104 thoughts on “2021 AFL SC Team Picker – Rate My Team #4”

  1. Lloyd Ryan Whitfield Williams wehr highmore bench Gould Laurie

    Neale Treloar laird cripps Phillips Campbell Powell valente bench mead downie Davies

    Gawn Grundy bench treacy

    Dunkley Marshall Martin macrae cockatoo Kreuger bench Rowe chugg

    110k spare


    1. I really don’t like the Treloar pick (I’m personally not starting any dogs mids this year), but your other premo picks and structure look good.




    Jake Lloyd $656,400
    Rory Laird $564,800
    Zac Williams $458,600
    Lachie Young $202,000
    Lachlan Jones $139,800
    Will Gould $123,900

    Jacob Wehr $117,300
    Thomas Highmore $117,300


    Lachie Neale $721,800
    Jack Steele $658,000
    Clayton Oliver $656,700
    Patrick Cripps $523,700
    Matt Rowell $495,100
    Will Phillips $198,300
    Tom Powell $153,300
    Finlay Macrae $126,300

    Luke Valente $123,900
    Connor Downie $117,300
    Alex Davies $102,400


    Max Gawn $751,400
    Braydon Preuss $303,000

    Josh Treacy $102,400


    Patrick Dangerfield $611,900
    Steele Sidebottom $588,000
    Rowan Marshall $557,200
    Ben Brown $260,300
    Archie Perkins $171,300
    Nakia Cockatoo $123,900

    James Rowe $117,300
    Bailey Laurie $117,300


    1. Would love for someone to really sell me on Williams as a pick.

      Where does he rate in the pecking order for the Blues midfield.

      Assume Cripps and Walsh are safely ahead of him. Does Curnow get edged out for Williams? Setterfield and Kennedy also set for more mid time this year?


  3. DEF-LLOYD, RYAN, LAIRD, WHITFIELD, Gould, Laurie – Highmore, Wehr.

    MID-NEALE, OLIVER, MACRAE, WALSH, ROWELL, Powell, E Smith, Valente. Mcinnes, Gulden, Davies.

    RUC-GRAWNDY – Treacy.

    FWD-DUNKLY, MARSHALL, Macrae, Jones, Rowe, Durdin – Mccreery, Bowey.

    21k ITB.


    1. Great side. Worried about you having 16 rookies (including Loophole in R3) at 123k and less. I don’t like your chances of getting that many named come round 1. Which premo will you downgrade to generate cash for more expensive rookies, if they are not all named?


      1. Rowell to Hately is the plan.
        If he wasn’t at his price i wouldn’t be selecting him.
        If Rowell shows heaps of promise before season starts. Whitfield to Milera.


  4. What do ya reckon…

    Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield, gould, wehr, highmore (Laurie, Jefferson)

    Neale, Oliver, Macrae, McGrath, cunnington, valente, downie, meade, Davies (cockatoo, gulden)

    Gawn, Grundy (treacy)

    Sidebottom, dunkley, Marshall, ziebell, mcreery, bowey (Rowe, laurie)

    $40k remaining


  5. Happy to be back for a new year! First team of many I’m sure, love to know what you think.

    DEF – Lloyd – Whitfield – Stewart – Grainer-Barass – R.Thompson – Gould (Jones – Wehr)

    MID – Neale – Fyfe – Adams – Walsh – Hatley – W.Phillips – Powell – Cockatoo (F.Macrae – Mead – Davies)

    RUCK – Gawn – Grundy (Thrilthorpe)

    FWD – Marshall – Zorko – Heeney – Caldwell – Spicer – M.Rioli (Rowe – Treacy)


    1. Hey Mat.

      Solid side. Thrilthorpe is a waste at R3 wait until he is on the bubble before you get him in.
      Treacy at R3 is sweet.
      Heeney is very brittle at F3.I would prefer to see a premo and maybe B Brown than him and Caldwell.( overpriced for a stepping stone )
      Just my 2c best of luck.


  6. Early team selection, much subject to change depending on preseason form, but will appreciate thoughts.

    DEF: Lloyd, Whitfield, Stewart, Howe, DGB, Gould (Wehr, Laurie)

    MID: Oliver, M Crouch, Cripps, Rowell, Cunnington, Phillips, Powell, Cockatoo (Poulter, Downie, Gulden)

    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Treacy)

    FWD: Sidebottom, Marshall, Ziebell, Dow, Kelly, Rowe (Cook, McCreery)

    The Cripps-Rowell-Cunnington will likely not be my starting point, but I’m keen on all 3 and will keep a close eye through the preseason. Will likely start with 2/3 of them and either upgrade to a higher mid premo, or downgrade to a rookie priced and upgrade one of my fwd to a premo.


    1. Quite a different side Morty.

      I think you may have spent too much in defence.

      Theres also a heap of risk not starting Neale.
      He started last year..

      Can you afford to miss out on that ?

