Poll: Who Wins It From Here?

Written by The Salamander on September 21 2020

We did one of these after round 7; now, with the Finals almost upon us, I thought it would be fun to do it again.

Who wins the flag?

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5 through 8: who's most likely to make the Grand Final?

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Who finishes in the top 2 on Brownlow night?

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And who wins the Rising Star?

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Got any bold predictions for the month ahead? A Rising Star bolter? An unlikely Norm Smith? A Brownlow night controversy? Let us know in the comments below!


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5 thoughts on “Poll: Who Wins It From Here?”

  1. Brownlow Trifecta if there is a market: 1st Neale, 2nd Steele, 3rd Boak

    I’m very confident on that

    Brownlow Teams top vote getters:

    Adelaide: Laird
    Brisbane: Neale, W/O Neale: Lyons
    Carlton: Cripps (Hard to pick so maybe leave out of bets)
    Collingwood: Adams (Hard with Treloar & Pendlebury)
    Essendon: Merrett
    Fremantle: Fyfe
    Geelong: Dangerfield, W/O Dangerfield: Duncan
    Gold Coast: Rowell
    GWS: J Kelly
    Hawthorn: Mitchell
    Melbourne: Petracca
    North Melbourne: McDonald (again hard so happy to leave)
    Port Adelaide: Boak, W/O Boak: Wines
    Richmond: Martin
    St Kilda: Steele, W/O Steele: Jones
    Sydney: Parker
    West Coast: T Kelly (Hard to split with Gaff)
    Western Bulldogs: Bontempelli

    Obviously opinion so people may disagree, but I feel confident on most.


    1. I’m feeling a bit more towards Walsh, started slow but came home reasonably well.
      Can understand that Pies are tough with Adams being consistent with Treloar and Pendles having big games. Adams will probably stack up many 1 and 2 pointers.
      Im wondering how Zerrett will go as Ridley just won the B&F for the Bombers.
      Suns tough with Rowell only in 4 scoring games, Miller and Greenwood are the other 2 options, 1 will probably scrap up enough votes to make double digits.
      I feel Geelong is almost a lottery as so many votes getters in Hawkins, Guthrie, Menegola, Danger, Duncan, then even Stewart and Blicavs to steal votes.
      For Dees, I wonder how many votes Gawn will get as his SC scoring was incredible.
      North are a struggle, Goldy a chance but as a ruck does cause more doubt
      For the Dogs, it hard to split Macrae and Bont, then so many potential vote stealers in their midfield.

      Most I can agree on but there are some I am just not as confident on


  2. ADL: Matt Crouch also came home very strongly in wins; ROB very consistent as well
    CAR: Agree that Walsh might pip Pattie
    GWS: Whitfield had a few influential games on the trot through the middle to end of the season
    NTH: Goldi big scores early in wins; Anderson also big scores and finished with 105 ave, but not in so many wins and Dumont also pulled out 6 x tons on the trot and could catch the Umps eye with his work rate
    Port: Agree Boak, but big Charlie had some eye catching games and could’ve scored a few threes.
    SYD: Would the seagull’s disposal count attract votes?
    WB: Think Macrae over Bont. Hunter would’ve grabbed some high votes in his limited game time, but probably not enough.

    MY opinion for what it’s worth folk.


  3. Adelaide: M Crouch
    Brisbane: Neale, W/O: Lyons
    Carlton: Cripps
    Collingwood: Pendles (value)
    Essendon: Merrett
    Fremantle: Fyfe
    Geelong: Dangerfield
    Gold Coast: Rowell
    GWS: Whitfield
    Hawthorn: Mitchell
    Melbourne: Petracca
    North Melbourne: McDonald (Dumont value)
    Port Adelaide: Boak, W/O: R Gray (value)
    Richmond: Dusty
    St Kilda: Steele, W/O Steele: Butler (value)
    Sydney: Parker
    West Coast: Gaff (Eagles always tough)
    Western Bulldogs: Bontempelli (Macrae value)

    Yet to research, but they’re my gut feels atm. Feel like Parker and Dangerfield will poll very well.



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