Team Reveal – The Maulers @ SCT

Written by Motts on March 1 2023

Three weeks out from the beginning of the season, here’s where my head is at.

I don’t want to go through each line justifying selection and omission decisions other than to say:

*The structure of the team is clearly heavily dependent on M1-M5.

*I love a midpricer that has half a chance of scoring well above the level he is currently priced at.

*All rookies are placeholders until they get named for Round 1. With the possible exception of R3, I want them all to be playing/earning me coin.

*I’ve tried to build in flexibility with DPP’s.

*I want to make a quick start to the year. This was actually given to me by Chips Ahoy! over lunch last Friday. So I’m choosing players with early games in which they’re likely to score well. Laird and Dawson play 4 of the first 5 weeks at AO. Parish plays Hawthorn, Gold Coast and St Kilda in his first 3 weeks.

I reckon there’s 10 rock solid premium keepers there with another 2 or 3 that might be in the top 10 in their positions by the end of the season.

What do you think?

Let me know if you’ve got any specific observations or questions around the squad and I’ll be happy to address them in Comments.


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20 thoughts on “Team Reveal – The Maulers @ SCT”

  1. Nice side Mott’s I don’t mind it little bit different to alot out there which is refreshing.

    That midfield is rock solid you know what your getting with your M1-5, love it.

    Whats your reasoning behind picking visentini at R3? Over say a basement price Madden.. or a mcandrew?

    No taranto is interesting as well considering his high ownership.


    1. Cheers Mav. I heard Visentini was a good chance to play Round 1. If that’s not the case and another basement-priced player does get named, they’ll be the ones that go in.

      Taranto was one of the last to get cut after I made the M1-5 decision. Whenever a player moves to a new team, there’s always question marks over how he’ll fit into a new system. I realise that decision may come back to bite me though. It came down to him or Rozee. I may still swap them.


  2. Not my choice of structure, but that’s the game right!

    Bit too much money sitting on the bench for my liking in this draft- prioritises cash gen of course, but really sacrifices points on field (if playing for overall rank).

    Shifting any combo of Ginbey, Mckenna, Philipou, Visentini, Sheezel to 102-123k rookies could allow Coffield or Fyfe up to a premo (especially Coffield, who has little track record, at least Fyfe has done it before even if injury prone).


    1. Totally get it but my priority is that they play. Last season had a lot of cheapies sitting on the bench who weren’t cash generating for me. I won’t make that mistake again. Any $102k players who get named in Round 1 will go straight in.


  3. No Doch or Cripps?

    Has Motts been hacked ahaha.

    Nice side Motts, think running Phillipou, Sheezel off the bench just isn’t worth it. Could use those funds elsewhere.


    1. Fair call mate. See above comment about the priority being that they’re playing.

      Carlton players that have been in previous iterations: Docherty, Saad, Cerra, TDK, Cuningham, Hollands & Cincotta. Believe me, I tried to fit them in!


  4. A few years back, I ran a defense line that had 3 playing rookies and 2 on the bench. Seemed like a great idea, except they started missing games, getting rotated off the park, injured or suspended. There was three weeks in a row I was getting 0’s because I couldn’t trade my way out of the problem and I was getting exposed by injuries in other positions at the same time.

    That year sucked.


  5. Like it Motts
    As you’ve said the rookies will be up in the air until it kicks off
    The only issue I see would be the defence with 3 rookies on field. It could be fine but if 1 or more get dropped it could cause some headaches



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