Rate My Team – December I

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on December 15 2021

And up goes the first of many Rate My Team threads to come. For those who want to get stuck in early and have shilled out for SC Gold, feel free to start dropping your first drafts and structures right here as well.


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  1. Dawson, Short, Daniel, Cumming, Rookie, Rookie (Rookie, Rookie)
    Macrae, Walsh, Petracca, Brayshaw, Neale, J.Berry, Constable, N. Daicos (Rookie, Rookie, Rookie)
    Darcy, Preuss (Rookie)
    Taranto, T. Thomas, J. Graham, Coniglio, Rookie, Rookie (Rookie, Rookie)
    $132k left to help with rookies, definitely went the value option with plenty of low $200k options.
    Cumming, Thomas & Graham could be great POD’s that could go big this year.


    1. Could somebody please confirm what Sam Darcy (WB) postion (s) is have seen two different postings on two sites one being here in general discussions as ruc / fwd , the other being DEF / FWD


  2. For Me so far

    RUCKS: McEvoy, Ladhams
    FWDS:Dunkley, Thomas, Butters, CCJ

    Left over cash: 2.44M for 16 spots


    1. Just curious as to why the down votes?

      Re Ruck Stratergy:

      The top 4 rucks are Gawn/Grundy/Darcy and Nick Nat. all are priced as Uber Premo’s, captaincy options and have question marks, and all have the round 14 bye.

      For the same price you could get players like Bont, Walsh, Lyons, Titch, Laird all of whom will average about the same for the season have limited durability concerns and are legitimate captaincy options. or The Seagul + extra premium rookie. if you wanted to stack your defense.

      Meanwhile there is an interesting pool of lower priced premiums/mid priced R/Fs who are durable and if they are playing ruck should get enough points to be a solid F5/6 at seasons end (McEvoy, English, Ladhams, 2MP, CCJ, maybe Burgess/ Ratugolea)

      So the question becomes Gawn vs Bont, Grundy vs Walsh ect and ill take the mid this year.


    2. Hey, JSG.

      Think your ruck combo is the source of the TDs. No problem departing from G&G, many of us are, but McEvoy and Ladhams aren’t the solutions.

      McEvoy’s scoring days are over. Plays down back as a tall in that on-field coach/general role and then comes in for 2nd RUC duties. Hawks will develop Reeves/Lynch this year as #1 rucks. Similarly, Ladhams is slated to play up FWD, only rucking when Hickey rests and at F50 stoppages – not a good scoring stream.

      The most viable modestly priced ruck alternative to G&G, Nic Nat & Darcy is the Big O. There are other options, but all have issues rn: Marshall isn’t at full training yet, yet to see Witts or Preuss in action, might be touch early on Draper – but monitor them all, could very well work out.

      Good luck.


      1. So Version 2.

        Included Grundy to be more risk averse. in the rucks.

        $$$ Remaining 40K
        DEF: Seagul, Crisp (lol), Short, NWM, Chesser, Kelly, Gould, Voss

        Not much to say, 3 pretty safe guns. a few DPP rookies. fairly standard. Rookies are placeholder at this stage

        Miller, Oliver, Walsh, Laird, Petracca, Neale, Daicos, Ward, + 3 102k rookies

        Ruck: Grundy, Mac Andrew, Cheap DPP ruck Forward.
        Grundy should be the solo ruck most of the time with Lynch gone. most reasonably priced of the top rucks. Still an elite player and potential captaincy option. GCS will most likely be bad and if Andrew has a starting role in their defense he should be a reliable contributer with a 350-400k ceiling

        FWD: Dunkley, Butters, CCJ, Coniglio, Jamarra, Hollands, Baldwin, Bazzo

        Dunkley, Butters, Coniglio and Hollands are fairly common picks and speak for themselves, with Bruce out Jamarra is likely the No1 target of one of the best midfields in the game he will kick some big scores against bad teams (Darcy a 1/1 swap depending on role.)

        CCJ was a viable F6 last year with a smaller role on another bad/average team. North has an easy schedule. Expanded Role + growth of North’s midfield group which now includes JHF and Greenwood. Has a chance to make 100K, and is a bailout option if the 2 rookie ruck combo doesn’t work out


  3. $7200 leftover
    Hall, Whitfield, Sicily, Milera, Marchbank, Wilmot.
    Gould, Thompson

    Macrae, Steele, Miller, Oliver, Bontempelli, Daicos, Stone, Valente.
    Stephens, McInnes, Smith.

    Gawn, Pruess.

    Dunkley, Duncan, Butters, Curnow, Stengle, Pedlar.
    Motlop, McMahon.


  4. V1.


    Jack Crisp $571,000
    Luke Ryan $540,300
    Jordan Ridley $537,100
    Lachie Whitfield $502,600
    James Sicily $448,100
    Josh Sinn $157,800

    Garrett McDonagh $117,300
    Miller Bergman $117,300


    Marcus Bontempelli $651,700
    Lachie Neale $543,200
    Matt Crouch $482,000
    Matt Rowell $342,900
    Jarrod Berry $268,500
    Charlie Constable $213,400
    Jason Horne-Francis $207,300
    Nick Daicos $193,800

    Ben Hobbs $153,300
    Matthew Johnson $117,300
    Greg Clark $117,300


    Brodie Grundy $627,100
    Braydon Preuss $204,700

    Jacob Edwards $123,900


    Josh Dunkley $558,200
    Mitch Duncan $540,000
    Tim Taranto $529,700
    Adam Treloar $483,200
    Stephen Coniglio $261,300
    Elijah Hollands $123,900

    Will Kelly $123,900
    Phoenix Spicer $123,900


    1. Interesting, KB.

      What’s the rationale for going deep down back and up forward? Had merit last year given the shortage of rookies but for now I’d rock a pretty traditional structure till we can assess the rookies.

      Also, with that structure you’ve only got 4 safe C options. Think a better use of cash saved at Preuss R2 would be a proper premo MID.


      1. Hi GD,

        Judging by the draft the most relevant rookies appear to be mids, so that was the initial thinking. Hopefully we have a number of FWD/DEF rookies that put their hands up over summer to even it out. I agree on the C’s/MID as I think you are being generous giving me 4…


        1. Yeah, lotta talk around the MID rookies.

          Dunkley, Grundy, Bont and Neale by my count lol. You’re a man of great courage if you straight slap the C on anyone else!

          Really like the Ryan pick btw. A properly staffed Freo backline with Cox and the lot will free Ryan up heaps.


  5. Hello Gunboat and others lurking this early in the preseason.

    Beware the long post !!
    My first try at team picker this year.
    My initial thoughts are sticking to the Guns and Rookies approach.
    As Kicking Behinds pointed out there seems to be some great value Mids this year ( M.Crouch , Berry etc.. ) . I have avoided going down that path so far. I think you need to start at least 5 big dog mids. They are needed as Captains options and are the hardest to try and pick up later in the season.

    I have also stuck with the set and forget Ruck line. I played around with a cheap R2 ( Witts ) It only really gets me M Crouch at M6 instead of Brodie.
    I like this team better for now… I have put in rookies that I think may get a game, some mid bench are pure place holders.

    So here goes..


    Lloyd . Ridley . Dale .

    N.W Milera. L. Aleer. S De Koning.

    S Skinner. C Dean.


    Macrae . Steele . Oliver . Mitchell . Neale.

    Brodie . N Daicos . G Clark.

    Stephens . Draper . Woewodin.


    Darcy . Grundy.

    C Comben.R/F


    Dunkley. Butters. Gresham.

    Cogs . E. Smith . E. Hollands.

    J Motlop . E Benning R/F


    Def: Lloyd should return to his best with Dawson now gone.
    Kelly’s move to the Bombers will free up Ridley. If he starts like last year you want to own him.
    Dale is my POD. He will be ignored after losing forward status. I think he has great durability and enormous potential.
    Another year in a settled role should see him top 6 defender.

    I have ignored Whitfield for now, although he represents value, I’m really trying to avoid injury prone / GWS players where possible. ( Cogs is just too cheap )

    Other defenders I may consider are. Crisp . Dawson . Ryan and A Hall.
    All are capable of top 6 if they retain their role / fitness.


    The top 4 pick themselves . Proven players worth the money in my book. I was hesitant on Neale after talk of him wanting to come back to WA last year. The latest reports from Brisbane changed my mind. He is the stand out ” Value “mid this year.

    Other Mids I would consider are the younger guys , that could really improve again after breakout seasons last year. They are.. Miller . Walsh. Petracca . Parish and maybe Brayshaw. I just think the ones I picked are safer bets.


    Darcy . Grundy.


    Max has maxed out in price, and with the sharing of ruck duties, is for the first year in many out of my calculations. Darcy showed last year he has the ceiling to get to the top 2 rucks. He is the fittest he has ever been, and should push for AA honours. Grundy is a pretty safe pick but will be the first to go, if I think I need cash to fit in someone else.

    Other Rucks to consider. Mc Inerney. ROB. Witts.

    I just can’t see Preuss staying fit unfortunately.


    Dunkley should be everyones first picked player. DPP and a full discount make him a must have. Butters is a little risky but at that price I will give him a go. Likewise Gresham. If they get enough mid time I think they both can work.
    Everyone will own Cogs so you need to as well. Just needs to play and will make money.

    T Thomas will be my replacement if Butters or Gresh go down in the preseason.

    This team has $13o.200 left to play around with rookies. I may also go Berry over Brodie at M6 if his preseason form warrants it.

    Let me know what you think.


    1. Hey, FT.

      Yep, can’t disagree. Obviously there’s nothing to influence structure as of yet (injuries, pre-season, rookie availability, etc.), so that’s a solid G&Rs side.

      Really like the Dale pick, he’ll go under the radar and surely improve on his 2021 av. of 95. They really rate his use.

