The Teams – R15

Written by Motts on June 29 2017

Its that time of the week again! Gather round and either have your hopes lifted or dashed upon the rocks.

Thanks Chaos Theory!


Melbourne v Sydney
Friday June 30 at the MCG (7.50pm)

B: M.Hibberd, O.McDonald, N.Jetta
HB: J.Lewis, S.Frost, J.Hunt
C: J.Harmes, D.Tyson, B.Vince
HF: B.Stretch, C.Pedersen, C.Petracca
FF: C.Oliver, T.McDonald, A.Neal-Bullen
Foll: M.Gawn, J.Melksham, J.Viney
I/C: M.Hannan, T.Bugg, M.White, J.Wagner
EMG: J.Trengove, S.Weideman, D.Johnstone
IN: J.Wagner, M.White
OUT: J.Garlett (hamstring), C.Salem (hamstring)

B: N.Newman, H.Grundy, N.Smith
HB: Z.Jones, D.Rampe, J.Lloyd
C: I.Heeney, J.Kennedy, C.Mills
HF: G.Hewett, L.Franklin, K.Jack
F: G.Rohan, S.Reid, T.Papley
FOLL: S.Naismith, D.Hannebery, L.Parker
I/C: O.Florent, J.McVeigh, L.Melican, D.Towers
EMG: J.Foote, J.Laidler, C.Sinclair
IN: J.McVeigh, Z.Jones
OUT: C.Sinclair (omitted), W.Hayward (foot)

Western Bulldogs v West Coast
Saturday July 1 at Etihad Stadium (1.45pm)

B: D.Morris, J.Roughead, J.Johannisen
HB: S.Biggs, E.Wood, M.Suckling
C: L.Hunter, J.Macrae, R.Murphy
HF: T.Dickson, J.Stringer, L.Dahlhaus
F: B.Dale, Z.Cordy, L.Picken
FOLL: T.Campbell, M.Bontempelli, T.McLean
I/C: M.Wallis, M.Honeychurch, C.Daniel, J.Redpath
EMG: M.Boyd, C.Smith, F.Roberts
IN: R.Murphy
OUT: T.Liberatore (cork)

B: B.Sheppard, E.Mackenzie, S.Wellingham
HB: L.Duggan, T.Barrass, T.Cole
C: A.Gaff, S.Mitchell, C.Masten
HF: L.Jetta, J.Darling, D.Sheed
F: J.Cripps, J.McGovern, D.Petrie
FOLL: N.Vardy, E.Yeo, L.Shuey
I/C: J.Redden, S.Butler, M.Hutchings, M.Karpany
EMG: L.Partington, S.Lycett, K.Mutimer
IN: S.Butler, C.Masten, S.Wellingham, J.Redden
OUT: M.Priddis (general soreness), S.Hurn (Concussion), J.Hill (illness), W.Schofield (hip)

Carlton v Adelaide
Saturday July 1 at the MCG (2.10pm)

B: L.Plowman, L.Jones, S.White
HB: K.Simpson, J.Weitering, S.Docherty
C: C.Marchbank, P.Cripps, D.Thomas
HF: N.Graham, L.Casboult, M.Wright
F: D.Cuningham, C.Curnow, J.Silvagni
FOLL: M.Kreuzer, B.Gibbs, M.Murphy
I/C: Z.Fisher, S.Kerridge, C.Sheehan, L.Sumner
EMG: C.Byrne, H.McKay, C.Polson
IN: S.White, S.Kerridge, L.Sumner, D.Cuningham, C.Sheehan, Z.Fisher
OUT: E.Curnow (Larynx), B.Smedts (Omitted), J.Lamb (Concussion), B.Boekhorst (Omitted) , J.Pickett (Omitted) , S.Petrevski-Seton (Managed)

