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Written by Chaos Theory on August 27 2022

Hi Everyone, I hope that you all had a successful year. For those that don’t hibernate until next season I will be still gathering news.

As well as posting in the Coaches Box, I will post all the latest news here . It will be an easy reference point for information. Now if you miss something in the Coaches Box it will be here.

This post is mainly for relevant Supercoach news for 2023.




Adelaide :

Trades :

Billy Frampton has lodged official trade request to Collingwood. Deal done and Adelaide receives  a future third-round selection.

Gold Coast trade Izak Rankine, its Round Three Selection (46), its Future Fourth Round Selection (tied to Fremantle) to Adelaide for its Round One Selection (5), its Future Third and Future Fourth Round Selection

Delisted : James Rowe, Ben Davis and Brett Turner

Retired : Luke Brown

# Draft Picks  23,46

AFL Draft
17. Max Michalanney (F/S, matched Sydney’s bid)
43. Billy Dowling
50. Hugh Bond

Rookie Draft
5. Andrew McPherson (re-listed)
21. Paul Seedsman (re-listed)


Brisbane :

Trades :

Josh Dunkley, a future third-round selection and a future fourth-round selection (tied to Melbourne)- Western Bulldogs to receive a future 1st, future 2nd and 21.

Jack Gunston – Hawthorn to receive pick 48 and a future fourth round pick.

Brisbane traded pick 25 to Geelong for picks No.38, 48 and 55, as well as their future second- and fourth-round selections

Dan McStay has officially informed Brisbane of his intention to join the Collingwood. Accepted for  second round compensation pick. Currently pick No. 35

Traded Tom Berry, pick No.46 and a future second-round selection (tied to GWS) for picks No.25, 36 and 56

Received pick No.21 and the GWS second-round selection – FOR pick No.15

Retired : Mitch Robinson

Delisted : Ely Smith, Mitchell Cox, Deividas Uosis.

# Draft Picks 34, 35, 36, 38, 56, 73

AFL Draft
2. Will Ashcroft  (F/S, matched North Melbourne’s bid)
12. Jaspa Fletcher  (F/S, matched Western Bulldogs’ bid)

Pre-listed rookie
Shadeau Brain (QLD zone)

Rookie Draft
15. Ryan Lester (re-listed)
29. Nakia Cockatoo (re-listed)


Carlton :

Trades :

Third-round compensation pick (currently No.49) for Liam Jones to Western Bulldogs

Drafted: Blake Acres for Future Third Round Selection.

Received future fourth-round selection from Essendon for Will Setterfield and pick No.68

Delisted: Jack Newness, Oscar McDonald, Luke Parks, Liam Stocker, Will Hayes

Retired : 

Delisted : Tom Williamson, Jack Newness, Oscar McDonald, Luke Parks, Liam Stocker

# Draft Picks : 10, 29, 49, 66

AFL Draft
11. Oliver Hollands
30. Lachlan Cowan
32. Jaxon Binns
47. Harry Lemmey

Rookie Draft
10. Ed Curnow (re-listed)


Collingwood :

Trades :

Tom Mitchell and a second-round pick (currently No.25), Hawthorn receives Cooper Stephens and Hawthorn receives two third-round picks (currently No.41 and No.50) Geelong get Ollie Henry

Bobby Hill (GWS) joins Collingwood. The Giants received Collingwood’s future second-round pick and pick No.43 in exchange for the 22-year-old and pick 40.

Dan McStay As a free agent signed a five-year deal worth $600,000 a season. As compensation the Lions will receive a second-round pick, currently No.35.

Traded Brodie Grundy for pick 27 from Melbourne.

Billy Frampton from Adelaide, they has received a future third-round selection in exchange for Frampton,

Delisted : Callum Brown, Tyler Brown, Issac Chugg, Liam McMahon, Jack Madgen, Caleb Poulter, Cooper Murley (but has committed to selecting him in the NAB AFL Rookie Draft on Wednesday, November 30.)

Retired : Jordan Roughead

Re- signed : Jordan De Goey for 5 years with behavioural clause for first 2 years.

# Draft Picks: 16, 25, 27, 51

AFL Draft
19. Ed Allan
28. Jakob Ryan
48. Joe Richards

Rookie Draft
16. Cooper Murley (re-listed)

Essendon :

Trades : Sam Weideman and Picks 57 and 72. Melbourne gets Pick 37.

Traded Aaron Francis and pick 42 to Sydney for Pick 37 and the Sydney’s future fourth pick.