      Agree with your analysis on Gawn and Cogs. Dees now really comfortable giving Jackson extended RUC duties (eg. made him first ruck at one point in the GF to throw the Dogs off) and Maxxy’s FWD craft has really improved. Think we can get away with no Maxxy but Darcy a must have. And Cogs, yeah, just have to start him in case he pops off and everyone has him.

      Those underpriced FWDs are interesting. Liked Gresham a few preseasons ago, will be one to watch but not sure he has the ceiling. Big on Butters, got him in my first draft. Wish I had the stones for Thomas, looked great in the second half of last year with that burst M/F role but the arrival of Gwood, JHF and then development of LDU and Powell might deprive him of the CBA load we’d like.

      My first draft’s pretty similar, here it is:

      DEF: Lloyd, Hall, Ridley, Chesser, Driscoll, De Koning (Gould, Dean)

      MID: Macrae, Steele, Satan, Miller, Neale, Daicos, D. Stephens, Mead (Smith, Stephens, loop)

      RUC: Darcy, Big O (Preuss)

      FWD: Dunks, Heeney, Butters, Cogs, Hollands, Skinner (Laurie, Benning)

      Premos pick themselves, not much to discuss there. On the ruck sitch, I had the inimitable Big O in the back end of last season thinking he’d potter around the 85-90 mark but f*ck me he was tremendous. Thinking I’ll give him a look and use the extra cash to run Preuss as a cow at R3 – just need to make sure the Lions don’t mess around with Fort in some sort of deep FWD role till Hipwood gets back. Heeney and Butters looking fit, full pre-seasons hopefully, slated for MID roles and both already have great ceilings. Liking the look of them.

      Only thing that could throw a wrench into these G&Rs structures is if players like Berry, Constable, Brodie (interested to know your read on him, FT), F. Macrae, JHF, etc., become must haves all at/above the 200k mark.

      Of course, nothing’s concrete yet.


    2. Solid team. All great premo picks and 5 in the midfield is the way to go unless a Green or Serong step up in preseason. Agree with your point on punting on previously injured players. Still considering Sicily though depending on his role

      Two premium rucks still looks the best option trade wise. Preuss is a big question mark but presents irresistible value if he can stay on the park for 6-10 games and will probably average 80 points a week.

      You have 11 premiums overall unless Cogs and Butters both coming off injuries become premos. May be at least 20-22 trades dedicated to upgrading alone while sacrificing early points with rookies but building value.

      I’ve gone GandR most years myself and will probably do so again but I’ve started looking at a few kids (more than usual) who might be breakout material in 2022.

      Has there ever been any analysis of the initial selection approach underaken by successful SC participants?


      1. Hey, Powerplay.

        By my count that’s a 13 premo structure plus Cogs? Butters relative to the FWD options is a premo, I’d say.

        Maybe you misread but I’ve got Preuss at R3 for cash gen not R2. Got McInerney at R2, who went at a 116 av. in the back end of last year when I had him. Think he’s primed for another ascendant year.

        Again, it’s all speculative now. We’ll see.


        1. Hey Gunboat.

          Totally agree with your assessment. I like big O at R2. He will be my swap if I need cash. I read somewhere that Grundy is working well with the new coaching set up, and is super motivated to do well this year. We hear this a lot in preseason but I really believe Grundy is the sort of player that likes stability, so that’s good enough for me to keep him for now.

          TBH Brodie is probably just a place keeper at M6 atm. I think with Fyfe now likely to be ready for R1 Brodie may not even make the 22.
          He will get a chance during the Marsh series. If he shines he maybe worth a look. If I do start him though, it will probably be forward.

          Other M6 types to consider are Horne Francis as you mentioned ( although he maybe forced to play forward early. ) Constable may get Greenwoods midfield role and could be worth a shot. Jarrod Berry could be a gem. His disposal is questionable , but he is certainly one to watch preseason.

          My other smoky for M6 is Matt Rowell. He finally seems over his injuries and has a few running Pb’s this preseason. His $343K price tag is rather ugly, but he could be worth the extra cash if it suits your structure.

          I’ve currently swapped Gresham out for Brodie and popped Rowell in at M6. My reasoning is I have more confidence Rowell will actually play midfield.

          I’ve steered clear of Heeney for similar reasons to Whitfield. I just can’t trust his body at this stage. He has been touted to play midfield for the last 3-4 years and always ends up forward. I believe he still has scoring power, I’m just not sold yet. One huge preseason game may sway me.

          Nice to have some some SC to think about pre xmas.
          Hope you and yours are well, and safe this festive season.


          1. Rowell at M6 is juicy if you can swing it, nice.

            Yeah, the Heeney pick is wholly contingent on his pre-season. I don’t mind him up FWD, just a matter of fitness. Scores well enough for the FWD line when in good nick, helps that the Swans are flying as well.

            Gresham over Brodie, yeah. Just don’t see him getting a proper MID role at the Dockers and anywhere else makes him SC irrelevant.

            Catch you over the pre-season ofc, enjoy your summer.


    3. Hey FT, great looking team, I’m curious if you put this into the app or just looked at prices. I tried the team and fell about 10k short. Cheers


      1. Hey Mateo.

        I’m using Team Picker for gold users.

        My team has changed a bit already.

        Current squad has $27k left.

        Lloyd. Dale. Whitfield . Marchbank.
        Sinn. Willmont / Aleer. S De Koning.

        Steele . Miller . Oliver . Walsh . J Berry
        Daicos . G Clark / Stephens . Mead . N. Long ( M/F loop )

        Darcy . Grundy / Hayes.

        Dunks . Butters . Gresham . Cogs.
        E Smith. E Hollands / Motlop . Skinner .


        1. Or this team… with only 9.5 k left

          No Darcy, but a better defence and a surprise M6.

          Lloyd . Hall . Dale . Marchbank…

          Sinn etc..

          Steele .Oliver Titch . Walsh. Neale . Whitfield.
          Daicos etc..

          Grundy . Big O


          Dunks . Butters . Rayner. Cogs. etc…


  6. Nathan’s Gunz v1

    Lloyd, Rich, Crisp, Sicily, Kelly, Gould (O’Driscoll, Dean)

    Macrae, Steele, Miller, Oliver, Neale, N.Daicos, Ward, Mcinnes (Valente, Johnson, Clark)

    Grundy, Preuss (Hayes)

    Duncan, Treloar, Degoey, Coniglio, Hollands, Edwards (E.Smith, Saunders)

    First of many variations of my side


  7. Here we go lads…..explanations at the bottom.

    Ridley Lukosious, Howe, Day, Marchbank, (R/R/R)

    Steele, Bont, Trac, Andy Brayshaw, Adams, Gresham, Horne-Francis, N Daicos
    ( Hobbs/G Clark/N Long)

    Witts, Preuss (J Williams)

    Dunks, Duncan, Taranto, Treloar, Cogs, (R/R/R)

    Bank $106.3

    Lukosious my break out candidate, and he has dpp. Marchbank
    speculative at this stage.

    Gresham looks a steel and has dpp. Like the two H-F and Daicos to give good points and cash, despite their high prices….also provide good cash for any correction needed. Steele and Bont provide 7 c loops for the first nine rds. N Long is the c loop.

    Rucks my weakest point, but I reckon could also be my greatest pods too. Gawndy days over. Williams is r/f for flexibility.

    Love my fwds. Five chosen are all m/f so great flexibility, and COGS a steal. Duncan takes vc rd 7.


    1. Hey Wighty

      Another unconventional team I see.

      You have a heap of balls starting so many breakout / injury prone players.

      I’m honestly not trying to be too critical. I’m just going to say it/. write it as I see it.

      Luko, Day and Howe all on one line is risk personified. Luko may breakout but I’m just not sure what role he plays. The same can be said for Day. He has huge talent but with Sicily back and a new coach, where does he play ?
      I don’t mind Marchbank, but I fear he may have to play as an undersized Fullback with no Jones. This is not a great role for SC.

      I like Brayshaw but I would use that extra cash you banked to get up to Walsh. He is so much more consistent and definitely worth the extra cash. Adams is an interesting one. Even if he can stay fit, I’m not sure he has the ceiling to finish top 10-12 Mid for the year. I don’t mind Gresham but I would start him forward.

      Witts and Pruess is really hard to justify. I would at least pick one Premo ruck then one of those guys at R2. This way if something happens Eg Pruess gets injured, at least you can find a way to swap him out for Witts. Two mid priced rucks leaves little room for error.

      Forwards are super injury prone as well . Treloar and Duncan can both score, but have terrible injury histories. I would pick one max.If you’re going to risk injury prone players I would look at players like Heeney and Butters. At least they come with a discount and represent some value.

      Trapanto will be highly owned and may end up top 6-8 forward for the year. I wont be starting him as I think he is top priced to start and shows no value. Anyone that has owned him in the past knows he is likely to put up a stinker score ( 60-70 ) at some stage, probably early. This will drop his price and have him available for closer to $450k. This is when I will most likely pounce.

      The bones of your team is great. I would just save a few future headaches by swapping out a few of those riskier selections for proven durable players.

      Best of luck..


    2. Yep, I’m with FT on this one. Big fan of yours, Wighty, but there’s some ass picks in there, brother.

      I had Lukosious last season – think we both did. You’ll remember that in that distributor role he was chugging along nicely even with Powell and Bowes eating into his economy but he then had stints on the wing and in 2022 there’s word of him developing a FWD dimension to his game. Other issue with Lukosious, having owned and watched him closely, is effort. Rarely goes to ground, tackles or plays assertively at defensive stoppages. Goes for most of the Suns tbh but I remember just losing my shit seeing the ball 5m away from him on the ground and him going “nah, noty”.

      I get the appeal of Day but the worry now is how many cooks there are in the Hawks kitchen (Impey, Sicily, Jiath, Scrimshaw, Hardwick, etc.) and then how they’ll all go under a new coach. Ton of great DEF options this season, I’d just lock away three of them and relax.

