AAMI Series Game Chat – Hawthorn vs Richmond

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 5 2022

Hawthorn v Richmond at Devonport Oval, 1.10pm AEDT


B: B.Hardwick 15 S.Frost 8 D.Grainger-Barras 24
HB: C.Nash 11 J.Sicily 6 J.Scrimshaw 14
C: L.Shiels 26 C.Wingard 20 H.Morrison 1
HF: J.Worpel 5 J.Gunston 19 L.Breust 22
F: D.Moore 13 M.Lewis 2 B.McEvoy – C 7
Foll: N.Reeves 37 J.Newcombe 44 T.Phillips 21
I/C: F.Maginness 32 C.Macdonald 31 J.Koschitzke 23 T.Brockman 33 N.Long 27 J.Ward 25 M.Lynch 18 E.Jeka 39

Emerg: J.Callow 45 S.Butler 30 S.Mitchell 40 J.Saunders 43

Notable absentees: Tom Mitchell, Jaeger O’Meara, Jarman Impey, Will Day, Changkuoth Jiath, Kyle Hartigan


B: D.Grimes 2 R.Tarrant 6 J.Gibcus 28
HB: J.Short 15 N.Broad 35 D.Rioli 17
C: J.Ross 5 T.Cotchin 9 K.McIntosh 33
HF: S.Bolton 29 L.Baker 7 S.Edwards 10
F: N.Balta 21 T.Lynch 19 J.Riewoldt 8
Foll: T.Nankervis – C 25 D.Prestia 3 D.Martin 4
I/C: H.Ralphsmith 45 I.Soldo 20 J.Aarts 16 J.Castagna 11 B.Nyuon 47 T.Brown 30 W.Martyn 36 M.Rioli 49

Emerg: B.Miller 46 S.Ryan 32 M.Pickett 50 M.Parker 37


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46 thoughts on “AAMI Series Game Chat – Hawthorn vs Richmond”

  1. Hawthorn
    18 Max Lynch $207.7k RUC
    24 Denver Grainger-Barras $206.7k DEF
    25 Josh Ward $180.3k MID
    27 Ned Long $102.4K MID/FWD
    31 Connor MacDonald $117.3k MID
    32 Finn Maginness $143.7k MID/FWD
    39 Emerson Jeka $171.5k FWD

    28 Josh Gibcus $171.3k DEF
    30 Tom Brown $135.3k DEF
    36 Will Martyn $161.1k MID
    45 Hugo Ralphsmith $206.7k MID/FWD
    47 Bigoa Nyuon $123.9k DEF
    49 Maurice Rioli Jnr $123.9k MID/FWD


  2. Ok… so a hard watch on Hawks rookies..

    Ward, Maguinness , Macdonald, Long and at a stretch M Lynch. You would think at least one maybe two of these make the R1 team..


    Gibcus, B Nyuon ( I think one of these guys gets a tall defender position R1 . Not ideal for SC scoring but we are getting desperate ) and Ralphsmith. We should get a clearer idea of Ralphsmith’s role with Rioli back.

    I expect Short to pop off with no Vlastuin to steal his kick outs.

    Wingard could also tempt a few (named in the Centre) with Mitchell absent.

    Can’t wait for this one. Who are you looking forward to watching ?


    1. Hey, FT, and morning, all.

      Yeah, the Hawks rookies are the main thing. Hoping Ward, MacDonald and Maginness can be a low rent Butters, Rozee and Drew from a few years ago. Titch not playing going to inflate their CBA loads though.

      Sicily a big watch for me. Haven’t been a fan of the pick until there was role clarity. Lotta cooks in the Hawks kitchen has me worried he won’t be entirely freed up and will have his distribution economy eaten into.

      No Jiath, Impey or, critically, Hartigan not going to provide the best picture.

      A plurality of kick ins, intercepts and role more loose than accountable might sell me at D4.


      1. Hey GD.

        I just can’t get my head around the Sicily pick. His ownership does insulate him a bit. I just can’t see him recapturing his old form for a plethora of reasons. ACL return.. New backline structure , may need to play more accountable in a rebuilding Hawks. He argues with umpires… Will he get swung forward at some stage ? It seems to be everyday, I add something to this list….

        Those seeing him as keeper or possible top 6-8 defender are very ambitious.

        Especially with these 10 guys well ahead of him in my book. Lloyd , Crisp, Rich , Stewart , Hall, Dawson, Ryan , Ridley, Whitfield ,Short.

        The top 6 and Whittfield , could all outscore him by 15- 20 points a week.

