2022 Team Preview – Carlton

Written by Motts on February 16 2022

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This is me…

…desperately trying to keep a lid on my hopes for Carlton this year. A new (importantly proven) coach, some of the best talent available in last year’s trade period, a midfielder who went Top 4 in last year’s Brownlow Medal, the reigning Coleman Medallist, a returning Forward that Dermott Brereton once said would one day be the best in the AFL, and a spine that matches it with any other team in the comp.

Must. Keep. Lid. On.

Let’s take a look at the players who will help take the Blues back to Finals Footy for the first time since 2013 and are of interest from a SuperCoach perspective.


Feeling Lucky: Jacob Weitering ($512 200). The number 1 draft pick from 2015 blossomed last year playing all 22 games, taking his average from 75 to 94, and narrowly (unjustly) missing the AA team. Kade Simpson’s retirement has been great for his game! The question in 2022 is: how will the departure of Liam Jones (who at the time of writing was out of the team – solidarity, brother!) and the addition of Mitch McGovern to the backline affect his stats? It’s a big enough question for me to leave him out at this stage. Let’s not forget about Nic Newman ($477 100). Returned from injury in R9 last year and played out the season, scoring 126 and 128 in 2 of the last 3 games to take his average to 87.6. In his last full season (2019), he averaged 96.7. An awkward price but I think he’s worth your consideration. Liam Stocker ($317 900). With a 2021 average of 58.4, I can’t put hand on heart and tell you to bring him in and certainly not when he’s yet to return from an ankle syndesmosis. BUT… his last game of the year produced his highest score (85) and mark my words, this kid is going to break out at some stage. Remember where you heard it first.

Money Maker: Brodie Kemp ($156 800) played the last 2 games of 2021 scoring 20 and then bowing out with a 72 against the Giants. Even though he drifted in and out of those games (which of course is to be expected) the kid has some moves. Check this out. With question marks over Docherty and Stocker, he might just get a game in Round 1. Watch.

Don’t Even Think About It: Adam Saad ($449 800). Love the guy and started with him last year. Whilst his 114 in R1 helped propel me to (ahem) #2 overall, his inconsistency after that frustrated the hell out of me. And then there’s Zac Williams ($461 100). Footy commentators generally aren’t too harsh on players. Especially when those commentators are ex-players. In the middle of last season, Jonno Brown called ZWill “the laziest bloke in the AFL” and showed clips from a game to demonstrate his point adding that there were plenty more that he could have shown that were on the cutting room floor. Now maybe Zac’s picked up his act since then but between the stupid suspensions and the injuries, I’m gonna let him prove he’s earning his enormous contract (don’t start me on that) before I jump on. Caleb Marchbank ($209 300). Tempting price I know but hasn’t played since R16, 2019 because of serious knee injuries. Make sure you’re clutching a 4-leaf clover as you press the T to bring him into your side.


Lock and Load: In his third season, Sam Walsh ($637 100), took his average from 101 to 117 last year while playing all 22 games and topping his season with a 193 in R18 against The Pies. Will never disappoint you – just lock him in now.

Feeling Lucky: Let’s have a look at the new guy: Adam Cerra ($490 200). Comes to the Baggers having made a name for himself at the Dockers where he impressed all with his clearance work and inside 50 ability. Featuring in the 22under22 side for the last two seasons, Cerra is very much a hybrid midfielder in that he can do damage on both the inside and outside of the contest last year averaging 90.1 in 18 games. I like him and want thim to do well but $490k is a bit of a risk to take on a guy who hasn’t played within a new system yet. Perhaps wait and see what he does in the preseason. Let’s also not forget the old guy: Patrick Cripps ($454 800). We all know what he’s capable of – he averaged 119 in 2018 and 117 in 2019 – but the reason he’s that price is that he’s been managing injuries the last couple of seasons. If he’s through those and has the support he needs with the recruits Carlton’s brought in over the last couple of years, he could easily return to those heady pre-pandemic numbers. Another one to watch in the preseason.


I won’t insult your SuperCoach intelligence by mentioning Marc Pittonet ($462 700) or Tom De Koning ($325 800).


Money Maker: The following is a direct quote from a report on Carlton’s match simulation played on January 21, 2021: “Charlie Curnow ($224 300) was a shining light during Carlton’s match simulation on Friday morning, with the athletic forward booting two goals and collecting plenty of the footy as he attacks his first full pre-season in two years. Curnow was back to his athletic best as he covered ground receiving the ball as high as the wing before crashing packs deep forward and hitting the scoreboard. The 24-year-old was willing to throw his body at anything he could, seemingly enjoying the feeling of bodies crashing into his own.” Played the last 4 games of last season scoring no higher than 57. Could foreseeably double his price and win you more than a few early season matches if he’s anywhere near back to his match-winning best. Jesse Motlop ($117 300) is the son of former North Melbourne and Port Adelaide livewire Daniel (or, for all your Karate Kid fans out there “Daniel son”) and was selected by the Blues with pick No.27 in last year’s Draft. Jesse is a dynamic, energetic small Forward who is expected to bring a ton of X factor to Carlton’s forward line. If he gets a game Round 1, if rookies are in short supply, I’ll be throwing him in.

