Wighty’s 2021 SC Prices

Written by Motts on October 21 2020

One of the things I love about this community is the willingness of everyone to chip in with work that benefits all of us.

Wighty has been hard at work having a crack at the opening prices of players in 2021 and sent through his results to me this morning. You can download it here: Wighty Supercoach 2021.

I’ll let the man himself take you through some of the key points:

1. I have used a blessed number of 5.5. Like all other variables, this can be changed by those using the spreadsheet.
2. Discounts have been applied using the info supplied by Alza in his September 29 posting on SC Talk. I’m not sure whether discounts apply to prices that arise from averages in 2020, or closing values. Obviously, if a player played zero games the 30% discount applies to his 2020 price, but if he has played 7 or less games, I have applied discounts using the blessed number, then applying any applicable discount. Hope that makes sense.
3.The spreadsheet is set up so punters can select players for their team, and this will be totalled for them. My first draft shows a value of  $9,921,300.
4. I have highlighted players that hopefully will be keepers.
5. The spreadsheet is formatted in an attempt to show best value versus 2020 closing prices. Thus, the right hand column in each group of players is ranked lowest to highest. For example Jeremy Howe prima facie, should be some $107k less than his closing 2020 price. Heppell, Charlie Curnow, and Preuss all look inviting options. On the other hand, Gawn and Neale look a bit expensive, but may take two trades each to get them later. Rucks in general look expensive.
The spreadsheet omits some obvious players who I refuse to pick because they are on my “never again” …Josh Kelly for instance because he misses too many games…the old “give me points, not averages”!!  Punters can add whoever they want.
If you’ve got any questions, whack ’em in Comments below and Wighty will do his best to answer ’em.
Thanks to Wighty for doing this! Cheers buddy!

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6 thoughts on “Wighty’s 2021 SC Prices”

  1. Thanks for putting in the work Wighty! I see you’ve got Cripps in green, but don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to put him in after this year… the understudy (Walsh) might be the one to have for a POD!


    1. Mate…thats a big issue. The spreadsheet is purely subjective on my behalf at this point, and it will be interesting to see how it compares with R1. I also have a lot to consider with the c/v loop options.


  2. Great work Wighty and thanks for the shout out.
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news and let me know if I’m wrong but I reckon pricing is based on averages not the end of year price. (Jeremy Howe’s price will be based on an average of 120.5 with a slight discount)
    This will still be very useful and very close will just mean players that only played a handful of games may have a different price


    1. Mate, thats exactly why I expressed a word of caution on those kinda players and which method to use.
      Theres not that many players to consider and howe is one of the prime ones. Punters could perhaps work out both prices, and factor that in if using the spreadsheet.


    1. dd, it was a couple of hours here and there on a regular basis. Gotta do something to stay sane in melbourne before bbl!!!! My lack of knowledge about horses is showing up in my first attempt at SC racing



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