Polling Station – Round 9

Written by Dane on May 8 2023

Got some ideas for the site leading into round 9? Chuck them in the comments below and some will find their way into a thread later on.

As always, try to keep it general, and use other posts such as trade talk for individual circumstances.


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14 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 9”

  1. Who are you thinking of culling this week? i.e. Worpel, Chandler, Ashcroft, JVR, Davey, Setterfield


  2. Best/must haves of the fallen premiums?
    Mills, brayshaw, sic, steele, gawn, doch, sinclair to name a few.

    Those names have all dropped 80k on their starting price and present value.. who are people prioritising this week or over the next 2 weeks?


  3. Goes with Simo comment above- “premium” depends on what coaches call premium. At this stage, I’m all about checking with how many rookies are you playing on the field ?


  4. Anyone know if Sicily is a concern? Looking like he was follwoing jackson around – any other reason for his low score?


    1. I have him also, think he was on -2 at quarter time (gave away an early 50 and had clangers early), all things considered he got 65 in the next three quarters which is pretty good. Champion Data tends to reward/punish players who get possessions/clangers when the game is close so if you get clangers early you’re basically done. Sis had an off day and will undoubtedly be fine in the long run.


  5. Going into byes what’s the best number of players byes per week…
    Atm I’m 7-4-9-10… with the 30 players in my team, so 7 have a bye week 1.
    Is this what others are doing, given you can trade out those last 2 weeks after week 1



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