Advising Kayley

Written by Motts on May 8 2023

So I’m at the Blues Lions game on Friday night last week with Chips Ahoy! and as we’re sitting there waiting for the bounce, I glance to my left and the girl in the seat next to me had SuperCoach open on her phone and seemed to be dithering on whether to trade Alex Cincotta into her team.

I did what any of us would have done: I interrupted the conversation she was having with the guy on the other side of her and strongly advised her to do it. Thankfully she took my advice.

I then introduced myself as the owner of a website where we provide SC advice. When I told her it was, she said “I’ve been on that website!”. Let me tell you, coaches, it was a moment of pride for me.

Her name was Kayley and her story is that she’s from the US and this is her first year playing. Her partner is an Aussie and she’s in a league with him, his brother (who was the guy with her at the game), and a few of his mates. Obviously, she’s desperate to beat them all.

I took a look at her team and told her to also bring in Simpson to generate some cash this week which she did as well but then I thought “why don’t we harness the power of the SCT community to help propel her to the top of her league??”

I floated the idea with her and she loved it so this is the first in a series of posts where we sort out Kayley’s team. Each week she’ll send me her team on a Monday and I’ll post it for you to make your suggestions on how you’d make it better.

Here’s how it’s looking after Round 8:

Look forward to seeing what y’all come up with and hearing how Kayley rises through the ranks throughout the season!


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26 thoughts on “Advising Kayley”

  1. For second thought this was love at first sight haha but its Supercoach at first sight.


  2. There’s a lot of ways to do trades on this side, initally I’d probably go
    Greene > Drury (go early for cash)
    Maynard > Laird (via Sheezel & Cogs DPP swings)
    Rachele > 555k MID, maybe Steele?

    This feels similar to how I would do my Tech side


  3. Hey Kayley, can you please swap teams with me?

    Need to use those boosts up:

    OUT: Rachelle, Maynard, Greene

    IN: Tom Green, Weddle, Merrett


  4. Sooooooo….who has $204k just sitting around lol

    I would be unloading Greene or Wilmot, or both, and turning Chandler ,McKenna or Rachele into premo’s.

    Easy to go MID premo’s (Bont comes to mind) by swapping Cogs or Dunks back to the forward line.


    1. I did a double downgrade last week because of the dearth of rookies, so I’m sitting on enough cash to do a double upgrade this week. I know it’s not ideal but the rookie cupboard was looking pretty bare when we need them the most.


  5. I think we all agree that a Trade Boost should be used and Maynard, Rachelle and Greene have to go, don’t we?


    1. Here’s Ol Mottsy’s suggestions:

      Opening bank: $204,200
      Maynard ($417,900) to Weddle ($130,800) frees up $287,100.
      Rachelle ($389,900) to Gulden ($463,400) costs $73,500.
      Greene ($267,100) to Tom Green ($560,400) via Dunkley swing costs $293,300.
      Closing bank: $124,500


      1. With Eagles and North before the byes, I’d probably hold Maynard and look to turn him into Stewart.

        Rachele and Greene definitely need to go. Gulden looks a decent option, and Gawn with a likely DPP won’t get any cheaper.

        Nice to meet you Kayley!


    2. Would focus on upgrade cadence. You fix that type of issue over the byes. Get complete first.

      For me would do
      T1 McKenna > Doc
      T2 Greene out, Ziebell forward Atkins Def.


  6. Greene -> Drury (via Davey DPP; 369k ITB)
    Maynard -> Saad (255k)
    Wilmot -> Gulden (via Laurie DPP)

    Accept Rachele as F6 for now, bin Maynard. Can’t not do an upgrade this week.


  7. This is great advice. Thank you all for your help!

    Since round 1, you all have been helping me because I have been trying to research how Supercoach works. I have been glancing at this site most weeks and paid for it by not looking at this site Rd7 when I made Daicos my captain 🙁 – a newbie error I will not make again.

    It’s crazy to have met Motts randomly and to now get advice on my team.

    With these posts, I now see a Rising Star medal coming to me in the future. Watch out Sheezel!


    1. Always love seeing another “chick” on the BEST supercoach advice site going around – coaches on here are usually / almost all super helpful and I credit my last few years overall results (within the top 4,000) to SCT. Look out for the SCT leagues early next pre-season to join into, including The Ladies League, run by none other than our friend Motts. And good luck for the remainder of season 2023.


  8. Two trade option.
    Greene OUT
    Davey to FWD
    Chesser to MID
    Weddle trade to DEF
    McKenna OUT.
    Luke Ryan trade in to DEF (Premo keeper)
    Leaves you with $60K in the bank.
    And gives you possible playing emergency cover on all three lines. (Weddle, Wilmot & Davey)



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