Round 8 Review

Written by Dane on May 8 2023

Carlton (11.8.74) defeated by Brisbane (15.10.100)

  1. Josh Dunkley (149). Kicked off some massive scores this weekend on Friday night with a triple double: 33 disposals, 11 marks and 13 tackles. Didn’t stop there though as he also stacked on 14 contested touches, 6 clearances and a game best 555 metres gained.
  2. Adam Cerra (132). In a rich vein of form with his third score of 130+ in a row, leading the Blues in scoring thanks to 33 touches (13 contested), 7 clearances, 7 tackles and 1 goal.
  3. Charlie Cameron (131). Crafty up forward, finishing with 4 goals from his 12 touches (10 contested) as well as 6 tackles.
  4. Sam Docherty (111). Returned from injury well before schedule and this is what we expected prior to that. 29 touches, 1 goal, 7 marks and 7 tackles. Keep a close eye on him.
  5. Oscar McInerney (110). Rounding out the top 5 with his third ton of the year was the Brisbane big man, who had 16 touches (14 contested) with 10 clearances and 29 hitouts for the game.

Other 100+ scores: Sam Walsh (106), Jarrod Berry (104), Blake Acres (101)

Disappointment: No idea what’s going on with Neale, this week he had the Hewett matchup which didn’t seem like a hard tag but nonetheless finished with just 63 points.

Rookies: Ashcroft (37) was roughly scored in my opinion but since the majority of coaches have him, it didn’t sting too much. Wilmot (50) and McKenna (46) both had a breakeven of 48 so their prices won’t fluctuate much, while Sharp made his season debut and found 13 touches and 1 goal for 40 points. Cincotta (70) was great for the Blues with 20 touches and 6 marks running at 75% DE, while Hollands (51) was also scored roughly. Honey (27) just doesn’t have the scoring potential at this early stage of his career.

Injuries: A hamstring saw Coleman subbed out for Brisbane, while there were a few concerns for the Blues but it was eventually Young subbed out for tactical reasons.


Richmond (15.14.104) defeated West Coast (8.10.58)

  1. Shai Bolton (152). Admittedly, a poor start to the SuperCoach season for Bolton but he beat up my Eagles on the weekend, top scoring thanks to 31 touches (18 contested), 7 clearances, 8 marks, 5 tackles and 3 goals in an elite performance.
  2. Jermaine Jones (123). Second ton of the season for Jones, this one a a career best score. His 30 disposals and 7 marks were also career bests as he used his speed nicely off half-back.
  3. Tim Taranto (118). Popular VC option this week due to his scoring form/opponent. Fell to one of those scores where you are just so 50/50 on taking it. 30 touches (20 contested), 10 clearances, 2 goals.
  4. Dom Sheed/Dion Prestia (115). Very good game from Sheed, a semi popular pre-season option that didn’t work out. He had 29 touches, 7 marks, 5 tackles and 9 clearances, while Prestia stamped his class with 3 goals and 23 touches in the midfield.
  5. Dustin Martin (113). Didn’t get to watch this game so I won’t say “vintage” Dusty, but 27 touches and 1 goal in a hybrid role reminds many of us of good times.

Other 100+ scores: Jacob Hopper (111), Samson Ryan (104), Liam Baker (102), Tim Kelly (100)

Disappointment: This is usually set aside for a premium or popular midpricer underperforming but I couldn’t stop staring at Cumberland’s score of -12. Good thing he was subbed out, might’ve broken the record (if he didn’t already).

Rookies: Let’s kick off with Samson Ryan’s score of 104, which is just elite for his cash generation. Had 8 touches, 4 marks, 1 goal and 31 hitouts as the number 1 ruck option. Just as impressive was Miller (90) who played a nice chunk of ruck time with 20 hitouts complementing his 13 touches, 6 marks and 1 goal. Other rookies to feature here were Clarke (58), Edwards (62) and the subbed on duo of Mansell (16) and Trew (20). Ginbey is still running around in a few sides and his 61 saw him make cash. Word is he needs a rest but the Eagles are struggling to even name sides so he’ll stick around.

Injuries: As mentioned, Cumberland was the sub but there was bad news for the Eagles with Jai Culley suffering an ACL injury, another on to add to their long-term list. Match report also had Allen with a knee injury, ugh.


