AAMI Series Game Chat – Carlton vs Melbourne

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 3 2022

Carlton v Melbourne at Marvel Stadium, 7.20pm AEDT


B: Le.Young 33 O.McDonald 39 Z.Williams 6
HB: N.Newman 24 M.McGovern 11, A.Saad 42
C: W.Setterfield 43 P.Cripps – C 9 L.O’Brien 4
HF: M.Owies 44 J.Silvagni 1 Z.Fisher 25
F: C.Durdin 19 H.McKay 10 T.De Koning 12
Foll: M.Pittonet 27 G.Hewett 29 A.Cerra 5
I/C: J.Boyd 37 M.Kennedy 7 E.Curnow 5 J.Martin 21 T.Williamson 31 L.Parks 26 M.Cottrell 46 L.Plowman 20

Emerg: L.Fogarty 8, J.Newnes 32 P.Dow 2 A.Mirkov 45

Notable absentees: Charlie Curnow, Jacob Weitering, Sam Walsh, Sam Docherty


B: J.Bowey 17 J.Lever 8 J.Smith 44
HB: J.Harmes 4 A.Tomlinson 20 J.Hunt 29
C: A.Brayshaw 10 J.Viney 7 E.Langdon 15
HF: S.Weideman 26 T.McDonald 25 T.Sparrow 32
F: B.Fritsch 31 B.Brown 50 A.Neal-Bullen 30
Foll: M.Gawn – C 11 C.Petracca 5 C.Oliver 13
I/C: L.Jackson 6 C.Spargo 9 T.Bedford 12 J.Jordon 23 O.Baker 33 K.Pickett 36 K.Chandler 37 D.Turner 42

Emerg: B.Laurie 16 B.Howes 22  M.Brown 38 J.McVee  41

Notable absentees: Harrison Petty, Michael Hibberd, Trent Rivers, Christian Salem


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70 thoughts on “AAMI Series Game Chat – Carlton vs Melbourne”

  1. Rookies
    Western Bulldogs
    – Cody Raak (102k DEF)
    – Arthur Jones (117k DEF/FWD)
    – Robbie McComb (102k MID)


  2. Motts, the sell-out, with no Blues premos in his Team Reveal earlier today.

    Let’s see if tonight changes that.


  3. Hewett a close watch for me here.
    Paddy Cripps too although not sure I would pick him just wanna see him get back too his best this year.


  4. Simon Goodwin just stated that Angus Brayshaw will play in the back line tonight and it’s something they’ll look at a bit this year.


  5. What do you reckon GD? Cripps a solid investment this year or should I stop drinking now and stop talking crap !


    1. I assume the thumbs down are from those ‘also-rans’ that religously select their starting teams based solely on last years competition.
      The writing is on the wall guys maybe you should learn to read


      1. I looked at other rucks and found few options better than Gawn (unless Ryder is out for a while). Maxy might drop in value a bit but he should be top 2 on total points.


  6. Carl v Melb 1/4 time:

    Patrick Cripps 38
    Corey Durdin 36
    George Hewett 35
    Clayton Oliver 35
    Max Gawn 33
    Christian Petracca 25

    George Hewett 12 disposals and 4 clearances
    Patrick Cripps has 9 disposals and 5 tackles.
    Adam Cerra has 8 disposals


    1. Carl v Melb 1/2 time:

      Patrick Cripps 82
      Matt Kennedy 80
      Clayton Oliver 62
      Max Gawn 59
      Adam Cerra 55
      Lewis Young 54
      George Hewett 54


            1. He he. no worries.. CT will always post SC Numbers,or mention otherwise.

              Cripps and Hewitt donin’ my head in.


              1. I’m like Jamhed, only just got the kids to bed, so catching up. I put Hewitt in my team for the injured Dawson after his game last week. I think you should trust your eye with players like Cripps – does he look back to his normal self, or is it a pre-season illusion? Finally gets a good coach and looks pretty good to me athletically.


  7. Finally got the kids into bed and have just tuned in.

    Geez the good ol blues supporters were excited before this game…. The bloody lid will well and truly be off by now!


  8. Crazy how much my team is moving inside my own head after a half of the first pre-season game, dammit Cripps and Hewett!

    Bowey hasn’t been spectacular tonight, hopefully some improvement in the 2nd half!


    1. There will be a lot of people who bring him in after this. To be fair he is smashing it and looks as fit as ever.


      1. Haha WW my absolute immediate thought once I read Thommo’s comment was who might it impact the most and Sicily came to mind in about 0.0004 seconds lol.
        Great call


  9. Carl v Melb 3/4 time:

    Patrick Cripps 136
    Matt Kennedy 126
    Max Gawn 103
    Clayton Oliver 94
    Adam Cerra 87
    George Hewett 86
    Mitch McGovern 82


    1. Cripps – how can you not do it? And Kennedy & Hewitt? That’s two weeks in a row for all three of them. Unlikely to drop off suddenly in R1.


      1. No, but expect Ed Curnow to get more minutes when the real stuff starts, and Walsh will come back too.
        I’m not saying don’t do it (Cripps may have made his way into my side tonight), but temper expectations. The Dees have barely got out of first gear tonight.


        1. Chillo – do you think Kennedy is a viable place holder for an upgrade to Walsh? On what he produced in the past two games, his scoring stream surely has more upside than JHF, Daicos, and the other premium rookies. Imagine what his score gets out to last night if he kicks better at goal.


          1. I think there are better options than Kennedy at that price.

            Having said that, I picked him up late in my draft league and I’m not unhappy about it….


      2. It’s been all the way through the preseason.

        I think that the additions of Cerra and Hewett as a midfielder were both real positives, and certainly Voss’ cocaching style should help them too.