Traded Will Setterfield and pick 68 – for  future fourth-round selection

Coach : Brad Scott

Retired :  Michael Hurley, Devon Smith, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

Delisted : Tom Hird, Garrett McDonagh , Tom Cutler, Brayden Ham, Alec Waterman and Cody Brand

# Draft Picks : 4, 22, 54, 62,68, 72

5. Elijah Tsatas
25. Lewis Hayes
45. Alwyn Davey jnr (F/S, matched Hawthorn’s bid)
54. Jayden Davey (F/S)

Pre-listed rookie
Anthony Munkara (NGA)

Rookie Draft
4. Rhett Montgomerie (SANFL)


Trades : 

Rory Lobb : Fremantle receives a second-round pick (currently No.30) and a future second-round selection

Jaeger O’Meara Hawthorn gets Lloyd Meek and a future second-round pick.

Josh Corbett (Gold Coast) to Fremantle for its 2023 Round Four Selection.

Luke Jackson, picks No.44 and 67 – For Pick No.13, future first-round selection and future second-round selection

Received future third-round selection – for Blake Acres

Traded Griffin Logue, Darcy Tucker and a future-third round selection for future second-round selection, future third-round selection and a future fourth-round selection.

Delisted : Connor Blakely, Joel Weston, Mitch Crowden

Retired : David Mundy

# Draft Picks : 30, 44, 67, 76

AFL Draft
33. Hugh Davies
41. Tom Emmett
42. Max Knobel
57. Corey Wagner

Pre-listed rookies
Joshua Draper (NGA)
Conrad Williams (NGA)

Rookie Draft
13. Liam Reidy (Frankston VFL)

Geelong : 

Trades :

Ollie Henry : Collingwood get Tom Mitchell and a second-round pick (currently No.25), Hawthorn receives Cooper Stephens and Hawthorn receives two third-round picks (currently No.41 and No.50)

Tanner Bruhn ( GWS)  Greater Western Sydney receives a first-round pick (currently No.18)

Geelong traded picks No.38, 48 and 55, as well as their future second- and fourth-round selections, to the Lions in exchange for pick No.25

Jack Bowes and No.7 draft pick  from Gold Coast for a future third-round selection in return.

Retired : Shaun Higgins, Joel Selwood, Luke Dahlhaus

Delisted : Quinton Narkle, Francis Evans, Nick Stevens, Paul Tsapatolis, Zane Williams

# Draft Picks : 7, 58, 64

AFL Draft
8. Jhye Clark
52. Phoenix Foster

Pre-listed rookies
Ted Clohesy (NGA)
32. Osca Riccardi (F/S)

Rookie Draft
18. Oscar Murdoch (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country U18)

Gold Coast :

Trades :

Tom Berry from Brisbane. Berry moves to Gold Coast along with pick No. 46 and a future second round selection in exchange for pick No. 25 and No. 36.

Ben Long from St Kilda along with a future fourth round pick in exchange for pick No. 32.

Traded Josh Corbett for future fourth-round selection

Traded Jack Bowes and pick No.7 for future third-round selection

Delisted : Matt Conroy, Jez McLennan, Patrick Murtagh, Rhys Nichols, Oleg Markov

Re – signed : Levi Casboult 1 year, Chris Burgess 2 years,

# Draft Picks : 5, 45, 71, 74

AFL Draft
6. Bailey Humphrey

Pre-listed rookie
Lloyd Johnston (Northern Academy)

Rookie Draft
7. Connor Blakely (Fremantle)
23. Jake Stein (GWS)

GWS Giants : 

Trades :

Toby Bedford – for pick 44

Trade out: Picks No.3, 12, 2023 second-round pick (tied to Collingwood)
Trade in: Pick No.1, 53, 57

Bobby Hill has lodged official trade request to Collingwood. Bobby Hill and pick 40 for pick 43 and a future second-round selection

Tim Taranto for picks 12 and 19

Tanner Bruhn for pick 18

Jacob Hopper and picks 53 and 63 for picks 31 and Richmond’s future first

Received pick 15 for pick 21 and a future second-round selection for

Retired : Matt De Boer

Delisted : Zach Sproule, Jake Stein, Jarrod Brander

Re – signed : Xavier O’Halloran one year

# Draft Picks : 1, 15, 18, 19, 31, 57, 61

AFL Draft
1. Aaron Cadman
16. Harry Rowston  (matched Sydney’s bid)
21. Darcy Jones
22.Max Grusewski
34. Toby McMullin

Pre-listed rookies
Nick Madden (Northern Academy)
Jason Gillbee (NSW zone)

Rookie Draft
3. Phil Davis (re-listed)

Hawthorn :

Trades : 

Pick No.48 and a future fourth-round selection – for Jack Gunston

Lloyd Meek and a future second-round pick for Jaeger O’Meara going to Fremantle.