      Then, like FT said, the risk profile of that side is just massive. A returning Witts and Preuss, Duncan, Adams, Howe and Treloar. Yowza. Too many soft tissue and easily re-aggravated injuries there for me. I’d do a little de-risking on the basis of pre-season form/reports and your bye structure.

      On the positive side, especially love two of your MID picks. Brayshaw on such a great development arc, could very well be his year, and Racca will be a nice low ownership, high ceiling POD as well.


    3. Appreciate the comments…..a lot of what I have come up with is speculative of course and will depend on pre-seasons. Draper for Preuss the most likely. But on the other hand, if your team is similar to everyone else, so will the results be !!


  8. What do we think gang?

    DEF: Hall, Whitfield, Sicily, Kemp, Wilmot, Sinn // Gould, Kelly
    MID: Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Bont, Neale, Berry, Daicos, Ward // Draper, Johnson, Clark
    RUCK: Darcy, Grundy // Preuss
    FWD: Dunkley, Butters, Gresham, Coniglio, Holland, E.Smith // J.Motlop, S.Butler

    May drop preuss and/or berry down to rookies to bump up gresham potentially 🙂


    1. Really like that, Alex. Great structure, Preuss R3 the way to go.

      Maybe tinker with picks but I’d sit on that structure till pre-season games/reports and, yeah, you can always combine Berry and Gresham if need be.


  9. ATM started my thoughts….just can’t get Bon Jovi out of my head, …..half way there,…..livin’ on a prayer…..LOL


  10. DEF
    Lloyd, Ridley, Milera
    Witmot, Gould, Wehr
    Bench: Skinner, Dean

    Macrae, Steele
    Oliver, Mitchell, Walsh
    Neale, Daicos, Ward
    Bench: Johnson, Roberts, Clark

    Gawn, Grundy, Bench: Hayes

    Dunkley, Taranto, Coniglio
    Pedlar, Smith, Hollands
    Bench: De Koning, Motlop

    19k in the Bank

    Rationale behind the depth in the midfield is that its much easier to trade in a fallen defender or forward @450-500k than it is a fallen uber mid @550-600. Additionally, I believe there’s a lot more certainty around the best 10 mids than there is about the top 8 defenders or forwards.

    Rookie picks are more or less placeholders for now, although I’ve picked players who I think are chances for round 1 starts.


  11. I don’t care who I select.
    I’m going to get the 10 players that have the greatest chance of scoring 100 points every week. Then 2 back ups.
    Experience has taught me get at leased 10 100’s (not including captain score) every week till upgrades and build on that.
    No skimping on price to select those 10. Durable, done it before a couple of times.


  12. Why wouldn’t I be selecting Gawn this season? Out of the loop for a bit and feel im starting from scratch… What concerns do people see in selecting him? Thanks.


    1. People are worried about Luke Jackson cutting into his ruck time and CBA count, which I somewhat understand. However, Max tends to score well no matter where he’s playing, so personally I’m still planning to start him given he’s the clear best ruck in the comp talent wise.


      1. and to add to this comment, i’m fairly sure Gawn had a baby recently, coming off a GF, and the obvious Jackson getting more #1 ruck time.
        I think Gawn will definitely score decent, however the 120 average days might be done.

        That all being said, if Gawn plays somewhere towards a more 50/50 ruck/forward role, and if he starts taking contested marks and kicking goals, he will obviously score well when he rucks – he has the potential to still go large and deliver those 150+ scores.

        If i don’t select him, will pretty much be sweating on him every week hoping he doesn’t go massive


    2. Been playing around more with the team picker and out of curiosity due to the depth of good/great midfield rookies i’m starting to wonder if a 6-1-2-6 structure with one Uber Primo mid is viable. What does everyone else think?

      Captaincy options are a bit light but 2/3 from your Rucks/Ubermid with the occasional big score from Dunkley/Hall/Lloyd/Butters if they have good match ups should be enough to get you an average Skippers score (120×2) until the bye’s.

      Bye Strategy. Use extra trades to get Uber Primo Mids
      Round 12 Bye includes St Kilda (Steele), Carlton (Walsh, maybe Cerra/Cripps) Essendon (Zerret, Parrish), Port (Wines) GWS (Jelly)
      Round 13 Bye Bulldogs, (Mcrae, Bont), GCS (Miller), Adelaide (Laird), Geelong (Guthrie, Danger?), Swans (???? Maybe Mills and Parker), Eagles (Not Relevant)

      Due to the productivity of the rookie Mids you’d hope it would only cost 15 trades to get up to 6 Uber Primo’s and you can do 11 of them from round 12-15 and should be there comfortably if you just cash out rookies/don’t upgrade more then 1 player pre byes.

      If all goes well that gives you about 10-12 spare trades for luxury purposes vs 8 with a conventional structure


      1. Just some guy.

        I really don’t think it can work unfortunately. The main reasons are..

        Uber Premo Mids and Rucks rarely dip under $550k. Where as Forward and defenders can often be picked up between $450K and $520K. If tour only upgrading to uber Mids, you will need to downgrade at least 2 players to afford one upgrade. With only 2 trades most weeks you will have to double down when others are going 1 up 1 down.

        This will affectively mean you will be going one Premo down while others upgrade. Putting you behind the pack.

        The other main reason is you really need to nail both your defence and Forward line. If you some how miss a couple of top 6 players on these lines. You won’t have the luxury trades to get them in.

        As always Rookies will ultimately determine the structure.

        I still feel a minimum of 4 solid Uber Mids is must for any starting side.

        Best of luck.


        1. I’m not sure i’d be brave enough to try it but starting at 15 premiums gives you a nice head start and after some math seems to have a 2100 floor (pretty standard) and a 2400 ceiling if you can get 1-2 rookie tons (Daicos will have the role) + 2-3 140+ Score Possible with quite a few players having the potential for going big.

          Seems like a really good early season start and you’d still have good cash gen


          1. Hi JSG, it won’t work. I second GD. The premo mids are the most nailed, the most expensive and also generally the highest ceiling. By starting only 1, you are probably (compared to 5) losing 100-150 points a round until R12. After R14 you will have more trades but no advantage as most good players are full premos anyway. How much money do you have if you are planning on 16 premos? Also you are dreaming if you think that rookies will score you 100 points every round. SC is about having the best nailed on players (to save trades) and the best cash cows. Predicting is the hardest and There is a balance trades/points you need to understand to be efficient. And you didn’t factor in injuries which are out of your control.
            Good luck anyway and if you tried , let us know how you went.


  13. Early Days, but its a bit of fun.

    DEF:Lloyd Daniel Whitfield Hewitt Jez Gould + 2 rooks 123,900
    Lloyd, well obviously.
    Daniel had a horror 19 and a injury affect game expect to push 100+
    Whitfiled was under done due to pre seaon injury goes 100+
    Hewitt, expect full time on ball roll.

    MID:Oliver Titch Dunkley Neale Serong Rowell Constable Hobbs + 3 rooks
    Dunkley swings forward after byes
    NEale; most selected
    Serong: breakout year
    Rowell:remember the rookie year wait to you see him in preseason. Beast
    Constable; gets midfield role at the suns

    RUCK: Grundy English Pruess
    English swings forward after byes or before. Depends on Pruess Health.

    FWD Duncan Treleor Butter Cogs Holland Willaims + 2 rooks
    Duncan & Treleor obviously
    Butters:just have a gut feeling
    Cogs:if fit,obvioulsy

    45K in the bank


    1. Vicwood

      Solid early side.

      I love the Serong selection. I feel he may be ready to take the next step.

      English at R2 could also work if gets the number one gig and they save Steph for later in the year. If Steph Martin is named I would avoid and go The Big O from Brisbane.

      My only other real concern is the Injury profile of that Forward line. I know there’s risk attached to most of the Forwards this year but you have picked all the real risky guys. I understand Butters and Cogs, Both are well underpriced and seem worth the risk. Treloar and Duncan have both missed large chunks of the last two seasons with a multitude of different injuries. I just hope they can both stay on the park for you.

      Happy Planning.


      1. Yes fair point on the FWD line. I was thinking that way last year, and didn’t select Daniher and Impey, that combined with multiple injuries early put a big dent in the season.

        As mentioned early days and I will properly start Hall in the back line with Hewitt at D5. Rookies look thin again. Lots on offer in the Midfield and FWD line.


  14. DEF-Lloyd(1), Stewart(2), MILERA- rookie x 3
    MID-Macrae(3), Steel(4), Oliver(5), Mitchell(6), Zerrett(7), NEALE, ROWELL,-Rookie x1
    FWD-Dunks(10), RAYNER, COGS- Rookie x 3

    Brackets are the 10 I hope to score 100’s every game(within reason).

    Capitals are the guys who hopefully back up the first 10 bracketed players to get me at leased 10 x 100 every week till upgrades start.
    Rookies are 123,900ea +130k in the bank.

    Fwds nothing exciting(Cogs about it)
    def, much of a muchness the whole way down so you can trade in any of them later on.
    Mids cost heaps so starting them rather than trying to get them in later, can downgrade in a pinch.
    Rucks, not enough evidence to pass up Grawndy yet.


    1. I like this as a starting structure. As if someone like Berry or Rowell look too good not to start you can drop a prem mid and shuffle around someone else.

      To highlight someone who is probably an absolute no no this year – Stewart has a Lisfranc injury which he had surgery on. For those who are unfamiliar with this injury – the chances of it flaring up are high. He won’t be someone who has a good pre season either. Too much on an injury risk in 2022, I wouldn’t even trade him in if he bottoms out half way through the season


    2. Hey, TOF.

      Always liked 2.5/6/2/2.5 structures. Only thing is you’ve got to be rock solid on Milera and Rayner. Cogs sorta irrelevant in that we’ll all have him but you’ll need Milera and Rayner with full preseasons and doing 80s.