      Maybe down grade your D4 and look at getting in Neale.

      Best of luck whatever you decide.


      1. It is very hard to pass up on Neale, but at that price, I’m tempted to go Oliver/Steele instead and then be able to go deeper in defence. He’s just so expensive, I can see him dropping in value significantly if he has 1 bad game in the first 5.


        1. This just doesn’t make sense ?

          Where’s the numbers to back it up ?

          For the last two years ( No 1 mid at Brisbane )Neale hasn’t dipped more than $30k below his starting price pre Byes. ( 2019 ) In 2020 he was actually $5k more than his starting price ( very rare as all players devalue due to the rookies increasing in price. )

          Neale is honestly one of the safest pick I can think of.


          1. Not saying your wrong I’ll probably advise against not starting him but his first three opponents he averages significantly less against than all other sides. Does George Hewett get him round one? I feel there’s enough doubt there at $721k to not start him.


  7. DEF: Ryan, Williams, Witherden, Milera, GrangerB, Wehr (Jones Worrell)

    MID: Neale, Oliver, Adams, Walsh, Cripps, Hately, Phillips, Macrae (Dow Campbell Powell)

    RUC: Grundy, Preuss (Treacy)

    FWD: Sidebottom, Bolton, Heaney, Ziebell, Impey, Cockatoo (Durdin Rowe)

    28.9k left


    1. Just way too much risk in this side for me Doug.

      Too many guys with ?… Injuries / role / keeper ?

      Every line has huge risk, maybe only pick one of..

      Def: Williams , Witherden, Milera

      Mid: Adams / Hately.

      Forwards: Bolton , Heeney , Ziebell.

      Pruess would need to play out of his skin for the first 5/6 round against the best rucks. ( He meets Gawn and Grundy )
      I would look at a set and forget ruck line.

      Limit your risk early this will save you valuable trades later.



      1. Based on Adams’ scores without Treloar I don’t see much risk with him. Nor with Hately who has proven he has the ability just didn’t get the opportunity.

        Williams certainly represenets a strong injury risk, as does Ziebell.

        Heeney might get injured (especially in the offseason) but he really doesn’t miss too many games.

        Preuss I am lineball on. That extra 400 odd k is basically one extra Premo and a Fallen Premium. If you’re talking risk avoidance Gawn is a better injury risk, but at 450k more.

        I wouldn’t run Preuss without Marshall or a similar Forward/Ruck. My 2c.


  8. DEF: Lloyd, Ryan, Laird, Whitfield, Grainger, Jones, Gould, Wehr

    MID: Oliver, Merrett, Adams, Cripps, Phillips, Perkins, Powell, Cockatoo, Macrae, Valente, Davies

    RUC: Gawn, Grundy, Treacy

    FWD: Dunkley, Marshall, Heeney, Kelly, Rowe, Durdin, Laurie, Rioli

    Happy with the above structure of 13 guns and then rookies. Obviously rookies will dictate whether I can keep all 13 guns or if some are forced to become mid-pricers and then will also dictate on which lines I put the premiums.

    Anyways thoughts on the above?


  9. DEF: LLOYD, WHITFIELD, WILLIAMS, DOEDEE, Worrell, Gould (Wehr, Winder)

    MID: NEALE, MERRETT, WALSH, CRIPPS, MCGRATH, Valente, Mead, Cook (Poulter, Spicer, Trew)

    RCK: GAWN, GRUNDY (Treacy)

    FWD: DANGEFIELD, SIDEBOTTOM, HEENEY, Macrae, Cockatoo, Rowe (Durdin, McCreery)

    Any thoughts or critiques would be greatly appreciated. My main issue is that my top 5 mids all share the same bye.


    1. Not sure I agree with your interpretation of premium there, but we’ve all got our interpretation.

      Danger really looking risky at this stage.


      1. Danger will go if not fit. The capitals aren’t really indicating premiums more just non-rookies. Sorry should have cleared that up.


  10. DEF:
    L.Whitfield – $561,600 A.Saad – $526,200 S.Docherty – $496,000
    C. Ah Chee – $353,300 L.Sholl – $343,200 T.Clurey – $335,500
    Bench – A.Aliir – 321,200 M.Adams – $250,400

    L.Neale – $721,800 D.Martin – $541,600 P.Cripps – $523,700
    M.Rowell – $495,100 C.Jones – $236,800 N.Cockatoo – $123,900
    R.Garcia – $123,900 B.Cook – $117,300
    bench – H.Oea – $102,400 L,McNeil – $102,400 Z.Trew – 102,400

    B.grundy – $648,200 R.Thilthorpe – $202,800
    bench – M.Colina – $102,400

    T.Greene – $448,400 G.Miers – $387,100 T.Lynch – $366,700
    E.Himmelberg – $358,000 D.Zaharakis – $351,400 L.Schultz – $298,00
    bench – B.king – $298,700 J.worrell – $123,900

    $35,700 left
    thoughts about my team and any suggestions


    1. Hi Bailey

      A really different team. When you look at the teams posted on here, you will see a large common thread, whereby the emphasis is on a Guns and Rookies strategy. You might see the occasional mid priced stepping stone, like Orurss, Brown, Ziebell etc, but mostly their teams have people who will top 10 or so in their line come year end.