Cooper Stephens and two third-round picks (currently No.41 and No.50) for Ollie Henry to Geelong and Collingwood receive Tom Mitchell and a second-round pick (currently No.25)

Delisted : Tom Phillips, Daniel Howe, Connor Downie, Jackson Callow, Kyle Hartigan, Jack Saunders

Retired : Ben McEvoy, Liam Shiels

NEW RECRUITS: Karl Amon joins Hawthorn on a four-year deal for a second-round draft selection – currently pick No.27 – as compensation to Port Adelaide.

# Draft Picks : 6, 24, 41, 48, 50, 52, 65

AFL Draft
7. Cameron Mackenzie
18. Josh Weddle
37. Henry Hustwaite
46. Jack O’Sullivan
51. Bailey Macdonald

Pre-listed rookie
Joshua Bennetts (NGA)

Rookie Draft
6. Seamus Mitchell (re-listed)


Melbourne : 

Delisted : Mitch Brown, Fraser Rosman

Trades :

Josh Schache – FOR future fourth

Pick No.27 – FOR picks No.33, 43 and 53

Pick No.13, future first-round selection, future second-round selection – FOR Luke Jackson, pick No.67

Traded Sam Weideman and Picks 57 and 72 FOR Pick 37

Lachie Hunter from Western Bulldogs for a future third-round pick

Brodie Grundy from Collingwood for pick 27.

Third-round compensation pick (as of the move, No.52) – FOR Jayden Hunt as an unrestricted free agent

Melbourne has traded away picks 33, 43 and 53 in exchange for pick 27 from Port Adelaide.

Melbourne gets Pick 37 for Sam Weideman and Picks 57 and 72. .

Retired : Majak Daw, Mitch Brown

Delisted : Oskar Baker, Fraser Rosman

# Draft Picks : 13, 37

AFL Draft
15. Matt Jefferson
38. Jed Adams

Rookie Draft
14. Will Verrall (South Adelaide SANFL)
28. Oliver Sestan (Xavier College/Mansfield)


North Melbourne : 


Trade out: Jason Horne-Francis, pick No.1, 2023 third-round pick (tied to Fremantle)
Trade in: Picks No.2, 3, 40, 43, 2023 future first-round pick (tied to Port Adelaide)

Griffin Logue and Darcy Tucker and Fremantle’s future third-round selection in exchange for a future second-round, third-round and fourth-round picks.

Retired : Tom Lynch

Delisted : Kyron Hayden, Matt McGuinness, Patrick Walker, Jed Anderson, Atu Bosenavulagi, Kayne Turner and Josh Walker

# Draft Picks : 2, 3, 40, 43, 59, 70

AFL Draft
3. Harry Sheezel
4. George Wardlaw
26. Brayden George
56. Cooper Harvey (F/S)

Rookie Draft
1. Blake Druey (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro U18)
19. Hamish Free (South Fremantle WAFL)
33. Daniel Howe (Hawthorn)
39. Kayne Turner (re-listed)


Port Adelaide :

Trade out: Picks No.8, 43, 53, 57, 2023 first-round pick, 2023 second-round pick, 2023 third-round pick
Trade in: Jason Horne-Francis, Junior Rioli, 2023 second-round pick (tied to Collingwood), 2023 future third-round pick (tied to Fremantle)

Karl Amon an unrestricted free agent has officially nominated Hawthorn as his new club of choice. Will receive a second-round draft selection – currently pick No.27 – as compensation. Deal completed Friday 30/9/22.

Retired : Robbie Gray, Steven Motlop

Delisted : Sam Skinner , Sam Mayes, Taj Schofield, Martin Frederick, Dylan Williams ( is expected to be reselected in the NAB AFL Rookie Draft)

Re-signed : Trent Dumont and Jed McEntee for 1 year.

# Draft Picks : 33, 60

AFL Draft
36. Tom McCallum
53. Tom Scully
59. Kyle Marshall

Pre-listed rookie
Nathan Barkla (NGA)

Rookie Draft
8. Dylan Williams (re-listed)


Richmond :

Trades : 

Tim Taranto has signed for 7 years  in exchange for picks 12 and 19.

Jacob Hopper and GWS picks (No.53 and 63) for future fifirst-round pick and pick No.31 in this draft.

Retired : Shane Edwards, Kane Lambert, Josh Caddy.

Delisted : Matthew Parker, Riley Collier-Dawkins, Jake Aarts,  Sydney Stack and Will Martyn

# Draft Picks : 53, 63

AFL Draft
49. Kaleb Smith
55. Steely Green

Rookie Draft
12. Seth Campbell (Tasmania Devils U18)
26. Tylar Young (Richmond VFL)


St Kilda :

Delisted : Brett Ratten

Trades : Zaine Cordy will join St Kilda as an unrestricted free agent on a three-year deal.

