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Written by JimmyDee on March 2 2023

Time to introduce the Tech League to any newbies and remind the regulars to whip out their second team (with a second email address of course).

For the uninitiated, the Tech League (SCTTL) is the same supplied team for everyone who joins the league. It is sent via email prior to round one and all coaches must keep that team intact for round one. You can vary your bench, emergencies, loopholes and VC/C  as you see fit, but must not make trades until after round one. That keeps it fair for all, and keeps the challenge equal. After that, it is free for all in terms of trades and keepers, and the winner is crowned on overall points.

Last year’s winner, Nathan, from Abel’s Axes (another newbie), and I have named a team adapted from a theme we got from the comments in an earlier “Rate My Team” thread and we think it’s going to be a fun team with a combination of elite premos and risky mid pricers.

I have sent league invites to last year’s coaches and the responses are slowly trickling in, but I will follow this up with an email to every coach from last year inviting a response to rejoin the league to my jimmydee at supercoachtalk dot com address.

Any newbies wishing to try this fab form of the game should also email me with their details. ie Team Name in classic and SCT moniker for ID purposes, and I will reply with the terms and conditions and answer any questions you may have. Get on board!!



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3 thoughts on “SuperCoach Talk – Tech League”

  1. Thanks Jimmy, this was a great reminder to check my second email! This was a really fun challenge last year. Looking forward to correcting my rookie mistakes!

    Definitely worth doing if anyone is on the fence.


  2. Great work so far Jimmy. looking forward to the challenge of picking the team with you and backing up the win!

    Completely agree with BBB, if anyone is thinking of having a go just join up. It was a lot of fun!



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