Game Chat – Adelaide v Collingwood

Written by Father Dougal on August 11 2020

Where and When: Adelaide Oval, Tuesday 11 August at 6:35pm (AEST)
Last time they met: Collingwood 17.12 (114) def Adelaide 6.12 (48) Round 22, 2019.

What does it mean for Adelaide: Well, if they are lucky they could get their first win. But probably it means they get games into kids.
What does it mean for Collingwood: If it means anything other than a win, and a bit of progress up the ladder, they will be hanging their heads.

Supercoach Watch Crows:  Surprising amount of SC players for the Crows. Doedee, Laird, B Smith, RO’B, and some cows!
Supercoach Watch Pies:  Grundy! Adams, Maynard, Sidebottom, and Crisp.
Father Dougal Watch:  Ruscoe! Because I own him and darn it, I want to see him do well and keep his job!

Father Dougal’s Tip: The Battle of the Birds! Oh, wait, The Clash of the Corvids! No amtter what you call it, I expect a Murder of Crows, and I’m not talking about a large number of them. Collingwood by 24


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72 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide v Collingwood”

  1. Welcome to the team Schoenberg.

    I’ve given you a spot at M8 this week over Buda.

    No pressure, but anything over 68 will make my best 18

    And , you might just hold your spot !

    A big one from Grundy wouldn’t go astray either.


    1. 11 at the 1/2

      Might be a bust ?

      I need a big second half out of you son !

      50 for Grundy

      Could do anything this half.

      Cameron ( long gone from my team ) unsighted on 7

      I like the Crows in a close one here.


    1. yes, but getting very favourable scoring from CD in the second quarter … the calls he’s been given as ‘accurate disposals’ leave quite a bit to be desired


      1. Gawn probably play a lot more fwd until he recovers from that torn shoulder
        D’s got another ruckman they want to get games into anyway


  2. Doedee hasn’t gotten into the game too much, but managing to get a decent score due to some spoils. Laird on fire though with 21 disposals in the first half!


  3. Really, Schoenberg? THAT’S the score you’re going with? 14 @ HT, cmon.

    Will be satisfied with 40. Please.


  4. I’m a 1 eyed pies supporter and thought this might be a danger game…… but geeeee Grundy looking like he won’t make top 18 score in my side and my side ain’t that good!!


  5. Half Time and I’m almost too angry to put the scores up. Woeful effort by the Pies so far and heading towards a defeat to the bottom of the ladder side Adelaide. I’ve got the vodka bottle beside me as I type this…..
    ADEL 3.4.22 lead the PIES 2.1.13

    Rory Laird 109
    Matt Crouch 51
    E. Himmelberg 47
    Brodie Smith 56
    Andrew McPherson 60
    Tyson Stengle* 67
    Reilly O’Brien 38
    Ben Keays 64
    Taylor Walker 23
    Tom Doedee 48
    Lachlan Sholl 36
    Ned McHenry 38
    Fischer McAsey 25
    David Mackay 41
    Luke Brown 37
    Tom T. Lynch 21
    Ben Crocker 23
    Paul Seedsman 23
    Shane McAdam 13
    Kyle Hartigan 27
    Darcy Fogarty 4
    Harry Schoenberg 14

    Taylor Adams 60
    Tom Phillips 66
    Brayden Maynard 71
    Josh Daicos 53
    Jack Crisp 40
    Brodie Grundy 51
    Josh Thomas 53
    Jordan Roughead 56
    Rupert Wills 35
    Lynden Dunn 50
    Brody Mihocek 35
    Jack Madgen 37
    Travis Varcoe 40
    Steele Sidebottom 43
    Brayden Sier 32
    Tim Broomhead 28
    John Noble 21
    Trey Ruscoe 18
    Darcy Cameron 8
    Chris Mayne 12
    Jaidyn Stephenson 15
    Callum Brown 5


  6. Cmon pies
    Bobo you must have a strong side
    Grundy @ 51 at half time
    Keep it going Laird and McPherson but not at the expense of a pies victory


    1. @pbuzz… slightly tongue in cheek. However, he was single figures at qu time I believe. And no, my side ain’t crash hot!


    1. Our depth being tested Bobo
      My response was a bit tongue in cheek also.
      I think Grundy hasn’t been as influential this year despite SuperCoach scoring .
      Players stand taller with Pendle’s , Degoey xfactor missed and Howe as general in defence ; Trealors run and carry ; Moore will be back next week hopefully .
      Besides those 5 Brown boys could come back


      1. Goes without saying pbuzz. Definitely agree your comment Grundy. I’m only listening on radio to game but commentators saying he looks very tired. Sadly with all the injuries think we might be just making up the numbers and I hate saying that. However, Grundy has proved me wrong with sc score tonight.