        Sicily is a hard pass for me. If you can’t get him up to a proper Premo ( above list ) I would prefer Hewitt and $50K at this stage. At least with his DPP you can swing him into the middle and upgrade him to an Uber Mid when Walsh is back…


  3. Tom Mitchell – Rested

    Head of Football Rob McCartney: “Given this is an AAMI Series match, we have decided to take no risks, with our sights firmly set on facing North Melbourne in Round 1.”


  4. Sicily already a headf*ck.

    4 touches, a kick in and a contested intercept mark – but last 2 Tigers entries he was matched up on Riedwolt and then Lynch.


    1. I think his role will be dynamic depending on opponent and who we have available GD.

      Like you mentioned it’s a hard to get a proper read with a few players out of action, especially Hartigan who’d be on one of them today if playing.


    2. Yeah, I can’t justify him.

      He’s cheap-ish but not cheap enough, so the reward isn’t great enough for the risk.

      He may end up dpp, or maybe he gets back up around 95-100 ppg. But these are not going to be certain, and that’s not necessarily top 10.

      These same arguments can hold for Hewett too, but as a midfield playing defender he’s probably got a 5 to 10 point edge on Sicily, which should push him into that top 10 defender realm, definitely has dpp, and is 50k less.

      Of course, the no DH rule also has to come into it, and Sicily could be giving away a lot of 50 metres for backchat.


  5. Ward made my team this morning with a restructure. Looks like he’s gonna keep it.

    Playing really well.


  6. Rookies looking good here… Ward, Macdonald, Gibcus.
    Minus Mitchell today though for Hawks.
    Hawks will need to play the kids this year I reckon- rebuild


    1. Yep.
      We’re not winning any flags this season.

      Getting games into the young ones has to be the goal.


      1. Josh Ward

        “He’s going to get a lot of opportunity today (with no Tom Mitchell & Jaeger O’Meara).. it allows Ward to start in the middle and play the whole game as a midfielder”

        Sam Mitchell


  7. Half Time Supercoach scores:

    Liam Baker 96
    Dustin Martin 68
    Jayden Short 62
    Josh Ward 69
    James Sicily 52
    Josh Gibcus 42
    Daniel Rioli 41


    1. Baker had a heap of it last week too – getting forward a lot more. Freak of a runner.


  8. Gibcus and Ward look great.

    Looks like we are going to have to pay up for rookies this year. I’m surprised Rioli scored more than Ralphsmith he looked ok.


    1. Thoughts on Gibcus’s job security? Paying $171k you would hope he is on the park most weeks.

      Looking to plug the never ending holes in rookie defenders available….


    1. they update the scores for SC afterwards, there’s a bit of a delay on it at present.

      The scores are up now


  9. Ward. Excellent, plays Round 1, but won’t get that kind of CBA load with Titch and JOM back. Still should go well.

    Also thought Lynch was much better than Reeves. Interesting to see what happens there.


  10. What was your take on the Richmond defenders? Short, Baker, Rioli, Ralphsmith, Gibcus – all put up pretty good cases.


    1. Ralphsmith has come into my side for the injured Coleman. Although, it’s a shame we won’t get a look in at the tigers defence at full strength before R1. Was contimplating whether to bring back Curnow instead. Will be going back and forth in the lead in.


    2. Yeah, all great.

      Short just did his thing, no problems starting him. Ends up Top 6 or thereabouts.

      As long as Gibcus is okay after taking that barrel to the face late, he looks a starter given how thin the DEF rookies are. Assume he holds with Vlaustin back, unless any Tigers supporters can offer some insight?

      Rioli and Ralphsmith oddly both were able to have an impact at 23 and 20 touches respectively. Cushy roles, just awkwardly priced – Rioli especially.

      Baker’s work rate is just insane. Think I’d prefer him to have a clearly defined role before I considered him seriously though.

      LG’s exactly right though. Would have definitely preferred to see their backline full strength.


      1. With a lack of rookies and salary cap restrictions on picking a full premium backline, all these guys and Hewitt are looking attractive to me. Short and Baker especially, are just so reliable with their running and endeavour.

        That Gibcus falcon was a ripper – I reckon it would have rocked him.


        1. There’s a lot of rookies looking the goods…

          It’s just that nearly all of them are premium midfield rookies.

          Gibcus should be ok for security I think. They clearly needed that kind of presence. Ralphsmith should be ok.

          With Coleman injured I’ve restructured out Crisp onto Short who has had 2 big games and Gibcus. That’s given me a bit of cash for an extra premo rookie (Ward).