      On premo selections, I wouldn’t start Zerrett. Had him from R1 last year and his low CP ratio means he often low tons and doesn’t have many monster 150+ games (only 1 last season). Grab Parish or Miller instead, much better VC/C options.


      1. Thank you for insite GD, yep like I’ve stated I want 10 x 100’s every week so my final side will be dictated by that. Just got to wait for things to heat up and see who’s doing what. Milera and Rayner are there mainly to not forget about them.
        Think zerrit could do a mini breakout this season. 120+


  15. Some of you may recall that I won all of Dad’s Grange Hermitage collection off him in a game of poker, stripping his cellar bare. I have decided to allow him 2 bottles a day over the Christmas/New Year period, as a sign of my love and respect for him. We settled in last night to watch some cricket, and I told him, after we finished the second bottle what a terrible team he put forward a day or two ago, and he challenged me to do better…so here goes.

    LLoyd Ridley W Kelly McDonagh Bergman Sinn (R Thompson O’Connor)

    Steele Bont Walsh Trac Neale HF N Daicos Constable ( Hollands Clark Hobbs)

    Marshall Witts (Preuss)

    Dunks Duncan Heeney Treloar Cogs Gresham (M Rioli Skinner)

    ITB $13.4

    Deliberate decision to go light in backs as the early season pts are all on the other lines.


  16. What do we think of Jade gresham? I feel any fwd averaging 90+ will end the year as a top 8-10
    ATM Gresh is my F3, will he be worth it if he’s midfield?


    1. Yep, he’s a watch for everyone. If he gets that MID role and looks the goods, he’s in.

      Positionally, you’d want him in the FWD line to get a traditionally poor scoring FWD rookie off the field.


  17. Here’s my first go for the year.

    Def: Rich, Dawson, Maynard, Day, Gould, Chugg (Brand, McGuiness)

    Mid: Steele, Bont, Walsh, Petracca, Rowell, Constable, JHF, Daicos (Valente, Serong, Long)

    Ruc: Gawn, Darcy (Preuss)

    Fwd: Dunks, Butters, Gresham, Cogs, Rachele, Hollands (E Smith, Williams)

    $24.7k itb.

    Quite a few coming off injury but the discount is too good to turn away from atm. Hoping a couple (Rowell/Cogs ??) turn into keepers. Have also gone with a lot of the high price draftees which makes it easier to downgrade when others put their hand up during pre-season games. Long is my loophole.
    Maynard training with the midfield…is he this year’s Mills?
    Constable surely gets a go at the Suns and has to make good money.

    What do you think coaches?


    1. Hey, Stewy. Good to see you around again, hope you’ve been well.

      Honestly, that’s the best first draft I’ve seen going around. VERY nice. Just need Rowell, Day and Maynard to really pan out.

      Monitor Rowell’s fitness and contest confidence and Maynard and Day’s express roles.


  18. At last some footy to talk about.
    To kick start my team have come up with the following:

    Def: Ryan, Short, Whitfield, Sicily, Kelly, Gould, Worrell, DeKoning

    Mid : Macrae, Steele, Mitchell, Kelly, Neale, Rowell, Berry, Hately, Valente, Downie, McEntee

    Ruck : Darcy, McInerny, Combden

    Fwds : Dunkley, Jackson, Coniglio, Maginess, Rosas, Jeffrey, Hollands, Skinner

    Obviously all rookies are placeholders and subject to selection.
    I really like the depth in the MID.
    No other really obvious fwd premos so thinking more rookies here.
    Luke Ryan seems to be forgotten in all the talk. Kick-ins & Intercept Marks = points.

    Welcome your comments.


    1. Yep. Good stuff, Pope.

      Nice structure and really like the Ryan pick, very underrated. He’ll benefit from Cox and a few others (Logue, Pearce, Hamlin, etc.) returning, will be completely freed up to intercept and distribute as opposed to the semi accountable role he got forced into at times last year.

      Not sure Jackson is SC material just yet though. Already has a great ceiling and will continue to get ruck time but has a really dirty floor. 13x scores under 60 last year, including 4x in the 30s. Say he improves his average to 80/85~ this year (+10/15~ on 2021). Is that tenable at F2? Idk. One to watch though.


  19. Ok, have named a squad to start with, mainly based on probables (guns) and probably nots (everyone else)……subject to pending niggles and injuries.

    Lloyd Rich Crisp Short NWM De Koning, Voss and Uwland

    Macrae Steele Miller Oliver Neale JHF Daicos Ward, Rachele Chesser and Rioli

    Darcy Grundy, and Visentini

    Dunkley Coniglio Pedler Hollands Comben Motlop, Bazzo and Long

    $700 Left

    Def: Yes, it is loaded a bit, but may change depending on the forwards preseasons and who does kick ins.
    Mids: Why has the majority dumped Miller? The rest is standard.
    Rucks: IMO Maxy will have the role of overseer, will step up only if game is in the balance.
    Fwds: Refer above to comments (preseason) and Def.

    Note: Subject to Motts report and BBL distractions.


  20. my first go at supercoach this season. had my first competitive season last year and am hoping to be even better this year.

    Jake Lloyd, Aaron Hall, Bailey Dale, James Sicily + 4 rookies


    Jack Macrae , Jack Steele, Clayton Oliver, Lachie Neale ,Andrew Brayshaw + horne/daicos & 5 rookies


    Sean Darcy, Brodie Grundy, Braydon Preuss


    Josh Dunkley, Zak Butters, Stephen Coniglio

    def: I am very unsure with my defenders with Lloyd being my only lock. I feel as if Dale is a nice pick, he is only gonna score better this year and is also reasonably cheap. D4 is where I am most unsure. I like sicily but he is coming off a really big injury and I don’t know how he will recover this season. Was thinking Whitfield but he has a similar durability issue.

    mids: very confident with the first 4. went with a slightly different option with Brayshaw at M5. Wanted another premium, but also somebody on the cheaper side, don’t know if he will pay of though.

    fwds: dunkley must have. I like butters. don’t know if somebody like gresham is worth a shot, maybe even rayner, haven’t heard much on him this year.coniglio seems as if you have to pick.


  21. First go at a team this season. wondering what you guys think.

    Def: Lloyd, Ridley, Dale. + 5 123k or below rookies.

    Mids: Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Walsh, Neale, Mitchell, ward + 4 123k or below rookies

    rucks: Grundy, Darcy + 102k rookie

    Fwds: Dunkley, Butters, coniglio + 6 123k or below rookies

    Love the premiums in the team and the structure. I am just worried about the rookies. I don’t have many top rookies, and I feel as if I have too many def and fwd rookies and no enough in the mid.

    let me know what you think.


  22. My first take with notes below

    Lloyd, Ridely, Short
    Sicdawg, L. Aleer, Dean
    Skinner, De koning

    Happy to chase down Tom Stewart cause he is up and down.
    Maynard is a watch for me if he is playing Mid

    J. Macrae, Mitchel, Walsh
    Petracca, Neale
    Constable, F. Macrae, N. Daicos
    Valente, Driscoll, Clark

    My m6-m8 rookies all cost 200k so hopefully have job security and scoring potential. Clark on the bench is depth if one isn’t firing. Also hopefully one goes well enough to use as a stepping stone to Steele.

    Happy to chase down Oliver and Bont as they are the more up and down mids.
    Not so happy to chase down one of Steele/Miller but you can’t have them all.

    Basic idea with the midfield is m6-m8 out perform other rookies well enough and can help get one of Steele/Miller

    Gawn, Grundy, Hayes

    Gawn or Darcy can be R1 but Gawn for durability for me at the moment.

    Dunks, T Thomas, Cogs
    Hollands, Pedlar, Long(loop)
    Kelly, Spicer

    The Thomas pick is a place holder for whoever I like out of butters, Thomas, Bailey. If I like two at that price point I can get rid of sicdawg in the backline

    I’m happy to chase down Taranto cause he’ll probably be up and down especially playing more forward with Greene out for 6 rounds.

    Duncan is quite consistant but I dont’ see him going nuts and averaging 110, so Happy to not start him but suspect I’ll have to pay up for him at one point


  23. Thoughts on Sicily? Currently my D3 and hoping he comes back to his intercept/rebounding role and averages 95+… along with taking kick outs again


    1. I think in the right team he is worth the punt.

      He has gone over 100 twice and has a 21 and 22 game season. If all goes right he is worth it.
      Clarko isn’t there to play him forward and the league has moved more to an intercepting league.

      He is in my team but the rest of the team is quite durable.


    2. Gidday Cooper, he’s in my team for all the reasons you said. Not worried about any injury concerns as I heard on the latest SC podcast that he was close to selection in the last 2rds in 20 but held back. He’s had 15 mths to get over a 12mth injury.


  24. Mitch McGovern, 253k forward – apparently playing defence this year is what I’ve heard with Liam Jones gone. I could see him doing what his brother does. I might be reaching a bit with this one, but cheap forwards playing ether defence or mid were massive in 2021.


    1. Hey, CJ. Get the logic but a hard pass from me.

      Key defensive role, struggled with continuity in the side, injury riddled, lotta users in Blues backline.

      Not really comparable to his brother either. 10kg lighter and 10cm shorter in a totally different side. Remember him having good hands but nowhere near the play reading and intercepting ability of big McGovern.