        Cripps being fit makes a huge difference, as does Walsh being out. you’d think that the scores may be unsustainable when Walsh returns though.


  10. Gees- Kennedy 107 SC last week, already 126 and 29 disposals to 3/4 time. Costs 440 and mid.
    Pre season can throw up some teasers!


  11. Carl v Melb final scores:

    Patrick Cripps 160
    Matt Kennedy 142
    Max Gawn 132
    Zac Fisher 121
    Adam Cerra 121
    Nic Newman 118
    George Hewett 109
    Clayton Oliver 104


    1. Neale has been on fire in the preseason too, and despite all the talk about him playing forward that isn’t where he was named today.


  12. Ok guys, caught the last half.

    Hewett – hand ball king, not many tackles – in but watching others
    Gawn – Lock
    Oliver – Lock
    Crippa – Don’t do this mate…
    Bowey – Big ?? on role with Salem to come back – watching others
    Tracca – Can’t fit both you and Satan in but LOCK
    Cerra – meh
    Neuman – Interesting, look to see if Doc affects him
    Saad – Great game but not huge score
    Fisher – Looked nice, nice scoring ability, BIG watch


  13. Players under <280k – Bowey sub incase the kid is not in same playing mode as last year, can bring in any position.

    main ones are –
    any I am missing??


    1. Answorth on my radar.

      Rayner just got dropped from my side but if he has a big game tomorrow I might reconsider. I think there’s too many cheap Lions, but they certainly rate him, and all the blah blah blah midfield time… blah blah blah top draft pick.

      Cogs. Obviously.

      Lachie Jones is supposed to get more mid, but don’t see how Port is already pretty stacked for that so I think that’s more long term.

      I think I read that Frederick kicked 5 goals last week.

      Jarrod Berry. Been playing a lot of mid.

      Will Brodie just scored 120 last week despite apparently being dog slow.

      Charlie Constable now at GCS might actually get a go.

      Hugo Ralphsmith scored easily across halfback.

      Mason Cox is back in favour under the new coach and the eye issues seem to be improved with the special sunglasses. He’s probably got some sort of terminator style implants, you know.

      Tyson Stengle had a good one for the cats too.


  14. I didn’t see any of the game;

    Who was “better” …..

    TU De Koning
    TD Jackson

    Comments welcome,


  15. I’ve been saying since before Christmas that Cripps will be back to his best this season with Voss as coach. Look at what Voss did for Wines last year.
    Cripps been in my side from the moment teams opened and hasn’t left. Looks fit and at his damaging best.


  16. I really like Hewett as a player but surely his mid minutes will be slashed when players like Ed Curnow and Walsh (rd5-6) play full minutes?
    I feel like him and Curnow play the same mid role, and Hewett being more well-rounded than Curnow in other positions may make him the one forced to move


  17. Cripps back to the best running freely, no strapping besides the shoulder as a Carlton supporter who watches every game i think he may be back to 2019 form he was dog slow last year and could not move like he has over the last 2 weeks. Thnik i’ve gone on him at M5 :S


    1. First things I noticed last night was his physical shape, he looks stronger and fitter, the lack of strapping and his agility seemed to have returned…. notwithstanding their positions, if you are tossing up between Cripps, Heeney or De Goey it becomes an interesting exercise/decision…on ability alone I’d choose Cripps but he only needs to get banged up a couple of times and i fear his body will succumb…

      Cripps is no more of a risk than a Heeney or a DG imo so trust your gut…


      1. JDG & Heeney both get a dreadful Fwd rookie off the field and don’t take a valuable spot for a potential proper Midfielder down the line.

        If Heeney / JDG average 90-95 for the season, you’re a happy chap. If Cripps does, your most likely not justifying a sideways and stuck with a poor M8. (Trust me, I’m speaking from experience)

        Pre-season every year has a few players that pop off and go large. Then they regress to the median come reg-season.

        I’d rather pay up 100k and get Neale, or go down to Rowell/Berry and use the funds elsewhere.


        1. So Abs, a punt on Cripps absolutely requires that he finishes top 8 in mids OA – no exception? And, you are convinced you’re not seeing anything different to what you saw in pre-season in the last two years?


          1. Never said that.

            If he goes for around 105 and can stay fit, he’s a successful pick. Anyone thinking this is possible really should start him.

            If he goes for 95, gets niggles and/or has to be moved you’re gonna be hoping he’s at least made some coin, otherwise moving him to a proper premo might be difficult.

            Then there’s other questions to factor in.

            How does Walsh returning effect his scoring?
            We also saw him hobble off in the 2nd quarter yesterday (a familiar sight from last season).
            How does he react when the stakes are much higher and he’s getting crunched weekly by fast paced players?
            Does the new HTB rules have much of an effect on Cripps?

            He averaged 97 in 2020 (a year where scores were generally inflated due to Covid rules) – 83 last season (banged up weekly & to be fair, he was clearly underscored some weeks.)

            Can he really leave that in the past, go back to his best and improve his average by 20 points?

            For anyone starting him & Blue fans, I sure hope so.
            However I’m not keen to buy tickets to that ride for a 3rd year in a row.


  18. Agree with many comments above.

    Cripps – no (Walsh for 4-6 weeks and no E Curnow – love him (Curnow) but his midfield time may be over, depends on role, may go back to a lock down player and still has an amazing tank

    Kennedy – stepped up but as above, but does he dominate week to week?

    Hewett – again stepped up but neither Docherty or Weitering played either

    The Blues looked liked they were playing for positions, how the mid and def final set up remains to be seen which will greatly affect all these guys scoring.

    Would love to see Cripps back to his best bust risky. Hewett, Kennedy & Cerra could all be a bolt from the blue for premium status.

    Lots of ifs but I reckon Kennedy is the sleeper (most potential).



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