2023 SCT Brownlow Competition Results

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on September 26 2023

We spun a new format for last night’s Brownlow Competition. It took a while to workshop, with my main priority being to make the order of selections more consequential. The 19 entries last night were really diverse, turned on some key picks and offered a great spread of scoring and selection. I hope you all enjoyed it. Let know what you thought and if you’ve got any suggestions for additional components/modulation going forward.

To the results – which are a little awkward. A complete fool has stumbled their way into winning the SCT Brownlow Competition for 2023: ME!

Here’s the scoreboard and a customary dining room table shot:

  1. Gunboat Diplomacy – 1460
  2. Motts – 1205
  3. Mus – 1200
  4. Catta – 1190
  5. MJ – 1170
  6. Stewy – 1160
  7. Matty – 1145
  8. Chillo – 1100
  9. Alza – 1080
  10. Damien – 990
  11. Nateo – 990
  12. Lisa – 970
  13. Abs – 960
  14. Searlo – 955
  15. The Stache – 925
  16. T0land’s T00ls – 850
  17. Tortured Coach – 780
  18. bruce. p – 750
  19. Jesse – 750

Don’t worry, I wasn’t just Beautiful Mind-ing it at 1 AM. I tabulated all the entries through Excel THEN did a double check by hand!

I would usually never write up about myself as it’s so shameless and self indulgent (I literally left my team off an SCT Coaches & Leagues update the week I scored 2nd OA for the Round) but after the disaster of an SC season I had I can own up and claim this small constellation!

There were some great entries with a solid chunk of you all in it. I essentially got lucky with the multiplier system having Bont in at second, Butters at fourth and Racca at fifth – netting me an additional 250 points. MJ emerged out of the shadows like a ninja was close on my heels, nailing Bont and Racca as well and getting an impressive 2/3 picks for nearly every club!

To some other highlights, Searlo was the only entrant to have Neale in at 1st – great stuff! Despite claiming triple points for that hot take, Searlo was unfortunately then let down by his club picks. Chillo, Mus and Motts absolutely shredded the club picks however with the three of them getting multiplied 60 point clean sweeps for roughly half their selections!

Sage picks included bruce. p with a free roll on Ryan as Freo’s 3rd, Stache and Motts on Ashcroft and Stewy being the only one to clock Worpel after we all pretty much threw in with Day.

Stewy, along with Motts, Catta and Matty, also knocked the Big Call out of the park by backing Gulden for an august evening. I also chucked myself a cheeky 150 for getting Toby Greene on exactly 20 once the count was a fait accompli, hehe.

Disappointment of the night has to be Abs however. Submitted at the death, improperly formatted and some bum picks despite being one of the great football and SC minds. What a disgrace 😉

So there we have it: our first run at a new Brownlow format, which culminated in my first and certainly last win! Feel free to check back on your entry, review your picks and let us know in the comments how you went and any other takeaways you had from last night.


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11 thoughts on “2023 SCT Brownlow Competition Results”

        1. It’s almost as if *checks notes* we’re NOT playing golf, Nato.

          Needed five variable winners to invert on Excel and there was no way to split Gulden and Butters.

          Not discussing it any further.

          Thanks for participating, everyone. Have a great summer!


          1. Just stating that it can be set in multiple ways. I wasn’t even competing but that is just how I’ve known a leaderboard


  1. Congratulations GD on your runaway victory and the amount of time you must have spent on putting together a much more challenging and creative Brownlow comp for the community .


  2. Thank you GD for running this little jolly, always fun.
    SC scores were not a good guide it seems, gambling on Neale underwhelming backfired big time.



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