  25. DEF: Dawson, Ridley, Ryan, Sicily, Wilmot, McDonagh (Gould, de Koning)

    MID: Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Laird, Parish, Daicos, Ward, Clark (Johnson, Roberts, Long)

    RUC: Darcy, Big O (Hayes)

    FWD: Dunkley, Bailey, Gresham, Rachele, Butler, Hollands (Skinner, Motlop)

    19k in the bank

    Banking on Bailey to continue his upwards trajectory, ditto Parish continuing where he left off last season

    Most will be off Laird due to no DPP but showed great consistency in his scoring – perhaps goes not have a ceiling of some around him but would think he’d now be a great POD pick. Only ? for me is what impact Crouch has on him but will be relatively easy to swap to another mid should that be a factor

    DEF and FWD subject to which has the better rookies – at the moment I’ve gone Sicily down back and three rookies up forward but should better rookies show up in DEF, will go 3 DEF rookies and Butters or Thomas (probably Butters as I’m not sure ive got the balls to go Thomas) fwd


  26. G’day SCT family!
    So good to be back, I hope you all had a nice holiday season and brushed off this last year’s shenanigans.

    Obviously we’re at embryo stage, but I’d like the idea of this structure for this season.
    First year in ages that I start without the 2 G’s on the ruck and it feels weird yet right.
    Rookies all priced at either $117.3 or $123.9, with some cash left to invest on a couple more expensive ones if they come up.

    J. Lloyd, D. Rich, J. Crisp,
    Rookies X 5

    J. MacRae, J. Steele, C. Oliver, M. Bontempelli, S. Walsh, N. Daicos,
    Rookies X 5

    M. Gawn, R. Marshall,
    Rookie x1

    J. Dunkley, T. Taranto, S. Sidebottom,
    Rookies x5

    Even tho they both lost DPP status, I’m considering Laird and Zorko to get a spot in the team due to their scoring ability. Probably Laird before Zorko.

    No need to say that this will change roughly a million times till March but I love the early planning so much!


    1. Hello Mas.

      Nice team with some good Pods. Rich and Crisp have been overlooked by many, but both a big chance to finish top 6-8 defenders.

      Bont started last year on fire ( I started him 😉 ) I would back him to do it again. laird I have seen in a few teams and I think he could sneak into the top 10-12 mids. He is durable and so consistent. He will probably be in my team before the year is out.

      Zorko is a hard pass.He was awesome at times last year, I just see him spending more time forward, to give Bailey / Berry and Rayner more time in the middle.

      Now I know Forwards are hard to pick any year but wouldn’t be starting Sidebum. or Taranto.
      Both will be stuck forward a lot this year and both have pretty low floors. I think Taranto plays forward at least until Toby is back R5 or 6. I think you will be able to get these guys a fair bit cheaper later in the year when they have had a few poor games.

      Theres a slight chance Sidebum gets some Midfield time if De Goey is missing. I just doubt it as you would think the Pies need to start playing some of the kids through there.

      Cogs is probably a must have if fit R1 . I would slip him into D3 and free up some cash incase you want a more expensive M6 like Berry or Constable.
      Or someone like Marchbank at D4.

      Just my 2 cents any way.

      Best of luck.


  27. Hey Supercoach fans,
    Didnt even realise that Supercoach was open this early. But here is my first team, alonng side some notes on my team. would love to hear some thoughts. (all rookies mentioned will be either 117k or 123k)
    Lloyd, Crisp, Dale + 5 rookies

    I think Lloyd is a lock as he is just so consistent and cant go wrong with him. Crisp I think will be reasonably unique as well as Dale. I think with those two they can only improve from their scores last season.

    Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Mitchell, Neale, Gresham, Daicos + 4 rookies

    All of my premiums are basically locked. Proven scorers who all should be top 8 mids. I really like Gresham but will have to look closely at his role.

    Dunkley, butters, Rayner, Coniglio + 4 rookies.

    dunkley + coniglio locks. Rayner not too sure about, but he is a great POD and is very cheap and should have some mid time this season. With butters just dont think there are any other options and he is reasonably cheap.


    1. Yep. Nice team, Yoyo.

      Really like the Dale and Butters picks. Young, plenty of growth to come, already have high ceilings, highly rated internally.

      Gresham, much like all the midpricers, are wait and see but I’d have him up FWD rather than in the MIDs for now.

      Better to have one less FWD rookie on field.


  28. Current thinking is as follows:

    B: Lloyd, Ryan, Milera, Marchbank, De Koning, Gould (Bergman, Dean)

    M: Macrae, Steele, Walsh, Petracca, Neale, HF, Daicos, Rachelle
    (Johnson, Clark, Long)

    R: Gawn, Grundy (Hayes)

    F: Dunkley, Treloar, Butters, Gresham, COGS, Hollands (Kelly, Smith)
    $4700 ITB

    As mentioned by others Gresham and COGs are wait and see as are Milera and Marchbank. Great value in them though.

    If these guys don’t get up I’ll adjust accordingly. Rowell still a possible M6 starter

    Only 6 on field rookies atm (inc DeK who played last year), but will revise after preseason…i.e. in a mad rush on the night of the first game.

    Gawn and Grundy still the ruck combination so there might be some savings there pending form/roles…


  29. After a long day 2 of the test sharing a tipple or two with Dad, I have come up with my first draft.

    Lloyd Ridley Whitfield Sinn W Kelly R/R/R

    Steele Bont Walsh Trac Neale Constable JHF N Daicos Hobbs/Hollands/Clark

    Marshall Preuss Williams (dpp loop)

    Dunks Duncan Treloar Heeney Cogs M Rioli Skinner/N Long (loop)

    Twelve dpp’s, and yes I know the fwds all have injury risks, but what value !!! Preuss hopefully a stepping stone. Bye structure 18/19/23
    ITB $94.3


  30. This is the final draft I’ve settled on going into preseason:

    Lloyd, Ridley, Sicily
    Wilmot, Worrell, Gould
    Bench: De Koning, Dean

    Macrae, Steele
    Oliver, Mitchell, Walsh
    Neale, Horne-Francis, Daicos
    Bench: Z. Taylor, M. Johnson, G. Clark

    Gawn, Grundy
    Bench: Hayes

    Dunkley, Gresham, Coniglio
    Maginness, Smith, Hollands
    Bench: Kelly, Skinner

    Bank: 19k

    In love with the midfield group, and committed to the 6 premo mids setup.

    My two main watches for preseason are Sicily and Gresham, mainly to see what role they’re likely to play, particularly Gresham.

    The only luxury I feel I might be missing out on is Preuss at R3, but I’m not a big believer in him as the big cash cow that many seem to think he’ll be, and given his scores won’t be on field I feel like he’s the expensive “rookie” you can pass on.


      1. Think it’ll be fine with the combo of Gresham, Cogs and Hollands who all should be relatively safe, but if I need to rebalance or find cash it’ll likely be Walsh down to Ward or another rookie, and I’ll take a look at Duncan, Taranto or Dusty.


        1. I know with hollands missed a year with an acl, not sure on history before that, but gresham and cogs aernt the best when it comes to injuries, gresham 14 games in 2 seasons and cogs seems to get injured every year, in saying that my fwd line reads
          dunkley duncan heeney cogs rachelle hollands, im either getting gresham or cogs I reckon


  31. My first Draft:

    Lloyd Cripps Hall
    Campbell x 2 Rookies

    Macrae , Steele, Mitchell, Walsh , Miller
    J Berry x 2Rookies

    Darcy Grundy ( Hays)

    Dunkley, Cogs, Gresham,
    3 Rookies

    My structure is 12 premos , 3 mid pricers : (B. Campbell, J. Berry, Cogs) and Rookies .
    I am having only 12 premos instead of 13 so I can afford one or two of the expensive rookies.

    -Withfield can still replace Cripps if he emerges unscathed after a full preseason . I just love Lachie’s price. Too much value to ignore.
    -Neale can come into my team if he completes preseason. I will then have 6 Mids and I will drop Berry and Campbell.
    -Gawn can still join Grundy . I just need to check few rounds of his scoring to see if the forward role score is not affected by the lack of rucking
    -Titch edges out Oliver because of the Captain loophole
    – I never pick my rookies on VFL/ WAFL form. I have also been sucked in by hype and picked duds before. Therefore I will wait until I watch them in the Marsh Series or probably the rookies the crowd here agree are the best .
    Please comment, rip it off.


    1. Hey, Jeannot. Hope you’ve been well.

      Good to see you around again.

      Like the premo selections but you should be able to get a little more value out of a midpricer F2 & F3 than just Campbell and Berry. Perhaps a 6th premo MID like Neale, a flyer on Heeney or Butters at F2 or a 4th premo DEF.

      Just a matter of allocating the money saved, think there are better options.


      1. Thanks GD. I could actually play my fwd line with only Dunks because of the uncertainty and lack of true value. I think Campbell will break out this year because he will be doing the distribution for the Swans at half back and he scored well when he did.
        Gresham for me is underrated and a POD as I don’t like the injury prone Butters , Stringer and Heeney. Also when he came back from injury, Butters didn’t score well. We will see preseason how they perform.
        As you know, I generally only like Guns and rookies and have a punt on the breakout rather than spreading the cash around.


  32. As a Swaneez man Jeannot I like your thoughts on Campbell being the new Lloyd assistant.
    Am I (we), thinking it’s standard practice for the on-ball rookies to go- bench-forward-defensive-midfielder roles now?……a la Millsy eg???


    1. Yes Chameleon. That’s pretty standard now. And they trust him at the Harbour city. They gave him a new contract until 2025, to show he is part of the future. When you know he is one of the best kicks going around, I am willing to take a punt. Specially when the seagull needs someone at halfback to carry the ball forward.


  33. First draft:

    Lloyd, Hall, Ridley, Whitfield, Day, Sinn (Aleer, Kelly)

    J. Macrae, Oliver, Mitchell, Neale, Horne- Francis, F. Macrae, Daicos, Ward (Hobbs, Johnson, Clark)

    Darcy, Grundy (Hayes)

    Dunkley, Butters, Coniglio, Maginness Hollands, De Koning (Smith, Motlop)

    10.4k remaining.

    Unlucky to miss out: Treloar, Steele and Walsh.