  7. DRAPER “Managed” tomorrow from Essendon’s teams. That’s going to kill a lot of teams with Gawn also out.


  8. Tomorrows ins & outs

    GCS IN – Fiorini, Corbett & S Flanders (new)
    GCS OUT – Sexton, Sharp, Holman

    ESS IN – Clarke, Gleeson & Bellchambers
    ESS OUT – Townsend, Huelry & Draper


  9. Did they just say on fox remaining teams to not have a bye will all take it at the same time I think he said there will be a round with 4 games to be played


  10. not saying this game has been poorly umpired , but ,
    i wonder if the WA & SA umpires will show less favoritism from now on ,
    in a focused attempt to host the GF


  11. 3/4 Time sees Coll 7.1.43 (with a goal on the siren to D Cameron) to Crows 3.8.26, a better quarter considering the number of key Pies players not there tonight. Crows have lost Tom Lynch, iced up & on the bench. I’ve calmed down a bit (vodka helps).

    Rory Laird 141
    Tyson Stengle* 89
    Tom Doedee 87
    Brodie Smith 80
    Reilly O’Brien 80
    Matt Crouch 72
    Andrew McPherson 64
    Ben Keays 62
    Paul Seedsman 60
    Lachlan Sholl 54
    Ben Crocker 53
    David Mackay 48
    Ned McHenry 45
    Luke Brown 44
    E. Himmelberg 42
    Taylor Walker 36
    Harry Schoenberg 32
    Shane McAdam 30
    Fischer McAsey 29
    Kyle Hartigan 29
    Tom T. Lynch 19
    Darcy Fogarty 12

    Taylor Adams 95
    Brayden Maynard 76
    Brodie Grundy 76
    Jordan Roughead 74
    Josh Thomas 67
    Jack Crisp 67
    Tom Phillips 66
    Brody Mihocek 66
    Darcy Cameron 66
    Brayden Sier 66
    Lynden Dunn 65
    Jaidyn Stephenson 64
    Josh Daicos 61
    Steele Sidebottom 59
    John Noble 56
    Rupert Wills 55
    Trey Ruscoe 49
    Jack Madgen 47
    Travis Varcoe 45
    Callum Brown 39
    Chris Mayne 33
    Tim Broomhead 16


  12. I took a massive punt 2 weeks ago and traded Docherty instead of Doedee when he was potentially injured (ended up missing a game).
    Haven’t regretted it so far looking at his 3/4 time score…. Will see how it pans out for the rest of the season…???

    Just had to look at the raw numbers and couldn’t justify trading Doedee out over him….

    Also, dont ask why I had to trade someone of that value as it was all about my trade plan….


    1. definite role change.

      I started him and thought he might be a dud pick but is getting midfield minutes now.


  13. Oh man! Spoke too soon! Doedee off with a hammy again.
    Will probably be the one that they took a graft from for his knee….. Been there and done that


  14. I bought in Mihocek 2 weeks back to plug a hole in my forward line and be a stepping stone but…back to back games of 90’s and Melb and North the next two weeks.
    Thinking I might keep him for a couple more rounds?

    T/U Keep
    T/D Sell


    1. I think they’ve played all the other bottom 4 teams too…
      They get Rory Sloane back and Brad Crouch back soonish

      Bulldogs and cats their next to opponets
      Macrae will score 200 against them (ok he’ll go huge)


  15. Final Scores – Pies find a way to win 10.2.62 defeat the Crows 5.8.38

    Rory Laird 175
    Reilly O’Brien 100
    Tom Doedee 97
    Matt Crouch 93
    Brodie Smith 93
    Tyson Stengle* 89
    Ben Keays 77
    Andrew McPherson 74
    Paul Seedsman 69
    Lachlan Sholl 67
    Luke Brown 66
    David Mackay 60
    E. Himmelberg 58
    Shane McAdam 52
    Ben Crocker 52
    Ned McHenry 46
    Kyle Hartigan 40
    Harry Schoenberg 38
    Taylor Walker 35
    Fischer McAsey 30
    Tom T. Lynch 17
    Darcy Fogarty 12

    Taylor Adams 122
    Jack Crisp 102
    Brodie Grundy 96
    Brody Mihocek 93
    Darcy Cameron 91
    Brayden Maynard 90
    Josh Thomas 90
    Steele Sidebottom 85
    John Noble 84
    Tom Phillips 82
    Jordan Roughead 72
    Brayden Sier 71
    Lynden Dunn 70
    Callum Brown 66
    Rupert Wills 65
    Jaidyn Stephenson 63
    Josh Daicos 62
    Jack Madgen 61
    Chris Mayne 55
    Trey Ruscoe 52
    Travis Varcoe 51
    Tim Broomhead 18



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