Fixture Analysis: Loophole Options

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on December 13 2021

Will be formally re-posting this as part of a Fixture Analysis series when our content fires up early next year but to get things going for the stalwarts already back on the site I’ve quickly crunched the numbers on loophole options:

TimeslotFRI (-4)SAT Early (-3)SAT Afternoon (-2)SAT Late (+1)SUN Early (+2)SUN Afternoon (+3)SUN Late (+4)MON (+5)Total
HAW11 221212

*note that only the first 9 rounds of the fixture have scheduled dates and times, with just match ups settled for rounds 10 – 23

So as you can see, provided there’s a nice basement 102k option, the Hawks are solidly with the best loophole option team. They’ve got no death knell Friday night games leaving you without a loop, 7 out of their first 9 are late Saturday onward and, crucially, they’ve got those two Monday games giving you the pick of the crop each time. If none of the Hawks 102k-ers have DPP a case could also be made for a loop from the Dockers with DPP, you’d just have to weigh the value of DPP and against the flexibility a Hawks loop would give you at the VC/C selection table.

Anyway, we’ll be formally be back into the swing of things in January when the team picker drops and things really heat up but just thought this would get everyone’s juices flowing.


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7 thoughts on “Fixture Analysis: Loophole Options”

  1. Totally agree…first thing I did when draw came out. Gold Coast close second. Now we jst need a $102 k Hawks r/f who wont play.


      1. GD, I looked at things slightly differently rating each team’s draw by when they played each round…game 1 = 1 pt, game 9 = 9 pts.
        The results are Haw/GCS 56, Freo 55…very close. BUT, the key thing is that Freo have 2 games in rd 2 and Haw 1. By comparison, GCS have three games in round 4, and none earlier……in each of these three rounds there are good vc options before GCS play.
        The final call will be on each SC player’s team structure, but I’m now actually leaning towards GCS.

        Love these discussions.



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