2020 Brownlow Competition Results

Written by The Salamander on October 21 2020

Catta! This is his third time winning the comp proving he truly does think like an umpire (or at least is on very good terms with someone who does)!

4 points back from Catta was SCT’s very own, Thommo (a previous Brownlow comp winner himself) and 5 points back from him was Harrison.

Catta will jump straight back into the Hall of Fame in 2020 for his illustrious win (I’m just sorry we don’t have a Hilux to give you mate). Thanks to everyone who had a crack. And especially to TDA who after a small technical hiccup on our part, took on the task of calculating the scores manually and then double and triple checked them! Champion.

Here’s the full scoreboard:

Umpires 522

1st – Catta 500
2nd – Thommo 496
3rd – Harrison 491
4th – Jack 488
5th – Alza 487
6th – Chaos Theory 484
Equal 7th – Daniel Riches, Jason 482
9th – Motts 481
Equal 10th – Terang Bowler, TDA 479
Equal 12th – Chillo, Lisa, Will 476
15th – Roo Bloke 473
16th – Kid81 472
17th – Damon 469
18th – Stewy The Swan 467
Equal 19th – Nateo, Hynsi, Dan K 464
22nd – Froffershanners 462
23rd – BBQ Barbs 459
24th – Gunboat Diplomacy 456
25th – Demons Delight 456
26th – The Salamander 455
27th – Pop’s Daughter 443
28th – Jimmy Dee 441
29th – Lock and Load 440
30th – The Stache 437
31st – True Roo 430
32nd- Black St.Boy 427
33rd – Wighty – 397


At the other end of the scale, the award for the Person Who Least Thinks Like An Umpire™ goes to Wighty, who narrowly pipped Black St. Boy and TrooRoo for the honour. Better luck next time, Wighty! He tells me he was busy spending time on his 2021 SC Pricing spreadsheet.

We’ll do it all again next year – here’s hoping it’s not so one-sided next year – best of luck in 2021!


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11 thoughts on “2020 Brownlow Competition Results”

  1. Thank you to all involved ( especially TDA ), very happy to be a 3 time winner among the SCT elite group!

    All the best to everyone in the off season & good luck to all SCT members that have a team playing in the big dance on Saturday night.

    Cheers Catta 🙂


    1. Not a problem at all Catta and absolutely superb job winning the Brownlow Comp for a 3rd time.

      Great effort as well Thommo with your 3rd podium finish in 3 years which includes winning it last year. Good Old Brownlow Predictor always helps.

      A Special shout out to Hynsi although you only finished in the Top 20 but pretty sure you were the only coach to pick Papley for the Swans who was their leading votegetter with 6 votes.


  2. Good work to keep this running Sal and TDA – it’s important to keep the comps up and about and appreciated probably more than you imagine.

    See you all next year, have a great summer.


  3. Thanks for counting the votes TDA. Well done, Catta on another win. I’m still shocked that Tony Greene got any votes at all.

    And yes, TDA, the Betfair Hub is awesome!



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