B: R.Laird, K.Hartigan, D.Talia
HB: L.Brown, J.Lever, J.Kelly
C: R.Atkins, R.Douglas, B.Smith
HF: R.Sloane, J.Jenkins, W.Milera
F: M.McGovern, T.Walker, E.Betts
FOLL: S.Jacobs, B.Crouch, M.Crouch
I/C: J.Beech, R.Knight, D.Mackay, H.Greenwood
EMG: S.Thompson, P.Seedsman, A.Otten
IN: D.Mackay, R.Knight, M.McGovern
OUT: A.Otten (Omitted), T.Lynch (Illness), C.Cameron (Wrist)

Gold Coast v North Melbourne
Saturday July 1 at Metricon Stadium (4.35pm)

B: J.Harbrow, J.Leslie, R.Thompson
HB: P.Hanley, S.May, A.Saad
C: A.Sexton, G.Ablett, M.Rosa
HF: J.Lyons, T.Lynch, C.Ah Chee
F: B.Ainsworth, P.Wright, J.Martin
FOLL: J.Witts, B.Fiorini, D.Swallow
I/C: J.Lonergan, T.Miller, S.Lemmens, R.Davis
EMG: M.Shaw, J.Bowes, J.Joyce
IN: G.Ablett, M.Rosa, R.Davis
OUT: M.Shaw (Omitted), J.Joyce (Omitted), D.Macpherson (Omitted)

B: L.McDonald, R.Tarrant, A.Mullett
HB: S.Atley, S.Thompson, J.Macmillan
C: S.Gibson, S.Higgins, D.Mountford
HF: N.Hrovat, J.Waite, T.Garner
F: M.Wood, B.Brown, M.Daw
FOLL: T.Goldstein, J.Ziebell, A.Swallow
I/C: M.Williams, R.Clarke, M.Hibberd, C.Wagner
EMG: L.Thomas, T.Dumont, J.Williams
IN: M.Hibberd, C.Wagner
OUT: B.Cunnington (Suspension), T.Dumont (Managed)

GWS Giants v Geelong
Saturday July 1 at Spotless Stadium (7.25pm)

B: N.Haynes, A.Tomlinson, A.Corr
HB: Z.Williams, P.Davis, L.Whitfield
C: H.Shaw, M.Kennedy, T.Scully
HF: T.Greene, J.Patton, J.Kelly
F: S.Johnson, J.Cameron, S.Reid
FOLL: S.Mumford, C.Ward, D.Shiel
I/C: Boer, N.Wilson, R.Lobb, D.Smith
IN: D.Smith, J.Kelly, R.Lobb
OUT: D.Lloyd (omitted), H.Himmelberg (finger), T.Taranto (ankle)

B: A.Mackie, T.Lonergan, J.Bews
HB: Z.Tuohy, L.Henderson, K.Kolodjashnij
C: C.Guthrie, J.Selwood, J.Murdoch
HF: D.Menzel, H.Taylor, S.Menegola
F: J.Parsons, T.Hawkins, S.Motlop
FOLL: R.Stanley, M.Duncan, P.Dangerfield
I/C: A.Black, M.Blicavs, Z.Guthrie, Z.Smith
EMG: W.Buzza,ย T.House, S.Simpson
IN: L.Henderson, Z.Smith, A.Black, Z.Guthrie
OUT: S.Selwood (hamstring), T.Stewart (facial fracture), G.Horlin-Smith (ankle), D.Lang (leg)

Port Adelaide v Richmond
Saturday July 1 at the Adelaide Oval (7.40pm)

B: M.Broadbent, T.Clurey, J.Hombsch
HB: D.Byrne-Jones, T.Jonas, H.Hartlett
C: B.Ebert, O.Wines, J.Polec
HF: S.Gray, J.Trengove, S.Powell-Pepper
F: C.Wingard, C.Dixon, J.Westhoff
FOLL: P.Ryder, R.Gray, T.Boak
I/C: M.White, J.Impey, D.Houston, J.Pittard
EMG: J.Neade, A.Young, D.Howard
IN: M.Broadbent, J.Polec
OUT: A.Young (Omitted), J.Neade (Omitted)