Geelong (14.14.98) defeated Adelaide (11.6.72)

  1. Reilly O’Brien (130). It’s been a pretty average run for ROB with three 70’s and one 80 since round 3, but he was great here, doing it all to finish with 15 touches, 4 marks, 1 goal and 38 hitouts.
  2. Jordan Dawson (122). Didn’t get a look from O’Connor by the sounds of it and hence, just did his thing. 29 touches, 460 metres gained, 6 tackles.
  3. Mark Blicavs (113). Averaging a nice 109 over the past month with a low of 99, the Swiss Army knife had 16 touches (12 contested), 5 clearances, 4 tackles, 10 hitouts and 1 goal.
  4. Brodie Smith (109). Has never got near his 93 average for 2014 but is always good for a ton or two across the years. 24 touches, 5 tackles, just 1 clanger and 599 metres gained.
  5. Rory Laird/Max Holmes (102). Laird scrapped his way to a ton again, mainly thanks to 14 tackles but he also found 21 touches, while Holmes stock continues to rise with a 22 touch, 1 goal, 8 tackle game, his fourth ton of the year sees him averaging 95, a 30 point increase.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Rachelle has been a super unique pick but this score of 29 was well down on his early season standards.

Rookies: Nice score to keep the cash generation ticking along for Ratugolea, who ran at 100% DE from his 13 touches to finish on 88. Knevitt (72) only got 58% game time despite not being the sub but was solid for 1 goal from 15 touches, while Simpson and his high socks slowed down after halftime, but a third up 66 from 2 goals and 9 touches will see his cash grow. Dempsey (24) was subbed on. Just to usual duo of Michalanney (64) and Pedlar (50) for the Crows, who hardly moved from their price tag if you’re still running with them.

Injuries: Key defender Murray went down with concussion for the Crows, while the Cats win was soured by the hamstring injury to skipper Patrick Dangerfield.


Gold Coast (13.7.85) defeated by Melbourne (13.12.90)

  1. Noah Anderson (189). Just a monster effort from Anderson, obviously a career best. 37 touches, ran all game, coupled with 17 contested possessions, 10 clearances, 6 tackles, 1 goal and elite DE (81%) considering the way his possessions were found. Almost willed the Suns over the line.
  2. Clayton Oliver (136). Had close attention from Swallow but Clarry is Clarry. Popular VC/C and no need to risk this score that came from 28 touches (14 contested) plus 6 clearances and 4 tackles.
  3. Max Gawn (130). Great ruck contest on paper here, with Gawn taking the Supercoach chocolates. Had 15 touches, 6 marks, 5 tackles, 17 hitouts and 2 goals.
  4. Christian Petracca (122). His elite season continued, averaging 115 which is good for 10th overall. 26 disposals, 1 goal, 8 clearances, 527 metres gained.
  5. Jarrod Witts (115). Not a bad score from Witts after a couple of 90’s. 13 touches (9 contested) plus 35 hitouts against the Melbourne combo.

Other 100+ scores: David Swallow (110), Will Powell (104)

Disappointment: With the ruck split back, Grundy (60) and his scoring potential have gone well down. It was fun while it lasted.

Rookies: After back to back tons it was just 49 for King who started the season rookie priced, which was bettered by Humphrey (64) and first gamer (club debutant) Berry (57), who is one to watch before his bubble game. McVee (62), Chandler (57) and Van Rooyen (48) all did enough to make cash but the latter did get a suspension from this game. Turner (43) was a late in and is a 123K defender. Atkins (68) is interesting: mature age, 204K D/M and might be the answer to the limited rookies.

Injuries: A couple of injuries on the match report here to defenders Ballard (head) and Long (leg) for the Suns, while late inclusion Turner was the tactical sub for the Dees.


GWS (10.11.71) defeated by Western Bulldogs (13.8.86)

  1. Marcus Bontempelli (164). Another massive score sees Bont assume the mantle as the #1 averaging player in the game. 32 touches (26 contested) with 14 clearances, 1 goal, 560 metres gained and 7 tackles in an elite performance.
  2. Tom Green (135). Talking about elite performances, I dont understand how Green didn’t score more. 3 goals, 38 disposals (14 contested), just 3 clangers, 9 tackles, 634 metres gained and 8 clearances, just as good.
  3. Josh Kelly (129). 34 touches for the smooth moving Kelly which ran at a very clean 82 % DE. Also completed 8 tackles for his fourth ton of the year. 
  4. Tim English (124). First sub 130 last week and he made it two in a row here with a mad game of 23 touches, 10 marks, 6 tackles and 40 hitouts.
  5. Bailey Smith (109). Third ton of the year for Baz who rounded out the top 5 with 32 touches (14 contested).

OOther 100+ scores: Conor Idun (106), Lachie Whitfield (102), Tom Liberatore (100)

Disappointment: Annoying low score for Coniglio (79) who found 26 touches but just didn’t do it in a way that leads to a big score.

