Cow Talk Round 15 –> Round 16

Written by Father Dougal on September 5 2020

Small or Far Away – Father Dougal on Cows

Hi Everybody!

So, numbers done and C-TAP consulted for cow comments. I don’t have anything clever for this week though. Doing the number after work on a Friday used my last renaming brain cells. I don’t even have enough to spare for beer right now. Hard to believe, I know.



Aww, sorry guys. Ice cream for everyone?


This week’s commentary is again brought to you by the Cow Talk Advisory Panel, also known as the C-TAP.

I’m the hamster and I am afraid a lot

I’m the Imaginary Interlocutor and go with my feelings

And I’m me, and I try to make productive use of thinking. Emphasis on the “try”.


Oh, the guy I forgot last week was Sholl, which is impressive since I own him. Usually remember those guys! Of course he did not play last week.  I also forgot Cameron, but meh, whatever with him.


Starcevich:     Did not play. Remains a bastard!

Noble: He tonned up. I hate him. If you own him…am very jealous.

Brander: Did not play

Young: Did not play

 Williamson: Growth done, but…he has a job…..

Day: Did not play.

McKay: Did not play.

Hill He may have been less bad, but only by his new standards. .  So disappointing.  Anyone even own him anymore?  

The Eggman-Smith:  Did not play.

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg-Thatcher:  Warm body at best now.

McPhearson:  Did not play.

Sholl:  Back after his bye. Did ok.



Brown: Did not play

Pickett: So, do whatever?  He plays this week, yay! Sell next week? Really at this point, no right or wrong thing.

Mcinerney: Did not play

Hayden: Did not play.

Serong: Does seem worth playing., especially in a best 18 round.

Caldwell: Did not play

Hibberd: Did not play

Simpson:  Did not play.

Mayes: Did not play.


Pittonet: WhoDidn’t he used to be a popular ruck? How far the mighty-ish have fallen.

Draper: He played money was made.



Budarick:  Did not play

King: Did not play

Taylor: Did not play

Vandermeer: Did not play

Rankine: Did not play

Georgiades: Did not play

Aarts: Has topped out. Could go up, could go down, could stay.

Close: Did not play

Mahoney:  Did not play


Dodgy Advice

Burying your food is a great way to save for the winter! Especially kabobs. 


Other stuff:

Songs from the Cow Talk Playlist for this week: Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom

The Premier League is starting up real soon now, and once again there is an official SCT league. The code is mykvn3


Remember the Cow Talk guarantee, all advice wrong or triple your money back! (Offer not valid if money is actually involved.)

I am time zonally challenged.  When Cow Talk goes live, I’m probably asleep, so replies from me may take a while.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!


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6 thoughts on “Cow Talk Round 15 –> Round 16”

  1. Thanks again as always,FD.
    I still have Noble as D6, I always meant to move him on but got sidetracked by more important issues. Now after his last two games not sure what to do with him? He looked really good in his last game.
    If only I had kept McInerney too.


  2. You are correct. I have been doing them with less this season, but in the rush to get things done I forgot took for new cows. Riccardi should make $40-50k this week and $25-30k next week. .



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