2024 Pre-Season Bye Planner

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on February 1 2024

Courtesy of some immense work from TorturedCoach we’ve got the first iteration of the Bye Planner for 2024, covering those first 8 bye rounds. It’s a tremendous resource and one I’d really recommend figuring out even if Excel isn’t your thing. Plug your team in and give it a whirl.

SCT24 Bye Planner Preseason

Instructions from TC:

On the planner tab,
1. Use the drop down menus to change the player names (Column B)
2. Select whether the player is likely to play (Column I)
3. Enter your team value and bank in the green cells below (J46 & J47)
All other tabs are databases with info for further research, use however you see fit (I suggest you use the filters on each column)
*BE are currently just what your player is priced to average



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9 thoughts on “2024 Pre-Season Bye Planner”

  1. Excellent work. I have 1 question though. From reading the rules of SC 2024, this silly O round will not count and we will be able to trade and do what we want till R1 starts. But this means that players from those 8 teams will have already had their bye and so are we better to load up on those and try to avoid or spread out the likes of BNE, CAR, SUN, GIA, COL, SYD, RIC, MEL who have byes in the first 6 rounds?


    1. It’s more that those 8 sides have an extra bye in the first 6 rounds on top of the mid season ones


  2. Brilliant – just made my day and helped my strategy.
    New Player E Phillips (Haw) may not be on the list?

    A million thanks again – lots of work has gone into this spready.


    1. Unfortunately not as I don’t have the databases that sit behind this set up for fantasy.



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