 6 Review

Written by Thommo on May 1 2017


It was a tough round so Dave and his Ballsandall@SCT took the opportunity to pounce, jumping to third overall.

The standings for the Group prize are:

1 Baby Bombers@SCT Dilan 13267 300
2 Jobe robbed@SCT Jataal 13194 666
3 Ballsandall@SCT Dave 13164 891
4 No Worries@SCT Timothy 13121 1383
5 Obrigado@SCT Alex 13099 1722

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


Last week, we Supercoaches voted for:

5 – Adam Treloar received the maximum because his owners were so relieved!

4 – Joel Selwood was unlucky not to get more after 40+ possessions!

3 – Toby Nankervis or Nank the Tank, the new cult hero!

2 – Nat Fyfe: #FyfeisLyfe is trending again.

1 – Rory Sloane have taken the #1 Supercoach mantle this week.

The overall leaderboard stands as follows:

Player Total Votes
Rory Sloane 9
Patrick Dangerfield 7
Luke Dahlhaus 5
Rory Laird 5
Dustin Martin 5
Nick Riewoldt 5
Adam Treloar 5
Robbie Gray 4
Marc Murphy 4
Toby Nankervis 4
Tom Rockliff 4
Joel Selwood 4
Josh Kennedy (WC) 3
Tom Lynch 3
Marcus Bontempelli 2
Nat Fyfe 2
Stefan Martin 2
Scott Pendlebury 2
Eddie Betts 1
Dyson Heppell 1

So who did you like in Round 6?

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GWS 11.9 (75) def WESTERN BULLDOGS 9.19 (73)

I have heard this victory for GWS referred to as “revenge” for GWS! That is laughable! A regular season victory can never match a Preliminary Final win and even if it could, this match simply proved that the Bulldogs can match it with the Giants after only inaccurate kicking cost them victory.

Both these teams will feature deep in September and if they meet in the finals, expect a cracking match!


So often Champion Data has been criticized for Marcus Bontempelli (141) receiving preferential treatment but there can be no question he was fantastic on Friday night. He may have only gathered 22 possessions but 15 of them were contested and he still managed an 81% DE. Add 7 tackles and 3 goals with 1 goal assist and the Bont was clearly best on field.

With the many Giants’ mids sharing the load, it was their defenders Zach Williams (120) and Heath Shaw (111) who racked up the SC points. Williams was the more prevalent player with 25 possessions at 80% DE, 8 contested possessions, 3 clearances, 6 tackles and 1 goal assist but Heater was rewarded for his Kevin Bartlett impersonation where he refuses to hand-pass, instead going by foot with 23 of his 24 possessions, 10 of those being rebound 50s.

Is Heater back in form?

Caleb Daniel (108) responded to his visit to the VFL with 24 possessions, 2 goals and 1 punch in the face. Maybe he’ll go full Darth Caleb next week and don a face mask with his helmet?

Shane Mumford (104) showed you don’t actually need to win the ball to score well as a ruckman with just 8 possessions on Friday night. Instead he relied on 52 hit-outs and 7 tackles to rack up yet another SC tonne. He seems more interested in body slamming and bruising the opposition than winning possessions.

Maybe he has a career in WWE wrestling once he retires?

WWE Mummy?


Jeremy Cameron (56) disappointed his few owners by scoring a negative amount in the second half after a 60+ point first half. That stings! Toby Greene (92) scored fine but he also hurt his new owners by punching Caleb Daniels in the face. Pick on someone your own size, Toby! Go sit in the corner for 1-2 weeks and think about your actions!

Jason Johannisen (68) also started well with a first half reminiscent of his Norm Smith Medal-winning performance but went AWOL in the second half, ending up with just 21 possessions at a horrible 57% DE. 7 rebound 50s boosted his score slightly, a small mercy for his Supercoaches!

ST KILDA 19.16 (130) def HAWTHORN 8.7 (55)

Rumours of Hawthorn’s revival were greatly exaggerated last week as they meekly rolled over against the Saints on Saturday afternoon.

Thus ends the 17 game winning streak in Tasmania.

Do you remember the band Boyz II Men and their hit song: The End of the Road?

Well get ready for some Motown Philly: It was fun while it lasted, boys!

Although we’ve come to the end of the road,

Still I can’t let go…

See ya’ Hawks!


Most of us are sitting up and noticing Dylan Roberton (149) as he continues to rack up the points, this time with 29 possessions, 8 marks (2 contested) and 2 goals. Will he remain a top 6 defender or is this a false dawn?

