2UP: Oliver vs Sloane

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 19 2019

Alf Art asked the question in the Polling Station and we’re keen to find the answer as well……….

After a ‘slow’ start to the season, Clayton Oliver has scored six tons in the last eight weeks.  Since there was a ‘De Boer affected’ score of 53 in there, Oliver finds himsef at a very affordable price of $539k.

Rory Sloane has been an elite MID in the past. Coaches were wary of his injury affected 2018 however and have been slow to pick up on his great form.  Sloane has hit the ton in ten of his thirteen games, including six of his last seven.  Due to an injury affected 35, Sloane is at a bargain price of $511k.

So which of these fellas gets your final midfield spot?


Who would you rather trade in for your last midfield spot?

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8 thoughts on “2UP: Oliver vs Sloane”

  1. I started both.

    Wish I’d started Neale.

    He comes in this week.

    Looking at a Rocky replacement ( I started him too )

    I don’t have a whole load of cash, so its down to these two.

    T/U …..Treloar

    T/D … Gus Brayshaw.


  2. Thanks Schwarzy and voters.
    I probably am trying to decide why their figures have fluctuated.
    Eg Sloane affected by Crouches, Oliver affected by Viney (I think Gus has been) so maybe Adam can enlighten us all with a quick analytical assessment on the high and low stats games. Cheers guys.


    1. Sloane has barely fluctuated. He scored an injury affected 35. Take that out and he’s 115 on the season with only 2 scores below 100. He’s 511k, buy of the season for mine.



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