Pick No.32 – FOR Ben Long and a future fourth-round selection

Retired : Paddy Ryder, Dan Haneberry, Jarryn Geary , Josiah Kyle

Delisted :  Darragh Joyce, Jarrod Lienert

Re- signed : Mason Wood, Tom Highmore, Tom Campbell and Jack Peris have signed one-year deals. Jack Bytel has signed a one year deal.

# Draft Picks : 9, 28, 32, 47

AFL Draft
10. Mattaes Phillipou
31. James Van Es
35. Ollie Hotton
44. Isaac Keeler

Pre-listed rookie
Angus McLennan (NGA)


Sydney :

Trades :  Aaron Francis and pick 42 FOR pick 37 and their future fourth

Retired :  Josh Kennedy, Callum Sinclair , Colin O’Riordan.

Delisted: Lewis Taylor, Barry O’Connor

Re- signed : Tom Papley for 5 years, Ryan Clarke and Will Gould have signed one-year contract extensions.

Harry Cunningham has signed a two year deal.

# Draft Picks : 14, 17, 42, 75

AFL Draft
20. Jacob Konstanty
27. Cooper Vickery
40. Caleb Mitchell

Pre-listed rookie
Will Edwards (Northern Academy)

Rookie Draft
17. Cameron Owen (Tasmania U18)
31. Jaiden Magor (South Adelaide SANFL)

West Coast Eagles : 

Trade out: Junior Rioli, picks No.2, 40
Trade in: Picks No.8, 12, 2023 second-round pick (tied to Port Adelaide), 2023 third-round pick (tied to Port Adelaide)

Trades : Jayden Hunt, as an unrestricted free agent, moves to WCE for  a round-three pick, currently No.52, in return.

Retired : Josh Kennedy, Jack Redden

Delisted : Jackson Nelson, Hugh Dixon, Tom Joyce, Patrick Naish, Zac Langdon

# Draft Picks : 8, 12, 20, 26

AFL Draft
9. Reuben Ginbey
14. Elijah Hewett
23. Harry Barnett
29. Coby Burgiel
58. Noah Long

Pre-listed rookies
Jordyn Baker (NGA)
Tyrell Dewar (NGA)

Rookie Draft
2. Isiah Winder (re-listed)
20. Zane Trew (re-listed)

Western Bulldogs :

Trades : 

Rory Lobb. Fremantle gets Pick 30 and a future second-round pick

Western Bulldogs to receive eceive a second-round pick (currently No.21), a future first-round selection, a future second-round selection and a future fourth-round selection (tied to Geelong) for Josh Dunkley.

Future third-round pick from Melbourne for Lachie Hunter

Received Melbourne’s future fourth – FOR Josh Schache

Liam Jones has nominated Western Bulldogs,  as a free agent, as his preferred club.

Delisted : Mitch Wallis, Louis Butler, Charlie Parker

Retired : Stefan Martin

# Draft Picks : 11, 21, 39, 69

AFL Draft
13. Jedd Busslinger
24. Charlie Clarke
39. Harvey Gallagher




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6 thoughts on “Trades, Delistings & Retirement News”

  1. AFL free agency for 2022 opened on Friday September 30 at 9am, and closes on Friday October 7 at 5pm.

    The AFL trade period runs from 9am Monday October 3 to 7:30pm Wednesday October 12. (All times AEST.)

    All updates posted daily.


  2. 13/9.
    Luke Jackson has officially requested a trade to Western Australia. Fremantle is the expected destination but WCE are not yet excluded as a possibility. With Nic Nat approaching end of his career WCE could be a better long term prospect.

    Izak Rankine has officially requested a trade to Adelaide.


  3. GWS Delisting:
    We’d like to thank Zach Sproule, Jake Stein and Jarrod Brander for their contributions to the GIANTS after the trio were informed their contracts will not be renewed for 2023.


  4. Hunter Clark, will be staying at St Kilda despite efforts to get him to North Melbourne.
    North Melbourne’s list manager Brady Rawlings has revealed they offered St Kilda a second and third-round pick for Hunter Clark.

    It was blocked and the Saints wanted to nab pick 2 or 3 while giving the Roos 9. No deal.

    Jeremy Sharp, will stay at Gold Coast. Fremantle couldn’t get the deal done.

    Esava Ratugolea trade to Port Adelaide not done.


  5. 21/10/21

    North Melbourne has pick No.23 from Adelaide in exchange for pick No.59 and a future second-round selection.

    Brisbane received Adelaide’s future fourth-round selection (tied to Fremantle) in exchange for pick No.56.

    Adelaide confirmed it would nominate Norwood defender Max Michalanney as a father-son prospect.



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