With Jonathan Ceglar out, Ben McEvoy (125) is in career best form despite everyone around him but Tom Mitchell (117) sucking really, really badly at Hawthorn. Mitchell just did his usual 35 possession job as he highlights how he should have been the marquee signing at Hawthorn.

Jack Steele (116) showed what he can do with his clean hands when given a bit more time in the midfield with 27 possessions, 7 clearances and 10 tackles and Nick Riewoldt (113) played amazingly well given he played both ill and injured, kicking 4 goals from 20 possessions and 8 marks. Not that it was difficult when he was only manned up half the time: He could give the Hawks a lesson in playing with heart right about now!  


As a member, I received an email saying the JOM was back in this week.

The JOM!

Give me an effing break: I didn’t want the Hawks to trade for Jaegar O’Meara (39) him in the first place and then they stuff him in my face every other week. And he sucks!

$700k for an injury prone player who scored 39 points on Saturday!

There weren’t too many Supercoaches thinking about playing them but Jack Gunston (43) and Luke Breust (31) demonstrated effectively why it is often safer to select tried and true guns rather than PODs.

CARLTON 15.7 (97) def SYDNEY 11.12 (78)

When your own team is performing terribly, at least you can say that you’re playing better than the Swans!

0 wins and 6 losses!

No team in history has done that after losing a Grand Final the previous year! Who saw that coming?

Certainly not John Longmire!


I owned them for a majority of 2016 and decided to get in on the action from the start of the 2017. It didn’t work as expected with Simpson struggling but the Sam Docherty (149) and Kade Simpson (148) show was well truly on show on Saturday afternoon. Between them they had 70 possessions and 22 marks. Luverly!

I am no expert on Callum Sinclair (142) but surely this was a career high for him? I’m not sure why he scored so well from 19 possessions, 6 tackles, 15 hitouts and 1 goal but nobody owns him anyway!

Matthew Wright (112) is another player with few owners apart from SC draft players but he deserves a round of applause for his super-clean game of 4 goals and 2 goals assists from just 15 possessions.

It’s a pity he had glandular fever in the preseason as Isaac Heeney (107) would have been a great forward option this season. He was certainly one of the few Swans to fire a shot.


Their scores are not terrible, but many coaches brought Marc Murphy (88), Josh Kennedy (89) and Lance Franklin (82) in to their sides in recent weeks and wanted more from their shiny, new guns.

Why not with Buddy playing Carlton?

And only $460K!



As a second year player, Callum Mills (63) doesn’t deserve to be here so this is the last time I’ll mention him for a while. Just keep in mind that second year players rarely break-out unless they are guaranteed to play full-time in the midfield.

Gary Rohan (16): He’s not here as a Villain, more out of friendly concern. Poor old Gary looks likely to kill himself one day and I think it would be safer for him to take up a non-contact sport.

Look after yourself, Gary!

Like chess perhaps.

I’m sure his mum agrees!

PORT ADELAIDE 22.18 (150) def BRISBANE 10.7 (67)

Carnage, absolute carnage.

Both for the Lions and for our Supercoach guns.

I can’t remember the last time so many guns forgot to depart the team bus!


Tall forwards in winning sides are going large this season with Charlie Dixon (151) posting 4 goals from 20 possessions and 12 marks (4 contested). Chad Wingard (127) is also enjoying the Port Power resurgence with 31 possessions and 3 goal assists playing through the midfield.

Robbie Gray (111) got involved in party-time at the GABBA with 4 goals and 2 goal assists and Brett Ebert (109) continued his strong start to 2017 with another 25 possessions and 1 goal.

For the Lions, Mitch Robinson (108) backed up his strong Round 5 with a 25 possession and 2 goal performance this week. I was surprised to find that Robbo racked up a  Selwood-like 7 free kicks for and none against.


Where do I start?

Tom Rockliff (53) the ball-magnet had 23 possessions but only ran at 52% DE with 5 clangers and surprisingly he only won 5 contested possessions and 4 clearances, super-low stats for Rocky.

Even worse was Ollie Wines (56) given he was playing in the dominant side. He only gathered 10 effective possessions (20 total) and managed a super-impressive 8 clangers! Now that is the Ollie we know and hate from 2016!

Dane Beams (63) played a real captain’s knock, racking up 21 possessions but only 5 contested and 1 tackle. Is this was what he was made captain for? Maybe he copped a head knock during the week and thought his name was Clay?

