Last Game for GF Victory

Written by Chaos Theory on September 21 2020

tomsaverageteam requested a post to see how we are going in our quest for Grand Final victory?

Do you have the win in the bag or do you need a big effort from someone tonight?

Please share your hopes and your disappointments with the rest of the community.

Good luck with your GF aspirations.


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7 thoughts on “Last Game for GF Victory”

  1. For the minor GF in the Tech League.
    Currently 12 points difference with each team with a player tonight, my wife’s Agates with Robbie Gray (down by 12) and and Kevin’s Teknicoolz with Taylor Adams.
    For the SCT 7 GF my Cannabins need a Collingwood bus accident. 😉
    Never have so many done so little.


  2. I have no hope of winning any of my three Grand Finals.
    Some disappointing scores from Cripps, Duncan, Lyons, Taranto and Z Williams sunk any hope I had.
    I need Noble to get 137 what ever Grundy scores, as my happy opponent has Grundy as captain.. Another game requires Noble to get 111 and whatever Boak scores. The third game too far behind to even mention. Playing a man down also sucks but that is supercoach.

    All the best for your GF glory.


  3. Made 6 GF’s, 5 already decided, 3 losses and 2 wins (everyone has Grundy). Only live game need Boak to score 111 or less for the win.


  4. In 5 grandfinals and have one locked up

    In GF 1 I need Grundy Crisp and Dixon to score under 227 ( pretty much game over for me)
    GF 2: I need Grundy and Houston to score under 165 ( An outside chance but not looking pretty
    In grand finals 3 and 4 against 2 different opponents, they are both on the exact same score with Grundy to play. I need Grundy to score under 108 for me to win both

    Would love to hear your predictions of how Ill go!

    PS if Grundy could get absolutely bathed in the ruck tonight that would be great for me. Im not one to wish for injuries but maybe a late out in the warmup with a sore ankle would be great 🙂

    Goodluck everyone riding on tonight


  5. Dont want to talk about it. Worst full round score since the r3 debacle and even mucked up the Doch-Rich trade ending up with B Williams.



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