Carlton’s Best 22 in ’22

(assuming all fit and healthy)

B: Sam Docherty, Jacob Weitering, Liam Stocker
HB: Adam Saad, Mitch McGovern, Nic Newman
C: Zac Williams, Patrick Cripps, George Hewett
Matt Kennedy, Charlie Curnow, Jack Martin
Jack Silvagni, Harry McKay, Zac Fisher
Marc Pittonet, Sam Walsh, Adam Cerra
Lachie Fogarty, Lachie Plowman, Ed Curnow, Paddy Dow

Emerg: Lachie O’Brien, Tom De Koning, Lewis Young, Will Setterfield

Not a bad ol’ squad, eh?

Bluebaggers That Are Currently In The Maulers@SCT

Who am I rolling with right now?

  • Sam Walsh (M, $637 100)
  • Nic Newman (D, $477 100)
  • Charlie Curnow (F, $224 300)

Without doubt, the lightest I’ve gone on Blues players in years.

Let me know in the Comments if there’s anyone other Blues players you’re thinking about.


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26 thoughts on “2022 Team Preview – Carlton”

    1. Didn’t really like him at the beginning of his career but as he got older he mellowed and brought me around. You couldn’t fault his work ethic and think it’s great he’s now the captain of the Davis Cup team. Oh, George!

      $400k is an awkward price for a bloke playing on a new team who’s generally averaged in the 70’s (save for 2019 when he averaged 88). Love having him in the team but can’t see him becoming one of the top 6 SC defenders.


  1. Have you been burnt by Newman in seasons past? Maybe not. For those of us that have been burnt, it’s hard to consider him. At his price point there’s not enough upside.


  2. Nice passionate write up, Mott’s.

    Apart from Walsh (pre unlucky injury), too many unknowns at the blues for me. There’s a lot of guys coming back from long injuries which is not a good thing, plus a new coach.

    Good luck to you (but not the blues, of course 😉 )


  3. Great write up Motts. Walsh was in my team until about a week ago and hopefully he has a quick turn around. Rookies and Curnow are probably the only other players I’d consider at this stage


  4. Had Walsh locked in from Day 1 and now I’m left with a real dilemma might grab Andy Brayshaw or a complete reshuffle and go 1 deeper down back. Not going near Newman he burnt me last year was after a value defender as my last upgrade and Newman was it after liking the role I saw. Very underwhelming.

    Great write up though Mott’s! I expect big things from the blues this season


  5. Brackets McGovern will not do anything other than cause a trade. Carlton did not mean to get him they were obviously drunk and thought that they were getting the good one that plays for west coast. He’s an absolute spud, Luke Parks is 10 X the defender that Brackets is.
    From what I have seen from pre season hitouts and matchups TDK will have DPP at some stage he had been killing it up fwd until the shoulder blood clot operation and when he was given some marking drills against Curnow charlie didn’t get to touch the ball


  6. Awesome work Motts.

    I didn’t know we could add a “Don’t even think about it” section. That would of opened up a huge can of worms for my GWS Preview !

    I’m another one that was forced to drop Walsh recently.I’m pretty happy with Touk as his replacement though . Curnow hasn’t really left my side. One great game early, and he should make some decent cash. With any luck, he and Cogs could take us all the way to the Byes, and possibly beyond.

    Kemp has been in and out of my side. I’m not sold on his role or scoring power , but defensive rookies look a little thin at this stage. Theres talk he might get a gig in the backline with a few still injured / recovering early.

    I’ve also heard a few good things about J Boyd. He’s been training back and there’s talk he too may get an early gig . Thoughts ?

    Cheers again on fantastic Preview.


      1. G’day Motts

        Would also love your thoughts (and other peoples thoughts) on Jordan Boyd $123,900 DEF

        He has a great highlights reel – looks good on both sides of the body, nice size & skill, takes good options, good overhead, likes a tackle.

        Can see him slotting in nicely across the Carlton half back line (and being a good SC scorer)

        Thanks in advance!!


  7. Mottsy,
    If your Blue Baggers don’t use/waste Hewett as a tagger then there could be good things happening off the wing/half back.
    The few games he played at the Swaneez covering injuries to main mids from memory scored around the 100s, with even a 120+ a couple of seasons ago……(????)


    1. Just checked my ramblings……it was actually last year Mottsy, against GWS……check last year’s games stats…..


  8. If it’ll help all us fellow SCT worshippers Mottsy, print up Hewees stats, highlight the big scores, and post them in all the pizza shop windows that Vossy probably eats at now……


  9. Love it Motts.

    Had Walsh initially but will most likely move to him as soon as I can.

    Really eying up Curnow myself.
    One less FWD rookie will make it easier to sleep @night & all he needs is one nice score in the first few rounds to rake in the $


    1. Motts will have a better idea but that 22 looks pretty settled in my eyes.

      Couple other small FWDs who could sneak in ahead of him as well.



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