11 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Round 3”

  1. Traded out young and kept Dawson. Won the cash league last year and now I’m ranked 86k.. probably getting worse. What a horrid start ahaha wow


  2. 991/9

    Backed Young, North boys Powell and Xerri worked on debut and then Sheez and Ryan ripped 130s.

    Just Butters and Wilson E for me tmmrw. Have taken Zwill’s 70 over Howes – woulda backed him if it were in Melb.


  3. 650/7
    Only 3 major premos have played. Fisher, Williams, Sharp and Mckercher with 70s
    Got VC on Butters with C on Bont.

    Having so many trades this season sucked me into trading Young. Was hoping for a massive price drop and almost bring him back if he actually did fit.
    NWM came in and hoping this still works out


  4. 1909/18/Heeney

    Trades of Short and S Berry to NWM and Powell have gone well. Have to see how the young to Stewart one pans out tomorrow. 210 between Stewart and Massimo gets me to 2000 and if Clark can outscore Fyfe’s 69 as a bonus it should be a good round


  5. 2033/18/Heeney
    Projected 2040.
    Massimo and Dempsey to come. Anything they get above 54 will improve my score. Already better than last week’s bye score so expecting a climb in the rankings.


    1. Probably 1930 is my guess. A lot of projected are ranged between 1850-1930 but it depends if D’Ambrosio can lift it for many teams as he is only projected for 59 which we expect higher.
      Anything over 2000 is a great score


  6. 1979/Bont

    D’Ambrosio left to play and has to score 86 to knock off Jordan and make me reach 2000.
    Butters into Bont didn’t pay off, but spare a thought for GD who went risky with VC English into Gulden. A back to back game and left the C on Gulden. A loss of 51 points



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