Rookies: Number 1 pick Cadman (15) was subbed off, while semi-popular option Angwin only found 10 touches for 33 points. O’Halloran (42) and Daniels (63) have made some quick cash but are slowing down with scores like these compared to their current price tags, while Jack Buckley I have decided is the smoky pick of the season with another great score of 99 from 16 touches @ 93% DE. He’s made 215K and is averaging 88. Jones (65) of the Arthur variety was splendid with 2 goals from 12 touches, while Baker (50) made money again.

Injuries: The Dogs listed Treloar and one of his hamstrings on the injury report, while the Giants left a big TBC on theirs which makes me think that Cadman was simply a tactical move.


Fremantle (18.9.117) defeated Hawthorn (7.6.48)

  1. Andrew Brayshaw (149). About time screamed thousands of coaches as the supposed premium finally produced a score of substance. 34 touches, 9 marks, 8 tackles, 2 goals, back to his best basically. Saw he came out and admitted an injury he’s been carrying this week, so maybe it was just a mental road block? Anyway, great game, I don’t own him but at just 531K, I might soon.
  2. Luke Jackson (126). His best game yet for the club as he found a career high 24 touches of the leather (16 contested) to pair with 6 marks, 7 tackles and 2 goals.
  3. Lloyd Meek (110). Against the old team, Meek cooked up a career best score thanks to 9 disposals, 6 marks and 24 hitouts.
  4. Luke Ryan/Jeager O’Meara (109). Ryan is averaging 120 everyone, good for 6th best in the league, I feel this hasn’t been given enough credit yet, personally from myself. Another fine display of 27 touches and 9 marks with sublime DE of 96%. New recruit O’Meara dropped his second ton of the year thanks to 26 disposals, 7 marks and 5 tackles.
  5. Conor Nash/Caleb Serong (105). Nash has been in strong form lately, scoring 3/4 tons, this one on the back of 26 touches (12 contested) with 8 clearances and 8 tackles, while Serong has been elite this year with another great performance of 24 disposals and 5 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Hawks skipper James Sicily was a popular option to bring in this week, but coaches saw a grim 63 sitting next to his name. Darcy (77) not much better.

Rookies: First game of the year for Treacy who is flat bang sitting at 200K. 1 goal, 6 touches, 45 points for him. Nothing great for the Hawks, their rookie scoring led by Mitchell (54) and Weddle (54) who is on the bubble this week, while Brockman (33) and the subbed off Greene (17) didn’t do much. 

Injuries: Clean report for the Hawks, just the previously mentioned Greene as the sub. The Dockers though did list Schutlz with a shoulder despite subbing out Treacy, but depending on timeline that makes sense.


Port Adelaide (12.20.92) defeated Essendon (13.9.87)

  1. Zak Butters (125). Actually found some time to watch the majority of this game and can say that Butters was a real source for Port and kept them in the game at times. Finished with 28 touches (13 contested), 6 tackles and 615 metres gained for the game.
  2. Dan Houston (122). 4th ton of the year for Houston who had a game high 635 metres gained from his 25 disposals, averaging 99.
  3. Darcy Parish (117). Found the ball with ease as per usual, accumulating 37 touches (22 contested) plus 9 clearances and 5 tackles for his 6th ton of the year.
  4. Sam Draper (110). 3rd ton of the year for Draper who shared the ruck load but was his usual influential self around the stoppages to find 16 touches and 24 hitouts for the game.
  5. Jason Horne-Francis (109). Was very solid in this Sunday afternoon fixture, finding 20 touches plus 6 marks and 5 tackles to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Zach Merrett (106), Kyle Langford (105), Connor Rozee/Williem Drew (104), Jeremy Finlayson (103)

Disappointment: Another week and another average score from Setterfield (71), very ready to move him on.

Rookies: Williams (85) has been very, very good and would be in a heap more teams if it wasn’t for him being the sub in round 3, his bubble game. 24 touches @ 87% DE and 8 marks for him. Teakle (42) made a 34K price rise, while Evans (27) was subbed on. Both Menzie and Davey Jnr found their way back into the 22 this week but their scores were just 20 and 31.

Injuries: Essendon was dealt a blow with Ridley being subbed out due to concussion, he’s still in 7% of teams, while Port has Jonas subbed out due to chest soreness. Butters was also on the match report due to a knee but he played through till the end.