      Looking back over many years playing this game, that is the strategy that wins. Yes, a point of difference having one or two underpriced players that go on to be a premium that year – think Brayshaw from last year, or Ridley from last year. But to have as many value picks as you have hasn’t been a successful strategy in the past. Who knows, maybe one year it will be, and maybe this is the year and you have nailed them all. But, if past performance is any guide to future success, probably not.

      Rookies at the lower end tend to make more money than mid priced players like you have. With the players you have, you need to ask yourself why are they in my side? Are they there to make money, or I really believe they will be top 10 come year end. If it’s to make money, then reconsider cheaper rookies. Certainly on your bench at least.

      If you feel that this site, plus most other SuperCoach sites keep going in about a Guns and Rookies strategy, then understand that this is not just herd mentality. It’s because the strategy has been proven to work. I persisted with mid priced sides for years until the truth of the Guns and Rookies strategy was just too overwhelming to ignore. So I understand and respect the desire to be differ- in fact encourage it. But personally my joy at having a different team from everyone else at the start of ghe season faded very fast as the season progressed,to the point it became less enjoyable.

      My advice is to relocate at your side. Start with cheap rookies on the bench. Then look at upgrading some of your mid priced players into players you believe will be top 20 at year end.

      Good luck Bailey


      1. Yes great advice Last year i went with 11 prems plus HOUSTON. and all 11 survived as my 12 in 2019 did. Coaches overlook the importance of byes in their initial teams and this year is a nightmare as most top coaches will have 3 rucks Oliver Lloyd and Laird all out of Round 14 which leaves little room for upgrades from MASSFC i.e, melb adel syd etc My plan is to include 2 midpricers and go with 11 prems and 2 midpricers instead of 12 prems They will be from those MASSFC clubs so they can be upgraded in R14 but who ? defenders make the most sense as MIDS and Rucks are set and aside from Butters i can’t find many forward and he is too expensive Two players jump out both from a low club one with DPP and 300k odd which allows for a rise to mid 400k and an easy upgrade MILERA and Sholl for Whitfield This allows for 4 defenders from lower clubs both on the rise North and Crows Hope it works good luck DD


        1. the byes are more critical this year it seems…if i keep my current team of 12 guns only three are playing in R14…my alternative team will give me 8


    2. Why have you got 300k plus sitting on your bench in defence? Where are the rookies that will generate you cash. Too many mid pricers for my liking but best of luck mate


  11. Early days and the draft of one of many teams but looking for advice/opinions.

    Def –
    Lloyd, Whitfield, Milera, Clark, Young, DGB (Gould/Wehr)

    Mid –
    Oliver, Kelly, Fyfe, Adams, Walsh, Cunnington, Hately, Phillips (Cockatoo, Valente, Davies)

    Ruck –
    Grundy, Preuss (Treacy)

    FWD –
    Dusty, Bolton, Caldwell, Daniher, Impey, Laurie (Worrell, Lynch)

    71.3k left over

    Not sure how I feel about the team, I feel like there’s a lot of flyers here that could prove to be really handy and blossom and blow up in my face. Also curious where Prestia/Yeo is worth grabbing at prices they’re at atm?


  12. Not sure if I’ve gone to heavy on the guns/rooks strategy?

    Def: Lloyd, Laird, Williams, Jones, Gould, wehr (bianco, laurie)

    Mid: neale, Steele, Walsh, cripps, Rowell, Phillips, Powell, valente (rantall, mead, downie)

    Ruck: gawn, Grundy (treacy)

    Fwd: dunkley, Marshall, dusty, Zeibell, macrae, cockatoo (Bergman, Rowe)


  13. Last Year Grundy Ave 118 against his first 8 opponents for 2021 BUT that included 179 V. Dogs I doubt that will happen again and 151 V. Bombers Draper will do a lot better against him than Phillips did.
    If you take out the games against 2 easiest opposition rucks in 2020 the ave is 102 for 6 games. If you give him a 120 for both the ‘easy’ games (Dogs Bombers) the ave is about 107.
    650k for a bloke who will probably ave 105 max in his first 8 games is just plain stupid, he’ll drop by 100k before round 8 and could easily be outscored by ROB, NicNat, Goldy, and even Marshall based on last years performances.

