2019 Loophole Options

Written by Schwarzwalder on January 3 2019

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Whether you choose a loophole or not, it is always good to consider which club(s) offers the best loophole options for the year, in case you decide at the last minute you want one. As last year proved, Tony Olango was worth his weight in gold; and he was a big unit! The table below shows all clubs’ Sunday fixtures, Round by Round, for the AFL season 2019. Those highlighted in yellow indicate that they were also the FINAL game played that week.

This year it appears that the most appropriate team for your loophole is Fremantle. For those Rounds that Fremantle are not playing on a Sunday, they are either playing the last game on the Saturday night (3), or give you numerous (4+ teams) and favourable (eg 1+ of COL, MEL, HAW, WBD) options with daylight to spare (ie sufficient time to address your C/VC options). There are just two rounds where this is not the case. Rounds 11 and 17 offer limited options and these are:

– RD 11 – NTH or RIC players only (not ideal), and

– RD 17 – COL or WCE players only (better options)

Obviously the Rd23 fixture times and dates are not confirmed until much later in the year, but I hope you agree this is pretty much as good as it gets. Especially when you consider there are two loophole options at the basement price AND with DPP (offering you added flexibility at the trading table). They are:

Tobe WATSON (DEF/MID), $102 400 &

Jason CARTER (DEF/MID), $102 400

Unfortunately, Lloyd MEEK (RUC) is priced at $123 900 this year.

Would be interested to hear if my fellow Coaches have differing opinions on this………..


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16 thoughts on “2019 Loophole Options”

  1. Depending on where the lack of decent rookies lie, it might be worth considering those that might get a game at some point down the track. Though a bit more expensive, players like Valente and Schulz could be smart loophole picks and Sweet (WBD) in the ruck for the back half of the year.
    Can’t see any harm in having two if there really is a shortage of decent rookies in Rd1.
    I see the SC optimal team-picker for 2018 had two all year. Olango, plus a basement-priced rookie who had MID/FWD status to add flexibility to optimise onfield pts scoring across those lines. Food for thought!


    1. Well written All Saints
      Like the idea or Valente or Schulz as will definitely get a game down the track . Had Olongo last year . A bit concerned wasting non playing rookie in mid and defence as injuries , suspension and non selection will often prove loop hole option any way.


  2. Watson & Carter will both be a no from me. I would only entertain a loophole player that won’t play as a R3 (no other position)

    Valente and Schultz I could consider though. Are they both Freo?

    Also, which team has the second best loophole options?


  3. For those of us who are expecting the delemma of having ALL 30 players selected every week and want to reduce it to 29, perhaps we should select Fyfe maybe, so he has a consistent use and we won’t feel the need to trade him in and out all season.

    ………..attempted humour.


    1. ……..and a new meaning to DPP….duel PURPOSE player…….hahahaha……ok sorry guys….I know, time for my meds.


  4. I’m looking at late starters because we usually have plenty of off field players towards the end.

    A good D/F rookie option would be nice as I have a 3 ruck lineup this year. If I cannot find someone suitable it will be Tobe Watson all the way. DPP capability is highly useful in your donut, but unfortunately there isn’t really too many useful D/M premos for the shuffle to be worthwhile.


  5. I think WBD are the best option for a loophole rookie.
    There are only 3 rounds (4/8/10) where there are limited options.
    But in these 3 games you have a better selection of a VC than Freo do in my opinion (SYD v MEL/ESS/COL).
    Therefore Sweet is a great option – just not DPP


    1. As long as you pick one who plays before AT LEAST one of your C options you’ll be ok.
      For that reason, I’ve been persuaded to go with Bines (RUC/FWD) which just gives you a little more flexibility.
      Sweet also a good option


  6. Atm I’ve got Alabakis from the Saints at R3. He only plays 9 Sunday games, a little less than the Dockers and Dogs, but he doesn’t have any Thursday/Friday games and I can’t really stomach wasting a def/mid bench position. Rooks there are usually way better than in the ruck. Would get Sweet but he plays in the same team as Macrae, and I’d really like to be able to VC Macrae when I upgrade to him later in the season.



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