Dayne Zorko (68) fared marginally better due to 5 clearances and 1 goal but he only gathered 19 possessions, also down on his average.

You would have expected a great score from a ruckman who had 21 possessions, 25 hit-outs and 2 goals assists, but with the Lion’s midfielders struggling to win the ball, Stefan Martin (68) had no chance to score highly. It’s pretty tough for a ruckman to score well when all your hit-outs are sharked by the opposition!

NORTH MELBOURNE 16.11 (107) def GOLD COAST 14.10 (94)

Down on your knees infidels and bow before the master!

You have scorned him.

You have disrespected him.

You have ignored him.

And now he has punished you.

Look on and envy the glory of the Little Master’s 210 Supercoach points.

He’s back!


He may be on his last legs, but Gary Ablett (210) can go large like few others!

45 possessions, 18 clearances, 27 contested possessions, 10 inside 50s, 9 tackles, 4 goal assists and 1 goal.

I haven’t seen a score card like that for a long, long time!

And amazingly he had 6 clangers!

Imagine if you had him as captain!

Ben Brown (122) also racked up 5 clangers but 6 goals is 6 goals. Add to that 4 contested marks and the points roll in.

In what has turned out to be redemption week for some Supercoaches, Shaun Higgins (121) and Nathan Hrovat (107) showed why they ended up in many Supercoach sides this year. I’m sure Schwarzwalder certainly feels better about his Higgins selection this week!

Jarrod Harbrow (114) is actually a decent option in defence this year, averaging 96 points per week so far. I still won’t be touching him!


Have you seen those freak shows from the early 1900s? The ones with the Strong Man, the Bearded Lady, the two headed woman?

Well check out this freak show!

Ben Cunnington (34) for his 12 possessions at 41% DE. What the hell happened? Did he fall in a black hole? Or how about Jamie Macmillan (69) who couldn’t back up his huge round 5. Maybe you prefer to gawk at Todd Goldstein (77) who didn’t impress Champion Data with 16 possessions and 30 hit-outs.

If you prefer to select from the Suns’ losers, try Brandon Matera (59) who showed his first 2 weeks were simply a flash-in-the-pan or Aaron Hall (66) who racked up 18 possessions but only 2 contested possessions. These two will soon be selling their wares in the NEAFL.

Jarrod Witts (73) again scored above his price tag but he gets a villain mention because he was on 46 points at quarter time before he decided to visit Ben Cunnington in his black hole.

And finally, even though he is too handsome for any freak show, Touk Miller (78) spends his second week in the villains group. A bit tough when he amassed 25 possessions at 68% DE and 5 clearances.

WEST COAST 16.7 (103) def FREMANTLE 9.8 (62)


Move over the Human Torch, there is a new Superhero in town: the Human Yo-yo. He fights crime every two weeks but his weakness is the green, green grass of the MCG. At Domain Stadium Elliott Yeo (150) certainly had the superhero cape on. Despite his inconsistent form, Yeo may still be a top 6 forward if he can pump out huge scores every other week.

Josh Kennedy (140) had so much room in the forward 50 he had to sledge his opponent by postcard. He certainly enjoys these derbies with another 6 goals and 5 contested marks this week. Jeremy McGovern (122) also enjoyed himself at home, intercepting or spoiling everything that moved with 13 marks, 3 contested, and 22 possessions.

Lachie Neale (122) returned to his 2016 form with 29 possessions, 14 contested, 5 clearances and 8 tackles while for West Coast Matt Priddis (121) also put in a vintage performance with 32 possessions, mostly handpasses, 9 tackles and 1 goal.


I only caught parts of this match, but Nat Fyfe (62) didn’t seem overly interested at times and seemed to spend a fair amount of time forward. When you have 19 possessions but commit 5 clangers, you are not going to score well!

David Mundy (62) had a similar game with only 17 possessions at 64 % DE. No wonder the Dockers lost!

In case you needed it, Michael Walters (28) is another reminder that PODs fail more often than they succeed.

MELBOURNE 17.10 (112) def ESSENDON 10.14 (74)

Beautiful football this was not and the Supercoach scores reflected that.

Did someone say “beautiful football?


Brendan Goddard (116) is reliving his former glory with another 31 possession effort. He hasn’t scored like this since 2009-2010!

Brendan Goddard: the good ole days!

Michael Hurley (109) was one of the few Bombers beside Goddard to consistently find a target, with 23 possessions at 87% DE and 13 marks (4 contested).

