Captaincy Candidates – Round 3

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 28 2024

Vice-Captaincy Candidates

DAICOS v Lions

  • L3 v Lions: 151, 71
  • L3 @ G: 151, 71

Incredibly poor last week but the Pies will have done some soul searching as they stare down the barrel of a potential 0-4 start. Back to basics for 120.

SERONG v Crows

  • L3 v Crows: 100, 88, 64
  • L3 @ OS: 170, 94, 97

With the Crows midfield one way and uncontested, there’s no reason to hop off riding Serong’s form. Had a more understated game last week with 35 and even that was a 140. Same deal this week.


  • L3 v Dees: 184, 74, 57
  • L3 @ AO: 117, 158, 139

Dees a strong but open contest side, so no qualms taking a red hot midfielder into them. With Port on their home deck and word Satan might not get up, I like Butters here for 130.

Captaincy Candidates


  • L3 v Eagles: 162, 96, 145
  • L3 @ MRVL: 162, 153, 126

Eagles haven’t copped a blow out MID score in SC as of yet as our early season pressure has been okay. Green 137 and Butters just the 117 but if there’s any engine room that’s going to bust us wide open, it’s the Dogs. From clearance to SI, it’ll be all too easy for Bont to breeze to 150.

ENGLISH v Eagles

  • L3 v Eagles: 118, 160, 57
  • L3 @ MRVL: 118, 112, 134

Tingles an easy C here this week too. 150. We gift rucks mega-tons. As earnest as he is BJ will get clobbered by Tingles. We even ran Barnett for until the third quarter, which did slow Briggs a little. The question becomes, if you’ve got both, Bont or English? If Barnett is given a start again, it may have to be Tingles.

GULDEN v Tigers

  • L3 v Tigers: 143, 88, 68
  • L3 @ MCG: 109, 143, 156

Back to his ground-tracking brilliant best last week and tonned off of 24 touches. Tigers a really nice midfield match up, so Gulden to back it up with 130. No objections to anyone who wants to live life and go Heeney, who’s also OB v Tigers.

Steer Clear


  • L3 v Freo: 173, 98, 145
  • L3 @ OS: 111, 108, 145

I’m expecting him to bounce back but I wouldn’t bother trying to predict when that will be – least not v Freo in Freo. It’s likely a flat-ton under the Crows inject some depth, creativity and contested winning capacity into their midfield.

Smoky Pick

LDU v Blues

  • L3 v Blues: 102, 95, 77
  • L3 @ MRVL: 105, 125, 133

Good proposition for LDU starters this week. Blues obviously the better side but missing some key dimensions in their on ball profile and playing without an established ruck. Real shot for LDU, Xerri and the like to get on top. With a big occasion and good space, I can see LDU going 140.


  • Round 1: Green 152
  • Round 2: Green 137


At the moment, I’m taking advantage of the bye round and going for Tingles into Gulden. If Tingles is in 120~ heading into the last and I’m sitting at the game satisfactorily depressed, I’ll take it. Do rate Butters early though.


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19 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 3”

  1. I will be going Daicos for V. Can’t have two shockers in a row can he? Plus he might have the seagull role at half back as well.

    As for captain if needed I am having a tough time splitting Jackson & Gawn. Hopefully I don’t need to make that decision.


  2. So many options this week…..I’m going with a combo of Serong/Butters/Bont but goodness knows which combination !!!!


  3. Richmond seem to have low midfield density this year:
    – R0: Rowell 137
    – R2: Cripps 135
    – R2: Butters 175

    Thoughts on Heeney?


    1. “No objections to anyone who wants to live life and go Heeney, who’s also OB v Tigers”.


  4. Any stats or love for Merrett against st kilda?
    Should probably just keep it simple and go Daicos into Bont but idk feeling apprehensive after what Daicos did last week so thought I may spice it up.


    1. Great shout Magic, I’m thinking of doing the same as I don’t have Serong or Butters. Stewart did well last week against them, hopefully Ryan does the same.


      1. VC Ryan for 130

        Now the question is do I keep it or roll the dice with Bont against the Weagles…

        Tu Keep 130 from Ryan
        Td Roll the dice with Bont


  5. Really struggling with who to go with as captain after Caicos didn’t bounce back as big as I’d hope last night. Any help would be much appreciated!

    Tossing up between the below options

    TU – L Ryab
    TD – Jackson

    Comment LDU



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