    You will do far better if you start an extra 650k mid and Preuss (whom averages 103 as #1 Ruck) instead of Grundy and a 300k Mid/Def/Fwd who may ave 80. After 8 rounds Preuss will be about 450k and Grundy 550k


    1. Treloar was 2nd best CB clearance player in comp the next best pie was ranked in the 40’s.
      I didn’t see pies draft/recruit any CB talent that comes close to Treloar so Grundy will have at least 4 less HTA p/game without Treloar that’s 1 less p/qrtr and it = 20pts p/game.
      That 4 less HTA p/game is based on the pies who were ranked in the 40’s for CB clearances in 2020 suddenly becoming top 15 CB clearance players in 2021. Lets imagine that they don’t suddenly get twice as good and Grundy has 10 less HTA p/game that = 50pts p/game less.

      Starting Grundy in 2021 is about dumbest move a supercoach player could make


      1. Your stats and analysis make some sense Wisdom. I just disagree. The longer trend since 2018 is that Grundy is a 130 averaging player, whether Treloar is in the team or not. There’s a few guys in that side (Adams, Sidey, even Pendles) who can easily step in to fill the void.

        Grundy doesn’t depend solely on HTA for points and his average didn’t dip in 2018 when Treloar missed the last 10 games or so. It’s no secret he struggled last year with the hub and short turnarounds. You may be right, but there is just as much info to suggest otherwise. Don’t think you can label it the dumbest move ever – I’ve seen teams with Dyson Heppell!


        1. Totally agree Tommy.

          I would also mention Grundy gets a heap of his points around the ground. Going back to 20 min quarters can only improve his ave.


  14. After the byes in 2020 Sam Walsh ave 118.
    2021 is his 3rd year so we can expect him to improve and with to the longer quarters in 2021 a 15-20 pts p/game increase in ave is reasonable.
    He’s priced to ave 101
    His 118 ave in the 2nd half of 2021 ranked him 5th among all midfielders with only Neale, Steele, Oliver and Macrae averaging higher and the cheapest of those is 100k more than Walsh


    1. See now I’m 100% with you on Walsh. His back end of last year was amazing. The best thing is if there’s a deficiency in his game, he works on fixing it. Plus I thing the interchange cap will suit him more – he has an outrageous tank. In my side.


  15. Garryowen Version I

    Lloyd / Laird / Williams / Milera / Jones / Gould (Wehr / Highmore)

    Neale / Oliver / Mitchell / Cripps / Heppell / Phillips / Powell / Meade (Valente / Shipley / RCD)

    Gawn / Grundy (Tracey)

    Dunkley / Marshall / Rozee / Ziebell / Campbell / Cockatoo (Rowe / Durdin)

    $29k in the bank

    I throw up in my mouth when I read my fwd line but heck no ones team looks amazing in R1.


  16. Something to think about while we have our heads in the sand with blinkers on,

    What if teams play an extra ruck role because of less interchange?

    With the AFL trying to promote/enforce a more running scoring game will there be less (or more) ball ups and throw ins?

    Does anyone really think that Ziebell will be given a “running off half back” role ah la Lloyd and co. (Docherty, Stewart, etc.) ahead of McDonald?

    Will our mids and on ballers be working on field with a self rotation role (mid to forward not bench, remember those?)

    Remember to study the pre season formats along with ins and outs before we justify stats.


  17. Guns and rookies, first cut that I’m happy with, all depends on who’s named for R1 and haven’t looked at byes yet:

    Lloyd, Whit, Laird, Stewart, Gould, Wher, Laurie, Highmore

    Neale, Steele, Oliver, Walsh, Rowell, Smith, Valente, Gulden, RCD, Durdin, Saunders

    Grundy, Preuss, Fullerton

    Dangerfield, Dunkley, Marshall, Cockatoo, Bergman, Rowe, Brockman, Eyre

    13 keepers and 16 blokes that might not play R1 – push comes to shove, I’ll drop Laird and use the cash for playing rookies.



      1. Thanks Chameleon.

        Danger does always drop early anyway, I learnt that lesson many times. Also not starting with the ruck set and forget strategy has hurt me in the past – this my 4th year and my best finish was 1st year when I went with Grundy/Gawn.

        So here’s the latest version:

        Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield, Williams, Gould, Wehr, Laurie, Highmore

        Neale, Oliver, Merrett, Walsh, Rowell, Phillips, Smith, Gulden, RCD, Valente, Durdin

        Gawn, Grundy, Fullerton (I think he plays at BNE now that Steph Martin is gone and will make $$)

        Dunkley, Marshall, Campbell, Cockatoo, Bergman, Rowe, Eyre, Brockman

        Much prefer this set up but it’ll change another million times before R1 I’m sure!


    1. ATM I’d be watching on Tracca’s shoulder reports.
      IMO Tracca if shoulder is ok, will rotate mid and fwd more unless tagged, where Oliver would be an on ball interchange work horse.


