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Written by Schwarzwalder on February 26 2019

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Some of these videos are a week or two old as they were produced at the start of Feb, so any information about injuries and whether they will play in JLT or Rd 1 may have changed since then.

Is the Window closing for Cameron?

For today, it is the Giants and Leon Cameron and how their players will adapt with positions opening to the departure of players and how well they’re coming off injuries.


“What role do you see Taranto playing this year? Will it be more midfield due to the departure of Shiel?”

To start off with Cameron is straight into how Taranto has had a “super pre-season” and there is no doubt that his time in the middle will increase. Cameron didn’t say much about this but seeing Taranto at 482k, he has been an enticing option and has been picked by 3% of Coaches. Taranto has lost his DPP status of last year and is now just a MID which takes some of the value away from him and can make him be more ignored.

The 2016 #2 draft pick is coming into his 3rd year and this could be his major breakout. Looking at his stats of last year, he came in with 7 tonnes and a further 5 scores in the 90’s. What was holding him back, were the five games under 75 (49 & 53 hurting the most). Taranto is capable to hit patches of form with rounds of 16-22, Taranto had an average of 101.5. All games were above 90 and he missed a game against Carlton with a knee injury (rested). It is just those scores of 61 and 67 before and after this streak where the concern lies.

Now that Shiel has gone and more space has opened up in the midfield, can Taranto improve his consistency and ceiling to get himself to premium status? Coniglio did it, how about Taranto?

More midfield minutes for Taranto?  Breakout year?


“How is Daniel Lloyd tracking for Rd 1?”

Daniel Lloyd is not the most SuperCoach relevant of players being priced at 345k and never hitting the tonne in a game. He had 2 90’s last year but then went down with injury and missed the majority of the 2nd half of the season. His preseason has had no issues and is looking in real good shape to cement a spot, which hurts the chance for any of the potential rookies to take the stage. Lloyd is irrelevant.


“Are any 1st year players looking likely for a Rd 1 debut?”

As it stands it is hard to judge as they were yet to get into any intra-club matches. So, this is a little disappointing that they haven’t got to really seeing the rookies yet, however Cameron did mention a few names. Jackson Hately (149k MID) is probably looking the “most advanced” and then Jye Caldwell (162k MID) is starting to get into gear and plead his case. These 2 rookies are not the most appealing in terms of their price tag, but are chances nonetheless. A few more names were thrown in, but no real comments were made.  So, it will be a bit of a wait until JLT before we see which rookies are most likely going to throw their hands up for selection.

Since Hately is looking the most likely, it must be considered that he may spend more time in the forward line due to his height (190cms) and then will slowly slot into the midfield.


“How has Ian Hill’s progress been?”

Ian Hill (117k MID/FWD) was #22 in the draft and has been quite exciting for the footy club. He has some real good speed in him however he came into the club with an injured shoulder. So, he has yet to have been able to join into the full contact training and that is still looking like it will be another 4-5 weeks away.

This sort of throws a line through his chances for a Rd 1 debut as I don’t see him getting risked to play with little contact training. They are looking at having him play some sort of footy come Rd1, but for him to make the best 22 seems unlikely. Hopefully he manages to make an impact a few rounds into the season, so it gives us coaches a good downgrade target.


Can Greene get out on the park enough in 2019?


“Will Toby Greene play Rd1?”

This is a big question for many coaches as Greene is sitting in 19% of teams, as it stands. The 355k forward has always struggled with injuries and suspensions during his time. He has only managed to play one full season and his last two haven’t be so great with 16 games in 2017 and 7 in 2018. Cameron starts off by staying that Greene is expected to play Rd 1 as he is tracking well in the running.

However, Cameron is uncertain whether to play Greene in a JLT game, but if everything continues as planned, he will be in the Rd 1 team. So that should give confidence to coaches that he is looking to play.  But with an interrupted preseason, will Greene hit the ground running or will it take a few rounds before he begins to make an impact? He has managed to reach an average of 102.9 which was back in 2014 and had an average of 96.1 in 2017. He is capable of performing as a Top6 FWD, but in those 2 seasons he had 15 and 16 games.

Is it best to start with him and hope he manages to make it through the season unscathed?  or will he make some quick money with good scores but sadly succumb to another injury and have to make a trade? Or you could skip the Greene Train completely and spend a few more hours contemplating the lovely 2019 forward line?

Ahh Supercoach!

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2 thoughts on “Ask The Coach – GWS”

  1. Its a shame Taranto didn’t keep his DPP, otherwise he’d be locked as my F3 this year (F3 being the spot that’s giving me the most grief so far).
    I’m staying faaaar away from Greene – I started him last season and took me wag too long to trade him. Too many ‘one week’ injuries.


  2. Something major would have to happen now for me not to start with Williams.

    Trying to figure out if Kelly is better to start or upgrade (a big JLT would mean the former) but I’ll have him by seasons end.

    Other than that, only rookies if they dominate JLT and are named Round 1, but it looks grim.



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