B: D.Astbury, A.Rance, D.Grimes
HB: B.Ellis, O.Markov, K.McIntosh
C: J.Caddy, T.Cotchin, S.Grigg
HF: K.Lambert, S.Lloyd, J.Castagna
F: D.Rioli, J.Riewoldt, D.Butler
FOLL: T.Nankervis, D.Martin, D.Prestia
I/C: S.Edwards, J.Short, C.Menadue, T.Stengle
EMG: A.Miles, S.Bolton, R.Garthwaite
IN: O.Markov, T.Stengle
OUT: B.Houli (Suspension), S.Bolton (Managed)

Essendon v Brisbane Lions

Sunday July 2 at Etihad Stadium (1.10pm)


B: M.Baguley, M.Hartley, A.McGrath

HB: D.Parish, M.Hurley, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti

C: D.Zaharakis, D.Heppell, J.Kelly

HF: O.Fantasia, C.Hooker, B.Goddard

F: J.Stewart, J.Daniher, J.Green

FOLL: T.Bellchambers, J.Watson, T.Colyer

I/C: Z.Merrett, M.Gleeson, K.Langford, C.McKenna

EMG: J.Begley, M.Leuenberger, B.Howlett

IN: C.Hooker, D.Parish

OUT: S.McKernan (Omitted), B.Howlett (Omitted)


B: D.Gardiner, H.Andrews, D.Rich

HB: S.Mayes, T.Cutler, A.Witherden

C: N.Robertson, D.Zorko, R.Lester

HF: L.Taylor, J.Walker, R.Bastinac

F: D.McStay, E.Hipwood, J.Barrett

FOLL: S.Martin, T.Rockliff, J.Berry

I/C: H.McCluggage, R.Bewick, R.Mathieson, A.Smith

EMG: J.Freeman, M.Paparone, C.Cox

IN: J.Walker

OUT: D.Beams (Shoulder)

Hawthorn v Collingwood

Sunday July 2 at the MCG (3.20pm)


B: B.Hardwick, K.Brand, B.Stratton

HB: R.Burton, G.Birchall, L.Hodge

C: I.Smith, T.Mitchell, B.Hartung

HF: L.Breust, J.Gunston, D.Howe

F: T.Oโ€™Brien, J.Roughead, W.Langford

FOLL: B.McEvoy, S.Burgoyne, L.Shiels

I/C: R.Henderson, T.Duryea, J.Sicily, R.Schoenmakers

EMG: D.Willsmore, D.Howe, J.Cousins

IN: B.Stratton

OUT: P.Puopolo (Groin)


B: J.Howe, L.Dunn, T.Langdon

HB: J.Crisp, T.Goldsack, B.Maynard

C: S.Sidebottom, S.Pendlebury, T.Phillips

HF: J.De Goey, D.Moore, W.Hoskin-Elliott

F: J.Elliott, M.Cox, A.Fasolo

FOLL: B.Grundy, T.Adams, A.Treloar

I/C: L.Greenwood, J.Thomas, T.Broomhead, J.Ramsay

EMG: M.Scharenberg, C.Brown, B.Reid

IN: J.Thomas, J.Elliott, J.Ramsay, M.Cox

OUT: J.Aish (Omitted), B.Crocker (Omitted), C.Brown (Omitted), B.Reid (Omitted)

Fremantle v St Kilda

Sunday July 2 at Subiaco (4.40pm)


B: L.Spurr, J.Hamling, L.Weller

HB: E.Hughes, M.Johnson, L.Ryan

C: D.Tucker, L.Neale, B.Hill

HF: M.Walters, B.Cox, N.Suban

F: H.Ballantyne, C.McCarthy, H.Crozier

FOLL: A.Sandilands, N.Fyfe, D.Mundy

I/C: B.Grey, S.Darcy, G.Logue, T.Sheridan

EMG: D.Pearce, S.Kersten, S.Collins

IN: A.Sandilands, N.Fyfe, B.Grey, E.Hughes

OUT: C.Blakely (Club Suspension), S.Kersten (Omitted), J.Deluca (Ankle), S.Hill (Calf)