Cam Pedersen (114) performed well as Melbourne’s third string ruckman but I’m not sure anyone will jump on after the Spencer debacle.

Clayton Oliver (108) is putting together one of the more impressive second seasons in recent history, with his 33 possessions, mostly handpasses, running at 87% DE.

With Jessie Hogan out, Jack Watts (105) (and Petracca) provided a good target with 4 goals.


Jobe Watson (54) may have hit the wall with just 13 possessions, 7 of them clearances. Bernie Vince (63) had much more of the ball with 28 possessions but 5 clangers offset his Supercoach score

Alex Neal-Bullen (41) crashed back to earth after a great start to the season, only registering 10 possessions.

COLLINGWOOD 15.17 (107) def GEELONG 11.12 (78)

And this is why the Pies are so frustrating. Against the Bombers they seemed disinterested with Pendles and Adams playing out of position; a week later they smash the Cats with Adams and Pendles dominating through the midfield.

Go figure!

It must be, “we love Bucks” week again.


Scott Pendlebury (149) heard his price might drop this week so he decided to rack up 33 possessions, 9 tackles, 1 goal and 3 goal assists. Great if you own him, annoying if you want him. Even more annoying is the rookies who pump out a massive tonne like Will Hoskin-Elliott (125) the week after you trade them out.

Like Pendlebury, Taylor Adams (120) rebounded strongly with 36 possessions and 8 tackles and Jack Crisp (103) steak knifed it up for a second straight week.

Mitch Duncan (113) was the only Geelong midfielder to fire a shot this week.


Levi Greenwood (46): Nobody likes taggers, Levi!

Steele Sidebottom (64) was disappointing with 23 possessions but only 12 hitting the target while Jeremy Howe (70) also used the ball poorly with his 18 possessions at just 55% DE. At least he still 9 marks, 2 of them contested.

Adam Treloar (71) decided he hadn’t caused enough misery in Rounds 1-4 so he stank it up again in a winning side. And that was a good result after scoring just 42 points in the first 3 quarters.

It is a bit harsh as he seems to be struggling with the aftereffects of the cork in Round 4, but Patrick Dangerfield (65) again let down the nation with 21 possessions at 61% DE.

Joel Selwood (73) was also poor as struggled to break the old fashioned tagging job done by Greenwood. Another reason for us to hate Nathan Buckley!

ADELAIDE 21.14 (140) def RICHMOND 10.4 (64)

So when we speak of the premiership favourites, do we mention Richmond in the same sentence as Adelaide, GWS and the Bulldogs?

I’m thinking “No”!

You can’t blame him this week!


So did you chuck some cash on Rory Sloane (140) for the Brownlow last week?

Why the hell not?

I wonder if anyone will ever try a hard tag on Rory?

It was the Rory show on Sunday with Rory Laird (122) racking up 34 possessions at a crazy 94% DE. Were Richmond manning up or doing a good impression of 22 striped traffic cones?

Tom Lynch (121) scored well from 22 possessions as he grabbed 9 marks, 4 of them contested, kicked 3 goals and gave 2 goal assists. Sam Jacobs (116) scored well but he appeared to be robbed. How could he not score better from 26 possessions at 80% DE, 9 marks (3 contested), 50 hitouts, 1 goal and 1 goal assist?

Since I questioned his 2017 performance, Matt Crouch (111) had pumped out back-to-back tonnes, this week with 38 possessions, 8 clearances and 1 goal.

Then again, which of the Crows didn’t kick goals?


Jack Riewoldt (62): From chocolates to boiled lollies. It’s hard to kick goals when you are being hammered!

I think I said I wasn’t going to mention Dion Prestia (64) and Josh Caddy (67) again as they are here every week. Oops!

His owners won’t be too displeased with the Nank the Tank after his stellar start to 2017 but Toby Nankervis (68) needs to manage his aggression as clangers (5 of them) and frees against hurt him a lot this week.


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31 thoughts on “Round 6 Review”

  1. Love your work, Thommo!
    No, don’t ever mention Richmond in the same breath as Premiership favorites. Simply went missing after a solid 1st qtr…….oh well, back to the drawing board.
    In what was a dark & desolate week, Higgins was a shining light. How often does one get to say that? 😉


        1. They can and will have a bad season but I like to call it as I see it. The Hawks’ form won’t stop me attending every match I can and buying several memberships as usual.