  18. This is not a sound team, but honestly, if the rookies show, I’m insanely tempted to gamble on it.

    D: Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield, Jones, Gould, Bianco, (Wehr, Highmore)
    M: Neale, Steele, Oliver, Macrae, Cripps, Macrae, Smith, Jordon, (Berry, Spicer, Davies)
    R: Gawn, Grundy (Treacy)
    F: Dunkley, Marshall, Heeney, Cockatoo, Jones, Rowe, (Durdin, Laurie)

    $0 remaining.


    1. What’s not “sound” about this team? Its about as standard as it gets – 3 premos in def & fwd, 2 premo rucks, and 5 premo mids.


          1. IMO, having $0 is a similar risk as to having a mid price team.
            Eg. A premium gets injured and devalues. (hiccup)
            You then find out they will be missing at least 2 weeks, (burp)
            The equal quality replacements are now priced more than you can afford so you will need to make an additional trade to get a suitable replacement. (Fart)

            The moral to this explanation is don’t start with $0 itb or mid price madness thinking it would be just a little bit of a hiccup to fix an issue.


    2. very similar to me Eagling … albeit at this early stage … and I have $300 left!! So it must be a good side!!


  19. Thoughts on Pendlebury? 110 average last year with some huge games, will be back home this season so expect him to continue the high level of play. Only problem is that he fluctuates between low 90s and 120+ too often, doesn’t hit the sweet spot of 105-120 consistently enough. Could still be a POD though, keen to hear thoughts.


  20. Food for though;

    Hows this one guys ?

    Lloyd, Stewart, Williams, Milera, Koschitzke, Wehr (Highmore, Borlase)

    Neale, Merret, Fyfe, Adams, Cripps, Pedlar, Cockatoo, Valente (Mead, Sharp, Davies)

    Gawn, Nic Nat (Treacy)

    Danger, Marshall, Heeney, CAmpbell, Rowe, Mcreery (Macrae, Bergman)

    3 mid pricers in Heeney, Milera and WIlliams but come with alot of promise,

    11 Keeper with 3 mid pricers makes it 14 potential high scores and im thinking only Milera will be a stepping stone if Heeney and WIlliams play well and stay on the park..
    11 k left over.
    Risk worth taking ?


  21. i have got 646,900 left and need a mid who should i get

    i have already got


  22. First time here and first time playing SuperCoach AFL how is my team? any tips

    J. Llyod, R.Laird,Z.Williams,L.Young, W.Gould, J.Wehr (B.Laurie,T.Highmore)

    L.Neale , C. Oliver , M.Bontempelli, M.Rowell, J. Hately, F.Macrae, S.Berry, A. Davies (T.Bruhn, L. Valente, J.Mead)

    Grundy , Gawn (M.Colina)

    J.Dunkley, R.Marshall, J.De Goey , B.Brown, A. Perkins, N.Cockatoo (J.Rowe, p. Spicer)


  23. Okay, so I made some BAAAAD mistakes last years with my team, particularly with who I started with. Didn’t help with some injuries and certain rookies not getting picked as much as I’d want. But I saved myself slightly at the end of the year, so not a complete disaster. But still far from where I usually finish up.

    So here’s my first side this year:

    DEF – Lloyd, Laird, Ridley, Milera, Jones, Wehr (Gould, Highmore)
    MID – Oliver, J. Macrae, J. Kelly, Fyfe, Walsh, W. Phillips, Powell, F. Macrae (Downie, Bowey, Davies)
    RUC – Grundy, Preuss (Treacy)
    FWD – Sidebottom, Marshall, Martin, Ziebell, Cockatoo, Rowe (McCreery, Laurie)

    Here’s some points to make for some choices

    DEF: Definitely starting with Lloyd this year. The biggest selection mistake is made last year was that I didn’t pick him, or have him at any point of the season. I decided to go with Laird to free up cash. While Laird did well, particularly in the second half of the season, I had Hurn in there as my D2…..big yikes from me. But not this year, I’m making sure I start this year well. Laird another obvious pick, I think the Crows will keep him in the midfield more considering how well it worked for him. Ridley I think will do better than last year. Might not be the highest scoring of premium defenders, but he’s proven to be consistent. I’ve heard some things about Milera and he potential move to the midfield, which I think will be a good thing. And the rookies like most other years are the names I see being picked in most other people’s team, so I’m assuming they’ll get some game time this year.