    1. Definitely need a 5th premo MID.

      We don’t know the rookie situation, so there’s no need to go deep down back just yet.


      1. Gunboat Diplomacy, would you approve of me swapping Ridley and Horne-Francis for Walsh and Ned Long via De Koning DPP? Or do you have another suggestion? Cheers.


        1. Yeah, something like that.

          Could probably sack a premo DEF and Day for an uber premo MID, unless you’re ultra bullish on Day.

          Would roll with a traditional-ish structure until pre-season and R1 teamsheets dictate otherwise.

          Good luck.


          1. I have done some shuffling and am happier with my side. Day, Ridley sadly leave but in comes Steele and Berry. SuperCoach is all about making the hard decisions!


  34. First draft with a view to the bye rounds. First two byes will only have six missing from each round and the last bye will have ten so I’ll be able to plug holes easily with quality (hopefully!)





    70K to play with.


  35. Hi GB

    First time on your site
    Have studied all comments and teams as this is what I have come up with.

    Def – Lloyd, Ridley, Whitfield, NWM, Sinn, Wilmot Skinner Dean

    Mid – Steele, Oliver, Mitchell, Neale, M Crouch, Rowell, H-F, Daicos, Holland, M Johnson, G Clark.

    R – Darcy, Grundy, Hayes.

    Fwd – Dunkley, Butters, Gresham, Coniglo, C Curnow, J Jeffrey, De Kooning, N Long.

    Ridley should star, Wilmot is a gun, hope De an gets a start

    Neale, Crouch and Rowell big improvers. Holland Johnson Clark should make me good money

    Can’t believe everyone is not mentioning Curnow Jeffrey and Long.

    Would like everyone’s thoughts.

    Regards Gilly


    1. Hey, Gilly. Welcome, I’m just an admin and a regular here.

      Great to have you around.

      Excellent side, really like your FWD line in particular. Agree on Ridley having a capital season.

      Only knock would be Crouch. Still battling that groin and even if he was fit his atrocious CP ratio means he’ll never be a 120~ premo. Owned him before and it’s frustrating seeing him get 30 touches and not ton. Maybe sack a midpricer and get him up to a proper MID premo.

      Other than that, a really great side. Hope to see you throughout the season and in a few SCT leagues.

      Take care.


    1. Nah, Taranto and Fyfe have their own problems.

      I’d find the cash to get him up to an actual MID premo. You could do that by sacking a midpricer for a rookie.


  36. For the first time in memory I see a set and forget forward line. Saving trades.
    Dawson, Whitfield, Sicily R,R,R,R,R
    Oliver, Walsh, Neale, Cripps, Rowell, Constable, JHF, Daicos, R,R,R
    Grundy, Preuss, R,R
    Dunkley, Duncan, Taranto, Treloar, Heeney, Cogs, R, R
    $219K left – so fringe premos can be ubers if desired.

    If Rowell, Sic & Crippa do the right thing then only 7 upgrades. Too good to be true?


      1. Hey, Baz. It was a respectful TD from me. My thoughts line by line:


        Cases can be made for Sicily, Dawson and Whitty np there, but for me Lloyd and Hall are must haves. Great roles, huge ceilings, soft scoring stream. Just end up D1/2.


        Satan, Walsh and Neale, tick tick tick.

        Cripps is just cooked. Absolutely cooked, just forget about him. Blues have mismanaged his development at the expense of his body and, honestly, skills. One season they have him bulk up, the next they want him slim and nimble. Has regressed so much, injury riddled, fumbles and the game looks a little too quick for him now.

        If you like Rowell, try and do it at M6. Maybe M5 if your M4 is an uber premo.

        Rule of thumb for me with starting MIDs has always been only pick those you’d comfortably whack the C on. Would only deviate from that if there was a tremendous value proposition – could that be Rowell? Maybe, idk.


        Preuss at R2 just a worry given how often the Giants chop and change. Flynn and Briggs had a good thing going late and could get more match exposure for development. Think Mumford can even return via some list trickery, I read.

        You’d want express confirmation that he’s going to be #1 RUC. If so, then sweet.


        Yeah, a delicious rookie free FWD line but obviously at the expense of other lines.

        Honestly, Baz, that kind of a structure could work. Might just be a matter of allocating value and a few selections.

        Just my two cents. Go with preseason form/reports and your gut.

        Good luck.


  37. 1st selections, all rookies subject to change. 34k left over
    Dunks, whitfield and neale seem to be good value. Gone with some proven premo scorers mostly safe options. thinking parfitt, thomas and heeney could have good years.
    any suggestions?

    D – Lloyd, Stewart, Whitfield, Milera, Rookie, Rookie
    Rookie x2

    M – Steele, Bont, Trac, Neale, Parfitt, JHF, Daicos, Hollands
    Rookie x3

    R – Darcy, Grundy

    F – Dunkley, Thomas, Heeney, Cogs, Rachele, Maginness
    Rookie x2


    1. Hey Jesse

      I probably wouldn’t start Stewart. His injury has been much discussed and seems like he may not be back to his best straight away.

      I like a lot of your team with nice Pods in Bont and Trac.

      But…. taking a punt on too many “breakouts” can ruin your season early. Milera , Thomas , Parfitt.etc

      I really like your rucks and forward line.

      I’m trying to get Cogs to F4 also, as forward rookies are always the worst scoring. Theres so few reliable Forward options that don’t have injury history or concerns. T Thomas is not one of them, so could surprise and average low 90’s. Its him or Heeney for me. Heeney more proven but always an injury risk.

      I would then downgrade Milera for a rookie ( Sinn maybe ) then upgrade Parfitt to a true Premium mid. If the funds are tight, you could also move Whittfield into the Midfield and select another Defender. I would only do this if you absolutely need the funds to get better Rookies.

      I think most teams will want a minimum of 4 x $600k mids and Neale.

      Best of luck with your planning.


  38. 1st draft before “practice” games
    Crisp , Maynard , Ryan , Hewett , Milera, Kelly
    Brown (rich), Worrell,
    Miller, Thomas, Rowell, ,Lukosius , Coniglio, Lipinski, Caldwell, Gresham,
    Hollands, Daicos, Johnson (frem)
    Grundy, Witts , Preuss
    Treloar, Duncan, Rachele, Anderson. De Goey, Rayner
    Rioli jnr, Peris (loop)
    $2,500 bal.
    De Goey in even if Collinigwood sack him as he will be picked up by another club before start of season
    Gone for as many DPP as possible and believe there are sufficint A graders to be captain


    1. De Goey still has a year to run on his contract so will still be on Collingwoods list this year. He isn’t allowed to train with them at the moment so I cannot see him playing early as he won’t be match fit.
      Not sold on Anderson, he has forward status because he played a lot forward this year. Greenwood has arrived along with the no. 1 pick, both will get some midfield minutes. Powell and Phillips will also get increased midfield minutes in their second years. Think Anderson will be stuck in the forward line a lot if he makes the 22.
      Luko is slated to play forward this year, supercoach scores could suffer unless he starts kicking a few snags.
      Just my 2 bob’s worth.
      Happy New Year.


    2. James, looks to me that you only have one uber in the mids….Miller, although I may be starting Thomas up forward. I’d be swapping several next/lower rung players ( Rowell, Lukosius, Caldwell, Lipinski, Rayner etc..) for genuine rookies and 2-3 ubers. Could be catch up for the season otherwise.
      Also,,,which list manager is going to put his rooster on the block and be responsible for picking up DeGoose…career over if it backfires…both Degoose and list manager.


  39. How much did Dunkley score in the finals games?
    After he came back from injury in 2021 he only ave 70.8 with a high of 87 in his 1st game back and his last 2 H/A games were 60’s
    560k is a lot to pay for a guy averaging 70


    1. It is but for a guy averaging 100 it is a bargain. He didn’t get his role back after returning from injury. The way the doggies lost the midfield battle in the GF I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dunkley start next season just like this season … with a bang.


      1. Yeah, exactly. Spot on, David.

        Wouldn’t read too much into Dunkley’s late season games. Back from injury, eased into it, not his normal role.

        Ends up as F1 comfortably.


        1. I want to see him get those mid time minutes before I part with 570k. I’m not convinced that Bevo see’s him as anything other than a 2nd rotation mid.
          AND after reading Powerplay’s comments about his injury susceptibility he has a thick black line through his name unless he scores at 1.5ppm in the pretend games


    2. I’m a big fan of Dunks but….

      Dunks has been injury prone the last two years (12 & 15 games) also and will only get limited time in the middle given the number of guns the doggies have to placate. He cost me plenty both years in trades and $$$…he’s in the same league injury wise to the Whitfields, Kellys. Fyfes of the world imo.

      His form after injury last year was very ordinary. I don’t think his lack of form is permanent because he is a class act but his scoring will be limited if he spends extended time up forward.


  40. Going for a predominantly GnRs approach:

    Lloyd, Crisp, Ridley, Aleer, Skinner, De Koning (Gould, McLennan)

    Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Mitchell, Neale, Rowell, Daicos, Ward (Valente, Clark, Johnson)

    Gawn, Grundy (Hayes)

    Dunkley, Butters, Coniglio, Rachele, Maginness, Hollands ( Pedlar, Long)


  41. I am interested in anyones thoughts on whether they think that the number of trades this year will be increased as a result of almost certain players being unable to play as a result of covid.
    I can see many SC teams being forced to play without several premium players each week thereby giving themselves little or no chance of achieving a reasonable score by having these premos sitting on the bench.
    I feel this will be a weekly and ongoing problem for all SC teams. One way to overcome this issue would be increasing the number of trades to say 40 to allow you to cover the enevitable weekly loss of these premos.
    I would welcome anyones opinion on this matter.


    1. Nah. Doubt it, Malcolm.

      They’ll start us off with the regular amount of trades. Only way that changes is if some major wrench is thrown into the season at some stage.


