2022 Player Prices

Written by Motts on December 20 2021

AFL 2022

1. Jack Macrae (WB) $699,900 MID (av 128.6)

2. Jack Steele (StK) $685,800 MID

3. Touk Miller (GC) $677,800 MID

4. Clayton Oliver (Melb) $672,000 MID

5. Max Gawn (Melb) $657,400 RUC

6. Marcus Bontempelli (WB) $651,700 MID

7. Sean Darcy (Frem) $642,600 RUC

8. Jarryd Lyons (Bris) $640,100 MID

9. Tom Mitchell (Haw) $638,100 MID

10. Sam Walsh (Carl) $637,100 MID

11. Rory Laird (Adel) $632,600 MID

12. Nic Naitanui (WC) $627,400 RUC

13. Brodie Grundy (Coll) $627,100 RUCK

14. Zach Merrett (Ess) $625,700 MID

15. Darcy Parish (Ess) $621,300 MID

16. Cam Guthrie (Geel) $616,700 MID

17. Ollie Wines (Port) $612,600 MID

18. Callum Mills (Syd) $612,100 MID

19. Christian Petracca (Melb) $606,200 MID

20. Dayne Zorko (Bris) $595,400 MID


Matt Crouch (Adel) $482,000 MID

Dylan Shiel (Ess) $361,100 MID

Mitch Duncan (Geel) $540,000 MID/FWD

Jack Gunston (Haw) $355,200 FWD

Jared Polec (NM) $246,900 MID

Luke Shuey (WC) $440,200 MID

Ivan Soldo (Rich) $326,600 RUC


Jordan Dawson (Adel) $550,300 DEF

Adam Cerra (Carl) $490,200 MID

George Hewett (Carl) $399,000 MID/DEF

Patrick Lipinksi (Coll) $359,900 MID

Jordan Clark (Frem) $338,200 MID

Levi Casboult (GC) $270,500 FWD

Charlie Constable (GC) $213,400 MID

Tyson Stengle (Geel) $247,500 FWD

Luke Dunstan (Melb) $501,700 MID

Callum Coleman-Jones (NM) $361,300 RUC/FWD

Trent Dumont (Port) $349,100 MID

Robbie Tarrant (Rich) $355,400 DEF

Sam Petrevski-Seton (WC) $344,200 DEF


1. Jason Horne-Francis (NM) $207,300 MID

2. Sam Darcy (WB) $202,800 DEF/FWD

3. Finn Callaghan (GWS) $198,300 MID

4. Nick Daicos (Coll) $193,800 MID

5. Mac Andrew (GC) $189,300 RUC

6. Josh Rachele (Adel) $184,800 MID/FWD

7. Josh Ward (Haw) $180,300 MID

8. Jye Amiss (Frem) $175,800 FWD

9. Josh Gibcus (Rich) $171,300 DEF

10. Neil Erasmus (Frem) $166,800 MID

11. Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (StK) $162,300 DEF/MID

12. Josh Sinn (Port) $157,800 DEF/MID

13. Ben Hobbs (Ess) $153,300 MID


James Rowe (Adel) $313,300 FWD

Paddy Dow (Carl) $302,400 MID

Caleb Poulter (Coll) $326,100 MID

Alec Waterman (Ess) $298,100 FWD

Matt Flynn (GWS) $473,600 RUC

Lachie Bramble (GWS) $411,000 MID

Lachie Jones (Port) $269,400 DEF

Tom Highmore (StK) $368,300 DEF

Errol Gulden (Syd) $415,600 FWD


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8 thoughts on “2022 Player Prices”

  1. Great early summary.
    No surprise, but a shame Laird has lost DEF status.

    Would expect to see Duncan in LOTS of forward lines, and Constable as M7 or M8 if he has a decent role in pre-season.

    Looks likely there’ll be a few unique ruck combos this year, Darcy/ROB/Marshall closing the gap on Grawndy in terms of value for mine.

    Looking forward to it.


  2. Love it. Any chance of a list of big injury concerns coming into the season or suspended round 1 players?
    As a reference sheet to quickly cross off, rather than getting intrigued by them only to cross them off after finally balancing your side.


  3. Liking the value of COGS (FWD/MID) at $261,300 and even Treloar with DPP (FWD/MID) at $483,200. Is Rowell (MID) worth a punt at $342,900?


    1. Rowell appears to be an enormous talent who might have a frustrated cateer. It looks like his ligaments can’t stand-up to the way he wants to play AFL footy. Hard to see him ever being able to play his natural/preferred style without breaking again. Hence, hard to see him getting back to the standard he started his career at…his SC scores in the back end of last season give an indication of the style of game he’ll need to play just to stay on the park. Shame, he’s ripping footballer.



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