    MID: Not starting with Neale, which I’ll explain why further down the track. But I’ve decided to go with Oliver and Macrae as the main guys in my midfield. I can understand people’s concern with Macrae with the stacked midfield, but I think he’ll generally be the consistent scoring player in the midfield, all the other Bulldog mids I’m not so sure about. Kelly and Fyfe I believe will be up there again this year, as long as they stay fit and uninjured. Kelly was a great POD choice for me last year. Albeit a couple of games he was out through small niggles, he proved to be the best risk I took and actually saved me on some captaincy scores.
    Walsh I think will have his REAL breakout season. M5 was the obvious choice between him and Rowell, but I have to go with Walsh. He averaged really high after the byes last year (I think it was around 118), and ultimately proved that he wasn’t going to get the second-year blues (HA!). I think he’ll break into the 110+ average this year. Again, rookies are picked from who I’ve seen in a lot of teams. I’ve seen some talk about Heppell and Cunnington, but I don’t trust their fitness. Also not sure on Caldwell and Hately, I haven’t seen enough of them to risk putting them in at the moment. Will be keeping an eye on them during the pre-season

    RUC: Just like the previous two seasons, I’m not going with both Grundy and Gawn. I personally don’t think it’s worth wasting $1.4 million on one position area, where I could put that into getting another premo. Grundy and Goldstein worked very well for me last year (which I am still having thoughts of that), but I went with Preuss as my man to back up Grundy. Preuss obviously had to content with the best rucks in the competition at his previous clubs, which he never looked like getting chosen over them to play. Now that he’s at GWS, he’s in a great position and looking to be the automatic no.1 ruck choice over Mumford (who’s at the end of his career). I think Preuss is a BIG chance to average at least 100, which works well for me. And Treacy being the obvious choice for R3, which can be used as the main loophole man.

    FWD: Starting off with Sidebottom, because not sure about Danger at the moment. But if he’s looking alright and ready by Rd.1, will be picking him over Sidebottom. Marshall looks to be the no.1 ruck at the Saints, so it’s looking good for him from here. Didn’t see heaps of people picking Dusty. Being a Tigers supporter, I may have a bit of bias having some hope in him like every other year. Not a POD by any means, but he could still prove a difference and I’m happy to take that chance. When he’s consistent, he’s hard to not pick in your side. Ziebell I’ve also heard some things about, and I’ll risk him depending on what his pre-season looks like. Cockatoo looks like a great cash cow and should get plenty of game time from what I’ve seen. And the rookies again are the usual picked ones I’ve noticed.

    Reasons why I’m not starting with Gawn and Neale? I don’t think starting with players who are $750k+ is a good thing. It’s not that I think they aren’t consistent or anything, they’re clearly two of the AFL’s best players. but spending $1.5 million on two players is limiting point to get in your team. I always try to start a season well and high scoring, and I don’t think spending that on two guys is helping. You can get a good mid $100k cheaper who only averages 10-20 less than Neale. So I may potentially a few points lose point by not picking Neale to have 5 premos in my side. But I think there’s more points to be lost with getting Neale and having to put another rookie in the mid. Not only do rookies scoring way less (which they’d be scoring at least 40-50 points less than the additional premo you could have in there), but they might not be picked every games. So it’s not just about points and money for me, but job security also plays into making that decision. And if most of my premos picked do well and don’t get injured, that’s less trades for me to make with upgrades and downgrades

    I do plan on upgrading to them later in the season, at least with Neale anyway. Preuss could do really well and I don’t need to upgrade him to Gawn, but more than likely will be at this point.

    That’s all from me. I’m open for any suggestions and constructive criticism


    1. I like the team and the reasoning behind your choices, however, starting with both Fyfe and Kelly is almost a guranteed 2 trades gone (potentially 4 if you want to bring them back in) as they will get injured at some point. I’ve started with Fyfe each year and he consistently pulls some big scores when he plays but sadly his also consistent in missing a few weeks here and there due to injuries. Kelly is in a similiar position and like a majority of gws players, is on my never touch list.


        1. Corey.

          I really like your detailed explanation on Neale and Gawn but I must strongly disagree.
          At this time of year we always think about money. What we tend to forget is…
          SC is actually all about the points.

          No one, nudder, nil. Has scored more points in SC in the last few years than Gawn and Neale.

          Lets talk averages..

          Firstly on Neale.
          He averaged nearly 12 points a game more ( 134.3) than the second best mid ( Steele 122.5) yet he is only $63K more.
          Show me where you can make up 12 points a week for only $60K elsewhere on the field ?

          Then Gawn.
          He averaged 19 points a game more than the next best Grundy. For ( only ) an extra $103K. hard to find that on any other line also.

          These guys are just so far ahead in their positions ( like Lloyd ) they are simply must haves.

          Then you have to take into account Captains scores.
          Grundy and Neale were by far the most Captained players last year. If you are missing out on these Captains scores every week you simple fall behind the pack and can’t catch up.
          To demonstrate I will list their scores for the first 6 round last year. ( think double as Captain )

          Big Max.
          Started with a little slow with 93 and some folks actually traded him out 🙁
          Then he went..

          Can you really afford miss out on those Captains scores ?

          I think you really have to consider starting at least one of these guys. They are both locked in my side.
          Best of luck whatever you decide.


    2. Fair enough starting with Lloyd but aren’t you repeating your last years mistakes by not starting Gawn and Neale, by your own logic??

      Personally I think all three of these are overpriced but leaving any of them out is a risk.


