Snapshot: The Top 50 Teams, Part 1

Written by Chillo on May 11 2019

So you haven’t quite got off to the fast start you were hoping for at the start of the season, and now you’re forced to make some tough choices with trades. Would you like to know what the coaches at the pointy end of the rankings are doing? Well, look no further! Here is the breakdown of players selected in the top 50 teams, as of the the completion of round 7.

There are of course two sides to every story, and there are two ways of looking at this data. Yes, these players are the highest scorers so far, and perhaps these are the ones you should be targeting. However, just as a cheetah won’t catch a gazelle by running at the same speed, picking the same players as the teams in front of you won’t help you climb the rankings. Judicious trading is still the key!

(Apologies if the graphs are a little hard on the eyes – I made the labels as large as I could without compromising the graphics)


The Must: Zac Williams and Brodie Smith were tempting mid-priced options before Round 1, but they’ve quickly become the cornerstone of the best defences. Owners may have to decide at some stage whether they’re keepers, but for now just enjoy the ride!

The POD: James Sicily is currently ranked fifth among defenders for points scored, but is in just 8% of the top 50 teams. With a favourable bye round, expect Sic to be a popular trade target in coming weeks.

The Rook: In a break with tradition, the defence has by far provided the most reliable rookies so far this year, with the likes of Hore, Wilkie, Duursma, Rozee and Scrimshaw all raking in that sweet cash.


The Must: Patrick Cripps is averaging 128, has 59% ownership overall, and appears in every single team in the top 50. Say no more.

The POD: He’s the third highest scoring midfielder this year, but Marcus Bontempelli finds himself in only 2 of the top 50 teams. Can he continue his hot start to the year?

The Rook: Sam Walsh has completely lived up to the hype that comes with being the number 1 draft pick, averaging 95 and claiming a spot in every top 50 team. Sydney Stack has also been a fantastic early downgrade option.


The Must: No prizes for guessing here – Max Gawn and Brodie Grundy dominate the rucks for the top teams. They’re currently averaging a combined 241 points per week!

The POD: Todd Goldstein seems to be the only other viable premium option in the rucks, averaging just over the ton and appearing in 14% of the top teams.

The Rook: Reilly O’Brien has been sensational since replacing a broken Sauce bottle, already gathering over $200K profit in just five games.


The Must: Only one lonely coach has gone without the services of Patrick Dangerfield in their forward line, although that individual is probably smiling now that Danger’s struggling to pass fit this week!

The POD: Dave Mundy (two teams) and Jeremy Cameron (3 teams) are among the top scorers in the forward line this season, but have been largely ignored by the top coaches. Time to jump on?

The Rook: Willem Drew has been a revelation as a mature age recruit in the Power engine room this year. Recent injuries to key players may mean he still has more cash to make.


Thanks to Eric Magtuto for the inspiration for this post. For those of you who dabble in AFL Fantasy, Eric is well worth a follow on the tweety for lots of useful stats.

Keep an eye out for a post-bye update to these graphs ….


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8 thoughts on “Snapshot: The Top 50 Teams, Part 1”

  1. Thanks Chillo
    Great article. Currently ranked mid 6500 with work to do.. Playing you in Catta’s challenge 2 this round.

    in some great leagues so no use me just going for popular options unless must haves as will not make any ground so your pods are good food for thought.
    I didn’t select Gawn initially which is killing me and also didn’t select Neale . Biggest regret was starting with D Martin but trading to Boak has worked out well. Whitfield injures hasn’t helped either however will retain as will still be top 8 mid.
    Had Goldstein however traded out and placed Rob on field as I figured I needed to take risks and wasnt go to trade Gawn till Byes as well as Neale at his price and needed some pods to catch up and allowed me to get T Kelly at cheaper price. Also thinking do I really need Lloyd now. Those that have will keep however also opportunity to look else where for better value and pods as can’t get back points he scored at start of year although he will bottom out shortly and present great value


  2. So glad you did this. I was going to spend some time this weekend trying to figure out the common players of the top 10.


  3. Great info. Looks like the top coaches have nailed their midpricers (looks like this was the year) and all basically have Neale. There isn’t too much revolutionary here, probably just some good captains picks and it looks like they are turning over their rookies pretty quickly.


  4. Thanks Chillo, looking at this I feel heartened because even though my choice of captains have been horrible, I have all the usual suspects and an ok structure. Most of us are probarly in the same boat. Bring on the byes.



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