Collingwood (11.11.77) defeated Sydney (6.12.48)

  1. Errol Gulden (156). Career best score here from what I can only describe as a monster stat line. 37 disposals (32 kicks!) with 13 marks, 13 contested possessions, plus 7 clearances and 658 metres gained, another massive score from this weekend.
  2. Darcy Moore (112). Only Pie to ton up here was the skipper Moore, who had 20 touches with 5 marks and 80 % DE down back in his usual intercepting role.
  3. Jake Lloyd (110). The original seagull was enjoying his time on the MCG flanks on Sunday, finding 24 touches @ 91% DE with 7 marks and 6 tackles for his 6th ton of the year. 
  4. Ollie Florent (109). 3rd ton of the year here for Florent. He found 29 touches and 11 marks plus elite DE of 93% across half-back.
  5. Hayden McLean (108). Rounds out the top five thanks to a rounded stat line of 19 touches (@94% DE), 7 marks, 4 tackles, 1 goal and 10 hitouts. 

Other 100+ scores: Luke Parker (103), Callum Mills (100)

Disappointment: Despite the Pies win, usual ton scorers Nick Daicos (81) and De Goey (76) didn’t produce their usual outputs.

Rookies: Hardly any to cover here. Francis made $400 thanks to this score of 30 being subbed on, while Sheather (14) was subbed off in game two after 2 touches and 1 goal.

Injuries: Sheather was subbed off due to an ankle injury, while Hill was the tactical sub for the Pies. Injury report also had Adams and Ladhams on it. 


North Melbourne (4.10.34) defeated by St Kilda (8.16.64)

  1. Jack Ziebell (179). Capped off the weekend with this crazy game of 36 disposals (30 kicks) with 18 marks and 4 tackles while running at 94% DE. Career best and a massive boost to coaches scores.
  2. Callum Wilkie (123). Was ticking along nicely and then had two sub tons, but elite game here, finishing with 28 touches and 9 marks in his usual role.
  3. Todd Goldstein (119). Game 302 was nice for Goldy as he found 16 touches (12 contested) plus 6 marks, 5 tackles and 27 hitouts.
  4. Harry Sheezel (110). Another game and another 30 touches for Sheezel. Found 8 marks as well plus 488 metres gained.
  5. Rowan Marshall/Liam Shiels (107). 21 touches (11 contested) plus 14 hitouts and 5 clearances for Marshall before an ankle injury saw him finish the game on the bench. Shiels did what he did in his prime Hawks days, being underrated at the contest. 28 touches, 9 tackles, 7 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Liam Stocker (103)

Disappointment: It’s been a rough month for owners of LDU, this score of 59 from 25 touches with 9 clangers topping it off.

Rookies: Firstly let’s cover Blake Drury’s debut. He had 13 touches, 4 marks and no clangers rotating at half forward for a nice score of 51, one to keep an eye on. Bergman went a point better from 16 touches and 5 marks, while it was only Phillipou to cover at the Saints, he finished on 56 from 13 disposals and 6 marks. Whoops, forgot to mention Bytel (8) who was subbed on and lost 26K from his 159K price tag.  

Injuries: As mentioned, the big Supercoach news is that Rowan Marshall finished the game on the bench with an ankle injury. No word on the severity so keep a close eye on the news this week. The original sub was Gresham due to a shin injury, while Cunnington was the sub for the Roos, tactically. 


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6 thoughts on “Round 8 Review”

  1. Cheers Dane, another great write up, 7 frees against for Grundy and none for, Clearly the ump’s weren’t his mate with the ruck duels. I feel like I’m a week late trading him out as he dropped over 40k on the weekend but his score would not have been half as bad if not for the FA, no 50/50’s in those calls.


  2. Awesome as always, I enjoy reading these as they often highlight things we miss as we focus on our own players.


  3. I have heard the recent hype about Anderson. I don’t really know much about him so I did some research, and boy am I am pleasantly impressed!!

    Let me give you some facts
    Age 22, so building up to his peak
    Taken round 1 pick 2 in 2019 draft, so he is a jet
    66 games, in that 50-100 game sweet spot
    17 games in first season averaging 77SC
    Built his SC average to 86 in 2nd yr, 100 in 3rd yr, 115 this yr,
    Not really been injury prone in his career

    That is good enough for me.

    My trades this week and last boost
    Out McKenna, ginbey, Baker
    In Anderson, R Atkins, drury

    TU yes do it, Anderson will go onto being a top 8 mid and Atkins will make a lot of cash

    TD no don’t waste boost, Anderson isn’t that good

    Comments welcome please


    1. I think Anderson is good, but to leave yourself without any boosts over the byes is asking for trouble, IMO.


  4. Gees Dane,
    Think Green needs to change his name to B-o-n-t-e-p-e-l-l-i
    Although must admit Bont was amazing in this game- his clearances were amazing!
    But those figures by Green are AMAZING!



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