SuperCoach Rule Changes 2022

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on January 26 2022

With SC’s official launch yesterday came some dramatic rule changes to the game. Increased trades, a new “trade boost” mechanic, rolling positional updates and flexibility during lockout. Details of the major rules changes are below.

How does it impact the game as whole? Has it changed your starting picks and general strategy? Which players are you eyeing off to gain DPP? Have read and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


– Every coach now has 35 trades over 23 rounds with a maximum of two per round and three during the byes (Rounds 12-14)

– Trade Boost (TB): Up to five trade boosts can be used in any round to gain an extra trade for that round, up to a maximum of three per round or four during the byes. These bonus trades come out of your total of 35, and you can choose to use some, all or none of your five available trade boosts.


At regular intervals during the season Champion Data will reassess player positions and assign dual-position status to players if their on-field role changes. For example, in 2021 Jack Ziebell was listed as a forward in KFC SuperCoach but spent the entire season at full-back – under the new rule he could become a FWD-DEF player mid-season.


Change your trade plans during a round? Now you have ultimate flexibility to adjust your moves after lockout – providing the players involved aren’t locked out and don’t bust your salary cap.


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34 thoughts on “SuperCoach Rule Changes 2022”

  1. Potential players who could gain forward DPP status and average 100-120 ppg:

    — Gawn (could be managed in early part of season and spend enough time up forward to gain DPP status and become an absolute must have)
    — Marshall (splitting time in the ruck with time up forward with Ryder possibly)
    — Dangerfield (decent chance)
    — Fyfe (decent chance)
    — Bontempelli (low chance)
    — Petracca (unlikely)
    — Kelly (unlikely but depends on Leon Cameron’s decisions)

    Who else could make this list? Makes for an interesting time preparing our forward lines going into round one. Mine currently stands as: Dunkley, Coniglio and rookie placeholders as I wait for the preseason matches and teams for round 1.


  2. Thanks for the summary GD.
    Interesting updates. Might take a while for everyone to get a grip on them I think.

    My first reaction to the DPP rules was that we might now see a few more FWD lines starting with Dunks as the sole premo, with intent to move others in there from other lines across the season (e.g. Bont, Gawn, Marshall), as we now need to consider the AVE for a premo FWD to have gone up to the point that Heeney/Wingard/Thomas/Butters can’t match.

    Especially pairing this with the extra trades allowing room to adjust, we might see a FWD line such as:
    Dunks + Gresh + Cogs + Curnow + Rookies


  3. Thanks GD and welcome back mate!

    My thoughts on the rule changes are:
    Interesting and necessary (extra trades) in these COVID times – will allow the league to keep running, potentially not go into player bubbles etc and thus also allow SC to function. BUT if what just happened in the BBL occurs, within a whole playing group … then trouble awaits the integrity of the scoring and the SC comp.
    The extra trade in any given round will significantly reward those players that play for league glory only, potentially giving you an advantage over your opponent in any given necessary round that you may need to win … holding them for the right time will be key – as will using them on the bye rounds, which may “level the playing field” in some cases for those that do not plan for the bye rounds well (in previous years) as the extra trade will help your numbers in those weeks and even out scoring.

    DPP changes – also necessary and in keeping with the times and reality of actual game. It will indeed reward those players that 1. plan carefully and 2. stay invested week in and week out and get the usual luck involved in winning this thing

    Trading during / after first game lockout – will also significantly reward those players that stay invested every game, every week. And potentially further disadvantage those that cannot – will also impact significantly the outcomes in those that play for league glory only.

    All in all, some good changes I think (under the COVID impacts – otherwise trades at 30 was still better to reward those that plan well etc). What will be interesting to see is if there is any significant improvement in the scoring of CD on certain games and players … that is the biggest weak point and easiest manipulated by the game managers.

    I think when people are posting for advice as the year progresses, it may well be a good idea to indicate if you are playing for leagues only or OA – as advice given may well be different, even more so now with these additional changes … just a thought.


    1. Think these are some insightful comments Macca. I have been dwelling on the new rules for a couple days over a couple mojito’s in Port Douglas and came to the same conclusion as you that they will help coaches striving for leagues more.

      What I have been trying to work out is when would be the best time to use the trade boost if you are striving for overall success.

      If you are going for overall, then I remember last year there being bye havoc despite planning so do you hold off for then? Or do you jump on it early to get an advantage over the pack and hold on for dear life after that??? Would be great to see people’s thoughts!

      Also, welcome back to the best SC site in the land everyone!


      1. Hey Macca and Jam.

        Great discussion.

        A few of my thoughts on this subject..

        I believe those going for overall will burn through trades early trying to get to full Premo ASAP. Perhaps even using the 5 bonus trade weeks pre Byes.
        (It may even be possible to get to Full Premo a week or two earlier than previous years. ) This strategy may work but it could also backfire big time, if we see COVID outs compounded by the usual late season carnage.
        I still think many will be willing to take the risk.

