Trade Period Discussion

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on August 23 2022

A thread for all the trade rumors, moves, news and their SC implications.

All trades, delistings and retirements are also being recorded by CT here.


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75 thoughts on “Trade Period Discussion”

  1. Karl Amon has requested to be a free agent and from that a number of Victorian clubs appear to be interested in the talented 27-year-old.
    He averaged 92.3 SC points this year, breaking 110 5 times, but dropping below 80 5 times. He averaged 23.6 disposals for the season and hasn’t missed a game for the past 2 seasons.
    Going to a new club could end up taking him to another level. Getting a DPP would mean a lot but I am not confident with that.

    2023 Preseason has started!


      1. They’re saying Hawks or Blues at this stage, BB.

        Both could use a little outside class and speed. Although Amon’s decision making/ball use is pretty ass – will need improvement there.


    1. Port Adelaide unrestricted free agent Karl Amon has officially nominated Hawthorn as his new club of choice. Will get there in October.

      Four-year deal, chose the Hawks ahead of interest from Melbourne + St Kilda… Carlton had previously shown an interest


  2. According to Mitch Cleary on Twitter – ‘Tom Mitchell is exploring a trade away from Hawthorn.’

    That would be very interesting to see how that would play out for Supercoach as Titch may become relevant again after dropping off, or he could change the scoring of the people he plays with.
    He could be making current premos become irrelevant, or bring up a mid pricer to premo.


  3. Taranto looking like he is heading off to Richmond, which would be interesting for Supercoach
    Could be a heavily picked DPP forward for 2023 as he might get more midfield time and also be the Richmond player getting the most of the ball.
    It would then be possibly allowing more midfield time for players like Cogs and Green at GWS.


  4. Could Taranto’s trade be directly or indirectly influenced by a Martin trade directly or indirectly to a possible NSW team?

    (Asking for a friend in the mirror)

    Ps When does SC Racing start (Leading tipster in the mirror)


  5. ‘Hope I’m not about to start rumours, but surely Dusty at the moment is not worth both Hopper and Taranto…..


  6. Anyone interested in NFL Dream Team (
    A couple of spots left in 2 leagues
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  7. On top of that potential Taranto move to Richmond, Hopper has nominated Richmond as the club he wants to go to over Geelong.
    This brings in more potential for players like Coniglio and Green to go up a level in scoring, as someone has to replace them.

    If Taranto and Hopper go to Richmond, that seems to raise questions on who makes way.
    Edwards has retired which allows for one, but money still is a factor, so this keeps the light on Dusty and whether he stays.

    Hopper could be a massive benefit for next season if he goes to Richmond, as he only played 7 games, being the 1st and the last 6 rounds this year.
    He averaged 67 points and his starting price was 528k. He scored 95 in his last game, so he still has the scoring potential.


  8. Hopper now joins Taranto in selecting Richmond as their preferred Victorian trade destination.

    Both expected to get there eventually.

    Taranto a lock assuming he’s retained FWD status (especially since most of this year’s top SC FWDs will be MID only 2023) and even Hopper will be an interesting proposition priced in the 300k range after an interrupted season.

    SC aside, huge for the Tigers if orchestrated. Even though Taranto and Hopper aren’t outright A grade MIDs, they’re young, serviceable and basically replenish the Tigers midfield core over one trade period. Insane.


  9. Been seeing a bit of talk of Jackson leaving Melbourne and potentially going to Freo. Fox Sports have then brought up rumours of the Dees approaching Grundy.
    If either of these occur it would cause interesting questions for Supercoach.

    Jackson to Freo would cause questions about Darcy’s scoring.
    Jackson leaving Melbourne could help improve Gawns ruck time.
    Grundy leaving Collingwood could benefit Cameron
    Grundy to Melbourne would potentially ruin Gawndy

    Time to wait and see how legitimate this talk is


  10. Luke Jackson has officially requested a trade to Western Australia.

    Fremantle is the expected destination but WCE has not yet been excluded as a possibility. With Nic Nat approaching end of his career WCE could be a better long term prospect.


  11. LATEST

    – Ben Long (STK) requests trade to GCS
    – Rory Lobb (FREO) requests trade to WBD
    – Josh Dunkley (WBD) likely to go to PTA or BRIS, with BRIS more likely given the wait
    – Brodie Grundy (COLL) likely to go to MELB, with GEEL also lingering

    The last one being of major SC relevance. Jackson now goes and ruins Darcy and G&G to chop it up. Lookin’ like RoMo and whoever at R1&2 in 2023 lol.


    1. Romo R2, Goldy f4/5/6, Benning r3 gives allround flexibility and gawn hopefully r1. Benning permanent c loop and with dpp.
      Grundy to Melbourne is the dilemma.


  12. Thoughts on Kangas going for Matt Crouch? Think they could use his experience and is a proven ball-winner. Definitely would be a good mentor for the relatively inexperienced youngsters. Would support LDU and Simpkin well.


    1. Crows would have no qualms about getting rid of him given he wasn’t B22 this year, but would be confused if the Roos were interested.