  24. TU:
    Option A: ($300 ITB)
    Def: Lloyd, Laird, Williams, Milera
    Mids: Neale, Oliver, Merrett ,Walsh, Rowell
    Rucks: Gawn, NicNat
    Fwds: Sidebottom, Dunks, Marshall

    Option B: ($3400 ITB)
    Def: Lloyd, Ryan, Laird, Milera
    Mids: Neale, Steele, Oliver, Merrett, Phillips
    Rucks: Gawn, Grundy
    Fwds: Sidebottom, Dunks, Marshall


  25. Welcome back everyone, excited for another year. First thoughts are as follows:

    Def: Lloyd, Whitfield, Stewart, Barras, Jones, Gould (Bianco, Wehr)

    Mid: Neale, Oliver, Duncan, Walsh, Rowell, Phillips, Powell, Macrae (Smith, Valante, Downie)

    Rucks: Gawn, Grundy (Treacy)

    Fwd: Dunkley, Martin, Heeney, Perkins, Cockatoo, Rowe (Durdin, Laurie)

    After last years failed experiment with S.Jacobs, we are setting and forgetting the big two. Moving around rookies may open up some cash to upgrade one of Rowell/Heeney > 500k mid/Marshall, dependent on their preseasons.
    Cheers folks


  26. After a top 100 result last year hoping to back up and do it again. This year questioning whether a full G&R is the right strategy as I am really concerned about how many rookies will actually be selected in the early rounds. My current thinking:

    Def: Lloyd, Laird, Williams, Milera, Young, Granger-Barass, (Jones, Wehr)
    Mid: Neale, Oliver, Gaff, Cripps, Rowell, Hately, Phillips, Cockatoo, (Valente, Durdin, Davies)
    Ruck: Gawn, Preuss (Treacy)
    Fwd: Marshall, Heeney, Caldwell, Brown, Ziebell, Rowe, (Macrae, Laurie)

    Despite all the preseason rookie hype, I fear the reality is that without having played senior football last year, and with training still compromised in small groups, unless a player has been in the system for a number of years, they are under-developed and it will take time to have them match ready. As a result I would expect that only few rookies will make the early starting line ups.

    If you accept this argument, then it follows that we need to be careful about how many rookies we rely on in our starting line ups. Minimising the number of rookies by selecting a few mid-pricers reduces this risk.

    I wanted Gawn/Grundy as a set and forget ruck combo, but need to sacrifice one for the extra mid-pricers cash.
    Am not yet sold on Caldwell so any other similarly priced suggestions welcomed.


    1. Going with a similar structure rookie wise.
      Got Hately at m6 and Ziebel at F5 too.
      Strangely enough I’m higher on the defensive rookies and are fielding three at the moment.

      I *think* Gould plays and Highmore with the Geary injury (at least early).

      I fully agree with the lack of football for the vic rookies last year and the small group things. Numerous clubs have said it was hard for the first year players last year.

      Reality is too, if someone start 13 keepers and a loophole, they need to find 16 rookies and there’s only 18 clubs.
      Some clubs best 22 will be really hard to crack and outside the Hawks don’t see a club playing a lot of rookies at once.

      Mick Malthouse often says you can only have two guys on the field with less than 10 games experience, otherwise it really hurts you.

      I’m overpaying for job security this year. Let the rookies slowly build up.


      1. IMO, Geary was going to be a “tagging” forward this year.
        They might be needing to restructure their forwards and Highmore is a defence asset.


  27. After some advice:
    Def : Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield, Milera, DGB, Gould (Laurie, Highmore)
    Mid: Neale, Oliver, Merrett, Cripps, Rowell, Phillips, Powell, Smith (Rantall, Valente, Collier-Dawkins)
    Ruc: Gawn, Grundy (Treacy)
    Fwd: Dunkley, Marshall, Campbell, Perkins, Macrae, Cockatoo (Rowe, Durdin)

    $31,500 left in the bank


  28. Is anyone feeling a sense of de ja vue?? This time last year w were talking up Sam Jacobs as a ruck option, yet mummy ended up being their #1 ruck nearly all year.
    Brayden Preuss??


  29. first draft

    lloyd,ryan,whitfield,williams,DGB,gould (wehr,highmore)

    neale,adams, dunkley,cripps,rowell,phillips,powell,durdin (bianco,valente,downie)

    gawn,grundy (treacey)

    marshall,martin,ziebell,Fmacrae,cockatoo,rowe (Wkelly,Mrioli)

    sigh – this is tough


  30. Hi guys,
    First time poster, been scrolling through teams all night. Mines a little different and going with the just in case rookies don’t eventuate.
    Rip through it.
    34k left

    Def; Laird, Whitfield, McDonald, Williams, Milera, Cummins ( Jones, Bianco)

    Miss; Neale, Kelly, Dunkley, Walsh, Cripps, Valentie, Jordan, (Collier- Dorkins (Smith, Meade, Durdin)

    Ruc; Gawn, Grundy ( Tracey)