B: J.Geary, N.Brown, D.Roberton

HB: J.Newnes, J.Carlisle, J.Webster

C: L.Montagna, K.Stevens, J.Billings

HF: J.Sinclair, N.Riewoldt, J.Lonie

F: J.Gresham, J.Bruce, T.Membrey

FOLL: B.Longer, S.Ross, J.Steven

I/C: L.Dunstan, J.Steele, S.Gilbert, M.Weller

EMG: B.Acres, B.Long, D.McKenzie

IN: J.Steele

OUT: B.Acres (Omitted)



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29 thoughts on “The Teams – R15”

  1. All good news for once ( seemingly at this stage!) The only thing that might be a concern for Brodie Grundy owners is the selection of Mason Cox . Might have to rethink the Sandi to Gawn trade next week to possibly Grundy to Gawn?


    1. It will probably take injury or a form slump from one of their mids for him to come back. I think as long as the Hawks have a shot at finals then they’ll go for the experience of the older heads (form willing) over giving the young players a run.


  2. Zach Guthrie also gets a game. He was pencilled into many sides during the pre-season, so one to keep an eye on.


    1. Geelong running on fumes at the moment. Huge injury list, they pretty much said Zuthrie wouldn’t be ready this year.

      Played 3 VFL games, needed resting, played another 2 games before not playing for 4 weeks. Just got back to the VFL last week. Will be interesting to see how he goes.


      1. VFL numbers are very uninspiring, averaging 48 ppg.

        Plus, he still looks like he should be playing for Geelong Grammar


        1. Yeah not much of a tank in this kid yet and prob not SC relevent as his JS is worse than a fairfax employee. but i really rate this kid hope he has a good game… speaking of fairfax employees arron black back into the cats side


      1. I guess i remember the player he was a couple of years ago and expected him to improve a la Scooter Selwopd as the season went on.
        Early days with the poll but it looks like back in Swallow and out Selwood


        1. Shaggi probably wait until next week before making a decision as Scooter Selwood will most likely be back next week pumping out a Ton. No need either to worry about Billings price increase.

          No seriously we are playing this week so that is what i would like you to do.

          Good Luck!


          1. Looking forward to the challenge. I am quite pleased how the Looney Mooneys league is performing. Maybe we can crack top 100.
            Let me know where to send the box of tissues Sunday night ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. PARSONS!!!! He been my dud rookie trade of the year, but give him credit he somehow has been quite regular.. good for 50sc which is better than beams or scooter…


  4. typical of season so far,after being out for ages pickett and d.lloyd play last week making it difficult to loophole greenwood,this week both omitted!!!!


  5. C. Blakely ( Gone Surfing )

    Not SC relevant yet but he has been having pretty good year.

    Some how managed to dodge Cousins, Scharanberg, Scooter, Brown.

    Darcy stays, and no Kersten mean Sandi and Fyfe will play more time forward.


  6. Sorry guys confused on this.. I got VC on danger. My captain is on Miles who isn’t playing but my emergency is on Perryman & Danger. Perryman obviously got 0 points, do I get dangers score or the 0?


  7. Sorry guys confused on this.. I got VC on danger. My captain is on Miles who isn’t playing but my emergency is on Perryman & Rockliff. Perryman obviously got 0 points, do I get dangers score & Rockliff to come on? Or do I get 0 points with no Rockliff?


    1. I believe you will get Dangers score as Captain since your Captain won’t be playing, but you will get Perryman’s zero points as the lowest emergency counts towards a non playing fielded player – in this case, Miles. You won’t get Rockliff’s score unless you can get him on the field.



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