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Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 6 2024

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A competition best list and home some of SC’s highest prodigies but as a the side Beveridge’s Bulldogs continued to be bogged down by an unwillingness to embrace key position depth and poor post-contest work. These persistent faults in the side have precluded the Dogs from reaching their obvious premiership potential. Nevertheless, their top end in talent come in this year with high price tags and high ownership. How many can you accommodate?


Money Maker: Nick Coffield (DEF, $123.9k, 58%) was the one we had our eye on. Looked pretty patchy in last week’s practice match off of half back and there will be a reshuffle of that backline come teamsheets. If he’s named, you’ll take him but don’t count on him on field. Jedd Busslinger (DEF, $123.9k, 0%) is prospect the Dogs are excited about but doesn’t quite look to be ready – be on the look out though.

Passing Thought: Bailey Dale (DEF, $507.6k, 1%) had essentially a 105 season in 2022 but has since had his lunch (i.e. HB and KI monopoly) eaten by a more balanced system of distribution and the emergence of Ed Richards (DEF, $481.8k, 1%). Both are passes at this stage with no clear Last King of Scotland. Dale also has a hamstring issue currently.


Lock and Load: Here we go. Some relevance. Obvious first drop is Marcus Bontempelli (MID, $724.6k, 43%). His output and quality are known, it’s simply a strategic decision as to whether you want to pay up. There’s no point rationalizing your way out of him about CBAs or fixture, he’s off tap – either you pay up now or cross your fingers and wait. Tom Liberatore (MID, $648.6k, 7%) has been getting some heat, now ticking up to 7% ownership. He’s the number one coal face player in the competition and did 116 last year. Reliable economy, secure role and no R0 bye. A genuine option.

Money Maker: Ryley Sanders (MID, $184.8k, 69%) tried his guts out last week and would have scored a lot higher were it not for some poor early use. He’s a really zealous player with a balanced skill set that saw him go at Pick #6 in the Draft. Coming into the Dogs midfield and stoppage system will be great for his scoring, so he comes in very easily as a lock.


Lock and Load: The Bont of rucks basically: Tim English (RUC, $715.1k, 13%). Drummed out 128 flat last year as the #2 player OA. Goes 1:1 with HOs and touches around the ground and really goes for the kill against soft opponents. Identical proposition do Bont: do you want pay 700k? It probably isn’t strategically prudent to have him and Bont but given how much casual players inflate their ownership they will really sting as negative PODs.


Money Maker: A couple of guys repurposed as defenders and now moonlighting as FWDs. Buku Khamis (FWD, $123.9k, 2%) picked up a key defensive role the other day and was alright with 10 touches and handling Chol. His more popular compatriot Sam Darcy (FWD, $123.9k, 15%) is at high ownership and had some great mail early but didn’t play last week. If they gig a gig at some stage, sure, but build your team without them for now.

Tool Box: A great instrument if you need him. James Harmes (MID/FWD, $258.3k, 12%) looks like he’ll be a rock solid midpricer who’ll play in a half forward stoppage rotation role in a strong side. Good for 65-70, although the forward texture may have changed to the point where isn’t needed as much.

Passing Thought: He’s currently injured, didn’t play the practice match, been on the decline and overpriced but Jack Macrae (MID/FWD, $558.4k, 13%) is still technically there. A pass as a starter but if at any point he finds his groove, in terms of fitness and form, he’ll be a fine FWD upgrade – particularly playing at the Dogs.


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4 thoughts on “Team Preview – Western Bulldogs”

  1. Nice work GD. Only have Libba for now, I’m not concerned about his age, only turns 32 this year. As a man in his 40s, I remember 32 still being in my physical prime (maybe the end, but still), Libba will be fine.


  2. Nice work GD, that opening was as good a summary of the Dogs as I’ve read or heard… Libba and sanders for me. Just Hoping to get Bont at 620 or so sometime in the season. Do you know what he has to average to fall to that price?? Cheers.!


  3. Great write up!

    I’m worried about Libba, as it was his best scoring ever. He averaged 116 last year, previous best was in 2014 with a 110. Other than that, heaps around 105.

    I think Father used to talk about the likelihood of players peaking so late.



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