The Fallen Premiums – Rd 11, 2021

Written by Chillo on May 26 2021

I was actually thinking about typing out all the premiums who have been injured at some stage this year, but my fingers started screaming at me. So instead I’ll give my usual spiel for this time of year: please consider your byes position before making any trades this week. Good luck! (that was for me, I need it more than you)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Fallen Premiums.


Zac WILLIAMS (CAR), $398 800 (-$59.8K), avg 82, BE 29 – For all the flak he has copped this year, Williams hasn’t actually been that bad (when he has played). Teague has moved the hyped recruit back to his regular spot on the halfback flank in the past fortnight. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but Zwillo had by far his best game of the season this week, including 20 kicks among his 26 touches for 124 points. That 27 point clanger he dropped against the Dogs drops out of the cycle this week, which means he’s (a) super cheap, and (b) got that absurdly low break-even in his back pocket. There are so many attractive options in the back 6 this year that Zac should be easy to ignore – but at this price, can you?

Just quickly….OK, I’ll say it: Jordan RIDLEY ($484 600, avg 105, BE 79) annoys me. He floats around the backline, gets the occasional kick and doesn’t really seem to do anything of note. And at the end of the game, he has a ton next to his name. What else do you need to know? 

Backing it up…
Shannon Hurn, $439K, BE 171
Luke Ryan, $542K, BE 130

Which direction will Adam head at season’s end? Hmmm….

Adam CERRA (FRE), $408 100 (-$76.7K), avg 89, BE 53 – Pick 5 in the 2017 draft, the Dockers’ young gun has been promising a lot for a while now and seemed destined to finally deliver when he hit two big tons to start 2021. That dirty bludger we call syndesmosis caught up with him in round 5, but since his return he has turned out scores of 88 and 102. Now as cheap as you’ll see (maybe for the rest of his career?), the kid is an absolute jet and just the sort of buy you should be thinking about as an M8 candidate. The round 14 bye helps a bit too.

Lachie HUNTER (WBD), $466 500 (-$152K), avg 87, BE 66 – I actually had to double check Lachie’s price tag when I was writing this article. $152,000 discount, holy whiz! More injury time for the unfortunate Treloar equates to more footy for Hunter, who has demonstrated a massive ceiling throughout his career and is playing for the hottest team in the comp right now. Back to back tons in the past fortnight bodes well for those considering the Dogs wingman this week.

Tom LIBERATORE (WBD), $545 700 (-$24.2K), avg 104, BE 84 – Libba’s numbers in recent weeks have been so ridiculous, I’m sure he has been telling teammates to deliberately turn the ball over at times just so he can rack up more tackles and/or contested possessions. Currently ranked second in the league for the CPs and revelling in the extra responsibility afforded by Dunkley’s absence, Liberatore has the scoring pedigree and those of you with keen memories will recall his 196 outburst in the Supercoach grand final last year. Ownership: 1%. Goodness. Gracious. Me.

Christian PETRACCA (MEL), $525 100 (-$106.3K), avg 104, BE 96 – It was unfortunately inevitable that Tracc would struggle to follow up his breakout year of 2020. Returning to longer quarters was never going to favour a player more noted for power than endurance, but Petracca has continued to win plenty of the ball and is working into his year nicely. Can dominate a game like few other players in the league can even dream of, and playing for one of the two outstanding teams in the league. Very, very nicely priced this week – strongly consider…

I told you to hold on tight, but you didn’t and now your balloon is gone forever.

Travis BOAK (PTA), $536 200 (-$54.2K), avg 111, BE 100 – If Boaky is still playing at 50 years of age, do you think he’ll be an even better player than he is now? His career trajectory says yes! Just continues to outrun Father Time and rack up the touches every week, averaging a career-best 111 ppg in 2021. With the Round 12 bye and a reasonable break-even, you could possibly wait a couple of weeks to pick him up – but don’t wait too long….

Limbo land…
Zach Merrett, $557K, BE 150
Nathan Fyfe, $571K, BE 132


Nic NAITANUI (WCE), $551 000 (-$42.7K), avg 107, BE 83 – NicNat is possibly the best ruckman in the game. Do you want him in your team? Nah, me either. Can play, though.

Brodie Grundy, $659K, BE 146


No forwards of note this week (or any other week at the moment!) but there are a couple of under-priced options that have roamed these parts before…

Just quickly…Isaac HEENEY ($347 000, avg 77, BE 11) and Dustin MARTIN ($433 700, avg 95, BE 51) are forwards who are actually playing (for now) and more than capable of going 90+ for the rest of the year. They’re also both outstandingly well-priced with break-evens that are so low, they could fall over their own bootlaces and still make money this week. I hope they don’t fall over though. That could be embarrassing.

Forward thinking….
Jack Ziebell, $554K, BE 146


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13 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 11, 2021”

  1. Keeping byes in mind and needing cash..

    TU: Dusty (77k in bank)
    TD: Heeney (165k in bank)


    1. Already have Petracca, who would be an absolute god if he cleaned up his use, and giving Boak a look this week as well.

      Think it probably comes down to your byes, Alza. Who works best?


      1. Probably means I go with Boak who was my first thought and I did want earlier in the year but injuries prevented that. Boak more consistent as well but there’s just something about Petracca, good to watch I guess


  2. Thanks Chillo.

    I think I’m getting in Macrae this week.

    His R13 Bye actually works out ok for my Byes.

    I have a little bank so I’m planning Scott to Weightman then Jordan to Macrae.

    He has only dropped $30k on his starting price, but I can’t see him getting much cheaper for quite some time.

    I started Bont, so I’m looking forward having both him and Macrae.

    Whitfield / Titch R13 and Merrett R14 are my “Bye” trade in targets at this stage

    Thanks again for a great ep of The Fallen Premiums.


    1. Thanks FT!

      I’ve given far too much thought to trades already this week, and I’m leaning towards the double down. I think (hope) that will give me enough cash to go two up, one down in both Rounds 13 and 14.
      Whitfield is definitely on the radar for round 13, as is Boak. Have to wait and see what happens with the rest.
      Looking forward to seeing the likes of Danger and Rowell back in action soon!


  3. TU – Ridley
    TD – Doherty

    Same bye. Doherty scoring better…but Ridley at that price…



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