        On the flip side , If your going for leagues, using your trades strategically to win crucial match ups over the season , as well as holding extra for finals seems like a better tactic.

        I can’t wait to see everyones approach.

        Also Macca on the scenario like in BBL when whole teams are forced to miss a game , I believe SC will revert to the best 18 format rather than just hand out more trades.

        Thanks for the thread GB 😉


    2. Maccca, Jam. What’s up, good to hear from you guys. Hope all is well.

      The DPP changes definitely shake up the Top 6 FWDs, the consensus seems to be go for less starting premos and wait and see. Sound logic, I’m even rethinking Heeney but always nervous about a bare bones FWD line and fielding FWD rookies.

      A trade boost blitz to full premo looks like the play as long as you haven’t traded too much early and then still have ample trades for the backend of the season.

      Great point from Macca on the DPP rewarding those who are tuned in. I like that angle.


      1. I think more midpricers in the forward line is the way to go. Get a few 200-300k players who can still make you that 150K while being able to be a stepping stone to a 600k player


  4. Annoying that they make this DPP change just as the forward line was looking fun for the first time in years.

    Wonder if this means starting with more mid-price placeholders.


  5. Realistically how many players do we think will get the forward status by round 12.

    I don’t do fantasy, but how many new dpp players do they generally have. I think that Gawn, Marshall and maybe fyfe will, but who else do we expect. Danger maybe, probably not Bont or Petracca, I cant really think of anyone else.


    1. Having played AFL Fantasy for years as well, I have always been disappointed in the new DPP’s. Mostly irrelevant players and some of the new kids.
      There were NO new FWD DPP’s after Rd 6 last year! Some FWD players gained other positions, mostly DEF with the 2 big ones Hall & Ziebell.
      Nick Hind – gain DEF
      Laverde – gain DEF
      Lemmens – gain DEF
      Atkins – gain DEF
      Impey – gain DEF
      Burgoyne – gain DEF
      J Hunt – gain DEF
      HALL – gain DEF
      ZIEBELL – gain DEF
      M Bergman – gain DEF
      B Daily – gain DEF

      After Rd 12 Pendlebury, James Cousins, Jack Graham, Jason Johannisen & Shaun Higgins gained FWD

      Round 18 – DeGOOSE, de Boer, Bramble & Ryan Byres gained FWD.

      If you hold out for a stud to be giving FWD you might be hugely disappointed and left with a bud FWD line.

      I’m planning on nothing with anyone a bonus to jump on with one of the 5 new trades.

      Only thing I will plan on is JHF gaining FWD. Hopefully he is scoring well for a rookie and I can plant him at F6 until his bye in Rd 14. Should score better than any FWD rookie on field.
      Also, looking at Jarrod Berry. If he plays FWD like end of last year should get DPP and can be swung fwd as well.

      As for someone like Gawn getting FWD!!! Dreaming. Based on history NO WAY NOT ALL. Not unless Champion Data pull a dodgy for the sake of Fantasy/Supercoach.

      Marshall possible, maybe Dramafield. But don’t count on it.

      My 2 bobs


      1. Thanks Gavin.

        Fantasic response. Great to hear from you.

        My thinking is there’ s very few SC relevant players on that list. Bar Pendles and maybe DeGoose.

        I’m thinking Fyfe and Mundy ( like Danger ) will both rotate through the middle for some experience,.I also fully expect them to spend large chunks of time forward.

        The interesting thing is..

        I’m not sure they “start” enough Forward. They often come of the bench or drift forward after stoppage.

        I read some where they need to “start” 35% of their time Forward to move the needle. It will be interesting to see what happens.

        My biggest hope is Ryder is fit and Marshall is eased back in, hopefully “starting “in that Forward / Back up ruck role.

        This particular new rule ,brings a great new dimension to the game in my book. even if folks are overestimating the players that maybe involved.

        Thanks again for your 2 Bobs.


        1. No prob’s FT.

          When I first heard about new “in season” DPP’s, as a traditionalist, I was against – don’t turn SC into Fantasy!!. But the more thought I have given it, especially in these covid times, the more I like. As you say it brings a new dimension. Like always there will be winners and losers but that’s the game. Hopefully luck goes your way and an unexpected DPP pops up giving greater flexiblity which we will all need this year I think.

          I’m sure a relevant DPP will show up, just not sure on which line it will be. Most probable is someone gaining MID or DEF, which may still be useful.
          Yeah I read the 35% guide as well. That’s why I don’t think someone like Gawn gets it. Will start in the guts and either drop behind the ball or move forward, or the bench for a rest.

          Agree on Marshall, and that’s why I have added to the watchlist.

          Need to give a bit of thought on who else might might get DPP. I suppose my point was don’t expect anything and certainly don’t plan for it. Seen a number of people changing plans to go light FWD and wait for the goodies to drop. I for one will not be taking that path


          1. Yep Gavin

            100% agree.

            I think they may be more willing to throw the DPP around with Rookies and some mid-pricers. The bigger names like Fyfe and Danger will just see too many folks trading in the same player.

