2019 SCT Cup Guidelines

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 21 2019

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


… and we’re back, for Season Three of the SCT Cup. It’s definitely added a significant point of interest for Coaches over the last two years with many of us frustrated at our poor showings and only a few that can hold their heads up high.


Before I delve into the nitty gritty of it all I feel that a recap of seasons past is important.


2018 – Kyuubi (coached by Kyuubi) defeated TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT (coached by Footy Fan).

2017 – Power rangers (coached by Nathan) defeated Bunchakhuuuunts (coached by Michael).


Buncha has shown himself as the coach to beat, the big dog on campus has finished 8th last season, backing up his 2nd the previous season. Super effort that!


To those who have been around the site the last two seasons, the SCT Cup will operate on a pretty similar format. There’s a lot of detail to what I’m about to go through but I don’t want it to scare anyone off. For any site newbies all you need to know for now is to join the SCT Group (#900763). Simple as that. Once you’re in the SCT Group you’ve lodged your entry into the Cup. My teams of trained monkeys and eagle-eyed government officials will ensure the Cup is run by the books and on schedule.



* The eight quarter finalists from last year are automatic qualifiers AND get direct entry to the round of 128 AND get seeded 1 – 8 for that round. (1) Kyuubi, (2) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT, (3) AGB, (4) Nathan’s Gunz, (5) allsaints@SCT, (6) Danger Bont, (7) Buttslappers@SCT, (8) Bunchakhuuuunts. It’s a great reward for their brilliant efforts last year. We won’t see these names featuring in the Cup until Round 8. If any of these eight Coaches have new team names, drop me a comment below so I can locate your new team.

* At the end of Round 3 the Top 220 teams in the SCT group (excluding the automatic qualifiers) earn their spot in the SCT Cup and the next 80 teams will be split into 10 pools of 8 for Rounds 4 & 5. These pools will be decided using a snake draft method in case anyone was wondering. You weren’t? What? Why not?

* Rounds 4 & 5 are wildcard round and while the automatic qualifiers and the top 220 teams at Round 3 have a rest from the SCT Cup, the 10 pools of 8 will play against each other with the two highest scoring teams from each pool in Rounds 4 and 5 nabbing the final spots in the SCT Cup.



The highest overall ranked coach at the start of each round is given the No.1 seeding and will play the lowest overall ranked, the second highest is the No.2 and will play the second lowest, etc… The exception will be at the Round of 128 where the automatic qualifiers are given the No.1 – No.8 seeding. Matches are played head-to-head (H2H) across two rounds (or three when it gets to the bye rounds) with the higher scorer advancing and the lower scorer being eliminated. If there’s a tie, the higher seed progresses. For each new round of the SCT Cup seedings are recalculated for those left in the comp with the same format applying of highest ranked playing the lowest ranked, etc…



Rounds 1, 2 & 3: Qualifying

Rounds 4 & 5: Wildcard Weeks

Rounds 6 & 7: Round of 256

Rounds 8 & 9: Round of 128

Rounds 10 & 11: Round of 64

Rounds 12, 13 & 14 (bye rounds): Round of 32

Rounds 15 & 16: Round of 16

Rounds 17 & 18: QUARTER FINALS

Rounds 19 & 20: SEMI FINALS

Rounds 21 & 22: GRAND FINAL


Good luck, Coaches!!


**Current Prize Pools: SCT Group – $350, SCT Cup – $100.  Donations are always welcome and a spot in the Hall Of Fame awaits.  Just get in touch with: schwarzwalder ‘at’ supercoachtalk ‘dot’ com – Schwarzwalder**


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17 thoughts on “2019 SCT Cup Guidelines”

  1. Let’s see if I can make it into the cup this year. Last year was just an instant forget about it with Merrett scoring 17 and Ryder with a injury affected 68. Then 2017 has a shocker rd 3 finishing almost 100k in the weekly score. Surely my luck will change this year!


  2. Has been a fantastic initiative and addition over the past couple of years and the new wildcard round will be very interesting. Hoping for the 3rd time lucky to qualify for the SCT Cup as I’ve yet to get past the qualifying section in the past 2 iterations.


    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind having a crack at the Cup either 😉 The Death Adder has donated $50 to the Cup prize pool so we are now up to $150 for the Winner. Thanks TDA!


  3. Awesome idea Roo Bloke – and a great way to get people to know eachother a little. I sense banter galore… and a financial windfall…



  4. I didn’t even qualify despite coming 165th overall last year… Shows how strong our group is! Here’s hoping for a strong start!


    1. ATLfan. To do well in the SCT Cup it’s a real challenge. You’ve got to get out of the blocks super well and you can’t have a weak round during the season or you’ll likely get beat. Whilst we joked during last season of people burning trades to try to stay in the SCT Cup, it’s kinda the model to achieve overall SC success. Start strong, trade hard, upgrade early, cross your fingers.


    1. “For any site newbies all you need to know for now is to join the SCT Group (#900763). Simple as that. Once you’re in the SCT Group you’ve lodged your entry into the Cup.”


  5. Great stuff RB.
    Beginners’ luck last year?! Hoping the early byes will help in 2019. Looking forward to it either way.


  6. Sooooo, in a summery, we’re competing for The Roo Bloke Trophy in the SCT Cup, which will be probably supported and sponsored by “Murphy’s” (law). LOL. Onya RB!!!!


    1. Tell you what if Buncha makes the top 8 again he’s a likely candidate to have the damn thing named after him.

      In all seriousness i’ve toyed with an idea of a physical trophy since i first came up with this idea but we’re far more than a Melbournecentric operation here at SCT so it’s a little in the too hard basket … for now. We’ve got regular posters from all over the country and many corners of the globe so it makes it a little logistically challenging.


      1. Bloody brilliant work again RB.

        Just to clarify, no SCT suffix required this season?

        Hopefully I can make it and not get knocked out in the first round like last year!

        Thanks again!

        Bloody love this whole community. Thanks for all the daily reading material!



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