  2. Great work Thommo. Now with pictures for the lazy reader like me.
    I think the ACCC needs to investigate as to why the majority of premo’s managed to stink it up in round 6. Smells of collusion with an intent to disadvantage supercoaches across the nation.
    Lets hope normal programming resumes for round 7 as it is getting harder and harder to determine who are premo’s and who are not!


    1. You’re looking at it all wrong Shaggi. Think more of the bargains in 2-3 weeks when 10 premos all bottom out at the same time!


  3. T/U – GAJ gets permanent exemption from villain status due to receiving the “lifelong services rendered to supercoaches” award.

    T/D – GAJ gets permanent exemption from villain status due to receiving the “lifelong services rendered to supercoaches” award.

    Because he deserves permanent respect!!


  4. No offence to Richmond fans – but did anyone else really think the Tigers were a real shot at the flag this year? I’ll make my bold (read: foolish) prediction now that there’s only 3 genuine contenders; two of them played last Friday and the other is the Crows.
    Schwarz – put Callum Sinclair on the Scoring Anomalies list, because that was the worst 142 I’ve ever seen. I have two Swans in my team now and that’s two too many! They stink.
    And sadly, I think Roughy has to go this week. You can’t say I haven’t been patient mate, but you can’t keep relying on junk time to pump out solid 60s. Goodbye!


    1. It’s too early to say for sure but at the moment it looks like you’re right: it’s a 3 horse race.

      I watch most Hawks’ matches and Roughy just isn’t attacking or leading for the ball and he doesn’t work hard enough to find space like Kennedy and Riewoldt do. I traded him before Round 6.


    2. My mate (Tigers fan) asked my opinion on the Tigers this weekend as he wanted to load up on Adelaide 1-39 winners. He said they’d lose but would give it a fair crack.

      I advised not to as they were about to tear Richmond a new one but he went ahead with it. Needless to say he hasn’t responded to my latest message.


  5. Another great write up Thommo. Bad luck in SCT Contributors, thought you were gonna get me after Simpson/Yeo tore it up for you. Guess I have Greenwood to thank.

    Can’t believe my VC swapped from Bont -> Titch to finally end up on Buddy only to roll the dice with Danger in the end. 141 -> 114 -> 82 -> 65….. Bont as (C) would have sat me about 2,500 overall however there is 80 odd points separating that and 4,000 – crazy close!


    1. I went with buddy as vc into fyfe so didnt fair much better.
      Is buddy cooked? thats 4 scores in a row now under 90.


      1. Hope not, traded him in this week. Really thought he was going to go bang, upgrading WHE to him stings as well. That will teach me for trying to go full premo too quickly! I had plans for the next fortnight so kinda was in a rush to move things along…

        Watching the game he is just to far off the ball and not getting into the right spot. To think he is still scoring 70-80 is positive IMO and won’t take much to put out a big score. He’s my F5 at the moment so pretty low priority.


        1. I started with him. My other forwards are Nank, Dahl and Steele (who finally put up big score) so not considering trading him just yet but he has been very frustrating.


          1. Given I’ve bought him in I need to ride it until the rest of my team. Averaging 90 in a 0-5 Sydney team was good enough for me given his price tag. I could imagine the frustration the last 4 weeks have been if you started him though.


    2. Thanks Hutta. Yeah, I was on target to sweep my leagues…then Sunday happened.

      I held off on upgrading this week so dodged the Buddy train.


          1. aahhh, it take me to a time of baggy jeans, high tops and when Dusty, Zorko and Gray were forwards


  6. Another excellent piece Thommo. Well done

    As a Cats fan I did have a feeling that the Pies might spoil our party despite their poor start to the season – they seem to be a real bogey team for us over the last couple of years.


    1. Thanks Weendog. I reckon the Pies have a decent list, they just need a decent coach and they’ll push for the 8.


  7. Thommo another great review.
    After our win against the Eagles I thought we might be starting to show something but after laying down against the Saints I’m now not so sure.
    Maybe our solitary win against the Eagles didn’t highlite our potential but more that the Eagles struggle when playing away.

    Have started a rumour on Twitter that Hawks are offering JOM as part of a trade deal for Fyfe. Dreams can come true.


  8. “I didn’t want the Hawks to trade for Jaegar O’Meara (39) him in the first place and then they stuff him in my face every other week. And he sucks!

    $700k for an injury prone player who scored 39 points on Saturday!”

    Now you know how Carlton fans felt about Dale Thomas!

    Speaking of Carlton, I hate to nitpick, but I should just point out that Simpson and Docherty actually combined for 24 marks, not 22.



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