      1. Thanks Gunboat,
        I agree with your assessment that they will only change or increase the current trade limit if, as you say, a major wrench is thrown into the season at some stage.
        In past seasons that is just what they did by adding extra draft picks as the season progressed. I feel that will occur again this season. Extra trades will be added at various stages again this year.
        This does not help any sc team that loses say 2 – 3 premos in week 2 of the season.
        My thoughts were just trying to prempt this from occuring. If they came out before the season started and said “because all sc teams will be impacted this year, each team will have x number of trades so that they can manage and cover any loses in their teams each week”.

        My first team
        Def: Lloyd, Stewart, Crisp, Whitfield, R x 4
        Mids: Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Petracca, Neale, Anderson, R x 5
        Ruc: Grundy, Preuss, R (hopefully a playing rookie
        Fwd: Duncan, (one of several $550+ fwds available) Rayner, Coniglio, R x 4



    2. Would a relatively simple solution be that if a player missed through covid, and only covid, a free trade is allowed in SC…no limits. If you had three players missing in a round…you get 3 extra trades for that round only. I’m sure the techs at SC could handle it.


    3. Malcolm, if we increase to 40, that potentially gives a huge advantage to punters who avoid covid chaos (excuse the pun !!). I have detailed below why I think extra trades on a player by (covid +) player seems more equitable.



  42. Hi Malcolm ( And Wighty and GD)
    I think in the name of fair play, you cannot change the rules once the competition has started. Unless you specifically make provisions and everyone knows what they are.
    Otherwise you are unfairly advantaging or disadvantaging players unevenly.
    I agree with you that they should increase the trades to cover Covid. To 40. People who plan well can still be rewarded as people who are unlucky to get players off with Covid.
    It will also keep the interest in the game going . Last year many have given up after the byes. It’s a choice of keeping the game exclusively for expert SCers or widely popular.
    Anyway that’s my 2cents worth


    1. My thoughts too Jeannet…(sorry LOL).

      Think “Covid” as unplanned training injury.

      Wighty – would you have to trade out your covid players to get the extra trade(s)???

      I’d be saving them for a week(?) and use the trades to fix any of the other players (regrets) i need to adjust.

      You don’t/can’t change the rules(laws) because of the weather conditions…….


      1. Making a mess of this…this is what I meant to say…….

        One replacement trade, and it is NOT bankable….must be used in the round when a player is deemed to be covid. If for example Bont goes down, and lets hope I haven’t jinxed him, a SC punter has quite a few options to replace him with similar. Only complexity would be if Bont was playing last game but not an issue if known early.

        No need to change any rules, or number of overall trades…this would be fair to all.


        1. I might add…no limit to the number of covid only trades per round..the SC Gods would have to nominate any such players as they happened. This would avoid the Melbourne Stars kind of debacle in any one round, and covid trades would not be part of the allotted 30 we all have.


  43. Thoughts on Shiel & Caldwell?
    Caldwell was on 20% of starting lists L/Y and is 80k cheaper this year
    Shiel ave 102 in 2020 and is only 360k


    1. Hi Foodie, they are both awkwardly priced, so you have to get it spot on, specially with midfield places where rookies are expected to give you the best/similar return. For that price I rather take a punt on someone like J. Berry who may average (95-105) . Also most midpricers are not going to be top 10 so you are always expected to trade them out. The value of a trade is roughly 150k, do you think they will make you that cash before the byes?
      They may average 20-50pts per round better than the rookies if they stay injuries free (although not guaranteed) but you lose on the cash that you generate upgrading 2x 123k rookies.
      Caldwell is younger so I would consider him ahead of Shiel if he is top 22.
      I can see both averaging 90-100 ( or lower) so if you can take that for your mids, why not?


    2. Foodie, as a bomber fan with just a passing interest, I would prefer to use the funds on a combination of some uber mid, and a rookie…looks like there will be plenty. Shiel’s best is behind him, and Caldwell proving to be injury riddled.


      1. Yeah that makes sense. Caldwell was overlooked and easily let go by the giants for a reason I suppose and Parish finally reaching his potential has probably put a nail in Shiels supercoach coffin.
        I can probably get neale and hollands for the same spend


  44. Howdy, here’s my first crack:

    Stewart, Ryan, Whitfield, Sicily, Marchbank, Dean (rookie x2)

    Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Neale, Rowell, constable, F.Macrae, daicos (rookie x3)

    Grundy, Preuss (rookie)

    Taranto, Treloar, Heeney, Gresham, Coniglio, Hollands (rookie x2)

    Appreciate any thoughts, cheers


    1. Hey, SN.

      A few selection points, some definitive and some personal.

      Stewart returning from that lisfranc injury a definite pass. No word on his exact training load rn, may come in underdone and play more cautiously. Even if he does have a full preseason the chances of reaggravation of foot joint/ligament injuries are troubling high (eg. RoMo last year). I’d be passing, maybe targeting as a upgrade but avoid starting.

      Also on your DEF picks, Lloyd and Hall look set to be D1/2. Any way you grab both or atleast one of them? Similarly, Dunkley still a must have up FWD imo despite some scepticism brewing in this thread.

      Taranto I just don’t rate as a pick (appalling DE, role, too many cooks in the GWS kitchen) but that’s up to you. FT and I have railed against him for ages but happy to be proven wrong. Probably ends up Top 6-ish given how thin the options are there, but there are better starters and I’m even liking flyers of Butters and Heeney instead. With Greene out for the first few rounds, Taranto will be in even more a FWD role you’d think.

      Onto structure, the Preuss R2 move and then Rowell M5 has afforded you 4.5 DEF and only 1 FWD rookie on field. Delicious.

      Love the FWD structure but maybe consider thinning out your defence to allow for another MID premo? Either by pushing Rowell to M6 or getting up to a 600k+ Top 8 premo.

      Really like the FWD structure, SN. Honestly the best I’ve seen, but the only reason to go deep down back would be a chronic lack of rookies – which we just don’t know rn. Think that 5th uber premo would be the way to go.

      Another positive: I rate the Ryan pick so hard, good stuff.

      Anyway, a bit of a long one but hope it helps. Love the structure, just a matter of allocating value and selections.

      Best of luck.


      1. Nice response GD…major points are good especially Stewart…I remember watching the great James Hird crying on the bench when his foot broke down for the second time.


      2. Thanks for the feedback, GD – it’s great.
        I actually have enough leftover coin ($85k) to directly swap Stewart to Lloyd. I was sceptical of Lloyd, but with Dawson no longer around, I figure he won’t have others steal his kick outs as much, so he may get back to his 2018-2020 best.
        I started with Butters last year and was busily patting myself on the back after the first 6 rounds – don’t know why I’ve avoided him this year, might still add him. And I hope for the sake of the game, heeney can stay fit – great to watch… and about the highest SC ceiling of all fwds when on.

        Good luck, mate!


  45. What do we think guys?

    DEF: Hall, Whitfield, Sicily, Sinn, Wilmot, O’Driscoll // Gould, Dean
    MID: Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Walsh, Neale, J.Berry, Horne-Francis, Daicos // J.Ward, M.Johnson, Clark
    RUCK: Darcy, Grundy // Preuss
    FWD: Dunkley, Butters, Gresham, Coniglio, E.Smith, Hollands // S.Butler, C.Parker

    Not the preference to get heaps of expensive rookies but no real cheapies jumping out yet…
    Also feel the fwd line isn’t great so if Gresham and conig can average 90 that’ll absolutely do…
    Only other think is will Walsh be affected by a fit Cripps and Cerra? Or will it help?
    And hoping Sicily is back to his best…



    1. I like the structure but I would worry about having so many players coming back off injured/interrupted 2021 seasons with Sicily, Neale, Berry, Gresham, Coniglio, even Butters. None of them are bad picks individually but I find it a bit risky to go for so many of these types, since all have some questions surrounding their fitness. I think you might be better off going a safer option for one or two of those picks. Other than that, I rate the structure and definitely a good early draft.


  46. Keen to hear thoughts on this:

    Given that forwards were an absolute nightmare last year (I never got to full premo in my forward line), do we think it’s better to sacrifice a DEF/MID/RUC premo and start off deeper in the forward line in hope of not having to find upgrades later down the track?

    It’s much easier to upgrade MIDs because there’s so many options, and DEFs always have a decent amount of premos to choose from. With more premo options in the forward line to start off with this year, am I crazy for thinking it’s best to bat deep in the forward line, and set and forget?

    Just my 2 cents, keen to gather thoughts.


    1. I’d be wary of someone like Taranto and even Cogs considering Greene misses the first 5 weeks of the season. They are likely to be spending a lot of time forward.

      I usually let the availability of the rookies determine what structure is needed and it’s too early to tell at this stage.


  47. Tom Mitchell or Sam Walsh??

    Thumbs up for Titch thumbs down for Walsh…
    Although would love some opinions cos I’m stuck!!


