2020 Dead Team Update

Written by Huttabito on September 21 2020

It is with regret that I have to announce the 2020 Dead Team League is, Dead.

Due to some computer upgrades and reformatting, it appears that all entries have been lost for 2020 and I will not be able to annouce a winner.

Apologies to all entrants who spent time putting together a team at the start of the season.


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17 thoughts on “2020 Dead Team Update”

  1. After recently experiencing a major computer failure I can relate with your dilemma Huttabito. Annoying but nothing you can do.

    I am sure all the wonderful people on this site will fully understand.

    Appreciate all your hard work Hutta.


  2. Did anyone keep a running total of their selections?
    I have mine and will total All Saints if anyone wants to know for a comparison.
    Being a first time entrant, I’m happy to learn from general experience.


    1. Cheers Chameleon
      My team was

      B: Houston, Docherty, Lukosious, Noble, Brander, Tobe Watson
      M: Neale, Cripps, Dunkley, Bont, Oliver, Parish, Rowell, M Pickett
      R: Gawn, English
      F: Petracca, T McDonald, J Steven, D Smith, B Smith, B Long


  3. Here is my Dead team Chameleon that I still have on my phone but I have not calculated any scores.

    Backs – Laird , Crisp , Howe , Cerra , Noble ,McAsey.

    Mids – Neale , Cripps , Dunkley , Tim Kelly , McCluggage , Andy Brayshaw , Rowell , Pickett.

    Rucks – Grundy , English

    Fwds – Whitfield , Dusty , Rowbottom , Townsend , Cavarra ,Budarick


    1. Thanks TDA…..and Congrats to you and CT, well deserved.
      I will total them up by end of game and get back to you.


      1. My team;

        Lloyd Docherty Noble
        Zuthrie Bzerk Brander

        Macrae Neale Fyfe Dunkley
        Mitchell Gaff Cogs Rowell

        Goldstein Jacobs

        Whitfield Brayshaw (fre) Smith (ess)
        Taylor (nth) Sturt Budarick.


  4. Thanks Hutta, not much you can do about IT crashing.

    The accountant in me couldn’t help myself.
    My team was:
    D- Laird, Docherty, Short, Roberton, BZT, Brander
    M- Macrae, Cripps, Dunkley, Oliver, Scully, Rowell, Green, Pickett
    R- Grundy, O’Brien
    F- Whitfield, Ceglar, Lynch(Rich), Brayshaw, D. Smith, Kennedy(WC)

    TOTAL – 27353


  5. Hutta sent me his team on March 19 so he could not be accused of any impropriety. It was:

    D – Laird, Houston, Docherty, Roberton, Noble, Zerk-Thatcher
    M – Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Oliver, Merrett, Rowell, T Green, Pickett
    R – English, Naismith
    F – Whitfield, Dusty, Lynch, A Brayshaw, B Long, D Smith


  6. Thought about this when the post first opened but figured there would be little interest, but as there is, here’s my team which totalled 30,070 points, fwiw.

    Not sure where it ranks but I’m pretty happy with it having snagged 4 of the top 7 scores for the year.

    Select DEF 1 Stewart, Tom (GEE) $533,200
    Select DEF 2 Crisp, Jack (COL) $482,800
    Select DEF 3 Cerra, Adam (FRE) $338,900
    Select DEF 4 Lukosius, Jack (GCS) $274,600
    Select DEF 5 Clark, Hunter (STK) $402,200
    Select DEF 6 Brander, Jarrod (WCE) $133,000

    Select MID 1 Neale, Lachie (BRI) $658,500
    Select MID 2 Sloane, Rory (ADE) $559,300
    Select MID 3 Dunkley, Josh (WBD) $632,400
    Select MID 4 Hopper, Jacob (GWS) $520,200
    Select MID 5 Steele, Jack (STK) $515,900
    Select MID 6 McGrath, Andrew (ESS) $399,400
    Select MID 7 Rowell, Matthew (GCS) $207,300
    Select MID 8 Pickett, Marlion (RIC) $123,900

    Select RUC 1 Grundy, Brodie (COL) $705,900
    Select RUC 2 Jacobs, Sam (GWS) $348,400

    Select FWD 1 Martin, Dustin (RIC) $543,000
    Select FWD 2 Petracca, Christian (MEL) $441,300
    Select FWD 3 Brayshaw, Andrew (FRE) $382,800
    Select FWD 4 Smith, Devon (ESS) $335,800
    Select FWD 5 Snelling, William (ESS) $321,800
    Select FWD 6 Budarick, Connor (GCS) $106,900

    TOTAL 30070



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