24 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane v Collingwood”

  1. The 3774 teams that traded out daicos this week wouldn’t be to disappointed with how hes going thats for sure. .

    Is something not right with him?


    1. If you don’t like him or think he is not serving YOUR SC side stop whinging and trade him out!! Then you won’t have to complain so much


  2. Is anyone else mystified by the umpiring these days? Inconsistent from week-to-week, even from quarter-to-quarter.


  3. We are so bad this year, the kids haven’t gone forward and the talls need a footy dog to help them get near it…. Only 8 weeks till Ashcroft gets back .. half back is the most important position in footy and you need two.. we don’t have any. J berry is the worst wing in the league.. slow,low iq,
    Rant over.
    Well played pies..


  4. Darcy Cameron with 18 points that game. 540k player that could become cheap pick-up in a month.
    4 disposals, 17 hitouts, 51 ruck contests.
    Only 12 CBA compared to 15 from Cox.
    50/50 ruck split with Cox
    61% TOG and Cox 63%

    Will need to watch but a shift in the ruck seems to be occurring at Collingwood



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