The Fallen Premiums – Rd 11

Written by on June 6 2018

The logical choices for upgrades this week come from Port Adelaide or the Gold Coast. Unfortunately viable premiums are, in my opinion, pretty scarce at those two particular clubs. So I’ve had to look further afield, but as we always say at this time of the season, consider your bye structure before you make any trades. I highly recommend consulting Macca’s brilliant Bye Planner!


Alex RANCE (RIC), $439 200 (-$53.1K), average 90, BE 85 – The Laurence Olivier of backmen, Rance has been solid rather than brilliant this year. Previously noted for his high ceiling, Rance’s scores have ranged between 74 and 113, and he sits just on the cusp of the top 20 defenders. With Richmond facing a much tougher draw in the back half of the season, expect the All-Australian captain to step it up as we move towards the finals.

Screenshots taken from Rance’s audition tapes

Backing it up…
Michael Hurley, $487K, BE 150
Elliot Yeo, $521K, BE 143 *BYE*
Jake Lloyd, $582K, BE 141


Dayne BEAMS (BRL), $524 800 (-$32.8K), average 95, BE 56 – Beamer has had bigger battles than footy offers this season, and he’s given up the captaincy, but don’t make the mistake of thinking he’s done! Beams has tonned up in five of his past six games, and boasts a three round average just shy of 123. Outstanding value for a player of this pedigree.

Callan WARD (GWS), $474 300 (-$74.0K), average 97, BE 56 – Universally admired for his leadership and hard-nosed attack on the footy, Ward is a perpetual outsider when it comes to Supercoach. Guided the Giants to one of their best wins in years last weekend, and has raised the bat in three of his past four starts. His consistency means he may not win you a league game – but he won’t lose it for you either. Should benefit from Kelly’s return to the playing field, too.

For future reference: this is Mitch.

Mitch DUNCAN (GEE), $561 700 (-$42.0K), average 109, BE 78 – Check the phrase “under the radar” in the dictionary, and up pops a picture of Mitch. You probably won’t recognise him though, because nobody pays any attention to the guy! Averaged 29 possessions and 110 ppg last season, and despite the addition of Ablett to the Cats’ midfield, is well on the way to replicating those numbers. A ridiculously low 1% ownership.

Limbo land…
Jack Macrae, $703K, BE 215 *BYE*
Patrick Cripps, $569K, BE 190 *BYE*
Marcus Bontempelli, $542K, BE 150 *BYE*
Lachie Neale, $538K, BE 145


In a departure from our normally scheduled programming, here are some rucks not named Grundy or Gawn….

Tom BELLCHAMBERS (ESS), $466 600 (-$37.9K), average 94, BE 21 – Apart from one game where the loaded Cats midfield got hold of him, Belch has being incredible in the past month, topped off by a 154 point domination of the Tigers last week. If you’ve still got Sandilands and little cash in your pocket, TBC could be a great POD for the rest of the season. Anyone in a draft league should definitely be looking at him!

Todd GOLDSTEIN (NTH), $469 400 (-$52.0K), average 92, BE 57 – Goldy’s struggle to recapture his 2016 form has been heavily discussed in Supercoachland, but recent signs are very promising. Three tons on the bounce now, the first time he’s managed this feat since round 9 last year. Probably only draft relevant, but extraordinarily well-priced for someone of his capabilities.

Aaron Sandilands, $537K, BE 168 


Sam MENEGOLA (GEE), $501 800 (-$50.0K), average 99, BE 66 – I think I’ve already said enough about Menegola this season, so this will be his final appearance on the Fallen Premiums for 2018. He’s the top scoring forward from last season, he’s playing a favourable role in a good team, he won’t be tagged, and he has DPP status. I’ll let you connect the dots.

Christian PETRACCA (MEL), $376 200 (-$57.1K), average 78, BE 50 – I was extremely unconvinced by the pre-season hype around Petracca, and he’s been problematic for his owners thus far, having been dropped from around 19,000 teams already. But here’s a rare opportunity to jump on a discounted talent playing for a red-hot team; a player with dual-position status who has the potential to pump out Supercoach tons. He practically has M9/F7 tattooed on his forehead!

Christian’s best Hulk impression

Forward thinking….
Jack Darling, $550K, BE 235 *BYE*
Robbie Gray, $524K, BE 151
Justin Westhoff, $509K, BE 141


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19 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 11”

  1. I’ve spent the whole week tossing up Selwood and Duncan and finally settled on Selwood but after reading this article I want Duncan again (not that this article told me anything knew).
    My concern with Duncan is he’s only scored high scores this year when he’s got a lot of CBA’s when Ablett was out against GWS (and danger was forward quite a lot) and in the last two games whilst charging off the back of the square and up through the ground using his highly elite kicking. Were those scores because he played Gold Coast and Carlton who let him drift freely into the square? and will he cop a tag if Geelong continues to look to try to get the ball in his hands as much as they have in recent weeks? I think if he can’t score well doing that role he will have less time in the guts and that will hurt his scoring. The other part of me says I’m overthinking it and he’s a jet. Selwood feels safer at his price even though he’s more injury prone.


    1. shouldn’t really say injury prone he’s played massive minutes his whole career with a brutal game style, what I should day is more of an injury risk due to possible concussion and the chance his body finally starts to give way.


    1. It is, but don’t forget you can make up to nine trades before Round 14 gets underway. That gives you a lot of leeway if you’re a little bye-heavy in that round.


  2. Great write-up Chillo. Will have a look at Trac after his bye and check if that’s a permanent tatto he’s got going on.
    Love the Rance quad-pic 😉


    1. Thanks AS. I can’t take credit for the Rance-orama as I swiped it from Twitter, but it’s a ripper!


  3. Who to bring in for Fyfe ??
    via DPP can be anyone , wont affect my bye numbers onfield through the byes
    600k pre trade + the Fyfe trade will give me 1.2 mill to upgrade 4-5 onfield rooks over the next 2 weeks
    tossing up between Ahern 123k with a double fallen premo upgrade after that
    Brayshaw 454k with a single fallen premo upgrade to follow
    who ever comes in will have to stay until the GF so will need good JS
    & no I don’t want Austin , to me , he’s looking like a trap as a keeper & my backline is solid
    will bring Fyfe back when I loose my next premo to injury
    thoughts on trade in players players
    cheers ..


      1. ha ha , too busy polishing his brownlow & premiership medals , but if he hits 450k , may bring him back as an M8
        more looking @ upgrading LDU , Murphy , Spargo , Barry & Higgins to fallen premos & keeping Doedee , Mirra , Holeman , Ahern , Fritsch as my bench cover


        1. Looks like a plan, but I’m not sure Fyfe OUT is a good start. Obviously it’ll make things happen quicker, but stepping back to go forwards? How many trades have you got left?


  4. am expecting Fyfe will only score 100 v the blues with the Curnow tag @ Etihad R13 , so his price may drop anyway , effectively gna score 100 over the next 3 weeks is worth 1 trade to me with the upgrades going fwd , wont be long b4 a 500k+ player goes down & then its an easy trade back in , holding out for hurley & reiwoldt as priorities when they’re prices bottom out ..


    1. Yep, I can’t recommend constantly swapping premiums either, but good luck PJ. Hope it works for you!


  5. Tossing up a few podder options this week besides dangerfield

    Tu – oliver
    Td – duncan

    Comment selwood


  6. Aawww shucks, thanks for the shout out Chillo!!

    And as always mate, great article by yourself!! … Really want Menegola, but his pesky bye and all my other premos that round make it very difficult!!



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