The Fallen Premiums – Rd 16

Written by on July 11 2018


If you’re still reading the Fallen Premiums this late in the season, you’re probably down to single figures on the trade front. If you somehow have ten or more remaining, you’ve been both exceptionally fortunate and irritatingly clever….or you’re a diabolical genius hoping for a good dose of end-of-season carnage!

For all the mortals of Supercoach, player movements must be very carefully considered from his point forward. Anyone coming in now will almost certainly be there for the duration – hopefully including SC Finals!


Jason JOHANNISEN (WBD), $404 300 (-$46.5K), average 83, BE 14 – There was a time in the Dogs’ premiership year of 2016 when JJ was a must-have defender. Johannisen’s dynamic run-and-carry on the rebound was the catalyst for his team’s charge to the flag. His 25 (!) possessions in the first half against the Hawks last weekend was an exciting callback to that form, can he reproduce that? Averaging 106 in his last three starts.

Daniel RICH (BRL), $445 000 (-$57.8K), average 80, BE 97 – The much-maligned Bam-Bam has tonned up in three of his last four games, and seems to be thriving with Hodgey helping him out at half-back. Something good is happening at the Lions, and thanks to Zorko, Rich doesn’t cop the tag any more either. Just 1% ownership means he’s a POD to be reckoned with!

Backing it up…
Jimmy Webster, $426K, BE 170
Tom McDonald, $489K, BE 158
Luke Ryan, $447K, BE 153


From that day on, if Isaac was going anywhere…he was RUNNING!

Isaac SMITH (HAW), $413 800 (-$52.0K), average 90, BE 50 – I know what you’re thinking and I agree with you – I wouldn’t pick Smith in my midfield either. UNLESS I was looking for an M9 with a high ceiling and a very friendly upcoming schedule! Smith’s free-running, long-kicking style is primed to score big against lesser opposition, and the Hawks’ run home includes the Lions, Blues, Dockers, Bombers and Saints. With only two Sunday games in that lot, is Isaac worth a punt for that purple E?

Trent COTCHIN (RIC), $454 400 (-$100.6K), average 99, BE 73 – He’s a Brownlow medallist, a premiership captain, and leads the red-hot favourites for the flag – what’s not to like? While everyone’s focussed on Dusty, Cotch’s price has bottomed out and he is excellent value for the run home. Six seasons of 100+ scoring in his career makes the Tigers skipper a prime target if you’re stretched for dollars.

Limbo land…
Josh Kelly, $583K, BE 167
Patrick Cripps, $592K, BE 161
Lachie Neale, $569K, BE 158


All you savvy Supercoaches out there are aware by now that discussing rucks is a complete waste of time in 2018, with Gawn and Grundy leading all players for aggregate and average. Instead, here’s a couple of F7/R3 options; get-out-of-jail cards, lest the unthinkable should happen and Max or Brodie hit the injury list.

Shaun MCKERNAN (ESS), $344 800 (+$39.5K), average 79, BE 23 – An obvious talent with a great pedigree, AFL has been a weird and winding road for McKernan. Back-to-back 90’s in the past fortnight are encouraging signs, and maybe kid McKernan has finally established himself in senior footy at 27 years of age.

Them good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye and kicking snags!

Mason COX (COL), $333 300 (+$28.5K), average 61, BE 60 – The American Pie has been one of the breakout stars of 2018, both on and off the field. Playing more as a forward this year (information that could have been brought to our attention at the start of the season, Bucks!), Cox’s obvious season highlight was a bag of five majors against the Dees at the G. I know there is one SCT writer who will happily espouse the merits of owning Big Mase!

Just for information purposes….
Max Gawn, $634K, BE 93
Brodie Grundy, $617K, BE 87 


Jarryd ROUGHEAD (HAW), $413 100 (-$62.7K), average 82, BE 63 – Similar to his wingman teammate, Roughy gets a run this week due to the Hawks’ exceedingly soft draw. It’s easy to envisage Roughy kicking a few bags in the upcoming weeks, as the Hawks rampage towards September. Yet another brown and gold loophole option!

Michael WALTERS (FRE), $440 400 (-$37.9K), average 91, BE 75 – Can you say, “More-midfield-time-because-Fyfe-is-out-and-Sonny-plays-better-when-he-gets-more-of-the-footy”? Hmmm, that is a bit of a mouthful; how about “BUY ME!”? Walters has had a wildly varying year littered with injury and suspension, but also four SC tons. Freo play five of their last seven at home, where Walters averages an impressive 107.8 in non-injury games this year. Comes with mid-fwd status; strongly consider!

Forward thinking….
Isaac Heeney, $509K, BE 197
Mitch Robinson, $474K, BE 161
Lance Franklin, $453K, BE 145


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    1. Me too, although if I had a couple of extra trades, I’d be staring down Michael Walters for the M9/F7 spot!



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