      A) Crouch isn’t that good and B) surely they’d want to build a generational midfield of LDU, Simpkin, Cunners, JHF and some of the kids. An ageing uncontested, soft accumulator like Crouch doesn’t make sense for a long haul rebuild.

      That said, won’t be shocked if he’s on the move.


  13. Josh Dunkley today informed the Western Bulldogs he wants a trade to Brisbane. Rumours have it as a 6 year deal.

    This would be interesting for Supercoach as a stat from this year as, ‘Josh Dunkley was 5th in line for his centre bounce attendance this year (50.5%).’
    You’d assume he’d get more midfield time at Brisbane


    1. That could climb to 80%, our midfield mix at centre Bounces been horrible in the back half of the year. NEALE McCLUGGAGE and DUNKLEY would be elite option…. the Berrys Lyons Mathiesons etc are not cutting it. If you take out Jarred Berry’s one spectacular half against Melbourne in the final – he has been horrible this year and if he wasn’t best mates with The Clug he’d be on the trade table.


  14. LATEST

    – Jack Gunston (HAW) to BRIS as free agent
    – Graham (RICH) weighing up interst from PTA
    – Logue, Lobb, Acres, Tucker & Henry (FREO) all progressing to Victoria


  15. After seeing how well Amon did in the Brownlow, he appears he may be even better now he has moved to Hawthorn.
    He could be a potential POD or midpricer for Supercoach next season


  16. It is all rumours at the moment, but Mitch Cleary has stated Zak Butters has been mentioned in the JHF deal with Port!
    That could be massive for Supercoach if Butters went to North


  17. And they keep rolling in:

    – Jones to WBD
    – Acres (FREO) to CARL
    – Tucker & Logue (FREO) to NTH
    – McStay (BRIS) to COLL


  18. Just getting away from trade talk at the moment…as a Hawk supporter I want to thank Essendon for taking the media heat away from the issues at our club. Seems a day can’t go by with some newspaper article popping up at events at Bomber land.


  19. – Cordy (WBD) to STK
    – T. Berry (BRIS) to GCS
    – Long (STK) to GCS
    – Bowes (GCS) to GEEL

    Long will be 350k, Bowes will be sub 300k pending discount and Berry basement price.


      1. Nah, no chance of a kick in monopoly.

        Don’t think he’s B22 right off the bat either. Flagged as a midfielder, so needs a strong and settled pre-season.


  20. As we ponder our draft analysis; Do we think the main Grundy issue is; more fragile and injury prone…….

    Ps information supplied by Tinkerbell as she swept her dust under a mat.


  21. Mega deal done today:

    IN: Picks 2, 3, 40, 43 and a future first from Port
    OUT: JHF, 1, future first from Freo

    IN: JHF, Rioli, future second from Coll, future third from Freo
    OUT: 8, 43, 53, 57, future first, future second

    West Coast
    IN: 8, 12, future second from Port, future third from Port
    OUT: Rioli, 2, 40

    IN: 1, 53, 57
    OUT: 3, 12, future second from Coll

    Port made off like bandits, Giants done well and angling for Cadman, North just cucked by JHF and did what they had to do (although could’ve held fire tbh) but I’ve got no f*cking clue what we [West Coast] were thinking. Given our barren young talentless list and ageing profile a really high end pick was just what we needed. 8 and 12 are all well and good but we haven’t high end single digit pick in ages.

    Also, how did we not try and get Georgiades involved? Him and Allen going forward would have been really promising and would have made foolishly departing with Pick 2 a little more palatable.

    Our list is absolutely f*cked. There’s a reason the 2nd last team get the 2nd pick in the draft. Desperately needed to use it smh. Just feels like we got involved for no other reason than to facilitate the trade. Next year’s draft is WA heavy but the futures we got are 2nd and 3rd round. Sigh.

    A few SC relevant trades still pending: Grundy, Titch, Fiorini, Dunks.


      1. Oh, yeah. We’re wooden spoon in 2023. Easily.

        Said at the start of this year we’d be bottom four. Was painfully correct.

        Only way the spoon isn’t inevitable in 2023 is if Clarkson ends up barrelled out from the Roos.


    1. Hey GD interesting take on WC.

      I think they might actually have got this one right.
      There’s no local WA players this year likely to go higher than 8 in the draft. So if WC take a Vic player at 2, there’s always the go home factor to consider. By swapping out the picks, WC effectively get 2 quality talented local boys, instead of either risking a Vic kid or picking a WA kid at 2 that they could get at 8 anyway.

      WC really need a heap more talent than just one top end kid. Maybe getting 2 local kids is the better way to go ?

      Just my 2 cents anyway.

      JOM going late to Freo is the real surprise for me, I guess he fills a hole in our Midfield while Johnson and Erasmus develop. He will be 29 in Feb so may still have a few good years if he can manage that knee issue.

      Here’s my take on the players I will be looking to start in SC next year that moved clubs

      Dunkley is a lock even if he is Mid only. I just love the guy and at ~$580K I think he will be value. Smokey for the 2023 Brownlow I reckon. Any attention will always go to Neale, so I see Dunkley having a similar year to Lyons in 2021 when he averaged 117.6 Dunkley could go 120+ LOCK !