            Some I do think are a chance…. ( from least likely, to most likely )

            Given Forward..

            J. Berry
            Horn Francis

            Given Mid.


            Given Ruck.

            Darcy Cameron.
            M. Cox.

            Given Defence..

            K Coleman.
            Mitch McGoven.

            This would make some of these more” Fringe” SC players more attractive.

            Thanks again for your contributions.

            Cheers FT.


            1. Agree with your list FT, and all could be of some relevance (except McGoven!)

              I haven’t looked at all options, just the 86 I currently have on my watch list, some of which have been added since DPP announcement.

              One of these is Jordan Dawson who may gain MID but we don’t know what role he will play at the Crows yet. I suspect he will play MID though.

              The other is Darcy Tucker (yep their’s my Freo bias) but he falls in my no go starting price between $300-$450K. (NB: Never select anyone in this price range unless they can be not just a season keeper but top 10 in their position). My mid price rule! But he is in line for the Cerra role and it’s now or never for him to step up. Dodgy injury history though.

              If Goater gets on early run at Norths, and given their new deep midfield, will play back and could gain DEF. New addition to the watchlist.

              Love the BONT and if Dunks stays fit and plays in the guts where he belongs, maybe. Would love that but the problem is everyone will jump on. Love owning the Bont when he is on fire as not many others get on. Think he won me several matchups in leagues last year as a unique.

              Hopefully pre-season news/ match sim/ trial games/etc a few more options pop up. You can’t have to many DPP’s in your team. Personally last year this was a problem for me.


              1. Cheers Gavin.

                Great points on Dawson he is my D2 atm.

                I started Bont last year ( over Oliver ) and the first half of the season was incredible. I would love to start him again but you can’t have them all. If he somehow gets Forward status ( I doubt it ) He will be a must have. You may even have sideways an underperforming Premo, just to get him in.

                I posted a few leagues on the other thread . Jump in if you like .


    1. By the sounds of it Bruce, you can swap any player in and out even after the first match has taken place.

      It used to be that if you had made your trades at the start of a round (and couldn’t use that loophole function), then you were stuck on those. Now, if you make a trade and before that player traded in / out has played, you decide you don’t want that one, but someone different (or the player you went for is left out at last minute, or gets COVID etc) then you can reverse that and make a different trade … at least that’s how I read it.


      1. I may be wrong on this, but I think the following also applies
        You trade in player B (playing Sat) for Player A (playing 1st game).
        You can then decide to switch Player B (the go down with Covid) for another player on Sat morning


        1. You could actually do this previously but you had to have a trade available for that round, even though it didn’t cost you the trade. Now it looks like you can officially do it even if you have used all your trades for the round.


  6. Presumably Champion Data will or have announced the threshold for gaining DPP.
    Isn’t the basis on which players gain or lose position status across seasons the % of game time spent in each position? For example, Laird lost DEF status because he didn’t meet their threshold of being a DEF last year.

    If this is the case,IMO the two ESSENTIAL pieces of info for using this new rule well are:

    1) What these thresholds are/were, and if they have changed for this new rule (anyone know?).

    2) If there is a resource where we can view % of game time in different positions from last year (anyone know?).

    For example: if as has been suggested on this thread, a 35% playing time in FWDs to gain that position, and say for example Gawn spent 25% there last year, can we expect this to jump by 10% if Jackson plays more RUC time?


  7. So i think the extra trades are going to make midpricers more nessecary for an overall win. Every Keeper is going to be worth neutral points per dollar while midpricers are going to be positive points per dollar.

    If Players are going to need to be traded due to injury/Covid you may as well look to take advantage of that and get extra value for your trades


  8. 3AW reporting this morning that Dockers and Eagles are resigned to being relocated for start of season…..another thing to consider if correct, especially for c loops.


  9. Initial thoughts:
    More trades > riskier moves (eg injury prone players that are underpriced) as it is easier to move in if not performing or re-injury.

    COVID (a) > greater bench cover required > mid price madness and more value options required in starting line-up.
    COVID (b) > best 18 rounds > depth less of an issue and getting fully upgraded quicker is more advantageous.
    I dont know which COVID thought is stronger but you probably need to have a well diversified squad with no more than 3 players from any one team. If you can limit exposure to any game to 5 players, you only need 23 playing each week to cover a late COVID cancelled game.

    Positional updates doesn’t change my thinking in squad building – if you get lucky you just move your player from mid to fwd/back.


    1. The high risk/high reward stratergy is aiming to be full Premo by the buys (using the extra trades to upgrade) Sideswap through the buys to ensure 14-18 premo’s every week and then hope you make it to the end of the season without too many issues.

      edit IE 7 primos on bye each round 4 Side Swaps for rd 13 14


  10. Can someone please clarify during the byes we have 3 normal trades each round, with a trade bonus scenario can u use just one making 4 total for the round or can u use up to 4 additional trades making total trades 7 in round?



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