          This is kind of wasteful as I’m starting to run premo rookies on the bench.

          On the upside it should see a lot of cash growth early, but may not be the best on field scoring solution.


      2. As a Tigers supporter short is our best kick and will take the majority of kick ins and will distribute it out of defence. Loved both Bakers and Balta’s role today but think there roles are revolving doors. Will change as personnel and games dictate.


        1. I’d prefer Richmond to drop Castagna and play Baker in that high half fwd role. He’s always shown plenty of run and is so clean both hand and foot. I’m going to give him some serious thought but it’s fingers crossed that he maintains this role.


  11. Sam Mitchell Presser –

    “Ward has been working hard on his game to improve and be ready to play AFL footy.”
    “Josh Ward stood up for us and led the game for contested possessions, which was a great positive.”

    “Harry Morrison is another who’s had a fantastic summer, Jai Newcombe has taken another step too.”
    “Newcombes influence on the game was significant.”


    1. Hey WW..

      Ward looks a lock. He will drop off with Titch and O’Meara back, but seems to have enough class to score well. He takes my M8 spot.

      Probably only one of MacDonald and Maguiness play , I have Macdonald ahead he looks a better runner / outside player so he can rotate wing / HF. He should be an ok mid bench option.

      Gibcus also looks pretty safe for a R1 gig. He may not score well consistently, but we really need Defender rookies. They seem pretty set on Balta forward so his JS should be pretty solid.

      As GD mentioned Rioli and Ralphsmith are the hardest to read , At their prices there’s little room for error. They really need to outscore a rookie by 10-15 points a week. I’m set on passing on Rioli. Ralphsmith is still a chance at F5 if we lack Forward rookies. Ned Long didn’t look to out of place and I may start him as a dirt cheap early loop. With the hope he gets a gig at some stage.

      Baker is a trap. looks amazing in spurts, he’s had purple patches before and couldn’t sustain it. I would avoid .

      Short and Dusty look like pretty solid selections . I’m not sure I will start either but may look to get them in if Richmond look a better side in 2022.

      I’m still passing on Sicily, they do look to get it in his hands a heap , I just think the Hawks look a little small down back and he may have to play too accountable at times. Most players coming off an ACL have a down year before they return to peek form. I see Sicily averaging 90-95 this year. Still solid for his price but not good enough to make even top 10 Defender . I could be wrong, but I’m willing to bet against him at this stage.


      1. Thanks FT – much appreciated mate. So if you’re passing on the likes of Sicily, Baker, and Rioli, what’s your plan at D4, 5, & 6? I suspect Gibcus takes one spot, then do you have Boyd starting or cash generating bench cover?

        Milera? Bowey? Hewitt?

        Not a whole lot more on offer if you’re not loading up on premiums.


        1. Yeah D4 is my problem child.

          I don’t mind Hewitt but I’m finding it to afford him with all the pricey rookies. . We haven’t seen Milera yet so that rules him out, as I need to see him before I will start him. Bowey could come into calculations if Hinge doesn’t get up. I’m just worried about his role when Salams back.

          My current rookie crop looks something like this..

          DEF: Hinge / Gibcus / Sinn… Bench Boyd , D’Koning.

          MID: JH-F / Daicos / Ward … Bench D Stephens $$, Macdonald. Long ( M/F Loop) I will watch M Roberts and Goater they may take a spot and I will start Long forward.

          R: S Hayes , J Hayes , or Dixon

          F: Rachelle , P. McCartin. Bench..Maguiness or Durdin. Wanganeen. Dixon. Long..

          The other D4 I’m looking at is very speculative , As a Freo fan I may give Chapman a crack.. He’s $275K so really needs to go 85+ Freo have a pretty soft early draw but I’m to sure I’d recommend him to others. He’s a close watch this weekend.


  12. Final Supercoach Scores

    Baker 149
    Short 138
    Ward 124
    Martin 105
    Nash 92
    Sicily 87
    Rioli 79
    Ralphsmith 72
    Gibcus 65
    MacDonald 52
    Maginness 50


    1. Unfortunately I think Nash did enough to play round 1. Probably keep MacDonald out.

      Ward is a certain starter.

      Maginness did enough in the wing to start

      Long is a chance. Brookman was poor in the first half and Long looked good when he came on, won’t be surprised if that got Long a round 1 start


  13. Sam Mitchell: “Tom Mitchell is probably available (for R1) with his groin stuff that he’s got going on.”

    Wow!!! ( my comment)
    I will definitely seek more information and update in the Coaches box ASAP



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