The 2020 Saint of SuperCoach Talk Award

Written by Motts on September 21 2020

Last week I announced the creation of a new award here at SCT. Called the the Saint of SuperCoach Talk award, it honours the memory of allsaints by enshrining in our Hall of Fame on an annual basis, the individual who throughout the year was always willing to lend a hand and offer advice.

After consultation with the entire SCT writing team, today it gives me great pleasure to announce that the inaugural Saint of SuperCoach Talk award will go to two deserving winners: Chaos Theory & The Death Adder.

Chaos Theory

CT has been so quick getting the teams up over the years that in 2020 I finally offered him his own login to the site so he could post them directly. I have no idea where he gets his information from but no-one has been as consistently quick getting the weekly ins and outs into the hands of the community. On top of this, he’s constantly in the Coaches Box updating the community with relevant news on things like suspensions and retirements to continually ensure we’re all putting our best teams on the park.

The Death Adder

No one does more than TDA to promote SCT and help others on Twitter. Whether it’s tweeting out new content from the site such as the Rookie Review, Fallen Premiums, or Captaincy Candidates, organising fundraising competitions at the beginning of the season, prompting us with the final teams for virtually every game when rounds are live, or just helping other tweeps with a quick answer to a question, TDA is a rock we rely on. If you’re on Twitter, give him a follow: @TDeathAdder.


Congratulations to both men. We think Olly would be very happy to know the first award in his name went to both of you and we’re thrilled to have you enter the Hall of Fame again this year.




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16 thoughts on “The 2020 Saint of SuperCoach Talk Award”

  1. These 2 are well deserving of this!
    Every week seeing them post important info for us coaches is incredible! Allsaints would be very happy see it go to these 2 as they are incredibly reliable and been a massive help to many!
    Congrats guys and thanks for all your work!


  2. A great honour to receive an award after the great man AllSaints. Thanks to Motts and all of the SCT Contributor’s honouring me with this inaugural award.

    In what has been a tough year personally and for everyone due to Covid it is great distraction to have SC in the background and hopefully my tweets and late changes have helped the site and it’s community in a small way.


  3. Thanks Guys.

    This is such a great idea. Having an award in allsaints honour.

    Well done TDA and CT. I think he ( Olly ) would be pretty chuffed to know you two took out the award.

    Just like Olly, you both go to so much effort to help this site, and everyone that visits it.

    I’ve said this before, but your both legends 🙂

    Have a great offseason and “see'”you both next year.


  4. It is a great honour to share the inaugural “Saint of SuperCoach Talk” award, named in honour of the inimitable allsaints, especially with the legend The Death Adder.

    Thanks to Motts and all the outstanding contributors to this amazing site.

    There are so many worthy contributors to SCT that I am shocked to be chosen.

    I would like to dedicate this award to everyone for their outstanding work during a very difficult year with insane deadlines to meet. Well done everyone and you should be proud of yourselves.
    Looking forward to 2021 and may we have a “normal” year of Supercoach.

    Thank you.


  5. Thanks CT. Sorry I neglected to congratulate you on sharing the “Saint of SuperCoachTalk” award.

    Very well deserved and it is just so great to know you can go on the site once all the team news is announced and get all of the team news in one go rather than in dribs and drabs from the teams Twitter feeds. You have been tirelessly delivering the team news before official confirmation of the teams for years now and are a great asset to the site. Well Done!


    1. Thank you, The Death Adder.

      I am in awe of all the contributors on this site who constantly and consistently produce first class content and strive to help and improve everyone’s team.


  6. Thanks BBQBarbs.

    Now just to let you know BBQBarbs you are in prime position to take out the Slush Fund Cash League set up by Olly.

    As I think you have Demons Delight now covered for final overall barring a 150+ from Grundy. You needed to make up 90pts in the last round on my team. You have no players left by lead my team by 310pts so I would need 221pts by Grundy and Rozee to get back in front for overall in the league.
    Good Luck!


  7. Congrats Death Adder and Chaos Theory in being crowned inaugural winners of All Saints Award .
    Such a challenging year and All Saints was just a big loss to community who has been sorely missed .
    Well done to all SuperCoach writers and everyone who has pulled together .
    With significant cuts in spend in media this year resulting in less quality reporting this site has been first class and even gone up a level . Special shout out to Gun Boat as well .
    Thank you


  8. Well done to both recipients who contribute so much for no other reason than they love the game and the community. Congrats Chaos Theory and Death Adder, well deserved!


  9. Congratulations to the two of you – every week i enjoy reading your contributions and you’ve gone a long way in helping everyone make very difficult decisions every week in regards to supercoach. Supercoach this year has been a welcome distraction in a pretty shitty year for some – you guys have made it enjoyable, entertaining and dare i say educational. Well done lads – here’s to next year.



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