The 2021 SCT Group & Prize

Written by Motts on January 29 2021

What’s better than beating everyone in the SuperCoachTalk Group over the course of an entire season?

Beating everyone in the SuperCoachTalk Group and then having something to remember your victory by for the rest of your life!

The fantastic folk at have given us one of their exquisite rings to give away to a member of our community. I took delivery of it yesterday and let me tell you, these rings are impressive!

So, how do you win it? We’re going to award it to the coach who stands atop the SCT Group leaderboard at the end of the season with the “@SCT” suffix at the end of their team name.

Here’s how you can place yourself in the running for this magnificent prize:

  1.          Join the SCT Group using group code: 522623 or click this link
  2.         Add the “@SCT” suffix to your team name (eg “The Maulers” becomes “The Maulers@SCT”

And that’s it!

For anyone else that’s interested in purchasing one of these beautiful rings for the winner of their league, you can pick one up for just $99 by ordering it from here.

Imagine how you’ll feel wearing one of these babies every time your SC league catches up in future! The envy. The respect.

A huge thanks to David from Supercoach Champion for his generosity. He’s a great bloke with an even better product.

Good luck to everyone having a crack!


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29 thoughts on “The 2021 SCT Group & Prize”

  1. Hi Motts – that code adds you to a league called “Go Hard or Go Home”, not a SCT group? Or I am being dumb…..


      1. All good Motts – looking forward to another season and please SC Gods, let it be a “normal” season with teams announced on a Thursday night and the round completed by a Sunday night. Last season was a planning disaster.


  2. Heya folks!!

    That’s sooooo cool Mottsy … do you want to engrave my name on the inside now … or maybe just play it safe and wait for a bit???!!! *wink*

    Great addition again this year!!


      1. We’re very alike Yiorgakis. We’re both super consistent at SC. You’re consistently brilliant and i’m consistently terrible.

        No doubt you’ll be up near the pointy end again this season.


  3. I don’t think i’d give you enough competition although i would give you the chance of an easy 4 points each week lolllll – plus how do i change my team name?


  4. *Rubs eyes as he wakes from his summer hibernation*


    Time to wake up from my slumber and start thinking all things SC. I hear Rockliff and Higgins are cheap this year. 😉


  5. That is wicked! Do you need my sizing now? I think I’ve joined correctly, I had to join the group and change my name to TheMaulers@SCT yea?



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