    Fwds; Marshall, Brown, Ziebell, Daniher, Bergman, Rowe ( Cockatoo Mccrae)


  31. def
    LLoyd whitfield williams milera jones gould (highmore wehr)

    Oliver bont walsh cripps rowell philips pedlar powell (mead holmes davies)

    Gawn grundy (treacy)

    Sidebottom dunkley marshall macrae cockatoo rowe (bowie chugg)


    1. ……Luke Dunstan……..StK, ……….he scored 92 in rd1 never to be seen again,……300+ price this year………scored 125 in the amateurs comp,…….news, update, thoughts?…….anyone???…


      1. G’day Chameleon,
        Not a great deal of early info from Saints.

        In the opening game last season against North when Dunstan scored that 92, he had 21 disposals and nine tackles yielding a Brownlow vote. He then had a torn pectoral muscle which ruled him for the season.
        He travelled to Noosa hub in June despite his injury and frequently assisted with scratch matches from the other side of the fence.

        He should return to the mids this season.
        A big watch in the first Community Series opening against Carlton on Thursday, March 4 at Marvel Stadium.


    1. If they play the roles of mid and wing yes.
      Same as all the other teams with high on ball premiums, ie 1 HBG and 1 high quality receiver with accurate disposal.
      Note the doggies have an abundance of both and IMO they will be regularly rotating so they don’t need to rest on the bench and therefore may all generate 100s but not 120+s.


  32. Team so far, kinda happy. Maybe

    Def; laird, Daniel, Williams, young, Jones, gould,
    Wehr, highmore.

    Mids; Neale, macrae, Merrett, Mitchell, Taranto, Phillips, Perkins, valente, Powell, Durdin poulter.

    Ruck; Gawn/Grundy, treacy

    Forw: Sidebottom, Marshall, Heeney, N.Cox, F.macrae, Cockatoo, E.smith, j. Rowe.

    24k left. Thoughts? Cheers . Rookies probs change


  33. No one injured, no rookies ruled out for round 1 yet.

    No one put in a string of preseason blinders making you think they’re gonna break out this year.

    No changes.


  34. Could be nervous time coming for def rookie in round 1. The following all play Sunday games – Young (NM), Wehr, Highmore, McLennan and Jones (PA). Hoping they make early announcements for their debut. Worried that they are just named on extended bench, and the best we can find out is Friday night. Hoping it’s not like last year where they can hold off naming their sides until Saturday. If there are other rookies in defence playing we may be forced to choose them, even if they may be inferior quality just to mitigate the risk.


    1. Certainty is a critical thing in supercoach. It’s driven me to make last minute round 1 changes I’ve regretted for the last 3 years.

      Of those I still think Young, Will play, McLennan will play if fit, and Jones and Wehr should play.

      But I don’t think I’d be running a team hoping that I can run 3 rookies and 3 premos on the field.

      Remember, even if they do, being named round 1 is no certainty of being named in round 2.


      1. Highly doubtful Mclennan will play, not getting any mentions by GC fans on their fan boards. Markov was brought in to play a role in defence.


  35. Really like the idea of getting Lyons in my midfield, genuine premo who is right in his prime and is a proven scorer since he is a contested beast, also a massive POD. But is it risky to have both him and Neale in the same midfield?

    TU: Worth the risk, go with Neale + Lyons
    TD: Go with another option


    1. Same as Cripps and Walsh, Pendlebury and Adams, McCrae and Bont,……etc.
      Average out the combination(s) and see if you have a suitable balance.


  36. Neale and Oliver …..then
    TU: Cripps/Walsh and Rowell……with approx 321K to spend elsewhere
    TD: Steele and Macrae/Zerrett…with approx 30-60K ITB

    Leaning towards the TU atm particularly if rookies are scarce as can upgrade in other positions as well as the Midfield


  37. Def: Lloyd,Williams, Milera,J,Clark,Jones,Gould -Wier,Highmore

    Mid:Neale, Oliver,Cripps, Rowell,Taranto, Phillips, Campbell, Powell-Cockatoo,Valente,Durdin


    For:Siidebottom, Marshall, Bolton, Brown, Daniher,Bosenavulagi-Macrae,Rowe

    $99.900 left, any comments welcome please


  38. ATM I have,
    Lloyd, Whitfield, McDonald, Milera, Jones, Gould – Wehr and Chugg
    Neale, Steele, Oliver, Zerrett, Rowell, TPhillips, WPhillips, Maginness – Valente, Durdin and Davies
    Gawn, Grundy – Treacy
    Marshall, Ziebell, Campbell, Cox, Kelly, Smith – Rowe and Spicer
    With 4800 itb
    Thoughts please………


  39. Some interesting reading in Noble comments with team restructuring due to the reduction of interchange.

    After reading it, try to imagine Noble is each of all the clubs’ coaches and what they will do.

    Woof! Woof!



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