      Hopper will be hard to pass up at his price. Mid only and Richmonds game style being not really SC friendly is the only real downside. Should still average over 85 and be a lock for M5-6 depending on rookies.

      Tucker ( and maybe B Long ) could be solid D3-4 options if they get a decent role at North / Suns . There will be a heap of expensive Defender Premo’s next year so I may look at D3-4 as stepping stones while the top end guys like Sicily, Doc, Stewart , Sinclair, Etc. Drop a bit in price. I will probably start Dawson at D1 and maybe even Short at D2 ( he should be sub $500K ) as I expect him to go back to HB with Taranto and Hopper now at the Tigers. Stewart will be an interesting discussion. He played a much more selfless team game ( after he came back from suspension ) allowing others to roll off and intercept and generally not being such a seagull. Does this continue in 2023 ?

      Mitchell and Taranto worry me a bit. I think they will both be considered low priced and will end up with very high ownership. Titch at the Pies could be the most owned player to start next year. He’s 30 now and the Pies play a more Richmond style than a possession style footy. I’m just not sure he finishes the year top 8-10 mids. Taranto playing in Richmonds system is a worry as well. I’m not sure he will rack up enough touches and his DE has always been a worry. If he gets Forward status maybe. I won’t touch him as a Mid only.

      Meek a big chance as a R2 this year. He averaged 124 in the WAFL and won the B&F for Peel. He’s 24 so still heaps of upside for a big man. I’m looking at Marshall ( does Campbell play ? ) or English at R1 and Meek at R2 at this early stage. Lycett should get a full discount and maybe considered as well.

      Overall I’m looking at more value this year ( if we still have 35 trades ) with maybe as many as 4-5 mid priced stepping stone types. I will look at locking in 11-12 keepers 2-3 def- 5 Mids 1 Ruck and 2 -3 forwards. Of course Rookies will determine my structure, but after last year and the DPP additions I feel going light in the Forward and Ruck line maybe the way to go.

      I would love to hear anyone else thoughts on the trade period and any structural ideas you may have for next year ?

      Cheers FT.


      1. A few thoughts for trade period relevant changes, largely in agreeance:

        – Tom Berry to potentially be the most owned player in supercoach going into round 1
        – Hopper a lock in the mid 300’s as a stepping stone
        – Taranto likely if FWD status, pass if not
        – Mitchell likely given he will be in every centre bounce he is on the ground for the Pies
        – Will only grab Dunkley if FWD, if so, lock it in
        – Probably can’t see a Supercoach relevant role for Tucker or Long based on scoring history
        – Agree Short should go back to the backline based on their acquisitions which makes him relevant again
        – Meek scored reasonably this year when he played so watchlist, great late pickup if you need a R2 in draft
        – Cooper Stephens watchlist
        – When does Gawn get forward status?

        On structures, agree with you that most will go light in the ruck with G&G not a combination option, with Marshall the standout pick (I don’t think Campbell will play regularly). As usual the rookies will dictate structure but players will take more midprice risk based on the successful strategy from this year if trading structure is maintained.


      2. Yeah, look, perhaps my blinding rage wasn’t totally warranted but it just feels like we were had in that trade – haven’t had a Pick 1, 2 or in 3 god knows how long and our list management is so poor.

        With FT on Dunks, he’s the lock of all locks for 2023. Same with Taranto, who I’m pretty sure will indeed have FWD status. Think the Tigers have finally realized they need to change their midfield profile and actually win clearances and not leak lopsided CP differentials, Taranto and Hopper key to that so expecting them to go quite decently.

        Not sure about Titch at the Pies just yet. Willingly let themselves get hammered at center bounce and stoppages all year. Does Titch solve that and regale a 120 av. just like that? Think I’d prefer to pony up the extra 50-80k for a Top 8 lock.

        And, yeah, agree with you boys that the days of ruck splurging is dead. Solo RoMo and Meek at this stage. Wonder if anyone will meme it and go Gawn and Grundy lol.


  22. A crazy finish all in the last few minutes:

    – Dunkley (WBD) to BRIS
    – Lobb (FREO) to WBD

    – Titch (HAW) to COLL
    – Henry (COLL) to GEEL
    – Stephens (GEEL) to HAW

    – O’Meara (HAW) to FREO
    – Meek (FREO) to HAW


  23. Have put together my first draft (trade) team.

    D – Long, Hunt,Jones, Weideman, Logue, Amon, Frampton, Tucker.

    M – Taranto, Hooper, O’Meara, Mitchell, Hunter, Sttlefield, J H-F, Rankin, Bowes, Bruin, Hunter.

    R – Grundy, Jackson, Meek.

    F – Dunkley, McStay, Lobb, Rioli Jnr. Gunston. Hill, Schache, Bedford.

    Team is dependant on what further Trades that are made.
    Already got another 5 to consider.
    Corey. Berry, Stephens. Henry. Francis.



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