    1. Hi Tom, It’s much of a muchness but I have decided to start Both and Oliver misses out. Walsh is young and a number one pick who will only get better and Michell who averages 35 disposals in his last 10 games and starts chipping in goals in the last 4.
      I believe they will both end up top 10 so check the byes structures for your team


  48. Al Paton just released his first team on the herald sun website… anyone with a subscription able to post it for us non subscribers to see?? xx


    1. Here you go Lewis, I’ll only charge you at the single day rate LOL

      Jake Lloyd (Syd) $586,600
      Aaron Hall (NM) $572,900
      Lachie Whitfield (GWS) $502,600
      James Sicily (Haw) $448,100
      Caleb Marchbank (Carl) $209,300
      Garrett McDonagh (Ess) $117,300
      Sam Skinner (Port) $123,900 DEF/FWD
      Charlie Dean (Coll) $102,400

      Jack Macrae (WB) $699,900
      Jack Steele (StK) $685,800
      Sam Walsh (Carl) $637,100
      Lachie Neale (BL) $543,200
      Jason Horne-Francis (NM) $207,300
      Nick Daicos (Coll) $193,900
      Josh Ward (Haw) $180,300
      Greg Clark (WC) $117,300
      Matthew Johnson (Frem) $117,300
      Matty Roberts (Syd) $117,300
      Judson Clarke (Rich) $117,300

      Sean Darcy (Frem) $642,600
      Brodie Grundy (Coll) $627,100
      Max Lynch (Haw) $207,700

      Josh Dunkley (WB) $558,200 FWD/MID
      Dustin Martin (Rich) $503,500 FWD/MID
      Jade Gresham (StK) $299,000 FWD/MID
      Stephen Coniglio (GWS) $261,300 FWD/MID
      Charlie Curnow (Carl) $224,300
      Elijah Hollands (GC) $123,900 FWD/MID
      Luke Pedlar $123,900 FWD/MID
      Jack Peris (StK) $102,400 FWD/MID


  49. Lloyd-Crisp-Whitfield


    Darcy-Preuss (Williams)


    Covid will impact the season and Rucks are the hardest to cover
    WA players least likely to be out due to Covid so Darcy gets a gig before Grundy or max and Jackson is backup for Preuss.
    Bailey is the new Zorko in 2022, Butters has to be fit now surely
    Coniglio might play a few and make $ fast, Sturt is a gun and rookie priced.
    Mcasey can play & rookie priced, Kemp is a genuine talent and rookie priced


    1. Mcasey I think has picked up another injury so his preseason is being interupted.

      WA players least likely to be out due to Covid? Interesting statement. By the time WA opens it borders the Eastern states would have peaked and cases will probably be dropping. WA on the other hand will explode with new cases as the AFL season begins. Will wait and see what happens there. Maybe the WA clubs go on the road for the first few weeks??


      1. Thanks David. Mcasey poor kid can’t get a break I think luke parks is a similar price.
        I’m not convinced WA will open their border. It would seem very silly to do it when the rest of the country has one of the highest infection rates in the world.


  50. Further to my post 3rd Jan re SC Teams with players forced to miss games due to Covid.
    Herald Sun Supercoach news today announced that there are currently 50+ players who will not be able to join their teams to start preseason training next week due to them being infected with Covid.
    This will only snowball and all the more reason why SC boffins need to review existing rules and be proactive in implimenting new Trade rules before the main season starts.
    I think that Wighty’s proposal below has a lot of merit
    January 3, 2022 at 2:13 pm
    Would a relatively simple solution be that if a player missed through covid, and only covid, a free trade is allowed in SC…no limits. If you had three players missing in a round…you get 3 extra trades for that round only. I’m sure the techs at SC could handle it.


    1. okies, if its Gawn, Walsh and Macrae u have to trade out and they are keepers, how do u get them back into ur team when they are fit to play again


      1. Fair question, but with the possible exception of Gawn, like for like trades would be available…..Grundy (if not held already), Freo Darcy, Bont, Steele, Satan, Trac etc……in the overall scheme of things, i dont think it would be a problem.


      2. …. and also, i agree CB, as i commented earlier, similar to your question, i would try to use the trades to rebalance my team so i didn’t need to trade ’em for that reason.
        i’d love to have extra trades each week if i “had” infected players….. imagine 10 trades at the bye weeks….


    2. Malcolm…appreciate your thoughts…is it 50 infected, or are they close contacts that have to isolate ?? One blessing with this is the timing….best result would be for most players to get Omnicron before the season, and of course, with the caveat that no one gets sick.


    3. That would be exploited and is unfair.
      If someone has a dud rookie on the bench who gets covid, they shouldn’t be allowed to get a free trade to spend on upgrading or sideways trading premiums. Some people would get lucky and some wouldn’t, which would make the playing field uneven, which completely ruins the game.


  51. TU: butters + rookie

    TD: Gresham + Rayner

    have a good feeling most will go with thumbs up, however, I think that both of the bottom guys can produce nearly as many points as butters individually. On top of this it gives me one less rookie up forward


    1. Nothing wrong with Gresham and Rayner as stepping stones as long as you aren’t taking too many risks elsewhere.
      I’m banking on Rayner to improve massively and don’t like the risk of butters at that price


  52. First draft doesn’t seem too bad here..
    Can’t go past the five premium mids and Preuss value too good to ignore in ruck.
    Only a spare 10K though.

    Hall-Ryan-Sicily-Day-Milera-Bowey – (McDonagh-Dean)

    Steele-Miller-Oliver-Mitchell-Neale-Daicos-JHF-Ward – (Johnson-Roberts-Long)

    Darcy-Preuss – (R)

    Dunkley-Duncan-Coniglio-Gresham-Curnow-Hollands – (Butler-Parker)


  53. Popped over to Dad’s yesterday and shared a case of ’62 Grange while watching the rain…I mean cricket !!!. Dad spent most of the time reminiscing about his beloved bombers 1912 premiership win over South….bombers finished with only 16 on the field in arguably their greatest premiership…there were no reserves in those days.

    Anyway, with Dad’s help I came up with my second draft……..

    Lloyd Lukosius Dale Whitfield W Kelly McDonagh (Bergman/Dean)

    Steele Bont Walsh Trac Neale Constable JHF N Daicos (Hobbs/Uwland/C Parker)

    Marshall Preuss (J Williams…fwd dpp loop)

    Dunks Duncan Treloar Cogs Gresham Hollands (Benning…ruck dpp loop/Skinner)

    Dad swears his love child Lukosius will play mid this year and break out…. reckon I have 15 actual onfield mids if he is included. Byes are 20/18/22….Bont and Steele work for c loop 8 of first 9 weeks, and reckon can plan for the 9th. Bont may end up Macrae.


    1. SOW, I think the Grange is too old and affecting your jugement. Flick it my way …
      Lukosius is not even in my top 8, I wouldn’t start him. Watchlist, sure.
      You are also playing with few trades in the rucks, and No Macrae???
      Early days so no harm done .


  54. Why so much love for gresham?
    Only 3 games last year, only 11 games the year before and 19 the year before that. That year where he played 19 he had his best ave ever of 84.
    He costs 300k


    1. His first two games last year were pretty decent from memory. He could turn out to be a decent F5 or F6 by season end.

      I note you have not included Dunks…read on the DT Talk site that Dunks has failed to play more than 14 games in four of the last six seasons. Food for serious thought.


        1. Because it suits my overall team lineup flexibility…very important in SC. I have eleven rookies already…more than enough.


    2. You have a point Foodie but the picking is so slim forward that most will have a question mark. Except if you want to consider a key position forward, give me 6 good injury free SC forwards with midfield guaranteed minutes…


  55. Carlton people, do we think marchbank and kemp are in the best 22?
    With Lewis young in and McGovern going back maybe hurts Marchbank… and a few ahead of kemp?


    1. I think Young will be the Jones replacement. Can’t see mcgovern getting a game parks and kemp are higher up the list than him and he’ll be delisted this year. marchbank is also behind parks and kemp atmo


  56. Been messing with my team and like this one

    Lloyd, Crisp, Ridley, Hewett, aleer, de koning, (W Kelly mcdonagh,)

    Steele, Mitchell, Walsh, Neale, Rowell, Berry, Horne Fran, daicos,
    (Hobbs, O Driscoll, Clarke,)

    Grundy, McInerney, (Preuss)

    Dunkley, butters, Rayner, Coniglio, Curnow, Hollands (Comben, Skinner,)


  57. First draft, would love any feedback constructive or otherwise

    DEF: Lloyd, Ridley, Whitfield, Marchbank, NWM, Chesser (Brown, Gould)

    MID: Macrae, Oliver, Titch, Neale, Adams, Rowell, JHF, Daicos (Stephens, Sinn, Johnson)

    RUC: Darcy, Preuss (Hayes)

    FWD: Dunkley, Heeney, Butters, Coniglio, C.Curnow, Hollands (Amiss, N.Long)

    $22k left in the bank. Rookies obviously pending selection/pre-season. I feel Coniglio and Curnow are just too much value to pass up (Cogs possibly back to his best and hoping Curnow is the Daniher of 2022). Sean Darcy looks the goods and am a little concerned with Gawn sharing ruck duties with Jackson, Preuss also looks great value if he can claim the #1 ruck at GWS (or as a stepping stone to Grundy). Titch, Neale, Adams and Rowell are all priced unders imo (if they can stay fully fit). Marchbank I am quite iffy about considering he has never averaged over 70 and I would prefer Will Day but I can’t afford him and we don’t know how the Day/Sicily combo will go. I do have a lot of higher priced rookies so hopefully a few of these can drop down the $123-117k range to free up some cash closer to the season.

    Happy coaching everybody!


  58. Re all the Covid comments

    Last season finished on top of my league by 2 games, thru injuries and manage players my team was crushed and out in straight sets.

    At one stage there was more than 140 players on the AFL Injury List. Is Covid a sickness (injury), do we get a substitute trade for that and Managed Players, would like everyone’s thoughts.

    Seems silly to be so successful all year and not even to be able to field a team in the finals.

    Your thoughts


  59. Hi Gumboot

    Took on board your advice on Crouch, dropped him.

    Also thought 2 premium Ruck an extravagance so dropped Darcy and brought in Pruess.

    Dropped Oliver and can bring in Macrae and Walsh, also Sicily in def.

    Premiums now
    Def – 4
    Mid – 5 + Rowell, H-F, Daicos
    Fwd – Dunkley, Butler Coniglio, Gresham, Curnow, Holland, Butler and Motlop

    Fill rest with Rookies that are picked.

    Would appreciate your thoughts.



    1. Sounds good, Gilly.

      Head over to the January Rate My Team pinned to the top of the site for more feedback. This is last month’s RMT.



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